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CIA Cinderella's Millions and 1001 Persian Prince Charmings!
Part Two
Part 1
Part 2
CIA Cinderella's Millions and 1001 Persian Prince Charmings!
Ahreeman X
Written: March 8, 2005
Republished: July 29, 2007

CIA Cinderella and a Persian Prince Charming!

Part Two

Let us take a walk in the memory lane and review the history. Let us learn from the history. Enjoy the experience…

Note: IPC has been operating since year 2000; however, as of mid 2007, I had finally gave in to the will of the IPC Operations and fully commercialized the IPC. The reason for this decision was the further expansion of the movement.

CIA Cinderella's Millions and 1001 Persian Prince Charmings!

....... and The Episode continues .......

Why Am I Skeptic, you ask?!


People ask me, how do you evaluate this up and coming gathering of groups in LA?

Please mark my words right here and right now, will ya?!

Well, I truly do not want to blow the bubble of the wishful, hopeful, desperate, frustrated and anxious naive youth and everyday people of Iran, and I certainly hope that I am wrong; however, last time that these events had occured, they were in a much greater scale than this upcoming one. They were also much more, well prepared and with an advanced notice of definitely more than one week or so! But then look what happened last time! Please observe:

CIA Cinderella's Millions and 1001 Persian Prince Charmings! - Part 1

Last time it was in the middle of 2003 and we all know what happened!

Once a blue moon, CIA and State Department set out a budget for so called Iranian Opposition Groups. They seek, the type of opposition that are:

a) Effective and with backing inside and outside Iran

b) Friendly to US Foreign Policy

The funny thing is that, the substantial opposition groups with backbones, do not even attend these meetings! Only a small fraction of the decent groups attend these meetings and they only do it, out of the good of their hearts and the wishful thinking of their minds, that maybe and just maybe, this time it will be different and maybe this time something will be accomplished!

Basically, there are 3 groups attending these meetings:

Group A: The Majority
Majority of groups who send a representative to these meetings, are Little Nobodies, choosing a rep and sending him there as a Show Dog to represent them. This rep, must wag his/her tale, jump ropes, jump hoops, roll over, bend over, and walk the walk around the circle of the "Dog Show" in LA or DC, and generally put up a good show, to make a good impression on CIA and State Department, so in the future, there will be a possibility that a slight flow of funds will be flowing in their directions. Even if there will be no funds, then at least CIA Cinderella will throw a Doggy Bone or Two at their directions! Groups belonging in this category, are:


* Garage Based and Operated Satellite Television Owners

* 24 Hour greedy Radio Owners

* TV Talk Show Hosts who buy and sell used cars from auctions, part time

* Radio Talk Show Hosts whom are fixer-uppers of ran-down houses, part time

* Political website owners who are homeless

* So-called News Net Media website owners who believe they are journalists

* Opium Addict political characters who reside at the beach or homeless shelters

* Short Wave Radio Hosts who reside at the Kaboby or Cabaret, depending on the amount of change in their pockets

* Tofeylis, presently on unemployment, welfare, disability or all three

* Other Types O Bums hanging in Westwood or Wiltshire at Haji's place, wasting time and eating Persian Ice Cream while chilling!

Group B: Minority
This group which makes up the fabrics of the minority of groups going to these meetings, are basically going there to bash one another. They seek an opportunity to even up the old scores and get back to and return the favors to the ones whom they hate. Any unsolved issues from the past will be solved in these gatherings! This is the perfect time to settle old scores, so they go to these meetings, the perfect place for revenge!

Group C: The Few
This group is basically a hand full of folks who attend as reps or leaders or characters who sincerely go to these meetings in the hope of actually accomplishing something. They go with a heart full of hope and they return with an eye full of tears! They come back home very disappointed. But they always keep on going to these meetings, even though they know that it's all bull shiite!

So basically these meetings are in fact "Dog Shows"! Each Klan or Wanna Be Klan or One-Man Band, sends their Dogs out to the show!

Dog Types

- Some dogs are there, peddling their asses for CIA Cinderella in hopes of some dough or a Bone!

- Some dogs are there strictly for DogFights to rip each other apart!

- Some dogs are there for both! They rip the other dogs apart, to show off for CIA Cinderella as the Top Dog to get a few more Doggy Bones!

And in this Dog eat Dog Show, there are also a very few wishful folks attending to get a closure on Iran's case!

Big Brother also sends a rep to keep records! But boy, I am telling ya, it's a Dog eat Dog Show alright!

Now to answer yous:

Answers to the Naive

No, I am not attending these meetings and I will not attend them in the near future!

No, I know better, what's the "Deal" with these meetings, I been around the block!

Yes, we always manage to find out the details of events (behind closed doors) which will take place in these meetings, because there are always either some of our members, affiliates or friends whom will attend these episodes and they inform us of the whole Shebang of The Doggy Show!

Now, for those naive, wishful comrades who still keep an open eye on these LA or DC Episodes, I got some questions:

Questions from the Naive?

