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Mohammad Reza Shah and Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi
Photo Album 4

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Mohammad Reza Shah and Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi Photo Albums
Photo Album Series in 5 Volumes
Part Four

Ahreeman X
September 5, 2009

Shah and Shahbanu at Air Force parade

Amir Abbas Hoveyda, Ardeshir Zahedi, Shah, Farah and Asadollah Alam official

Shah and Shahbanu of Iran at 2500 Years Celebration parade

Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi at 2500 Years Celebration parade 1971

Shah and Shahbanu at 2500 Years Celebration, Persepolis 1971

Shah of Iran and his Immortal Guards Officer at Pasargad commemorating Cyrus the Great 1971

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

Shah, Farah, Hoveyda and Cabinet at royal inspection

Shah, Farah, Hoveyda and Cabinet during royal inspection

Jamshid Amouzegar, Shah, Farah, Amir Abbas Hoveyda and Cabinet

Shah and Farah meeting foreign leaders and dignitaries

Shah and Shahbanu at the opera

Shah of Iran in Persian Navy Uniform

Shah and Shahbanu of Iran at a banquet

On Shah’s visit to US 1977

In this visit, Carter had pushed his famous so-called “Human Rights” cause. He was very pushy and aggressive. One of the highlights of this trip was a conversation between Carter and Shah in the White House:

Carter: You need to consider granting more democratic rights to your opposition. You must treat your political prisoners more humane and possibly release some. If you don’t do these tasks, you will lose control and riots will break out …

Shah: I am not the one with protestors and tear gas in streets of my country!

By this sarcastic remark, Shah was referring to the Anti Shah protests held in front of the White House which got out of control and US police had to use violence and tear gas to end the protests. Things got so bad that Shah was tearing due to tear gas during the complete Carter speech on the White House lawn!

Carter’s Human Rights Crusade dragged on and on throughout 1978 to the point that one day he would encourage Shah to be firm with the protestors and the next day he would avoid Shah of using violence! This Stop and Go policy along with Shah’s illness (cancer) had finally cause Shah of not knowing what to do, remain weak, indecisioned and not firmly handling the protests until the protests got too large to handle and by then full revolution was unavoidable! Carter’s so-called “Human Rights Policy” was one of the direct causes for the 1978 Iranian disaster (Islamic Revolution). For more information, read:

Reasons for the birth of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead the Iranian Opposition?
Why Imperial Generals had betrayed and handed Iran to Khomeini?

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter host Shah and Shahbanu of Iran 1977

Shah of Iran official US visit 1977

Shah of Iran and Jimmy Carter inspect the US welcoming ceremony troops 1977

Shah cries due to US police tear gas shot at the Anti Shah demonstrators while Carter speaks!

Shah of Iran cries due to US police tear gas controlling Anti Shah protestors 1977

Shah sarcastically tells Carter, I am not the one with protestors and tear gas in streets of my country 1977

Shah sets the record straight for Carter in White House 1977

Shah, Carter and Zahedi at Iran and US meeting, White House 1977

Carter was very aggressive and pushy during meetings with Shah 1977

Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi and Rosalynn Carter at State Dinner 1977

Shah, Shahbanu and Carters with tapestry of George Washington 1977

On Carter’s visit to Iran 1977

This visit had become one of Carter’s greatest blunders and reasons for him not getting elected for the 2nd term and later throughout the history to be blamed for disastrous foreign policy, illiteracy on global affairs and responsible for the rebirth of Islamist Fundamentalism via Khomeini.

One of the highlights of this trip was Carter’s silly speech in the royal banquet in Tehran. Carter had opened his mouth prior to thinking. He misspoke without prior analysis. He stated:

Carter: Iran is an island of stability amongst a troubled region (Middle East) which provides security for the whole region.

This blunder was based on combine false and flawed analysis by CIA, State Department and Pentagon.  Carter said these words at the dinner table when in a few months into next year (1978); Iran went into a chaotic anarchy and through a revolution! Carter was so out of touch with realities of Iran, Middle East and the World! This episode, loss of Iran, loss of Panama, rise of Islamism, hostage issue and other foreign policy disasters, gave Reagan ammunition to trash Carter’s global wisdom, foreign policy and presidential authority. Eventually Reagan had won the election and Carter had become a one term president.

Carter’s official visit to Tehran 1977

Carter’s disgracefully flawed speech of “ Iran the Island of Stability in a troubled region” 1977

Ashraf, Farah, Carter, Shah, Rosalynn and one of Ashraf’s Side Kick husbands, Tehran 1977

Carter’s cheap talk and Shah’s bitter smile at Tehran 1977

Jimmy Carter and Shah of Iran cheers with bitter politics at Tehran 1977

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