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Part One

CIA Cinderella's Millions and 1001 Persian Prince Charmings!
Ahreeman X
Written: June 7, 2003
Republished: July 29, 2007

L. CIA Cinderella
R. CIA Cinderella's Crystal Shoe

Part One

Let us take a walk in the memory lane and review the history. Let us learn from the history. Enjoy the experience…

Note: IPC has been operating since year 2000; however, as of mid 2007, I had finally gave in to the will of the IPC Operations and fully commercialized the IPC. The reason for this decision was the further expansion of the movement.

CIA Cinderella's Millions and 1001 Persian Prince Charmings!

Alas, oh alas my friends, thus this was our share after 8000 years of civilization and glory!
Alas, oh alas my friends, thus this was our share of the pie, an Islamic abomination with spice of Turbans!

Do people deserve the government, which rules them?
If each government is the representative of the masses of that nation,
Then isn't Islamic Republic of Iran a representation of our degenerating culture?

Don't we deserve this Theocratic Catastrophe for the reason that we traded the Rich Persian Civilization for the Present Islamic Shiite Hole?! Is it a curse? Or is it another symptom, another Syphilitic Chancre Soar due to our Iranian Disease?!

Amazing Episodes indeed! From where shall I start, that I do not see a green fertile village in all this mayhem and destruction?! Lo, I do not see the village of light, upon the distant hill, nor in the horizon! Lo, I am laughing so hard, this is a comedy! I am laughing so hard that there are tears in my eyes! But these tears are not due to laughter! Lo, these are tears due to my losing faith in The Iranian Opposition. I have even lost my faith in humanity! Alas, From where shall I start, thus all my hopes are turning to despair, turning to sorrow?! Lo, this was our share of the pie!

During the last few weeks, we have witnessed plenty of political movements and activities amongst the Iranian Opposition in Exile! Oh no, do not jump in joy, thus all these moves were nay towards a positive direction, but yeay, all these moves and activities were, shamelessly towards Bitching, Back Stabbing and Betrayal (BBB)!

Bitching about how the other party got a bigger piece of the pie! Back stabbing each other, and Betrayal of Mother Persia!

First, there were these gatherings in Washington, DC, hosted by the Republicans, supposedly to unite the opposition! As long as Monarchists did not want to fall behind, they also threw some gatherings in Los Angeles and invited all the groups to unite under one Flag! Let's analyze the DC Episode and LA Episode, but first let me clarify something for all of you. I did not participate in any of these meetings, IPC Movement or Operations did not have a representative in any of these meetings, simply because I had predicted that what would have happened ahead of time! Let me be frank about it. I want to openly speak to all of you, specifically the Opposition Leaders, Political Personalities and Political Media of Iran!

If you ladies and gentlemen, really and truly wanted to unite under one flag, then you would have done it through 4 years of me, my comrades and IPC Operations busting our balls trying so hard to unite all of you! After 4 years of efforts and struggle to unite the Iranian Opposition, the best that we could do was to gather a number of lower level opposition activists from all the different groups and spectrums of Iranian Political Arena; however, we could not even get any Mid Level, or High Level members of these political parties and groups to sit on the same table together and to conduct a civilized dialogue with each other!

A Few Muslim Groups, a number of Republican Groups, a couple dozens of Monarchist Groups, a huge number of Communist and Socialist Groups and a couple of Nationalist Parties, all and all, have divisions, even amongst their own groups and sections! Try to get two Iranians to agree on the same issue, and I will change my name from Ahreeman to Hassan Ali Baqal!

I knew better to be fooled by these Self Righteous, self-Appointed, Political Leaders of Iran, yet once more! Once you fooled me, shame on me, twice you fool me, then I need to grab a gun and shoot myself in the head for being an idiot! I knew better to send an IPC Representative to these
Show Conferences! However, I made sure for us to have our connections in both series of gatherings in DC and LA to act as the reporter for us! I wanted to know what was going on inside all these Opposition Unity Conferences without having a representative of ours, directly acting on our behalf! Let me tell you all about it!

