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Part 1: Fashion Nazis and Nazi Costumes

Nazi Girls, Twisted and Wild
Part 1: Fashion Nazis and Nazi Costumes
An Ahreemanic Net Spoof
Ahreeman X
First Edition: February 16, 2009
Second Edition: September 21, 2013

Part 1: Fashion Nazis and Nazi Costumes
Part 2: Nazi Stars, Movies and Art
Part 3: Nazi Propaganda Posters, Pinups and Comics
Part 4: FemiNazis and Neo Nazi Girls
Part 5: Hitler Girls


* Teenagers 16 – 18, read cautiously with parental permission!
* Teenagers 13 – 15, read with parental supervision, if not given, then I will look the other way while you’re reading!
* Pre Teens 10 – 12, shouldn’t you be sneaking and watching your daily sex and violence sites banned by your parents rather than reading this?
* Children 1 – 9, what the hell are you doing in IPC? Depending on where you are, you should be playing hide and seek (in rest of the world) or Anti Riot Police and Students (in Iran), so shoo fly, shoo, go away and do child’s play!
* Clergy, why are you sneaking and reading this? You need to go back banging choir boys (if Catholic), married women in the congregation (if Protestant), dead bones of Golda Meir (if Jewish) and Tolab boys in the backrooms of the mosque or madrasah (if Muslim)! For God’s sake, at least go back to bamboozling dough from elderly and gullible God Fearing good folks in your church, synagogue, mosque or temple!
* Religious and Pious Folks, may I ask why are you reading this rather than committing your usual adultery, gluttony, polygamy, lushery and then reciting verses from Bible, Torah, Quran and other storybooks written for adults?
* Politically Correct Liberals and the Moral Majority Hypocrites, please read, suffer in silence and burn in agony! Bleed (if bleeding heart liberal) and turn red with flames coming out of your ears (if moral preaching)!  
* The Rest of you twisted and wild people, get your soda pop, snack, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

...... and here is the new edition of the Nazi Girls, Twisted and Wild! Enjoy:

Twas a cold night in the middle of the winter to a hot day in all year round 75 Degrees and sunny San Diego! I was sitting on my office chair, looking at the heavy rain falling outside my large office window, watching the street from my second floor home office. I was gazing at the rain hitting my window and thinking about what to write ……

So I was pondering …… what should be the subject of my next humor photo essay series?!

Bells started to ring, bright lights and shining stars in the sky, but,
Instead of a halo, an Iron Cross had formed around my head!
… and then it all came to me, my next piece will be about the “Nazi Girls”!

Oh yeh …. Hallow are the Nazi Girls!

Especially the Waffen SS Girls!

In these days of “political correctness” when everyone is afraid of their own shadow and afraid of saying anything which might hurt anyone else’s feelings or God forbid it may stain the skirt of the “politically correct” society and the world that we are living in, values imposed on us by the “Bleeding Heart Liberals” and the “Moral Majority Hypocrites”, you may ask me: “What the hell am I doing creating yet another masterpiece series of humor photo essays aka Net Spoof, this time around about the Nazi Girls?”

Are you confused yet?!

Well not to worry, because the Doggy is also confused!

The answer is very simple! I am creating this yet another “politically incorrect” masterpiece series, because:

I. I am a politically incorrect type of a fellow.

II. I love pissing off the “Bleeding Heart Liberals” and the “Moral Majority Hypocrites”.

III. I do anything to rebel against the superficial and artificial social norms and the Status Quo!

IV. As a controversial journalist, I have a reputation to withhold; therefore, this time I have outdone myself by being ultra controversial!

But most of all …..

V. I am creating yet another smashing “politically incorrect” photo essay humor series aka Net Spoof, so it can explode like a bomb on the World Wide Web. After all it has been a while since the last one:

A Persian Gay, Lesbian and Transsexual Note (3 Parts)

At last, the wait is over!
Nominated for the Oscars as the “Best Foreign Web Spoof” of 2009, created by the evil creative mind of Ahreeman X, it is now available on the World Wide Web and the computer next to you. Please throw the red carpet, bring out the stars and enjoy the premier web screening of the show …

… and here at last, from the creative and twisted mind of the Master of Net Spoofs, is his new Ahreemanic Net Spoof:

Ahreeman bless you my children! Let the extravaganza begin…

Welcome to the Show. Our tonight’s show is about the:

Nazi Girls, Twisted and Wild!

What is it about the Nazi Girls that turns us on?

What is the reason for this obsession that we have for the Nazi Girls?

Is it the Fashion of the Fashion Nazi?

