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What I Believe?
Ahreeman X
Written: September 5, 2003 = 2562 Shahanshahi (PIY)
1st Edition: March 1, 2007

2nd Edition: December 18, 2014

3rd Edition: March 20, 2020

What I Believe?

I believe in Heroic Sagas and Tragic Tales!
I believe in Legendary Efforts and Amazing Struggles!
I believe in swimming against the waves and flow of the river!
I believe in riding against the wind!
I believe in fighting against all odds!
I believe in Old Fashion Heroes and Mighty Legends!

I believe in protecting the under dog.
I believe in standing my own ground.
I believe in battle to the bitter end.
I believe in rebellion until the end.
I believe in honorable life with glory, and if it's all lost,
I believe in death before disgrace.

I believe in fighting against the norms.
I believe in breaking all the statues.
I believe in destroying all taboos.
I believe in shaking the dead, until they wake up!
I believe in fighting a losing battle!
I believe in believing my own beliefs!

I believe in sincerity in a child's smile.
I believe in patterns of a Persian Tile.
I believe in results of all our lives, in a cyber file.
I believe in us being the masters of our own destiny.
I believe in us in the navigating seat.
I believe in best of times, were in that childhood smile!

I believe in scream of a sparrow.
I believe in tears of a hungry child.
I believe in fears of a needy girl.
I believe in horrors of a broken home.
I believe in Catastrophe of the MotherLand.
I believe the way out and answer will be in hand!

I believe in Glory of the past.
I believe in the way we used to be.
I believe in Morality and Old Fashion Values.
I believe in Honorable Men and Ladies of Honor.
I believe in my word and how to stand by it until the end.
I believe in honor, a motto to die for!

I believe in Cyrus, Darius and Shapour!
I believe in Hedayat, The Iranian Allan Poe and Buf-e Kur!
I believe in Ferdowsi rather than Arabic Bulgur!
I believe in Iran without the Islamic Tool!
I believe in Revolution but I ain't no Fool!
I believe in cost of salvation, comes with blood and it's way too Cool!

I believe in principles of the game!
I believe Ends justifies the Means.
I believe Strategy justifies the Tactics.
I believe Destiny justifies the Routes.
I believe in all above, but while keeping principles alive!
I believe Everything Goes, but not the Good Name!

I believe in Black and White.
I believe in Clouds and Sun.
I believe in winter and spring.
I believe in Dark and Light.
I believe in Good and Evil.
I believe in All, but Areas of Gray!

I believe in not forgiving the Sins!
I believe in Pay Backs, so huge and Mean!
I believe in Revenge to setting the road Clean!
I believe in no compromise, no bending, No Deal!
I believe in Retaliation beyond the Wheel!
I believe in Action to keep it Real!

I believe in Sins of The Fathers of 1979.
I believe The Tragedy and Aftermath are the price to pay for their Crime.
I believe we shall admit to our mistakes before the Chime.
I believe we shall learn from the wrongful Crime.
I believe we need to pack and move forward in Time.
I believe it's time to rebuild the MotherLand and exclude the Slime!

I believe in Fairy Tales and Good Old Tales!
I believe in Hairy Bears and Good Old Girls!
I believe in Biker Days and Raising Hells!
I believe in Rowdy Boys and Screaming Girls!
I believe in Dying Young, and staying Pretty!
I believe in Hells Bells, Dick and Daisy!

I believe in PonyTails and Corn Fed Girls!
I believe in Slim Childish Figures and PigTails!
I believe in Chunky Little Blondes with Bazooka Bagels!
I believe in round, firm, huge, basketball jugs, seen in skies!
I believe in Persian Passion, Roman Orgies and 1001 Nights!
I believe in Fast Machines and Hard-core Lays!

I believe in S&M, BBWs, BJs, T&As but no PMS!
I believe in cutting right through the Chase!
I believe in Bull Shiite but with a Finesse!
I believe in Odd Ball Jane and Big Butt Grace!
I believe in Tough Girls and Muscle Feme Caress!
I believe in Valley Girls and Heartland Belles!

I believe in Apple Pie, Blues Bars and Tex Mex Joints.
I believe in Baby Jane and Tender Loins!
I believe in Suzie Q and Rock Hard Groins!
I believe in Sally, Sue and Jesse Owens!
I believe in Heartland Meals and Silver Coins!
I believe Esses, Gumbas, Dudes, Buds and Homes!

I believe in Air Balloons and Big Ol Goons!
I believe in Loony Tunes and Hard-core Toons!
I believe in Cheesy Lays and Big Baboons!
I believe in AirHead Blondes and Brunet Loons!
I believe in Psycho Girls and Gothic Bzooms!
I believe in Vampire Lass and Witch's Brooms!

I believe in Mini Skirts and Short Hot Pants!
I believe in Deadly Snakes and Poison Ants!
I believe in Dangerous life and Extreme Fans!
I believe in cracking skulls and deadly pranks!
I believe in outlaw chicks and Edgy Cracks!
I believe in Black Leather Tops and Red Swede Slacks!