The DC Deal

Since the beginning of the conference in DC, the supposedly Unity Loving Iranian Opposition had divided to three parts: Republicans, Monarchists and Others! Amazingly each group refused to even talk with the other two! Except a few encounters in between the three groups in their three separate Halls, they refused to interact! The so called Republicans, with great numbers from the "Whores of Opposition" amongst them, even refused to meet with Constitutionalist Monarchists! They did not even let them inside their Conference Hall! Then there were the Opportunist Left, who started to spread seeds of division since the beginning! Bad mouthing, Personality Assassinations, Character Terrors, Accusations, etc., started to fly around the Great Unity Conference! The funny thing, was that there were even heavy profanity, finger pointing and put downs inside each of these three Conference Halls and even amongst each of these three groups! Finally the wheeling and dealings came to an end, three separated closed Conference Halls, each released some sort of superficial Torn Paper, supposedly as the Result Documents of these wasted gatherings! These groups released three separate Love Letters like Three different Sheets of The Musical Notes, in which all three were contradictory to each other and even members of each group could not harmonize in playing the same tune amongst his own group! Each group were playing the same symphony, yet out of tune and harmony, same as they been doing for the last 24 years! Finally everyone ended up hugging and kissing each other, holding, grabbing and hugging each other with one hand, while holding a dagger with the other hand behind their backs (Persian Style)! What amazing unity!

The LA Deal

As a reaction, the LA Crowd also threw their own episodes, even ahead of time! In LA, there were no limitations! Everyone was invited, Parties, Groups, Personalities, Media, others........ there were specifically Hard Cover, Soft Cover, and No Cover Media out there! There were E-Media, Televisions, Radios, Magazines, etc. Now, the funny thing was that everyone was welcomed, yet amazingly, the show ended up with a few selected groups of Monarchists Dealing behind closed doors! As usual, the wheeling and dealing, cutting and pasting, patching and sewing had ended without any public access to these Deals! As usual all kinds of Documents, Love Letters, other Torn Rag Garbage called Resulting Documents and Brief Concluding Pamphlets and Folders were released and the Great Iranian Opposition in Exile came to another victorious session of Jujeh Kabob Eating, Oops sorry, I meant Political Unity (Typo Error)! What amazing accomplishments!

With these Exiled Opposition Leaders, the Inxiled Crowd can rest in peace, thus these Warriors are awake!
(Inxiled = Exiled in one's own country, ex: Good people of Iran inside Iran!)

So, the DC and LA Shows, after days of hard work eating Jujeh Kabob, Soltani and Kabob Bareh, some Duq (yogurt Soda), also a lot of serious Desk Balling (Playing with own testicles while sitting behind conference tables), had came to an end! What a shame, so soon! I have expected these charades to go on for a couple of weeks, more! The Agony of it all!

Now let me give you the insiders observations and takes:


* Some political personalities and groups did not bother to participate in these charades. Whatever their politics maybe, I personally salute them! Time is so precious to be wasted by watching the same show over and over through the years!

* Some political personalities and groups, did participate in these gatherings, yet in the spirit of unity, in the hope that finally something good would come out of these shows! Whatever their politics maybe, I must salute them for their consistency and optimism!

* Majority of the political groups and personalities, who attended these gatherings were a disgrace to Iran and brought shame to Iranians! They had ulterior motives for being there! I will elaborate on this issue.

The $ Motivation!

