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Part 3: Nazi Propaganda Posters, Pinups and Comics

Nazi Girls, Twisted and Wild
Part 3: Nazi Propaganda Posters, Pinups and Comics

An Ahreemanic Net Spoof
Ahreeman X
First Edition: February 16, 2009
Second Edition: September 21, 2013


* Teenagers 16 – 18, read cautiously with parental permission!
* Teenagers 13 – 15, read with parental supervision, if not given, then I will look the other way while you’re reading!
* Pre Teens 10 – 12, shouldn’t you be sneaking and watching your daily sex and violence sites banned by your parents rather than reading this?
* Children 1 – 9, what the hell are you doing in IPC? Depending on where you are, you should be playing hide and seek (in rest of the world) or Anti Riot Police and Students (in Iran), so shoo fly, shoo, go away and do child’s play!
* Clergy, why are you sneaking and reading this? You need to go back banging choir boys (if Catholic), married women in the congregation (if Protestant), dead bones of Golda Meir (if Jewish) and Tolab boys in the backrooms of the mosque or madrasah (if Muslim)! For God’s sake, at least go back to bamboozling dough from elderly and gullible God Fearing good folks in your church, synagogue, mosque or temple!
* Religious and Pious Folks, may I ask why are you reading this rather than committing your usual adultery, gluttony, polygamy, lushery and then reciting verses from Bible, Torah, Quran and other storybooks written for adults?
* Politically Correct Liberals and the Moral Majority Hypocrites, please read, suffer in silence and burn in agony! Bleed (if bleeding heart liberal) and turn red with flames coming out of your ears (if moral preaching)!  
* The Rest of you twisted and wild people, get your soda pop, snack, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Now let’s talk a little bit about Nazi propaganda in the form of posters, pinups, comics, anime and action figures.

Hello, I’m a FemiNazi SS Trooper. And now we would like to take you for a historical trip through the Nazi Propaganda Posters, the best brainwash tools ever made. IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) role models these posters and takes after these jewels. These posters are specifically targeting girls and women!

Nazi German Propaganda Posters

BDM (Bund Deutscher Madel in German) or “League of German Girls” was the girls wing of the Nazi Youth aka HJ (Hitler Jugend in German) or Hitler Youth.

The Aryan Athletic Girl
Hitler Jugend BDM WWII German Propaganda Poster

Women are waiting
Nazi Girls of BDM “Women Waiting” German Propaganda Poster
Poster refers to the German women who are waiting for your (men) victory and to come home to them.

Nazi WWII Propaganda Poster from the Bund Deutscher Madel (League of German Girls)

Nazi Propaganda Poster - Support FemiNazi Youth
Support BDM (Bund Deutscher Madel) or “League of German Girls”

Nazi Propaganda Poster - Women Want National Socialism 1944

Nazi Propaganda Poster - Women join Luftwaffe
This propaganda line of posters, films and radio announcements made many women to join the Luftwaffe (German Air Force).

Nazi Propaganda Poster - Luftwaffe Women join the air defense

Waving the banner of BDM
Nazi Girl of BDM - WWII German Propaganda Poster

Nazi Propaganda Poster – Fatherland

Nazi BDM WWII German Propaganda Poster

Under the shadow of the Holy German Eagle
Reich Nazi Girl Propaganda Poster

Nazi Propaganda Poster - Join FemiNazi Youth (B&W Version)
Bund Deutscher Madel Hitler Jugend German Propaganda Poster

Nazi Propaganda Poster - Join FemiNazi Youth (Color Version)
Bund Deutscher Madel Hitler Jugend German Propaganda Poste

Nazi Propaganda Poster - Aryan Woman Pre Olympics 1934
BDM Propaganda Poster

Aryan Athlete
Aryan Super Athlete looks over the games
Nazi Propaganda Poster - Berlin Olympics 1936

Fight for the Cause
Nazi German Pinup Girl WWII Propaganda Poster

Nazi Pinups

Nazi Pinup Flag Girl

I love boys in the uniform.
Nazi Pinup Girl Poster

For Blood and for the Fatherland!
Nazi Pinup Girl with dagger

Japanese Nazi Girls can be Pinups too!

Nazi Pinup Girl with Dagger

Nazi Pinup Girl: Peekaboo, I can see you! Let’s do the Rump und Roast das Swine!

Nazi Comics

Hows about some Nazi Collectibles which can go along with your collection of leathers, boots, whips, chains, midgets and other Shiite?

Nazi Comics: Hansi, the girl who loved the Swastika (1976)
Hansi: Oh every time I see the Fuhrer, I get so wet and moist like a kitchen rag full of oil, boiled water and juices!

Nazi Comics: Hansi, the girl who loved the Swastika (1976)
Hansi: Ohhh, German Nazi helmet looks like a well circumcised Aryan penis head; it is so appetizing, even for a bashful gal such as me!

Nazi Comics: Hansi, the girl who loved the Swastika (1976)
Hansi: Ooh, Hitler is hand picking girls for Special Training!

Hansi Art Poster – Nazi Comics
Nazi Comics: Hansi, the girl who loved the Swastika (1976)

One of the original and most ass kicking FemiNazi comic characters of them all is the Nazi “Warrior Woman” in German “Kriegerfrau”. Julia Koenig’s alter ego is “Warrior Woman”. The Warrior Woman originally appeared in the Invaders # 16 issue of the Marvel Comics on 1977.

