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Amir Abbas Hoveyda: The Orchid Man, Great Prime Minister of Iran
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Amir Abbas Hoveyda, great Prime Minister of Iran (1919 - 1979) son of Eyn-ol Molk (Representative of Iran in Saudi Arabia) and Afsar-ol Molouk, husband of Laila Emami, brother of Fereydoun Hoveyda (Representative of Iran to UN), cousin of Farhad Sepahbodi (Iran's ambassador to Morocco) was one of Iran's larger than life politicians. Hoveyda was born in Tehran, Iran. Hoveyda studied in Europe and during the WWII, he sympathized with the resistance against the Nazi Germany. Hoveyda spoke 6 languages: Persian, French, English, Italian, German and Arabic. On 1942 Hoveyda went back to Iran and served in the Military. Hoveyda served as a journalist, a diplomat and the Foreign Minister and on 1965 he became the longest running Prime Minister of Iran (1965 - 1977). On 1966 he married Laila Emami. Hoveyda was big on cracking down corruption and modernization, industrialization, aiding the poor, constructions (especially in small cities and villages) and rising the general level of economic and life prosperity for Iranians. He had done many goods for Iran and Iranians. Until 1975, he was the head of Iran Novin (New Iran) political party verses the Mardom (People) party headed by Asadollah Alam, minister of courthouse. Shah was uncomfortable with the power of the political party leaders (including Hoveyda) so on 1975 Shah of Iran banned all political parties and created a one party state led by the Rastakhiz Party. Despite Hoveyda's resentment to this new totalitarian system, he still continued serving as the Prime Minister. This is where Shah became critical of him and Hoveyda's decline from the power started. Hoveyda was anti corruption, so naturally he had many political enemies in the Pahlavi Family, Courthouse and Government. On 1977 Shah ended his premiership and appointed him as the minister of the courthouse where he discovered much corruption in the regime and the courthouse, which so far had been hidden by Asadollah Alam! This is where the attacks and resentments against Hoveyda started. Leading the attacks from the corrupt Pahlavi Family, Aristocracy and Courthouse was Ardeshir Zahedi and the Zahedi Family. Not wanting to stir a major conflict with the corrupt, Hoveyda resigned on 1978. On the same year, the coward Shah of Iran had arrested Hoveyda and put him in jail as an escape goat to save his own neck. After shah escaped Iran, they opened up the jails, but Hoveyda knowing that he is innocent, decided to stay rather than escape. Hoveyda expected a fair trial, but Dariush Forouhar arrested him and Ayatollah Sadeq Khalkhali put him on a show trial. Despite his line of reasoning defending himself and proving his innocence of all charges, he was convicted and murdered by the firing squad (1979). Hoveyda was the most honest politician in the Pahlavi era who lived in a simple apartment, drove a small economy car (Paykan) and spent all his salary on gatherings with friends and helping the poor. Unlike the thieving Pahlavi Family and their Circa, he never stole a dime form the nation. Hoveyda was one of the greatest Prime ministers of Iran who tried his best to reform the corrupt Imperial Regime from the within. I salute his memory. My hat is off to you God Father.

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Imperial Cabinet with Shah & Farah.jpg

Amir Abbas Hoveyda with King Hassan II of Morocco 1977.jpg

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Fereydoun Hoveyda at Aspen 1977.jpg

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Nelli body guard, Azemoun, Hoveyda at Yazd 1971.jpg

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Fereydoun Hoveyda, Robert de Souza, Farhad Sepahbodi.JPG

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Fereydoun with Amir Abbas Hoveyda and Afsar-ol Molouk.jpg

Eyn-ol Molk (Hoveyda's Father) representative of Iran in Saudi.jpg

Farhad Sepahbody (cousin & ambassador to Morocco) with Hoveyda in Morocco.JPG

Farhad Sepahbody (Centre), moroccan Princess (left), Indonesian President's Wife (right).jpg

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