Fashion Nazi

Fashion Nazi pose

Nazi Spy Girl pose

Japanese Fashion Nazi Night Porter Tokyo Girl Line

Hugo Boss Fashion Nazi Line
Hugo Boss is a Fashion Love Nazi

Hugo Boss Fashion Nazi Line Flag

Necro Fashion Nazi Girl

Is it the Love of the Love Nazi?

Love Nazi

Love Nazi Fashion

Is it the pale Nocturnal Necro look?
… of the Necro Nazi?

Necro Fashion Nazi

Necro Nazi Girl
The Necro Look is in!

Or is it the dance of the Dance Nazi?

Dance Nazis
… and who can ever forget the ever famous Dance Nazis?
The Necrophiliac Necro Girls propagating their Necrophilia via Mass Necromania!
The Necro Girls with their Corps Girl Moves and their explosive Necromania?!

Dance Nazi Necro Girls Move

Nazi Necro Girl Dance

Is it the Berlin Cabaret Scene?
Is it the Cabaret Nazi?

Berlin Nazi Cabaret Dancers promoting a cabaret show!

Nazi Cabaret Dancers

Nazi Cabaret Dancers’ “Shoosh, SS is coming” pose!

Nazi Cabaret Dancer:
“Oh me o my, it’s only the little old me!”

Thai Nazi Transsexual Cabaret!
Thai Bangkok Transsexual Dancers
Doing a Thai version of the Nazi Cabaret Show!

Bangkok LadyBoys Band of Thai Transsexuals:
“Hey, we’re not Nazi Transsexual Cabaret Dancers; we’re just simple plain transsexuals!
We’re a transsexual singing and dancing band from Thailand shaking our asses away!
We saw all this excitement about the Nazi Transsexuals in this Net Spoof, and we couldn’t control ourselves not to throw ourselves in the mix to get down and dirty!”

Nazi Cabaret Dancers … Then

The KKK Girls (Kit Kat Klub Girls) AKA Kitty Cat Club Girls ... Now

Is it the Then and Now look?

German Cabaret Dancer 1930s ... Then

German Cabaret Dancer 2000s ... Now

Nazi Dominatrix … then
Nazi Fashionista S&M Mistress

Nazi Dominatrix … now
Madam Pain!

Is it the Nazi Lesbian Scene?
… the Lesbian Nazi?

Is it the Girls of the Weimar Republic who led us to the Nazi Girls?

Hot Girls of Weimar Berlin

Grim Lethal Love
Nazi SS Lesbian Girls Kissing

Is it the Burlesque Dancers?
… the Burlesque Nazi?

Nazi German inspired Burlesque Dancer
Matilda: I’m not trying to make a sexy burlesque move, I just have muscle spasm!

Is it the S&M Scene? The Dominatrix and Submissive Scene? The Sadism? The Masochism? The Fetish? The Rough Rides? The Outfits? The Lifestyle?

Is it the S&M of the S&M Nazi?

The Dominatrix Mistresses and the Submissive Slave!
Mistress Olga (right): Don’t you wish you were in the cage instead of him?
Mistress Eva (left): Bleed slave, bleed!

The Dominatrix Mistress and her Submissive Slave
Mistress Chunky Tuna (left): We’re not really in to S&M, I’m just preparing this show poodle for the Doggy Show!

Nazi Bondage Girls in Leather
Don’t you wish your girlfriend was a freak like us?
Don’t you wish your lover was so chic like us?
Don’t you wish your honey was so sick like us?
Don’t you?
Lala Lala, Lala Lala, La La La, La La, …. Lala, Lala …

SS Nazi Girls’ S&M Lesbian Love

Nazi S&M Girls
Chunkette (front): I’m just getting in the mood for a Nazi pose …
Brigitte (back): I’m not really a Nazi, I just like cantaloupes!

Is it the B&W (Black and White) Nostalgic 30s and 40s look?
The B&W Nazi?

Do you want to see my lemons?

Do I make you feel hot? Do you praise me?

Do I turn you on? I surely turn myself on!

Do you want now to want to want me?

You can thrash me!

I even crawl the catwalk for you like they do in a bad Japanese Horror Movie!

Is it all the Artsy Fartsy Stuff?
Is it the Art Nazi?

Then: A Nazi Girl pose by Clara Bow in 1920s Style

Now: A Nazi Art Model of the 2000s

Art Nazi
If you stare at the abyss for too long,
It will stare back at you!

Is it the bloody infamous but geometrically sufficient and mentally erotic Nazi Helmet?
Is it the Helmet Nazi?

Helmet Nazi

Japanese Nazi Girl:
“I just love Nazis, Hay, I saw, I saw … Domo Arigato …”

And then suddenly the Japanese Nazi Girl walked in and answered my question:

Yoshida: Ahhh it’s all Lust for Kicks!

