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Poetry: Whre is my Home?
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Where is my Home?

Where is my Home?
by Catayoun Razmjou

Some nights, I wake up in a cold sweat,
shivering like a twig in the heavy wind of the winter
some nights I wake up from this nightmare
the never-ending nightmare ...

I am a little girl who kisses her mother and father to leave home
she leaves home to school
wearing her uniform, she goes to school
after school she comes back home
she walks towards home
she turns in the alley
it's a dead end
the home is not there!

Where is my home?
Where is my mother?
Where is my father?
I was here this morning!
I had breakfast and left to school
When I came back
No home
No parents
No room

Where are my dolls?
Where is my bed?
Where are my books?

Everything gone
I'm lost
Can someone help me to find my home?

I keep on running in streets of Tehran
after my home
I search Tehran looking for my house
I see no familiar face
I don't know these people
Where were they before?
Where did they come from?
Who are these people?
What happened to my people?

I run and run and run
I never reach anything
It's all barren, all dark, all black
I run in streets of Tehran in the dark of the night
night came and I am still running scared in the streets of Tehran
looking for my home
looking for my parents
My friends
My family
My sister
My brother
My life
Where is my life?
I run and run but never reach my house
It's a never-ending night

Decades passed
A lifetime passed
I'm still in denial
I can't convince myself
Everything is gone
Everything is destroyed
Everything we had
Everything we were
Everything I had

Some nights
I still wake up in the cold sweat, shivering like a thin twig
in harsh winter of Tehran
In dark nights of Tehran
running like a little girl
in the dark
but I never reach my house
I run and run and run
scared little girl in her uniform in dark nights of Tehran
with no hope
No where to go
Nothing to go back to
I run and run and scream
But I never reach my house

It's midnight
I'm still that little girl
running the streets of Tehran
Looking for my parents
looking for my life
looking for my room
looking for a familiar face

A never-ending nightmare
I'm in denial
I'm still that scared little girl
running in the night
looking for her home
Where is my house?
Where is my life?

Sometimes I wake up breaking a cold sweat
Still looking for a home....
Like a lost little girl
Running the streets of Tehran
Never-ending night
I'm still running in the night
looking for my home
Where is my house?
Where is my home?



































































































































































































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