I. We (IPC) spent 5 years trying to unite this Arrogant, selfish Up-position Leaders and feeders, yet failed. What makes you think that with a few weeks notice, a number of garage based Eye-Rainian TV Operators and other Bozos can do in a few weeks what we couldn't do in a few years?!

II. How come the same TV Operators and Media Homeless whom just a few months ago kept silence (Khafe Khan) to our Call to Unite and Help, now all of a sudden rushes the front line as the leaders of the Resistance?!

III. How come all these folks who kept a Death Silence in respond to our Call of draft for the "Creation of The Iranian Resistance Army Corp", all of a sudden jump over each others' shoulders to get to LA for this event?!

Creation of The Iranian Resistance Army Corp

Yes folks,

Money Talks, Bull Shiite Walks
But in this case,
Doer Walks, Bull Shiite Talks!

My Suggested Answers to above questions

I. This event as the last one, is a Hype with no intention whatsoever to save Iran! The only thing that this great Up-position will get unified on, is the issue of begging CIA Cinderella for some Dough or Doggy Bones!

II. These Great Up-position Leaders and Feeders would have answered loudly to our Call of Union, only and only, if we, the same as CIA Cinderella, would loosen the knot on the Money Bag and throw some Gold or Bones to all of them! We did not throw them some "Shitil", so they did not respond to our call! But now, their very sensitive doggy ears can hear and their very sensitive doggy nose can smell, the CIA Cinderella's Greens from miles away!

III. Sound of Money does miracles! Every homeless bum in Eye-Rainian Community is heading to LA, in hopes of a Shitil or a Doggy Bone! Simply because they heard on the news that Uncle Sam is gonna give some treats!

Here's the true Unification of Opposition announcement for yous anxious folks,

The True Unification of Opposition Announcement

Hear Yee, Hear Yee,

The Great Bi-Annual Unification of The Eye-Rainian Up-position in LA and DC!

It's that time of the year again! It has been a long time! Last time, the Uncle Sam made CIA Cinderella to loosen up the Doggy Bag's Knot in Summer of 2003! Been a long time indeed! These Good Persian Doggies have needs and desires! They have champaign tastes and beer pockets! They always look up to the hands of Uncle Sam for a Boner! But sometimes Uncle Sam actually takes it out of his pants and gives them The Boner!

Once a blue moon, CIA Cinderella waves them Greens and all of these Persian Prince Charmings, run to LA, swim to LA, fly to LA, crawl to LA, push their wheel chairs to LA or DC, to candid themselves as the dancing partner for our beloved Cinderella! There are no shortage of Persian Prince Charmings in Exile! One day they are all having Difteri, Laryngitis or Khonaq and they can't talk nor respond to our call for Unification of Opposition, and then one day, they sing like parrots, sweet talk like Casanova, read poetry like Khayyam, and certainly dance like Persian John Travolta in Pulp Fiction! Why is that? Because they have seen the light, The shades of the "Green Light" in Los Angeles' Direction!

This light comes on once a blue moon, sometimes in DC and sometimes in LA! Persian Up-position just lovese lovese loves this Green Light! The amazing Green Light indeed!

The Agenda and Schedule of The Doggy Show will go something like this:

And same as 2003, they talk and talk and talk. They show off, exaggerate, Khali Bandi (Monarchist Style), Qolov, create false news of imaginary revolts in Iran (in their programs and sites), Bull Shiite to CIA Cinderella, create amazing stories of their struggles for resistance out of their rectums, cut other doggies' throats, bash each other, show off to Cinderella and finally they will release a document and combinely state that the results of this gathering was fabulous and it has ended in great success. All of them will claim victory and head home to their village! At that point the whole Up-position becomes united for about let's see, hmmmmmmmm maybe 5 minutes!

As soon as they get back home, the rhetorics, bashing, gossip, trashing, back stabbing, head banging of one another restarts! Great Iranian Up-position in action!

I would like to direct your attention to this one:

We are Living a Lie!

Yes my friends, been there, done that and I already know the whole routine! You can fool a young activist (Tudeh-ye Javan) with these cockamamie stories but an Old Hound, veteran resistance fighter like Moi, does not bleed so easily! Skeptic indeed!

What has happened to Persians? Culture of Captivity has changed the Great Spirits of Persians! Please read in depth:

Domestication of Persians (Article)

Domestication of Persians (Graphics)
"Easy, step by step Method!"

Yes folks,

Today's Iranians are nothing like Ancient Persians, nothing at all! Degeneration of a Nation indeed!

But for your sakes, I hope this time I am wrong, and I will keep my fingers crossed! Best wishes to yous! I am sure we will all hear about it in the up and coming days! (Note: Indeed later on we have heard all about it and as I had predicted, as always, it was yet another fabulous Up-Position Doggie Show!)


There are 3 kinds of people in the world:

Ones who make things happen.

Ones who watch things happen!

Ones who wonder what happened?!

Which ones are you?

More power to Resistance

Dr. X

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Part 2

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