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IRI Admits Giving WMDs to Terrorists!
Reza Kahlili
August 31, 2012

Israel will be obliterated by chemical, microbial and nuclear bombs, Iran is warning, but those weapons of mass destruction will be used first on Tel Aviv by Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad at the start of a decades-old Muslim dream of destroying the Jewish state.

An alarming commentary last week in Mashregh, the media outlet of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, confirmed that the Islamic regime not only has WMDs but has armed its terrorist proxies with them. Mashregh speaks for the regime.

It warned Israel that if the fighting in Syria does not stop, an all-out attack on the Jewish state will be launched and that at zero hour, Tel Aviv will be the first city to be destroyed.

“The threat to retaliate against Israel with weapons of mass destruction is credible,” said Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, who previously served on the House Armed Services Committee and with the CIA. “A highly credible source in 2005 warned that a decision had been made at the highest level of the Iranian government to arm numerous ballistic missiles with chemical and biological warheads to retaliate against Israel if Iran’s vital interests were endangered.

The fall of [Syrian President Bashar] Assad would constitute endangerment of Iran’s vital interest.”

The commentary said that for 18 months, Israel, with all its power, has tried to reshape Islamic movements that have targeted the “Zionists” into a conflict between Muslims, with Syria at the center of its efforts.

The Mashregh column charged that Israel is behind the Syrian crisis in order to strategically change the geopolitics of the region and defeat one of the main players in the Islamic world’s “resistance front.” It warned Israel that with the direction it has chosen, “There is a dead end, and the threat of mass killing awaits.”

The commentary recalled the doctrine of the founder of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini: “If they stand against our religion, we will stand against their world. If all this bloodshed is to provide a better future for Israel, we will destroy their world.”

The lengthy analysis claimed that several forces are involved on both the diplomatic and military fronts to break the Syrian “resistance front.”

It cited Turkish forces on Syria’s border with that NATO country but also claimed there are American forces along the Golan Heights and in Jordan, and Saudi, Qatar and French forces at the Syrian border with Lebanon.

“Their defeat from the fronts within [Syria] and the movement of their forces on the borders are signs that the world’s Zionists have lost hope on the capability of [anti-Assad] terrorists against Syrian forces and now are looking for an opportunity to get the armed forces of others involved,” the commentary said.

A strategic look at the situation in Syria, it said, shows that in order to safeguard Damascus and Bashar Assad’s regime, it is necessary to destroy “the center responsible for these destructions, which will force the enemy to retreat.” To that end, Iran will break “the security of Israel by targeting Tel Aviv.”

The commentary, citing the weak economies in America and Europe, said that in an all-out confrontation between the “resistance front” and Israel, the West will stay out of it, not wanting to fight Syria with a military of 220,000 military personnel and 240,000 reserves, Iran’s massive forces and Hezbollah.

Should Israel and its allies succeed in unraveling Syria so the legitimate Assad regime loses control, the commentary said, there are but two scenarios:

“Groups armed with weapons of mass destruction (chemical, microbial and nuclear bombs), which have been obtained on the black market, will surely target Tel Aviv."

“Other countries with different motivations from revenge to a change in the balance of power in the region looking for the elimination of Israel from the world’s map will use the chaos created without accepting any responsibility.” (Right below this point, Mashregh put up a picture of an atomic blast.)

“Who can guarantee that armed groups or certain countries have not already armed themselves with weapons of mass destruction or that weapons of mass destruction obtained from the former Soviet republics after the fall of Soviet Union will not find their way into Tel Aviv?” the commentary asked. “It is best to stop the violence in Syria or the order to attack will be issued.”

As I reported last October and again recently, several sources have confirmed that Iran obtained at least two nuclear bombs from former Soviet republics and several neutron bombs possibly from North Korea. Iran and Syria also hold a large stockpile of chemical weapons.

“Although I have no current factual information about a possible Iranian biological weapons program, Iranian circumstances, past behavior and policies make it virtually certain that Iran has such a program,” said Fritz Ermarth, former chairman of the National Intelligence Council. “This means that, should they choose to do so, Iran’s leaders could put biological weapons in the hands of their own commando teams or terrorist groups they trusted for covert delivery in attacks on Israel or the U.S. or other targets. Hence, the threats of such WMD attacks should be taken seriously. They may be bluster, but of the most dangerous sort.”

IRI Warns Secret US Bases Will Be Hit

Six American military bases in Israel will be destroyed by Iranian missiles should Israel attack Iranian nuclear facilities, the Islamic regime is warning the United States.

 “America has several secret military bases in different areas of the occupied Palestinian territory (Israel) at which it houses ammunition, smart bombs, missiles and other military armaments,” Basij News, the official outlet of the Iranian Basij forces, reported Tuesday, quoting an Iranian diplomat in an interview with the Arabian media outlet Al Moheet.

“Also, a 500-bed hospital is located in one of these bases. … Should Israel attack Iran, then surely those bases will become the targets for Iranian missiles.”

The unnamed diplomat said one of the bases is in the western part of the city of Herzliya, another is within Ben Gurion Airport, and other bases are inside the Israeli Air Force bases of Ovda and Nevatim. The diplomat said the value of the U.S. military armaments at these bases exceeds $1 billion.

“American military bases in the occupied territories are considered secret and most of them are underground,” the diplomat said. “These bases are known by codes ‘Base 51,’ which houses ammunition, ‘Base 53,’ which is located in an Israeli Air Force base, ‘Base 54′ is a hospital close to Tel Aviv used in emergency situations, and bases ’55′ and ’56′ are used as ammunition and armaments reserves,” he said.

The diplomat said another base is in the West Bank, built by a German company to house American armaments.

The Basij report said Israel provides security and military support for the estimated 150 American military supervisors at the bases.

As reported by the Washington Times last December, the Revolutionary Guards had warned that any U.S. involvement in an attack on Iran would result in a missile attack on all U.S. bases in the region and terrorist attacks on U.S. interests worldwide, including in America. However, the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had earlier announced that should America stay out of any conflict with Iran, it will be safe.

The Basij report, however, directly warns America that even should it not militarily support an attack by Israel, its military bases within the Jewish state will be targeted.

Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi described Israel’s Jewish community as “vulnerable.” Fars News Agency quoted the special adviser to the supreme leader as saying, “The Zionists are living in such international conditions that if they intend to launch an attack against Iran, one million Jews will flee Israel in the first one or two weeks. Jews are very vulnerable there.”

Safavi, the former chief commander of the Revolutionary Guards, last week had said, “All signs in the region point to the disintegration of the superfluous fake Zionist regime and its removal from the face of the geography of the region,” according to Sepah News, the Guards media outlet.

In analyzing the Arab Spring, Safavi said, “Without a doubt, the north African region and southwestern Asia are in a historic political path that will affect geopolitics – meaning that the governments of dictators and monarchs dependent on big powers are being changed where people are empowered and in control of their own political destiny.”

Safavi said the United States spent billions of dollars on the nine-year Iraq war and suffered 5,000 deaths and many more injured but failed to put in place in Baghdad an anti-Iran government it liked.

In Afghanistan, he said, after a decade of fighting, America and its allies face the same fate as the Soviet Union’s Red Army in the 1980s and will be forced to flee.

“America’s support of Israel will increase the hatred by the Islamic nations and it will be costly for the Americans,” Safavi said. “The path of Allah promises Muslims victory over the infidel Zionists.”

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