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Stupidity of the Fathers!

Stupidity of the Fathers!
by Catayoun Razmjou

This is not a poem.
This is not Literature.
This is not Art.
This is not Superficial Words.
These are my tears on the paper.

They say it's a generation gap.
Fathers are speaking a different language.
Baby Boomers,
speaking a different language.
Our Generation X,
speaks a different language.
Y Generation speaks a different language.

They say it's a value system.
Elders have a different value system.
Our generation, a different value system.
Next Generation, a different value system.

They say it's a style difference.
They say it's a communication gap.
They say it's a language barrier.
They say it's a difference of opinion.

Some say it's "Sins of The Fathers" of 1979,
whom Sons and Daughters,
of the Present Iran,
are paying for it, NOW.
(Favorite quote from Doc!) :-)

I say
The Elders had their laughs in Iran,
and Ruined Iran and handed it to us.
Then they told us to go fix it up,
and they washed their hands off of it.
go fix it up for the future generations,
X and Y and Z.
We never had our golden days in Iran,
it was too fast, too quick,
and we were too young.
We never had our days.
We were left with a responsibility to fix,
what the older generation ruined for us.
Now we have to,

answer to the future generation,
for the Sins of The Older Generation.
Future Generation is doomed and suffering,
for the sins of the older generation.
we are the middlemen,
we never had our Apple,
but we are paying for their sins in Hell.

I say
The Older Generation had their days,
and left us the ruins of Iran.
The Future Generation,
are used to limitations,
and the Theocratic Rules imposed on them.
But our Generation is lost,
we have to carry the cross,
the heavy cross,
to answer to the future generation,
for the Ignorance or incompetence,
of the Older Generation.
Ignorance cause,
they did not know what they were doing.
Incompetence cause,
they did not avoid the Hype of "Reaction",
when they had their chance.

Sons on the gallows,
Hanging from the cranes,
Paying for the,
Stupidity of the fathers.

Now, they are as useless,
as a Sack of Old Testaments,
with nothing to offer,
nothing to offer to us,
nothing to offer to the future generation.
They left us this broken land called home.
Some say Sins of The Fathers.
I say Stupidity of The Fathers.

Fathers had their cake,
Children never had their cake,
but us, the lost generation,
we ended up with a broken land,
never had the fruits,
and left with responsibility to fix it up!
Did we get the Raw Deal or the Big Boner!

It's time to Break The Old.
Break Everything they done,
everything they said,
everything they wrote.
it was all Lies.
Nothing worked,
we are doomed,
everything lost,
nothing left,
Destroy the Old,
Start The New.

We have nobody,
We are Orphans,
And we have little children of the future,
to answer to.

The Youth of our broken home,
Will never forget,
Will never forget,
Will never forgive,
The Stupidity of The Fathers.

Time to fix,
The Stupidity of The Fathers.

Time to fix the broken pieces.
Start a new,
Put this broken body together,
Time is now, Mission is now,
Trash The Old,
Start The New,
Nothing Worked,
Start A New.

I want my Apple.
I want my Cake.
I must Change The Old.
I Must start The New.

I Must Fix This Broken Body.
Tell to Yourself,
I Must Fix This Broken Body.


Sons on the gallows,
Hanging from the cranes,
Paying for the,
Stupidity of the fathers

Sons on the gallows,
Hanging from the cranes,
Paying for the,
Stupidity of the fathers

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