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Sarah Palin’s Alaska TV Series
An Exclusive Debut Review and Photo Album


Sarah Palin’s Alaska TV Series
An Exclusive Debut Review and Photo Album
TLC Discovery Miniseries

Ahreeman X
November 18, 2010

Sarah Palin the Maverick Rebel

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is a new miniseries on the TLC Discovery (The Learning Chanel). TLC is a channel belonging to the family of the Discovery Channels. This is an 8 part miniseries which started on November 14th and is already a hit.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska Logo

American Bald Eagle at Kachemak Bay, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Sarah Palin’s Alaska is a documentary about Sarah Palin introducing on how to live and love in the largest state of the union, Alaska. Sarah Palin takes the viewer for a grand tour of this great beautiful state. You will get to spend time with Sarah Palin as your personal guide on the frontiers and wilderness of Alaska.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Welcome to Mama Grizzly’s Show!

Sarah Palin is a great frontier and outdoor woman. In a way, this documentary is about how Sarah and her family live in their actual life. Sarah Palin is a fisherwoman, huntress, outdoor woman and an adventurer. In this series, Sarah will do everything from fishing with the bears at the bay, all the way to snow mountain climbing, snowmobile and snow-sled riding.

Sarah Palin riding an ATV in the rugged outdoor fields of Alaska

Sarah Palin riding an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) with daughter

Watching this series makes you feel free and alive, wanting to get on the plane or sea cruise to Alaska and live it up like a true adventurer! This series shows you life, the way it should be lived! Life to the fullest with the Palins on the frontiers of Alaska. What you get is fresh air, wilderness, wildlife, action sports, great spirits and living it up on the edge on the frontiers of Alaska. By the end of the series, you will learn a lot about Alaska, Alaskans, outdoor lifestyle but mostly about how to live and love to the fullest extent in the frontiers.

Sarah Palin is salmon fishing with the bears

Sarah Palin is salmon fishing on the boat near the bears’ hunting water

Who Should Not Watch This Show?

This is no show for the weak hearted and sensitive, touchy feely, wishy washy, sissy faggy, animal rights loving, tree hugging, environmentalist wacko, high rise living, vegetarian, FemiNazi, gay liberals from the gay town of San Francisco and vicinity or some liberal socialist Euro-Pee-On city!

Who Should Watch This Show?

This is a show for the Real people living Real lives to the fullest extent. This is a show for action sports loving, outdoor living, frontier dueling, Rock and Rolling, ass kicking, hardcore nature loving, alive people in America and the world.

Grizzly Bear is salmon fishing at Alaska Falls

Alaskan Grizzly Bears salmon hunting

If you have a weak heart, a politically correct mind and some mental hang-ups, then please go watch CNN or some Liberal Gay Show on Lame-Stream Media to become one with your sensitive feminine self and to save the Earth from Al Gore’s fabricated Global Warming!

For more information on Global Warming Myth, review:

Liberal Sing Along Dance Song

Sarah Palin snow-sledding with huskies at Alaska

If you are a Real Man or a Real Woman who cuts down 35 or 65 feet trees; does gardening; does white water rafting; cruise outdoors; shoots guns; throws knives; rides bikes, SUVs and fast cars; listens to Rock and Roll and kicks ass, then watch this show and learn something about how to live life.

Sarah Palin chainsaws a tree

I love outdoors, action sports and nature, that’s why I can relate to Sarah.

For a taste of my action sports and outdoor life, review:

Near Death Experience – American River

Snow-Sled Race with Husky Dogs

For more information about Sarah Palin, review:

Sarah Palin is the Key to Regain and Revive America

For more Sarah Palin Photo Albums, review:

Sarah Palin Photo Albums

Alaskan Husky

Sarah Palin is a great frontier woman who knows how to live life the way it should be lived. Life is too short, so why not live it up? Air is fresh, land is rich, nature is beautiful, open the door, get out and live it up. I strongly recommend watching this series and even recording it for repetitive viewing. In this series, you will not see the Political Sarah. You will see the other side of Sarah. You will get the first dibs on Sarah’s personal life and the way Sarah lives it up away from the politics and the social zoo out there. Do yourself a favor, do something different, tune in like millions of Americans and people around the globe to the show. Live and love with Sarah Palin.  

Sarah Palin holds puppies on the glacier  

Sarah Palin’s Alaska webpage:

Sarah Palin’s Alaska Series

Sarah Palin’s Alaska Sneak Peeks:

Video Clips 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Alaskan Moose Fight

Sarah Palin Kayaking

Sarah Palin kayak riding at Alaska

Sarah Palin clam hunting with Piper

Kayaking at Glacier Bay Alaska

Kayaking at the glorious Glacier Bay Alaska

This series is not about Sarah Palin the populous

This series is not about Sarah Palin the roaring politician in red leather jacket!

This series is not even about the elegant Sarah Palin in the banquets …

This series is about Sarah Palin, heart and soul …

This series is about Sarah Palin’s Alaska - Sarah Palin at the bay
This series is about the other side of Sarah Palin’s coin
This series is about Sarah Palin’s outdoor life
This series is about Sarah Palin’s private life
This series is about Sarah Palin’s love, Alaska!

Sarah Palin teaches shooting flying saucers to her daughter

Sarah Palin tests a rifle

Sarah Palin at the snowmobile race

Icy Bay Alaska

Sarah Palin’s Alaska Series

Sarah Palin’s Books

Sarah-Palin: America by Heart

Sarah Palin: Going Rogue

Purchase Sarah Palin's Books


Sarah Palin 2016 Buttons


Sarah Palin Bobble Head Dolls


Support Sarah Palin

Sarah PAC Site

Sarah Palin starting a snowmobile race
Let the Race begin ……

Live Free or Die

Dr. X

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