There were promises of between 50 to 100 Millions of Dollars being distributed amongst the so-called Iranian Opposition in Exile by CIA, State Department and Pentagon, of course only on a condition that they would unite and find a common agenda! These Scavenger Hunters ran to grab the titty and pull it out of each other's mouths! To watch this scene, would first make you laugh, but next, it would make any True Nationalist of our nation uncontrollably cry blood! An amazing phenomenon had occurred over there! I must clearly state that I am not a type of person who would name names! If I start naming names, I am afraid that every bit of prestige that these so called Opposition members of Iran may have, would disappear! Therefore, I shall have mercy on their souls! They know who they are, I know who they are, and masses of Iran maybe not politically evolved and are still Democratically challenged, but Iranians are not stupid, they know, what is right and what is wrong. They know who is a fake and who is a man of principle. Masses are not blind, they know who has a code of honor and who is a ScumBag! Let me give you some examples:


a) During these few weeks, there were connections from CIA, State Department and Pentagon, off and on present in these speeches, conferences, gatherings and meetings. Obviously Iranian Warriors, insisted on showing their true faces by bad mouthing each other, putting each other down, pretending they are the important factor, back stabbing their fellow Iranian, making themselves look like the true martyrs and warriors of Iran! Iranian Opposition Leaders, Media Gods, Political Groupies, kept up with these tactics, embarrassing themselves and their Culture, so much and so long, that finally an American Politician stated that:

American Politician:
"There are plenty of Iranian Millionaires and Billionaires amongst yourselves, stop begging US Government for Money and start getting united to create a real opposition amongst yourselves!"

How sad is that? How disgraceful is this, for an American Politician to say such words in a Persian Political Assembly of all these Opposition Feeders?! Obviously, as usual, every Newspaper Editor, Television Station Owner, Radio Manager, Magazine Editor, Political Party Leader, Organization Chairman, must have started to put down his fellow colleague, accusing him of being a fraud and a crook, bad mouthing him, falsifying stories about mismanagement of funds by him, and talking behind his back for so long, yet purifying himself, bringing himself up, creating a hero out of himself and pretending that he is the last stand to fight the Islamic Regime and on and on...... for so much and so long, that finally the American Gentleman once again came to terms and said:

American Politician:
"I have never seen an opposition or resistance, so divided, so hateful to each other, so self centered and self glorifying in my whole life! And I have been around the globe for quite a while to notice, this is rare!"

after they reported this statement to me, as an Iranian American, I just wanted to melt and go inside the ground as Lava Molt! I just wanted to die, out of shame! I just wanted to put my head between my knees and cry for Iran and Iranians!

I want to ask these Opposition Members that do they even feel any shame for their actions? Do they even see anything wrong with their actions? Are they Freedom Fighters or Opportunist Greedy Sellouts?

b) Amazingly as soon as The Great Iranian Media in Exile found out about the Money Giveaway by Uncle Sam, then suddenly Iran started to have 1001 Political Media! In a normal day, we have only a handful of Political Media including Newspapers, Magazines, Websites, Televisions and Radios; however, all of a sudden every single Music Television/Radio, Tabloid Iranian Magazine published for simpletons, Internet Jerk-Off Sites, and Gossip Weekly Toilet Paper about Iranian Pop Music, had turned to a political Media! One day we had less than a handful of political Media and the next day, every Hassan, Hussein, and Seyed Taqi in Iranian 24 hour TV/Radio Business, Gossip Column News-Rag Owner, Tabloid Magazine for HouseWives and House Maids owner and every Moron who publishes an Internet site about Bang and Ball, had become a Politician and a solid member of the Iranian Opposition in Exile with 24 years history of struggle! All of a sudden Soft Porn and Tabloid Editors became Elements of the Resistance and 24 Hours/7 Days a week (24/7) Music Radio/Satellite TVs became political Tribunes! Suddenly all of these Pimps and Low Lives, these Fly By Night Jalopy Owners who broadcast from the basements or garages of their homes, had become Great Political Media Owners of Iran!