Yes, it is all Lust for Kicks!

And then she introduced me to the rest of her Klan:

This is not a Japanese B Horror Movie, I’m really a Nazi!

SS Uniforms always get me hot and red!

I’m a little bit shy and Agoraphobic, so my psychiatrist suggested to dress up like this in public!

I’m really a good girl, once you get to know me. You can even take me home to your parents for dinner. It’s only that I’m just a little bit old fashion. 1933 to 1945 Old Fashion that is!

I’m a good old fashion gal too! I believe in old fashion Nazi Values!

It’s not that I’m insensitive to your Jewish or Black feelings in New York City, but this is the way my peer group dresses up in Tokyo, so pardon my lingo but I really do not give a Flying Sushi about your American political correctness! And if you don’t like my outfit, then you can eat my Japanese Prime Raw Sushi and lick my jack boots! Peace Out and Sieg Heil!

Mooshi Sucky (left): Hey America what up? Yo yo yo here me and my bitch are chilling under our color and swastika. What? You didn’t know there are Nazis in Japan? Where have you been living? Under a Rock? This is how Jap Youth dresses up these days!
Bushi Pushi (right): Yeh Bloods, Nazi Getup is the Thing in Japan. We’re the It Girls. Sieg Heil! Peace Out America!

So now I got my answer and what I was seeking for from the Jap Neo Nazi Girls:

It’s all Lust for Kicks!

And now for something totally different, please observe an old school Nazi Chick with a bit of finesse:

Let me tell y’all (that’s Southern) about facts of life, birds and bees, whips and chains, midgets and Shiite, and chainsaws!

C’mon darling, come over here. Let Madam Bone-Appetite swallow it and make it all feel better!

Experience is the Key Word. Mature Women know how to do it right!

You know what they say honey pie:
“When you’re too old to cut the mustard, just lick the jar!”
Yeh honey pie, it’s all under the Fur Coat, just lift it up and check out the hardware! Madam Bone-Appetite will do you right! You hear me sugar? Y’all come back to New Orleans, French Quarter and Cajun Quarter again! Bye now sugar!

And now the Main Course!

Do you know why we love Nazi Girls?
Say hello to Mistress Panzer!
Do you know why they call her Panzer?
Because she is built like a Tank!
Do you know what she does?
Pain and Pleasure and whatever your mother warned you about!

Mistress Panzer: Fatherland needs you!

You are in need of discipline!

Let’s kick it up a notch and go B&W nostalgic!

This is a secret, only between us!

Now that’s the ultimate high hill boots! Can’t top that!

Welcome to my Dominion!

Hello, call me Mistress P for Pain! I receive pain, I give pain, I love pain and I am pain! I’m not into anything bizarre or weird, just straight forward Pain! The more, the merrier! Allow me to introduce you to my latest invention: I call this one the Heavy Metal Spatula Spankster Racket!

I don’t know how I ended up over here in one of Ahreeman’s sick sketches. This is not my scene and I am not a Nazi. I’m just your average traditional girl with traditional values. I’m just your small town girl next door. I love America, Apple Pie, God, Country and Bible Studies on Sundays. What did you say? What are these on my hands? Oh nothing, just my 9 inch nails claws for monthly cannibalism sessions!

I’m just an innocent Transvestite T Girl trapped in this Ahreemanic Net Spoof!
Do you like my package?!

Thai Trannys with Guns
Bangkok Nazi Transsexuals: Why are we here? We saw all this blood, gore, S&M and armies of Nazi Girls, so we dropped by with our paintball guns to be a part of Ahreeman’s New Net Spoof! Vollah …

Nazi Female SS Officer: But my gun is real and I just enjoy shooting everybody!

Hallo folks, I’m Hillary Clinton, oh no it’s just a name similarity! My friends call me Industrial Engine Shaft! I always carry my Jet Turbo, Dual Action  # 747 Electric Dildo and Butt Plug in my briefcase, in case I meet the right person! Ignorant sexist people call me names such as Bull Dyke, FemiNazi and Butch Girl, but I’m just your average masculine girl with a few strings of hair on my breast nipples and a thin mustache line! By the way, I am starving. I am so hungry that I can eat a whole lamb! Where is my lamb dish?

Dinner is ready, Dinner served: Lamb Dish Ala Carte!
Meet the lost lamb of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Mistress Swastika: Have you enjoyed the show? Well that’s good! Hold on to your panties, this was only part one, we have a long way to go, ready, set, go marching on:
Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier
Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier
Uncle Adolf loves me so,
He’s my father, on we go,
Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier ……

And on the march we go ……

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