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The Desert Roach
(Mohammed the Prophet)


The Desert Roach
Yani Nikolai
October 16, 2009

True face of Mohammed the Prophet
Soul-less eyes, fearful dark face, full of doubt, contradiction, mania and superstition.
Those Soul-less Eyes, mass murdered and assassinated tens of thousands

The Desert Roach

It was he, who bloomed from child a loner,
Your lives would change your worries were over.
He promised you charity, he promised you wealth,
But in quiet, he preached in order to stealth.
They asked for respect and the favour returned,
A man who can’t read is not a man learned.
But he cursed their Gods and cursed them too,
Said, never had they dealt with a fellow like you.
Betrothed to the one who gave him a daughter,
He told the tribe that I will bring you slaughter.

The slaves of the elders were tortured for belief,
But let it be known martyrdom is relief.
Cry, when will your God save us with glory?
He went to the elders and told a new story.
The trouble was over they said to thee,
Had he forgotten what God said to he?
They turned away and rejected his word,
But still he made his message get heard.
The devil was near, he told his clan,
Never again will I let his lies span.

Banish the widower along with the faithful,
The tribe gave up and said they were hateful.
He scouted around to create his Rome,
Attack the town he once called home.
He went north, he made new friends,
Created a base and many new trends.
Said, this is our faith and this is our war!
And I will assure you that God will adore.
They will burn while you will be pleased,
Do what you can until all is seized.

The enemy was near; their loot was too,
Said, go and take what God gave to you,
Pagans worried so they sent to protect,
But he was the prophet how could they reject?
The Battle was fought and victory to he,
Said, One fifth of their booty may go to me.
Their spirits were high and his God was real,
Take what we want for it was ours to steal.
Look to the horizons and our faith will grow,
By the ends of our swords we bring end to our foe.

*      *      *

A six year old wife he hath betrothed,
He told her father through him what God told.
To me she is lawful and her I demand,
But I am your brother, said he with her hand.
Though he as God’s Prophet can do as he please,
The girl was young; he was weak at the knees.
A woman she is nearly three years the day,
A nine year old now, still dolls to play.
The marriage was sealed in what was now home,
But during her menses the prophet she’d comb.

They all be the enemy, the Jews they are,
Lets go to their tribe and tell them go far.
Embrace the prophet and we will protect,
For all is for God and you must eject.
But amongst the brethren one stood strong,
And asked the prophet to not do wrong.
Said, they may go with the clothes they wear,
But let it be known that it is you I despair.
Take not their friendship oh allies of me,
For God hath revealed from your prophet to thee.

The poets are evil they must be killed,
Who will rid me of those who’re skilled?
For they are a menace and to me not kind,
A mother of five by a man who is blind.
Another was old and the other you deceived,
And do not return ‘til of them I’m relieved.
They mocked your prophet, for that they’ll pay,
The fire of hell, their place to stay.
The faith in him has bloomed like a flower,
Kill the Jew that falls into your power.

The enemy returned with vengeance they did,
To end the trouble and the prophet be rid.
God loves those who fight in his way,
An end to idols and old friends to slay.
The battle they fought, they could not cope,
But nevertheless they never lost hope.
A rock came forth and made his face red,
They struck his uncle, left him for dead.
Said, the sin of your own is only to blame,
For God did not come, be it your shame.

*      *      *

They turned to the Jews, in which they controlled,
To extort some money that they did behold.
They gladly accepted and asked him to wait,
By a house he sat and thought of their fate.
Said, a message had come from God to my ear,
And told me of the Jews that I must stay clear.
For they planned to kill me and that is true,
God had foreseen a stone that they threw.
Their lands divided and expelled were they,
Palm trees burned, the Jews did not pay.

You’ll gain not by being inertia,
But do as I do and you can have Persia.
Conflict had begun, a trench was complete,
And the prophet said that war is deceit.
The trench had worked but problems still lured,
The prophet had enemies that needed be stirred.
Confusions occurred and the enemies deceived,
Victory at the hands of those who believed.
But the battle’s not over, the angel had said,
He pointed his finger, said kill them dead.

The prophet, his men on the Jews laid siege,
Twenty-five days surrendered their liege.
Accepted the fate by he who was of them,
Revered by the prophet as one of a gem.
His judgement was said to be that of God’s
The Prophet beamed and made a few nods.
The men were slaughtered by removing the head,
The women and children enslaved or dead.
Amongst the tribe a new widow he chosen,
Forced to marry, she was shocked and frozen.

A treaty was made between him and this town,
Ten years of peace said they with a frown.
In one year from now they can prostrate,
His friend was the one who began to frustrate.
Women came forth from beyond the sands,
The covenant said they return to their lands.
A verse came forth to break his deal,
Allowing the women to stay with zeal.
The treaty was broken but he didn’t care,
The brothers of women left in despair.

*      *      *

Jews they exiled to the north they did,
A town for refuge, now a place to bid.
Came out the Jews with basket and spade,
He attacked the village, created a raid.
Said, now we prove that we are superior.
See you not, I’m with the creator?
Some treasures are hidden but one said nay!
On finding some, his life he did pay.
A widow, his wife was made to wed,
The prophet he took that night to bed.

Allies were killed and them he accused,
War was declared the tribe were bemused.
His cousin came forth and pleaded to him,
But cared he did not for it was a sin.
The man gave in, he had no choice,
He told his tribe to follow the voice.
Destroyed the idols and put on a show,
He ordered the deaths of some of his foe.
Said, I am his prophet for that I am pure,
The town was now his, of that he was sure.

He said not what he intended to do,
The weather was hot, they were thirsty too.
The men were suspicious, scared with fear,
Let it be known the Romans are near.
But an empty land and nothing to attack,
The drought was bad, they had to go back.
And those of the Messiah had cometh to thee,
Agreed not to disobey his authority.
Those of the book may live in the land,
But let it be known they’re subdued by the hand.

Upon his death there be a weep,
For he was about to go to sleep.
As he lied dying upon his bed,
To his companions he had said,
Let not the unbelievers live in the land,
Expel them all and pure the sand.
But I will ask do not go astray,
For I know best of devil’s pathway.
His young wife present while dying he lay,
The old man’s life just withered away.

Yani Nikolai

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