c) Would someone please answer me on this one before I pull out all my hair, piece by piece and become another Baldheaded Internationalist Front, Member of Iran (Iran National Front)?! Would someone please tell me what were organizations like "Whores of the Opposition", "Reformist Groups" and strangely "Marxist Groups" doing in these political meetings?! What were Marxist Parties and Groups doing in these gatherings during these last few weeks? I simply cannot comprehend how can a Communist, Marxist-Leninist, or a Socialist Party accepts CIA, State Department, or Pentagon's Funds towards its cause! Can you understand this? Isn't there a Code of Honor, a law, a rule in Marxism about not taking money from Imperialist Pigs?! Or is it OK to get funds from Capitalism now?! Lord, I have not died and lived to see this day, that Protectors of Proletariats, same as Monarchist Servants of CIA, all together, and in harmony, in Synchronicity and instantaneously, together pull out the Copper Buckets for Donations with a statue of a Hand in the middle as the symbol of The Needy, and start begging Uncle Sam all together at the same time, like they are a couple of beggar boys out of the Oliver Twist Movie! Marxists are bidding and racing to collect funds from The Heart of Imperialism, to use it against the Theocracy (Small Bourgeoisie)! I bet right now, Marx is shaking in his grave!

d) Would someone please tell me that is it Halaal or Islamically correct for a Muslim Organization to race to collect candy from Uncle Sam?! Isn't Uncle Sam Kaffir, apostate and infidel? Isn't America, land of infidels and as told in Quran, for one to even stand on the infidel ground, is a sin?! Now forget about collecting money from the infidel?! Is that money somehow Halaal but the infidel himself is Haraam! Am I missing something here?! Has the world gone crazy? Is this "Neo Islamic Hypocrisy" or what? Is everything a game? Is there any morality, principles or sympathy towards one's beliefs, left amongst our glorious opposition?!

e) Would someone tell me, how come everyone amongst these guys, are criticizing Uncle Sam, bad Mouthing Uncle Sam, and is either a Holy Marry or a Jesus Christ; however, they are jumping above each other's shoulders and stepping on each other's heads to get closer to The Great Satan, Treasury Department, Fort Nox and Uncle Sam's Pocket?!

f) Where, has pointing fingers, cutting throat, conspiracy theory making, gossip creating, opportunism, hand kissing, ass kissing, dirt digging, treachery, lies and frauds, taken us during the last 24 years and since 1979? What makes you think it will take us anywhere in the future?

g) To use the excuse of unity for a gathering, and then to totally commit to a Persian Style of BBB (Bitching, Back Stabbing, Betrayal) is shameless!

h) To boldly preach pious purified cleansiness, or being apart, from The Material World and then to lower oneself to do any petty tactic, to get Uncle Sam to throw his support behind us is despicable! Do as you preach and put your money where your mouth is! Stop looking for Uncle Sam's hand to throw you a bone!

i) To conduct a secretive "rendezvous" (rounde' vu) with your partner "Coup de' jours", behind closed doors, to keep the masses of Iran in the dark, and thinking that in the future, these masses will let you rule over them like a herd, is underestimating our people. Masses of Iran had evolved substantially in comparison to 24 years ago. I certainly believe that our people definitely have a higher political awareness than 24 years ago. You simply cannot self-erect political leaders for the masses of Iran. Masses of Iran will elect their future government and this government will certainly not be erected behind closed doors in DC or LA! You can erect Shahs, Presidents and Cabinets until the next eclipse, but will they be accepted inside Iran? That's another story!

j) Who gave the few fat bellied cartoon characters of Iranian Media, including 24 Hours Satellite Fly by night basement broadcasting TVs and Radios, a few Tabloids written for Persian housewives and house maids, some Ragpapers (Rag Newspapers) and Ragazines (Rag Magazines), the right to decide on the future Iranian Government and its cabinet? They have already erected the Overthrow Committee and the governing committee including the future provisional government! What is the difference between this action and the action of certain groups erecting future presidents, shahs and cabinets amongst our beloved Republicans, Monarchists and Muslim Opposition Groups?! These erected appointees have no validity until Masses of Iran vote for them! Look what has happened to the Imported Iraqi Exiled Opposition to Iraq, have they been accepted by the masses of Iraq?! Use your brains please!

