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KK Khomeini - KKK
KK Khomeini


KK Khomeini

Read & WEEP(!):

Khomeini under the microscope

Khomeini claims to be a faithful follower of Imam
Ali and his Household, but the facts indicate otherwise.
Indeed, Khomeini is the arch-enemy of Imam Ali for
the following reasons:

Firstly, the Imam endorsed the three successors to
the Prophet Muhammad, giving them good advice, and
serving them as a faithful soldier and trusted adviser.
He never reviled or faulted them, let done accused
them of blasphemy or disavowed them. But Khomeini
who claims to be a follower of Ali has reviled Abu
Bakr and Omar, accusing them and all the Ummah of
the Prophet of blasphemy, thus acting contrary to
Imam Ali and having blasphemed himself when he
accused the Prophet's companions of blasphemy.

If he was DIVINE & they were 'evil', he should NOT
have ever supported them, he should've fought them.
But he did NOT, so they were not 'evil'!

Secondly, he accused Imam Ali and all the Shia Imams
of failing to establish justice and virtue. He made
himself and his hidden Imam the qualified leaders to
establish virtue and justice, thus denigrating Imam
Ali and all the struggles of the Prophet and his
successors and Imams.

Who the F* was he to judge?!
He was an ASSHOLE & proved it so beyond any doubt!

Thirdly, Khomeini is repeating the falsehood of such
zendiqs as the Jew Abdullah Ibn Saba and his followers
who claimed that Imam Ali was a channel of revelation
to the Prophet, that he possessed all Islamic
knowledge and all the secrets of Islamic religion that
he outrank of all the Prophets and Messengers of God

ALI could not have been DIVINE coz he was borne b4 the
Prophet was chosen to be a Prophet. What's the point
of a Prophet, if a DIVINE IMAM is already there?!


They exaggerate & create GODs out of nothing to raise their own profile &
make themselves superior, living with LIES & BULLSHIT!

And by God, if Imam Ali were alive and ruling, the first
thing he would do would be to finish Khomeini and his
cohorts who altered God's religion and ascribed to Ali
what the Sabaeans Zendiqs had claimed.


For Khomeini and his followers claim that Ali's virtuous
wife, the Lady of all women in Paradise, said: "I have
received revelation after the Prophet's death. For
seventy five days the angel Gabriel would visit me,
dictating to me a Qur'an three times larger than the one
revealed to my father. It does not even contain one letter
from my father's Qur'an." Thus, those Zendiqs have accused
Fatima, may God be pleased with her, of blasphemy, and of
ascribing revelation to herself, of saying the Qur'an was
false and of giving the lie to the Prophet.

What assholes the Mullahs r!
Khaak bar sareh millions of their gaav/olaaq supporters who believe this SHIIT!
How could GOD say that he would NOT send any more Prophets, but immediately,
not a few centuries later but immediately, have other DIVINE people?!

For all that, the "Ansar of Imam Ali Association" felt the
need to defend Ali's religion, honor and faith. And
there is no better defense than to stand up to his enemies
who are plundering the Shiites in his name and inflicting
grievous injustice on the Shia community.

As a matter of fact, Khomeini and his followers are the
archenemies of Imam Ali and his virtuous children, for
they ascribed to them divine feats, such as mastering
knowledge of all disciplines and even controlling the
atoms of the universe. Those liars claimed that the Shia
Imams had ascribed these powers to themselves, reviled
the companions of the Prophet, imputed Kufr (blasphemy)
to Muslims, claimed the Qur'an was incomplete and even
distorted, said that they received revelation and that
they were created from the light of God, that they could
gain admittance to Paradise for whoever they desired,
and get out of Hell-fire whoever they pleased.

How could any culture create such assholes?!
These animals r supposed to be honest holy men!
Not only they destroyed their country, then even
managed to destroy their own religion!

Numerous religious authorities have issued their
judicial rulings respecting the blasphemy and
apostasy of Khomeini. Those authorities include the
Muslim World League which gave a deliverance on the
subject on the 9th of Ramadan 1400 h (1980), and
another at its 3rd annual conference in Safar,

But Miranians r too stupid & kalleh-shaq to listen to anybody.

