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Ahreeman X
1st Edition: December 26, 2003
2nd Edition: July 26, 2016

A play in six acts!
A Poem by Ahreeman X
Faravahar Sci-Fi Graphic Arts Collection by Ahreeman X

A play in six acts!


They say if you do not Dream, you will have Nightmares!
I always Dream,
then how come The Nightmare does not end?
The Past and The Present are mixed in a Haze,
what will the Future bring?
Once more, It starts ...
no Rhymes, no Tunes, It starts again ...

Act One

Act One!
Standing in The Night,
Looking at the sky,
Asking myself,
Alas, it seems like a distant horizon, light years away ...
Alas, it feels like an urge, yet miles away from this place ...
How did I get trapped in here?
How did this happen?
I started from Ariana,
I started from tradition,
I wanted to start early,
But no one told me when to run!
I did not hear the starting gun!
Has anyone shot the starting gun?
Did anyone hear the starting gun?

Once the Run begun, it become the Hunt!
We were the preys,
And then there were the Hunters!
We Ran,
and We Ran ...
Was this something out of a Sci Fi plot?
Was this real?
We asked ourselves,
When would it end?

... and then we ran ...
... and ran some more ...
I started from Ariana,
I seeked the Shangri_La,
I went towards Shangri_La,
I was on my way,
I had the means,
I had the vision,
What went wrong?
I asked myself,
Why am I here?
Why am I suspended in Gaffa?
Dunes of Gaffa ...
So Hot, so Dry and Red ...
Desert Sand, so hot,
Burning sun on the skin,
Canteen with a hole in it, torn raggedy pants,
and no shirt,
smell of burned skin, flesh burning ...
No sign of water,
Have you seen any water?
Who hidden the water?
Walking the desert, towards Shangri_La,
With a hole in my canteen,
I Opened the canteen cap,
I Risen it to my mouth,
Taken a sip,
Mouth full of sand!
I swallowed the sand!
Who took the water?
Have you seen the water?

Act Two

Act Two!
Picture changed,
I'm walking the Dune,
Like a pilgrim walking the Dune,
... an unending pilgrimage to nowhere,
Started to run,
started late,
ran like a prey from the woods to the dune,
now I run the dunes of bright red sands,
The Doomed Dunes!
Screams of horrifying excruciating pain in distant horizons ...
Do you hear it?
Do you hear the screams of the Sparrows?
Do you hear the breaking of the wings of the sparrows?
Do you hear the calls for help in their souls?
Do you hear the screams of the sparrows?
Do you hear the screams in the night?
I hear them in the night!
I hear them every night!
I can't sleep any more!
I am wide awake every night, listening to the screams ...
Never ending screams ...
... and what do you do?
... and all you do is chanting in low tones ...
... sounds of low toned chanting in the air ...
... sounds of mourning in peace, in the air ...
... mourning in the air of the nights ...

Act Three

Act Three!
And then,
Daylight hits me in the face!
What has happened here?
What is all this blood?
There has been a massacre!
There has been a slaughter here!
Sands of Red,
Skies of Red,
Rains of Blood,
Falling from the clouds of Red ...
Blood Rain falling from Red Clouds in the Skies of Red!
Showers of Blood,
Falling on my head,
Falling on our heads,
Washing my hair,
washes the dust of the Desert Dune,
From my eyes.

Oh Blood, Oh Blood, wash away the sands of the dune from my eyes ...
Oh Blood, Oh Blood, wash away the dust of the trip from my hair ...
Oh Blood, Oh Blood, wash away my memories of once Ariana from my mind ...
Oh Blood, Oh Blood, take it all away ........

Immaculated, infatuated, stoned, dazed and confused,
staring at the skies of Red,
with faraway eyes ...
Skies of Red,
in the Red Desert Dune,
Then I find myself once again,
Standing on the red sands,
staring at skies of red ...
and again asking myself,
What has happened here?
What has happened here?

Why am I trapped in this picture?
Am I suspended in Gaffa?
Am I abandoned in Dune Land?
I started from Ariana,
My destiny was Shangri_La,
But no one told me when to run!
When was the starting gun?
Was there a starting gun?
When did we start to run?

Act Four

Act Four!
And then we ran ...
... and then we ran and we ran ...
... and then we heard the drums .....
We heard the drums in the distant horizon ...
and once more I am there,
I'm in the picture again!
The drums are beating,
The Drums are beating loud,
Do you hear the drums?
The drums are beating for the sparrows!
Don't stop the drums, oh don't!
Don't stop the drums, don't stop them now ...
I don't want to see the Last Act!
I don't want to know the Final Act!
Don't bring down the curtains, Oh no!
I am still running ...
Running out of the Red Desert Dune ...
To Shangri-La.
Have you seen The Shangri-La?
They told us about it in Ariana!
Have you heard of The Shangri-La?

Act Five

Act Five!
Shangri-La, O Shangri-La ...
Is that where Sparrows live freely?
Is that where Skies are Blue?
Is that where Moons glow at night?
Is that where Water is pure?
Is that where Sounds are not screams?
Is that where Music is in the air?
Is that where Red Stops and Blue begins?
Is that where sky turns from Red to Blue?
Is that where ...
.... we stop Running?

Is Shangri-La where we stop The Run?!
Is Shangri-La where we start the life?
Is Shangri-La where we start the beauty?
Is Shangri-La where we stop the silence?
Is Shangri-La where we start the music?
Is Shangri-La where we open the page from the book ...
.... where we closed it last?
Is Shangri-La where they told us it'll be?
... at the end of the dark road?
And once we hit the Shangri_La,
Will The Nightmare stop?
Will it End?

Act Six

Act Six!
Now, on to the next act,
The Final Act!
But don't bring down the curtains, not yet!
Back in to The Night,
I am walking in the night,
I am a night walker,
I am a night crawler,
Night is cold,
No need for canteen,
No need for clothes to cover me from heat of the red sun,
No burning hot red sand under my bare feet,
Night is my home,
I am the Night Walker,
I am the Night Crawler,
Night serves me well ...
Oh, The Night and I,
We are old friends, we are one ...
I am The Night!

I walk the night towards Shangri_La,
I know I am on the road to Shangri_La,
One day, I will get there ...
I have all these runners with me!
We all started late!
We missed the starting gun ...
No one told us when to run ...
We passed many lands, many roads, many deserts and many paths ...
Now, we must still Run ...
Running in the Night ...
Towards Shangri-La ...

We started from Ariana ...
Our Destiny was Shangri-La ...
We got suspended in Gaffa ...
Red Deserts of The Doomed Dunes ...
Now we will Run The Night ...
We Run to Reach The Shangri-La ...
Have you seen The Shangri-La?
Have you heard of The Shangri-La?
I tell you, we must get there,
If that's the last thing that we do!
One day we will get there,
One day we will reach The Shangri-La,
I promise you,
One day soon ...

Ahreeman X
December 26, 2003

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