Nazi Super Girl - Warrior Woman Kriegerfrau

Originally, Julia Koenig was a Nazi female spy who was after the Super-Soldier Serum formula which created ultra human powers for the Captain America. Eventually she dated an American soldier who was aware of the secret to this formula. She captured, interrogated and tortured him. Nazis tried to replicate the serum in the lab. While interrogating and torturing the American soldier and experimenting in the lab, an accidental explosion had turned Julia Koenig in to a Nazi Super Girl and a Super Heroine with ultra human physical powers. From that moment on, Julia Koenig become the Nazi “Warrior Woman” or aka the "Kriegerfrau” and she literally become an Uber-Mensch (Nietzsche’s Superman aka Super Human). Later on, Warrior Woman challenged and battled many Super Heroes such as Captain America, Human Torch and the Invaders.

Nazi Warrior Woman cover on the Invaders # 17 issue by the Marvel Comics 1977
The Invaders (Top to Bottom and Left to Right): Sub-Mariner (Namor), Toro (Human Torch’s sidekick), Bucky (Captain America’s sidekick), Human Torch and Captain America are fighting the Nazi “Warrior Woman” aka Kriegerfrau turned to a sadistic and kinky giant Amazon with a whip (everything you want in a woman)!

Bam … Smack, a kick in the face with the jack boot!
Nazi Warrior Woman: You are not worthy to look at me, so bow down and lick my boot!

Don’t yous just loves a black leather wearing violent, twisted and a kinky woman with a whip in jack boots?!

Nazi Super Girl Heroine
Warrior Woman Kriegerfrau of the Marvel Comics

Nazi Super Girl - Warrior Woman Kriegerfrau of the Marvel Comics
Sketch of the Warrior Woman

Nazi Warrior Woman Kriegerfrau Action Figure
You go girl, whip that boy in to submission and discipline!
Whip the Shiite out of that big boy!

Nazi Warrior Woman Kriegerfrau Doll
Get a load of this doll! A different type of doll but only for boys and “Bull Dyke” girls!
Add this to your action figure collection!

Werewolf Women of the SS Comic Book
But before the movie hits the screen, the comic book came out!
Well, maybe because they needed the revenue from the comic book sales to fund finishing the movie!

…… and then came Hessa, a deeply disturbed woman with a troubled past, violent present and a dark future! Hessa is a SS Commander of the Strom Trooper Commandos.

Hessa, the Commander of the Nazi SS Sturm-Truppen (Storm Troopers) Special Commandos
Italian Erotic Comics

Nazi Girl Hessa, the SS Commander Commando Comic character
Don’t you just love a twisted girl in black leather and jack boots carrying the big whip?!

Hessa the SS Commander
Bang that bald, short fat man on the head with a wrench!

Hessa the SS Sturm-Truppen Commander sketch

Hessa sketch
Hessa, the SS Storm Troopers Female Commander - Nazi Comics

…… and then came a girl named Bruno the Swastika Boobed Woman, a Bull Dyke FemiNazi Super Villain as a Joker’s Henchwoman from Batman the Dark Night Comics by the DC Comics!

Bruno the Nazi Woman
Bruno is a Joker’s Henchwoman. Nazi Female Super Villain from Batman Comics by the DC Comics

Bruno the Swastika Boobed Nazi Woman of the DC Comics
Joker: Get rid of the body …
Bruno: Yes Boss …

Bruno the Swastika Boobed Nazi Woman of the DC Comics in battle

Bruno the Swastika Boobed Nazi Woman Super Villain shooting a machinegun at Robin
Batman the Dark Knight Animation Series

Bruno the Swastika Boobed Nazi Woman Super Villain with machinegun
Batman the Dark Knight Animation Series

Nazi SS Girl Wolfenstein Elite Guard Comic Character

Love Nazi Girl
Love Nazi Girl: Ja Wohl Mein Fuhrer, I’m at your disposal!

Nazi Anime

Nazi Animation
Broom Hilda: I’m a Nazi, You’re a Nazi, He’s a Nazi, She’s a Nazi, Don’t you wanna be a Nazi too?
Be a Nazi, dress like a Nazi …
Be a Nazi, act like a Nazi …
Lala Lala, La, Lala Lala …

Nazi Animation: FemiNazi soldiers torturing the communist commando (outside the picture)
Trudi (left): Hows about inserting a stick o dynamite?
Inge (right): God forbid, haven’t you heard Fuhrer’s speech on conservation of ammo? Let’s just insert the whole rifle barrel, it’s more painful and the pain lasts longer!
Bambi (center): I had no idea “Pin the tail on the Horsey” could be so kinky!

Nazi Aviator Bikini Girls Video Game
L – R:
Rosie: Why are we dressed up in Nazi uniforms?
Olga: Because we are sexy and we kick ass!
Blondie: But isn’t that also arousing to men?!

Nazi Animation - SS Female Commando
Kristina: SS FemiNazi in tight black leather and jack boots with a big gun.
Isn’t that every man and Hillary Clinton’s fantasy?!

Nazi Dolls and Action Figures

Nazi SS Doll: Don’t insult me, I’m not an Ann Coulter Doll! God forbid, do I look like an anorexic transsexual bitch to you? Just call me the Leather-hosen Ingrid Doll. Danke Schoen!

Read all about the famous FemiNazi Anorexic Transsexual Doll, Ann Coulter:

Ann Coulter, a Liability for GOP

Nazi SS Girl Action Figure Doll

Nazi Love Doll
And for those of you with a slightly different taste, here is the:
Nazi SS Girl S&M Love Doll …… get a load of that if you can!
Hilda will satisfy your every need! She is a Yes Girl!
Hilda: Ja Wohl Mein Fuhrer!

Nazi German Girl Commando Doll
Helga: Now don’t you go anywhere Dumm Kopf, stay put for the rest of the show! Don’t make me use my machinegun!

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