Lets talk about principles, shall we?

Where do I Stand?

More or less, people who do matter in Iranian Politics, have a very good concept of where I, my comrades and IPC Movement and Operations stand. You know very well that during the last four years, My Comrades and I, have rejected every single fund offer, donation, contracts, commercials, charity, deals and telethons. Oh, you best believe it that IPC Mail Box has been flooded with offers of funds, donations, financial help, other help from the left to the right, from the Iranians to Americans, from Businessmen to Everyday People! We also had so many offers of advertising in IPC, that it is coming out of our throats! Advertisers know best through statistics sites, counter sites and tracer sites that IPC is one of the top, most visited, most trafficked of the Persian sites on the net. They know very well that advertising in IPC is very beneficial and they have been on goingly E-mailing us about this issue. Another issue is the devotion of many of our good members wanting to donate money to us, they have been insisting to do some donation or charity fund raising, telethons or at least send some money to us.

I want to be very frank with all of you. During the last four years, IPC had plenty of offers for accepting large amounts of funds, charity and donation. We had a huge number of E-mails urging us to conduct telethons, charity dinners, donation accounts and so on. Advertisers are always ready to flood IPC with high paid advertisements. I will go even further than this and assure you that with our record of struggle, the US Government has been following our activities as they have been following every major Iranian Opposition Entity's activities, would most likely be willing to support us in any way needed, only if we would have asked for it!

Now I am here to clearly tell all of you that if any of these petty Wanna be Iranian Opposition Groups, Parties, Personalities and Media would have for some freakish reason switched places with IPC, they would have taken advantage of every dime that they could get their hands on! Right away they would have built a good few million dollars, well stashed from the people and into their bank accounts and then they would continue to move on to Tens of Millions of Dollars in the upcoming months!

Let me frankly state here that I am the basic reason that so far we have been hesitant to accept any funding from anyone! Strange, isn't it? In this day and age that you, masses of Iran can clearly see that every major political personality, party, organization, media of Iran is not even letting go of a dime, then you cannot believe that we (IPC) have been refusing to accept any type of funding from anyone! And we have been doing this for years! In this day and age that every petty political party of Iran has a website and on the very first page of that website on their homepage, they beg you for your dollars and they post their bank accounts and show you the picture of a copper bucket with a "needy hand" and beg you to send them some dollars, in this day and age that everyone is begging for money and they are willing to accept money any which way they can, in this day and age that:

Mojaheds and Muslim have their charity buckets, holding it tight, while running around airports, train stations, bus stops and even in front of K-Mart and Wall-Mart!

Big Shot Future Shahs and Monarchists make deals with Iranian Multi Millionaires and Billionaires to get their hands on some funds!

Pious, Good Republican "Whores of The Opposition" and Liberal Left, put one page adds on the first page of their Grocery Store (Dokan), Oops sorry Website and begging people to send them money to the bank accounts listed!

Social Democrats of Iran doing fund raisings from the right and the left!

Constitutionalists, Throw Charity Dinners, Telethons and Donation Deals!

Petty Media Imitations of Iranian Exiled Community, even sell their Mothers to compete for advertisers' adds or funds from State Department!

It is really strange to actually come across a group of people not wanting a Dime from anyone, isn't it? And more strange, this group of people is Iranian, yet they do not want any money! What are the odds?!

Are you waiting for an answer?

Then here is my philosophy:

I do not accept funds from Corporate Businessmen, because I have to give them future special deals!

I do not throw Telethons and Fund Gatherings, because I love "My Good Name". The minute I start accepting large amount of funds, that will be the minute that our good people will start creating amazing stories about how Dr. X slushed a few Million Dollars and he disappeared to South of France! The same stories that our good people had created about Dr. Fereydoun Farrokhzad, may his spirit rest in peace! Fereydoun had put his life on the line, every time he went on stage and every time he conducted a concert or a political speech, he went all the way to embrace death, but finally our good people trashed his good name because he had a big heart and he conducted some telethons for charity to help our people!