I believe in nudity, obscenity, vulgarity and Rebel Rousing Trash!
I believe in them oodles and oodles of Hard Hot, Cold Cash!
I believe in any which way you can but smash!
I believe in avoiding loud mouth bozos with no stash!
I believe in Denver, Dillinger, but not Johnny Cash!
I believe in Horror, BloodShed, Nightmare with a Dash O Slash!

I believe in Folk Heroes and RedNeck Joes!
I believe in 45s and Bow Arrows!
I believe in Good Ol Boys and Rebel Moes!
I believe in Deadly Foes and Hard Head Boys!
I believe in End of The Line, everything Goes!
I believe in Night of The Long Knives and Long Sharp Toys!

I believe in Family, Klan, Tribe and Gain!
I believe in killing, while giving so much pain!
I believe in Rivers of Blood flowing beyond the sane!
I believe in necessary massacre, slaughter, and having no shame!
I believe in insanity, on the edge but having no blame!
I believe in Extreme Force without the tame!

I believe in Golden Days and Future Gays!
I believe in Hunter Ways and Running Preys!
I believe in Screams choked in throats of the lonely Mays!
I believe in Heads of the Enemy on the Golden Trays!
I believe in Danger, Lust, Speed, Horror and Action are The only Ways!
I believe in watching myself in the mirror, practically every Days!

I believe in Flowers, I lost my faith in man.
I believe in isolation, I need no fan.
I believe in beauty, don't try to ban.
I believe in love, but not in a can.
I believe in sex, but not with a man.
I believe in reminisce, yet not with a woman.

I believe in tears of a child.
I believe in not being so mild.
I believe in singing out-loud.
I believe in not believe in the crowd.
I believe in blasting music loud.
I believe in living and dying proud.

I believe Communists are Alcoholics full of Booze!
I believe Monarchists are Opium Addicts with snooze!
I believe Jebheis are diseased, Jurassic, Republicans, a Smoking Goose!
I believe Mojaheds are Marxist Islamist Polygamists, doing Siqeh in Deuce!
I believe Socialists sucking them joints and Hash like vacuum Fungus!
I believe Nationalists play with their balls behind their large desks, way loose!

I believe Iran is doomed unless we wake up!
I believe Republican Jebheis are too fake on Top!
I believe Constitutionalists are so full of Shiite, they can Pop!
I believe Reza Khan could save our land as a President in Shop!
I believe Reza Khan had Balls of Steel, so tough, like a Soldier Cop!
I believe Reza Junior's Cotton Balls, so liquidy, we can Mop!

I believe in MotherLand, Lion and Sun, Old Glory and Guts!
I believe in Beefy Thighs, Celluloid, Massive Bras and Sluts!
I believe in Fighting Dogs, Comrades, Commandos and Men with Balls!
I believe in Walking Edge, Danger Zones and Deadly Falls!
I believe in Flirty Vixens, Shy School Gals and Nasty Broads!
I Believe in Muscle Boys, Merc Ol Dudes and Big Ol Thugs!

I believe in Blues is a state O Mind!
I believe in you got to feel it in your bones, so fine!
I believe in what goes around, comes around, so be very kind!
I believe in traveling back and forth, in time!
I believe in passion, love and sex, all O mine!
I believe in luck, if you can find!

I believe in Future and Hope.
I believe in Logic, not The Pope.
I believe in The Big Picture and The Scope.
I believe in Intellect but not with Dope.
I believe in Drama, not too much Mope.
I believe in Salvation for the future of our Globe.

I believe Changes will come but not so Fast!
I believe Masses will rise without the Party Fads!
I believe Career Exilist Opposition is in Full Cast!
I believe Losers gather on Forums and Pal Talk, Fast!
I believe Stagnation is temporary and it will fade in a Blast!
I believe Iran is eternal and Sparrows will return at Last!

I believe at last there'll be My Shadow, My Echo and Me!
I believe ain't that a pain in rectum O Lord O Jee!
I believe, raise hell, live and let die, dear Ol Bee!
I believe we are all Ants in The Ant Farm, you See?
I believe at the End, it'll be Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes, after Tea!
I believe All will be left is only one's Good Name, O My O Me!

I believe, you be a Good Dog and Have your Day but don't be thrown!
I believe you should get your way and not without a bone!
I believe you're a child but step by step you'll be grown!
I believe life is a river, you're a Dog swimming in it a while, but don't drown!
I believe every dog must get his day, right around the town!
I believe, once at the end of the rope, you can't take the crown!

I believe I am a Bicycle Rider, riding through life and Game!
I believe we All float towards the direction we Aim!
I believe We All Float through and thorough life, this ain't no shame!
I believe this is another stop, on the way to the fate of our name!
I believe we shall not End the Trip in Vain!
I believe at last, Down here, we will All Float at the End of The Game!

...... and once you're gone,
you will be lucky if you had left your mark and made an impact on few other lives!

... a Bicycle Rider floating in flames, riding towards The Final Destiny at The Under ...

Ahreeman X
September 5, 2003

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