In his book 'The Islamic Government', Khomeini says:

"Verily, the imam has a praised station, a supreme
rank and universal1 sovereignty to which authority
and command submit all the atoms of this universe.
And of the imperatives of our religion is that our
imams occupy a praised station which is accessible
by neither a close angel nor a sent prophet.... And
in accordance with the narrations and traditions that
are in our possession, the greatest Messenger and the
imams, peace be on them, were light before the
existence of this world, then Allah made them surround
His Throne. It has been related to them that they have
states with Allah which are encompassed by neither a
close angel nor a sent prophet"


1-There is neither a vase in the Qur'an nor an
authentic tradition from the Messenger of Allah
referring to the eminence or Imamate of the alleged
imams, let alone the alleged status related to them.

Mullahs don't need Quran!
They r the aayat-of-allah!
They r the MULe-of-alLAH, not aayatollah!
But mule has more sharm-o-hayaa than the K-Kesh Mullahs!

2-The so-called 'Universal vice-gerency' requires,
from Khomeini's standpoint, that when those imams
say to a thing Be, it is. ("...and to them submit
the atoms of this universe.") This indeed is a
quality restricted only to Allah, the Creator,
who is far removed from every imperfection.

So they created GODs from the followers of the Prophet,
then made the last 1 disappear, then made themselves
the deputy of the LIVING-GOD (who disappeared), told
people that they were gaav/olaaq & that they didn't
understand nothing, that pee-pole must pay the Mullahs
for their advice & services & TAX, & that the asshole
Mullahs were the KINGs of the this whole world ruling
in the name of GOD on behalf of the LIVING-GOD.
And if anybody dares to question it, like Kasravi did,
they had him killed by one of their gaav/olaaq morids.

What does this SHIIT have anything to do with Islam?!
How could any IDIOT believe in this SHIIT?!

The real credit must go to all the opposition feeders
of 78 who supported the asshole Khomeini!

The claim that the imams have a special status with
Allah attained by neither a close angel nor a sent
Messenger is a lie related to those imams, an
assertion of polytheism and apostasy.

It's NOT a LIE, it's pure BULLSHIT!

3- The assertion that the imams and the Messenger
were light before they were brought into existence
is blasphemy, and is not substantiated by the Qur'an

Either GOD send his last Prophet to bring Quran to humans
or not. If so, then Quran is the word of GOD & humans do
NOT need any asshole Mullahs to tell them otherwise.

Otherwise, Mullahs r NOT Muslims.

All the Messengers are created human beings, as
Allah says: "Say, Verily, I am only a human like
yourselves; it is revealed to me.." (l8.llO) Thus
the Messenger never was light or created out of
light, but rather is like the rest of the sons of
Adam except that Allah has distinguished him with
the Prophethood and the Message.

So how could any IDIOT believe that such a GOD
would create DIVINE beings after the Prophet.
Not to mention that ALI was borne b4 the Prophet
became the Prophet!

4- Attributing excellence to those who are not
prophets, distinguishing them above the Messengers
and Prophets, is an act of disbelief and polytheism,


Yes, this is NOT Islam!

Thus the assertion that Ali, may Allah be pleased
with him, was better than Prophets Ibraheem, Noah
or Yunus bin Matta, is an assertion of disbelief

This is MULL-SHIT!

for the Messengers and the Prophets are the best
of the believers by virtue of being chosen by
Allah and having the revelation sent down to them.
Thus considering Ali or any of his offspring superior
to a Prophet, Messenger or to an angel is surely

Yes, if Ali was DIVINE, then y have a Prophet!

It is known that Ali himself never made such an
assertion, nor did any of his sons, the believers.
Rather, he said, "I surely am one of the Muslims".
Nor did he claim excellence over Abu Bakr al-Siddiq
and Umar. How then could he rank himself above the
Prophets and Messengers, and the close angels? No!

So Mullahs, by their MULL-SHIT, have even degraded
their own supposedly IMAMs!

6- The assertion that the alleged imams have with
Allah Subhanahu, a distinct state which cannot be
encompassed by a close angel or a sent Messenger,
is a fabricated assertion. Where in the Book of Allah,
or in the Sunnah of His Messenger can this be found?

Quran must've mentioned this if it was true.

Did Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him,
or any one of his pious veracious sons claim such a
distinct state? Far are they from lying against Allah
the Exalt. This lie can never be made by a believer.

But this is NOT rocket-science, so the question is:
Y in the last 1400 years, SHIIT has NOT been discredited?

Y could the asshole Mullahs still, after 24 years of
butchery & FILTH & corruption & LIES, still be in power

I can understand that the BigBoys removed Shah & placed the
asshole Mullahs on top. I can understand that Miran
has millions of gaav/olaaq, but Y so many so called
'educated' Miranians still follow SHIIT?!

