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Dark Persian Poetry


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The Mirror
Dark Persian Poetry
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: August 29, 2009

2nd Edition: February 4, 2020

It was a mystical night, captured by the shadows …

In the mirror on the wall, I saw a glow.
The voice in the glass, spoke to me very slow.
Hear yee, hear yee, you in the shadow.
Lend me your ears and grasp the flow:

When gazing for so long, deep into the darkness,
One can become a part of the darkness.
When battling for so long with the monsters,
One can become one of the monsters!

Beware of the shadows, they can grow.
The darkness consumes you, it can bestow!
Mysterious infatuation can outgrow.
Absolute darkness is tempting and hallow!

I smiled and reminisced with the glow:
Hear my story, you ancient dayglow.
Let me tell you about joys, life and mistletoe.
Register my outbreaks, outcries and deathblow!

Once upon a time, I was a shining light, ultimo!
The light was my flavor and vertigo.
I used to live above the nightglow.
I insisted to be a part of the Erato.

Joys, dance, trans, shallow life, it was a rodeo.
No worries, no vision, live for today without a ratio.
Simple mind, simple pleasure, pure magnifico.
Lived light, travelled light, loved light, the perfect Romeo.

I saw the surface, I lived happy as a buffalo.
Life was peaches and cream and Bordeaux.
The less I knew, the happier I was in the airflow.
I bounced around and lived through life on tiptoe!

Once I stared in depth, life changed in to a corner-show!
Curtains lifted, faces unveiled, ugliness in the escrow.
Reality bites, facts hit you across the head, pronto.
Only then I knew, that it was all a side-show!

From outside, world is a luscious apple in the rainbow.
From inside, it’s rotten, full of worms and escargot!
Life is not a box of chocolate, as they gung ho.
Life is a Pile O Shiite and then you die, cheerio!

You see, I’m from the Persian Plateau.
I had ups and downs, oh do-si-do.
I lived in mansions, villas and a luxury bungalow.
And then I lived with a barlow in skid row and barrio.

I lived in the gutter and I lived in the chateau.
I have seen the glorious Caspian and the undertow.
I experienced disease, death, and the final blow.
I survived it all and lived to talk about the whole scenario!

Life is what you make of it as a tombolo.
Smile and the whole world smiles in stereo.
Sadden and the globe crashes on you like a volcano.
It all lines up and falls down like a game of domino.

Things are not always what they seem in portfolio.
Your whole world can turn upside down in a mudflow.
Give, take, learn, teach, live and enjoy the flambeau.
Cause life is too short and no time for cameo.

You are a scarecrow amongst the herd, behind the window.
Reach out and touch a life, beyond the fogbow.
Make a difference even if it has to be incognito.
To a Jane Doe, a John Doe or a girl in manteau.

I was always afraid of the face in the mirror to forgo!
I have heard it was a furious dark face, by a crow.
Strange but tempting, curious but horrifying inflow.
I always wondered if the face would overgrow?

I gazed at the face for hours, days, weeks and months in a row.
Would it go in transition or maintain status quo?
What would the people speak of the face, so-and-so?
Is it sweet or will it bite like Spirito de Scorpio?

I wanted to discover the monster behind the face!
Frightened yet curious to know the nature of the face!
One of these days, I’ll uncover the face.
I’ll take off the mask and witness who’s the face!

In a fine dark night, I snuck a peekalou to un-strow.
I had to know, I had to see the face of my foe?
I needed to unmask the mystery of this glow.
The face in the mirror, who’s this scarecrow?

For years, I was afraid of this monster quid pro quo!
For decades I wanted to unveil this intermedio!
Now is the time to discover this embryo,
Destroy it, end it and overthrow …

At last I faced the mirror, stared at the glow.
I took its mask off to foreknow.
I faced the monster head to toe.
Alas, the monster was me, down below!

The monster I was afraid of, was my rondo!
The monster smirked and spoke very slow …
I warned you before, Mr. Dynamo,
I said it time after time afterglow:
When gazing for so long, deep into the darkness,
One can become a part of the darkness.
When battling for so long with the monsters,
One can become one of the monsters!

When gazing for so long, deep into the darkness,
One can become a part of the darkness ……

Deep into The Darkness ……

Ahreeman X
August 2009

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