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Sarah Palin Photo Album 2
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Sarah Palin Photos: Album 2
Sexy Athlete Album

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Sarah Palin Photos 2: Sexy Athlete Album
Part Two: Athlete Sarah

Ahreeman X
September 2, 2010

Sarah Palin’s stretch warm-up and jogging constitutional

And now we continue the rest of our story by introducing you to the Athlete Sarah. Ms. Palin is pretty much an athlete, does various types of sports from fitness, weight lifting, jogging and swimming all the way to heavy water sports and snow sports. With her busy schedule as a politician, organizer, and a mother, she still manages to stay fit. Enjoy the Athlete Sarah Album:

Sarah Palin at the pool

Sarah Palin school days

Sarah Palin (The Baracuda) and The Wasilla Warriors Basketball Team, the 1982 Alaska State Champions

Young Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin the Beauty Pageant

Sarah Pain the TV Sportscaster

Sarah Palin at the opening of a hockey game

Sarah Palin opening a hockey game

So many tasks to do, so little time!
Sarah Palin switching from political campaign outfit to exercise getup

Sarah Palin Then …

Sarah Palin Now …

Now we will continue our story with part three continued on the next page.

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