I do not accept money from regular everyday people, because I do not want any Bosses to tell me or my comrades, how to run IPC.

I do not accept money from running around towns collecting donations, because I am too proud to do that.

I do not accept money throwing Charity Dinners, because unlike the Right Wing Fat Belly Monarchist Boys of LA in Suits, I do not peddle my Ass for Dough!

I do not accept money, putting a big old ad on the IPC Homepage with phone number and address to a bank account, because unlike "Whores of Opposition" from Jebhei to Tudehi to others, I am in this (Iranian Politics), for the sake of the cause. I do not have any political ambition. IPC is not a Grocery Store (Dokan), my dear Comrades are not Pimps, and we are not selling Salvation or Pictures of Mosadeq to Iranians in return for their Money like Whores of Jebhe Meli Iran (Kachalan-e Qeyr-e Meli-ye Iran) do!

I do not throw Donation FundRaisers, because I do not see myself as an auctioneer, peddling Mother Persia for Dollar Bills! I have my own ways, my own principles and they have carried me through life until this day.

I do not accept commercial ads from advertisers, simply because I have not opened a business named IPC. I have fought against Islamic Republic of Iran for most years of my life since I was 16 years of age. I am not making money selling my heart and soul, our hearts and souls. We are here to educate the new generation about their Persian Culture and History, we are here to commit to a Moral Revolution, to get our Culture back, and to revive Mother Persia. We are not here to make a buck from our writings, graphics, hearts and souls! We are here to prepare the masses for The Political Revolution via a Moral Revolution.

I do not make money from offered Donations and Charities, because even though I appreciate their good hearts, yet this makes me feel obligated. I already have a hard time sleeping at night, just imagine if I end up owing a number of people something and be in their debt forever!

I do not ask for charity from Iranian Millionaires and Billionaires, simply because unlike certain political caricatures of Iran, dreaming of the crowns, I do not sell myself. My body and soul cannot be sold so cheap and even if I decide to sell it, I promise you, it will not be sold for a few million dollars or few tens of millions of dollars petty cash! My soul is already sold to the cause and that's a much higher price than a few millions!

I do not ask, suggest, or accept any funds from CIA, State Department, or Pentagon, because all I need is for some Iranian Sissy Boys of The Liberal Left "Whores of The Opposition", to next day open their traps and preach about how Ahreeman is a servant of CIA! I would never hear the end of it!

Yes my friends, I am standing strong and against IPC Operation's will, insisting to accept funds from people! Then you may ask, how do you guys run the Movement, Operation, Productions, Club, Website, …….?

We have been running IPC, the old fashion way! I have been funding IPC with my own personal and family's wealth, my comrades' wealth, and the never ending devotion, sincere and hard working spirit of my comrades. I have the privilege of working with a selection of the best of the best that Iran has to offer! During last few years, I have been collecting! I am a collector! I have been collecting comrades with Large Size Brains and Large Size Balls! I've got Men and Women with Balls the size of Empire States! I have Men and Women with Brains rarely seen!

Every mission to Iran, every package of goods to Iran, has been funded by us and our people have been selflessly working hard for the cause. We can always use a few good men and women. Bless their heroic souls.

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!

I am fortunate and privileged to have the honor to work with the few who are truly educated! It is my honor to have comrades such as these men and women. That is what gives me energy to fight, that is what makes IPC special. That is why people turn around and look twice when they hear the name IPC!

We do not follow, we invent The New.

When we started the campaign on Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Concept of a Censor Free Website, concept of the Freedom of Expression for All.............., These concepts were gibberish for Iranian forums, Internet Community and the Political Scene! Now everyone is jumping the bandwagon and train of the Freedom of Speech! This is why IPC is IPC, simply because we do not Follow, we build The New.

