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78 Opposition
78 Opposition

I can't stand the MF Mullahs, for what they have done & will do if allowed
& for what most of them used to be: moft-khoreh khoraafaati k-kesheh bi-vojdaan.

But 1 could say that they were the product of their environment. i.e. poverty
kills the soul , so they were forced to become what they were.

But how about the in-tell-egg-chew-alls?
What is the role of political parties, to get PAID by the enemies for years
and to SPY on their own pee-pole?

Those assholes at 78 had money in a far much better-off society & they were
e-JUB-cated for God's sake, they read BOOKs, they knew it all (even then,
like they do now)! They walked bragging that they knew it ALL!

If they didn't know that the BB's wanted the old regime out and planned the
Whole thing, then they were too F*ing STUPID to be in politics. Specially
when they pretended that they 'cared' for the people, because they called
themselves PUBLIC/melli/tudeh this & that. They wanted free-DOME !
By their own STUPIDITY, they F*ed the whole country & r all
RESPONSIBLE for what happened.

If u call urself a Doctor & work as 1, then u better F*ing heal the sick;
cos if she dies, then U R RESPONSIBLE!

Even if they didn't know to begin with, surely any IDIOT would've found
out soon. Anybody with a clue, who gave a SHIT about Miran, should've
seen the risk/danger/NIGHT-MARE & should've tried to PREVENT it!

But these ASSHOLEs did NOT!

Not only the assholes didn't do nothing to prevent, they actually actively
F*ed the whole country!

But many were on direct PAY-ROL of the BBs for years, so many must've
known! So these MFs knowingly & actively R responsible for destruction of a nation!

Most middle class pee-pole disliked the Mullahs, let alone the rich in-tell-egg-chew-alls!
They should've known what MJ K-kesh Mullahs were & should've not gone to bed with them.

They MUST've known about the K-kesh Khomeini having Kasravi Killed!
They went to bed with such an asshole KNOWING what he'd done!
(if they didn't know, they had no F*ing business to be in politics!)

a- the MFs should've known that the BBs will NOT allow the LEFT to take over,
which goes to show how STUPID the LEFT was for having even tried it!

b- the MFs should've known that the BBs will NOT allow a 'free/independent' Gov in
this whole region. (many of the leaders were getting paid by BBs for years!)

c- the MFs should've known that Miran can NOT have democracy with millions of
gaav/olaaq who believe in SHIIT!

d- the MFs should've known that #1 priority was EDUCATION of the masses, which
was in-progress. (so these MFs actually put an END to education!!!!)

Even if they didn't know F* all, they should've seen the light after a few years &
should've realized the biggest MISTAKE of their whole F*ing life!

This should've caused them to F* their EGO & Unite to fix the situation.
BUT they never did in 24 NIGHT-MARE years.

So who is worst, the Mullahs or these MF assholes?!

As it turned out, these assholes wanted free-DOME to put on their ERECTED golden EGO!

La'nat to all of the mother-land-F*ers.

May all of them ROT in HELL!


I bet if KIRAN ever is allowed to remove the KIR, many
in-tell-egg-chew-all hotshots will bad-mouth anybody
the BBs choose, and this way they'd do a big damage
to MIRAN. U c the idiots r all now hotshots living
in khaarej & pupu this/that & DEMAND this/that
without giving a SHIT to millions of gaav/olaaq who
won't have much of a future without proper education.

If they did care, they would've done something in the
last 24 F*ing years. But the problem is that even if
a chance is found to get rid of KIR, they would really
mess it up with their F*ing EGO!

What they did is nothing short of CRIME against IRAN & Miranian people!

Not only they r NOT in any position to demand apology from anybody,
but they must admit their mistakes & in many cases CRIME (being traitors)
and they should all be put on trial.


Look at this disgusting picture of the ForuKHar, where he is
with a crowd, at the time of all the KILLING & SHIT, with a
BIG F*ing grin standing with his ERECTED mustache.

The picture told me volumes about him!
The whole country was being destroyed, but he had an ERECTION

Jebhe Meli Cabinet
L. Cabinet Minister Abbas Amir Entezam whom later on jailed by the Islamic regime for over 20 years.
C. Prime Minister Mehdi Bazargan presents his cabinet to the press (February 1979). Mehdi Bazargan whom later on faded away from Iranian politics.
R. Cabinet Minister Dariush Forouhar with his famous mustache whom later on got killed by the Islamic regime in 1999.
Jebhe Meli members got what they deserved. They erected the Mullahs and Mullahs paid them back well!


Look at Jendeye Melli, who sold-out their own pee-pole for EGO.

Dr Sanjabi in fur hat (head of Jebhe Meli) and other members of the National Front (Jebhe Meli) at the airport on the day of Ayatollah Khomeini's return to Iran after 15 years of exile (February 1, 1979). Look at the female Jebhei, how tight and Islamically correct she fixed her hejab! Jebhe Meli members were anxiously waiting for their Imported Imam Khomeini to return!

If u missed the big GOH-khori of 78, there r these
pictures here for u to in-JOY & c what Miranians r capable of.

* * *

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