"The teachings of the imams are like the teachings
of the Qur'an. They do not apply to one particular
generation, but rather to everyone in every age
and place until the Day of Judgment."

Asshole Khomeini was the mother of all MULL-SHIT!

1-He puts the words of Allah the Exalted and those
of man on an equal basis.

Allah has willed to safeguard nothing other than the
Messages His Messengers conveyed. As for others,
no one is infallible. They may be right or wrong.
Neither Ali nor any of his household was infallible,
nor were his teachings equal to those of Allah.


Khomeini himself charges Ali with fault and belittles
him for accepting arbitration between him and Mu'awiyah,
He also charges al-Hasan with fault for abdicating the
leadership to Mu'awiyah, and many other errors.

He was the mother of all K-Keshey!
If the DIVINE IMAMs were 'infallible', then who the F*
is this K-kesh to even dare to find faults in them?!

Isn't this his way of saying that "I am the DIVINE one",
"I am GOD"?! His actions clearly shows his disillusion:
he got millions KILLed /tortured /raped /butchered!

The pious imams are far above the filth of those liars.
May Allah curse whoever attributes such lies to them.


"All prophets came for the purpose of laying down
the foundation of justice in the world, but they
failed to do so; even Prophet Muhammad, the last
of the Prophets who came to reform mankind and to
apply justice failed too."

Only the K-Kesh himself SUCK-seeded?
In what, destroying a nation, destroying a religion?

"The person who will succeed in all this and in
laying down the foundation of justice in the world
at all levels, and redressing the wrong is the expected

"So the expected Mahdi whom Allah spared as a treasure
for mankind will maintain justice throughout the world,
and succeed where the Prophet before him failed (!!)"

Here v can c what the K-Kesh Mullahs r capable of!
K-Kesh was SHEYTAAN himself!

"Had the Mahdi, peace be on him, passed away, there
would have been no one among men to lay down the
foundation of justice and maintain it in the world."

Gee, not even the K-Kesh himself?!
Surely he jests!

"Thus the expected Mahdi, peace be on him, is kept for
this affair.

Upon his appearance, he will deliver mankind from its
retrogress, guide all to the right path, and fill the
earth with justice after it was filled with oppression."

Isn't this what the KK promised to do in 78?!

"If we are successful, we will be able to raise our
heads in pride over all our government departments.
We hope that the other countries prepare themselves
for the appearance of almahdi, peace be on him, and
be ready for his visit."

Such modesty can only come from a KK Mullah.
There must be mistake in the translation, surely the
KK could NOT have used 'if' ...!

So KK wanted to destroy the whole world?!
Just think: the asshole was 70 years OLD, yet after
so many years, he had learned NO compassion/truth/honesty
from Islam?! He was all EGO & HATE & REVENGE!

How could any culture create such an animal?!

The BBs chose well, some KK who could F* the whole
country, then place it in their hands!

as expressed literally by Khomeini: "Even the Prophets,
and the forefathers of imam al-mahdi failed in what
they set out to achieve."

Only this KK SUCK-seeded in what he set out to:
DESTROY a NATION & get millions KILLed!

But he FAILED in his true goal: destroy the whole WORLD!

This is a blasphemous assertion for many reasons:

l-This imaginary Mahdi has never existed in the past
nor does he or will he exist.

They allege that the non-existent Mahdi was a three
or four year-old boy who encompassed the knowledge of
this life as well as the Hereafter's, who entered a
tunnel in Samirra, Iraq since 260H. and never came out
again. This is nothing other than sheer dotage and
mythology, because al-Hasan alAskari never had a son.
It is only a fiction invented to deceive the Shiite mob
in order to plunder their money in the names of the
imams, under the pretext of supporting the Prophet's
household. Upon realizing that the alleged Imamate will
be interrupted if the last of the imams did not have a
son, they invented this lie to keep the open door of
lies against Allah and His Messages, and to keep
devouring the unlawful wealth.

Yes indeed, Mullahs are only after WEALTH & POWER!
They proved it in Miran beyond any doubt.

Neither the Qur'an nor the Sunnah referred to such
an event. It was not even hinted at by any of their
imams. Allah is never forgetful. Allah has referred
in His Book to the great events, in general, until
the Day of Judgment, and the Messenger () spoke of
every minor and major event. How is it possible then
that he did not speak of this mythical imam who will
have greater influence and blessing than all of the
Prophets and Messengers?!

