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The Final Solution to the Iranian Problem
Ahreeman X
November 11, 2011

The Growing IRI Octopod Parasite

What is Relevant?

There has been a lot of talk about the necessity for the union of the Iranian Opposition to stand tall against the IRI. This union will never happen and if it will ever happen (by a fat chance) it still means zilch. 2009 internal riots in IRI ended up as zilch; do you really think that a united opposition in exile will mean anything more? This is wishful thinking. With the background knowledge about the psyche of the Iranian opposition in exile and their strong convictions for their own sects (Mojahed, Monarchist, Marxist, Mossadeqist, Muslim, Nationalist, Liberal, etc.), it is most illogical to conclude that a united front, movement or party will ever form. All past tries has failed. There were trials but all ended up in errors!

The reality is that there is no need for a united front because one way or another, this united front will be irrelevant towards the freedom of Iran. There is also no need for the union of opinion. We do not need to unite with IRI Lobbyists and Iranian American Liberal Democrats. We do not even need to unite with the Liberal Left Faction of this opposition. All of these unions, debates, net chit chats and conferences will ultimately remain irrelevant.

Caliphate (1993)
A 1993 cartoon by me from when Rafsanjani was the IRI president.
IRI (Rafsanjani) is portrayed as a female dog with many puppies (Hezbollah, Hamas, other Islamist Terrorist Groups) sucking on her nipples!
In 1993 IRI expansionist ambitions existed but back then IRI was a little Octopod Parasite, yet today IRI is a large Octopod Parasite.

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US Government also does not need blessing from UN, EU or any other allies to take on the control of the situation. They are all distraction. All of these UN Sanctions, Ultimatums, and Resolutions of the past have resulted in a big zilch.

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Should US Invade and Liberate Iran

All the US Government has to do is a unilateral invasion and liberation of Iran. In this operation, the active part of the Iranian opposition will fight side by side of the US Troops and indeed the “all talk and no action” Liberal Left faction of the opposition will continue writing Bull Shiite and Kos O She’r on Internet in their pajamas! They will continue writing nonsense on Internet with one hand on the keyboard and the other holding a vodka glass! This Opium Den Opposition has been no use during the past 33 years and it will continue being of no use now and in the future.

Blocking the Straight of Hormoz

They say if US invades to liberate Iran, then IRI will block the Hormoz Straight. Then the global economy will suffer. I say,

I. If US will become energy independent, drill our own oil and gas and dig our own coal without interruptions from EPA, Liberals and Tree Huggers, then we could be care less about the blockage of the Hormoz Straight! All we need to do is to win the White House, Senate and the House on 2012 and then pass everything needed to make US, energy independent. Let’s take care of EPA and Liberal Policies for once and for all.

II. Hypothetically let’s say that IRI will block the Straight of Hormoz and the global economy will suffer a while. So what? It is better for the global economy to suffer a while rather than being held hostage by IRI for another 33 years! The world can recover from this economic tragedy but can the world afford a nuclear IRI?

III. The liberal left and the Iranian Liberal Democrats are so foolish that they see no problem with a nuclear IRI; furthermore, they encourage a nuclear IRI and they see it as a right for IRI to become nuclear. These are the same people like Neville Chamberlain who also saw no problem with armament of the Nazi Germany. Obama is a modern day Chamberlain!

The Final Solution

We have run out of options, sanctions, ultimatums, diplomacy and chit chats. The only solution is invasion and liberation of Iran. No one said it will be easy or blood less. It will take a lot of sacrifice but at the end, there will be an IRI-less world. The world cannot afford 33 more years of IRI. After 33 years, IRI has become a regional Islamist Terrorist Empire which is becoming a Continental Empire. Can the world allow IRI to breathe and grow to become a Global Empire?

As an Iranian Nationalist, I say:

Yes to a Nuclear Iran.
No to a Nuclear IRI.

A nuclear Iran is a necessity but a nuclear IRI is a global tragedy. Iran can be a nuclear power as soon as there is a civilized regime running the country. The Islamist Terrorist Regime of Mullahs cannot and shall not become nuclear.

The bottom line is that the invasion and liberation of Iran must happen and it will happen because it is the only solution left. I have asked for and welcomed other logical solutions but none has been offered. The world had run out of options. Islamism is a far more dangerous threat to democracy than Communism and Nazism ever were! The greatest supporter of the global Islamism is IRI. The IRI provides funds, guns and training to support the global Islamist Terrorism. When IRI goes, the global Islamists will lose their benefactor and protector. Hamas, Hezbollah and tens of other terrorist groups will become orphans! To fight the global terrorism you must cut the head of the snake.

Invasion and liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq were strategical victories but tactical errors. We have invaded the wrong countries. If we are fighting a global war on terror then we had to invade and liberate Iran. Invasion and liberation of Iran had to occur 10 years ago; furthermore, it should happen now. Any wasted day is an unforgivable mistake.

The Growing Octopod Parasite

You have a deadly parasite which was microscopic at 1979. Today it has become a monstrous creature with many tentacles all over the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and South East Europe. If you allow it to live and grow, it will swallow the globe.

Yesterday, the free world could not afford the Nazi Germany to live and to grow. Today, the free world cannot afford the IRI to live and to grow. IRI must be destroyed by all sacrifice needed and by all means possible. The existence of IRI is a direct threat for the survival of the free world.

The Question?

The question is:

Do we want to destroy the Islamist Terrorism in the world?

The answer is:

Then we must destroy IRI, the mother and the grand generator of the global Islamist Terrorism.

The time for negotiations is over and the time for action is now. The greatest obstacle to block this operation is the Obama Regime and the Liberals. This is why 2012 Elections is a do or die for America. To make a regime change in Iran, primarily we must make a regime change in America. The Socialist Regime of Hussein Obama and his Liberal Socialist cronies must go. To free Iran, we must first free America.


Dr. X

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