The bottom line is that, if you ask me, why I do not accept funds? I would respond to you that, all I have in life, is my good name. People trust this name, people trust my word, my comrades put their trust on me, I put my trust in them. Everything I have in life, is my good name, so take that away from me, and I will end up with nothing. (Please note that as of 2007, the IPC Operations had finally convinced me to establish a fully commercial website and network, so we can better fund the movement.)

I have a mission in life. I have no political ambition. I am not your average Iranian Hand Kisser, I do not seek position or fortune. Greed is a strange term in my vocab! Fortunately, I grew up in a family with such uprising and social and financial standings that I never had any urges for greed, fortune making, or social positions! I have a mission and my mission as I have sworn to the burning ashes of Master Aryamanesh is to protect, serve and expand the Persian Culture, History, Traditions and the Essence of Persian-Hood, itself.

I have finished some of my projects and I have a plenty of more projects to do. Hopefully I shall get the chance to finish all my projects. So many projects, so little time! However, I have the privilege of having my great comrades to assist me to revive the sense of Nationalism in our people and to change their Moral Values so they can comprehend the lack of Secularism, Democracy, and Federalism in their diet! We are all seeking that "Great Civilization" for Iran and Irani. So be it and shall it be our way to reach it.

We, as Iranians have not learned a single lesson from the past 24 years! We as the opposition, have not done our job during the past 24 years! Because if we had done our job, then the Iranians would not have to look towards America to bring us, our Freedom! Iranians look towards America for their Freedom. To Whom did Americans look, when they wanted their Freedom?! If Americans had waited and looked towards others to bring Freedom upon them, then the United States of America would have not been where she is today! Americans fought for their freedom with the skin of their teeth. That is the spirit of The Founding Fathers, Washingtons, Jeffersons, and others. That is the spirit of The Ancient Persia. That is the spirit that made Cyrus The Great write the first declaration of the rights of the nations, ever written in the world at 538 BC! This declaration is the starter piece of the United Nation's Declaration of The Human Rights Document. We need to revive the Spirit of Cyrus. That is our mission. Once, we accomplish this task, we shall never again, fall in the abyss of The Theocratic Dictatorship of the Islamist kind or any other type!

CIA Cinderella's Millions and 1001 Persian Prince Charmings, indeed! Our Cinderella Story is a bit different than the original version! In our story, 1001 Prince charmings do not come to see if the shoe fits the Cinderella, rescue the Cinderella and shower her with Jewels! In our story, 1001 Persian Prince charmings come to scab a few Millions from our CIA Cinderella! The amazing Upside Down Ironic Fairy Tales (Persian Style)! Iranians are waiting for America to bring them their freedom! The only miracle will be the miracle that we, the masses of Iran will create with our own hands. No one can help us but ourselves. Let's say hypothetically that America or any other external or internal force, changes the regime! Then what? Can it change people's mentality too?! Can this force also make our people too evolved, so they will be able to bring on the Secular, Democratic, and Federal Government of Iran to power and most important, to maintain, safeguard and to safekeep it and to not once more lose their freedoms to some Shah or Imam or other type of thugs? To have Democracy is to invent Democratic Minds, free from all types of Dictatorships.

Iran will be Free, but the question is, as Iranians, how much of your essence are you willing to input to achieve this goal? The more you input, the sooner The Freedom shall arrive, and Freedom for All, not for some! Freedom does not come cheap and without much sacrifice. Price of freedom is very heavy indeed! If we do not respect ourselves, enough to jump start the change, then how do you expect Americans to respect us? How do you expect the World to respect us? Revive that Old Persian Spirit, let us be proud once more, to be called and to be named "Iranians"! Let's trash the old and let's start The New! Comrades, let the flowers bloom one more time for the road, will you?

In hope for the better days,

More power to The Resistance

Dr. X

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