Yes indeed, if the IMAMs were DIVINE, surely they must
have all known about the Mahdi and they would've said
so, but they didn't. But then again the De-WINE IMAMs
should've also known a KK like Khomeini was coming
& should have mentioned him, but none of them ever did!

But surely GOD himself would've said something about
it in Quran about such a MESSIAH.

The assertion that the birthday of the Mahdi is the
greatest holiday for all mankind,(!), and that he will
guide all men to the straight path, is made only by
one who is ignorant of the institutes of Allah which
He manifested to men. Allah has already ordained that
mankind is not to gather under one single religion,
nor to be all guided; there shall be no alteration
of the statutes of Allah. They must be divided into
believers and unbelievers.

Yes indeed, and the KK Mullahs r NOT 'believers'!

4- Once we know that Khomeini has appointed himself
a deputy to the alleged imam by virtue of the
latter's command (!) to prepare the earth and the
state for his emergence, we realize that Khomeini's
ultimate objective of aggrandizing his Mahdi is to
render himself aggrandized. If the Mahdi, is greater
than all the Messengers, then his deputy is great by
virtue of his greatness, and grand by virtue of his
grandeur. Thus it has become easy for Khomeini to make
his blind followers believe him to be the leader, to
add his name jointly with the name of Allah in the call
to prayer 'athan' in the mosques in Iran, to make
it a slogan for the mobs to shout it everywhere, even
during Hajj in Masjid alHaram, the Sacred Mosque in
Mecca, shrieking, "Allahu akbar Khomeini rahbar,
labbaik ya Khomeini," meaning: "Allah is the greatest,
Khomeini is the leader; here we are responding to you,
Khomeini"!, instead of calling out, "Labbaik Allahumma
Labbaik," meaning, "Here we are, responding to your
call, O Allah" as the Prophet commanded us to call during
the Hajj rituals. Those same followers of
Khomeini describe him as, 'Ibraheem of the age', and
'Musa of the time'! Thus he is to them equal to
'Ibraheem, Kalilu-Allah' (the friend of Allah) and
'Musa to whom Allah has spoken.'

It seems there was no end to his K-Keshy!!!
How could any idiot follow this KK & call himself a Muslim?!

Once it has become clear that the alleged Mahdi
never did nor will exist, it becomes clear too that
Khomeini invented this new heresy in the
religion only to set himself up as the legislating
lord and the ultimate ruler, to whom all affairs
are referred. Otherwise, who else can rule people
in the name of an absent prophet, and a hiding Mahdi
who is to them better than all Messengers?

But this KK was NOT smart enough to have invented this.
It was done b4 him, he is just using a trick invented
& used by many Mullahs b4 him. So even in this he was
a NOBODY! Just a corrupt hateful asshole.

to set himself up as the leader of the nation of
which article 5 reads, "During the time when the
12th imam is in occultation, in the Islamic Republic
of Iran, the leadership of the affairs and guidance
of the people is the responsibility of a just and
pious jurisprudent."!

Therefore, he has made it easy for his blind
followers and mobs to hand over to him both the
legislative and the executive powers, to legalize,
prohibit and opine as he chooses regardless of the
nation's will. It is impossible to disagree with
the deputy of the infallible imam!! And since
Khomeini is the deputy of the infallible imam
who is superior to all of the Messengers, as he
claims, to oppose him is to oppose Allah,
and consequently opposing him is blasphemy and

It is too kind to say "his blind followers", I'd
say his gaav/olaaq followers & all the KK asshole
opposition feeders of 78, who supported this asshole!

But I got news 4U:
once the BBs give the green light to remove the
filthy Mullahs, which will happen, Miranians will
KILL Mullahs like flies & no Mahdi could help
them! This would be the best proof for the
messiah being MULL-SHIT, coz surely he would've
helped his deputies if he existed!

Khomeini says: "Ali, peace be on him, did not have
the chance to unveil the knowledge of truth, and
this knowledge of truth is that which the Prophet
whispered in Ali's ear. Ali himself said, 'The
knowledge which the Prophet whispered in my ear
contains thousands of chapters of knowledge.' It
is unfortunate that the chance was not available
to Ali nor to his succeeding imams to bring out
this knowledge. Nor did they find a person fit
enough to carry it, and to clarify the true
meaning of the Qur'anic teachings. Thus the
imam departed with the knowledge of truth"

And let me guess, the DIVINE LIVING-GOD, who is hidden,
whispered it in the KK's ears so that he is now a IMAM?!

Y was ALI DIVINE for, if he was NOT supposed to guide people?
This is pure MULL-SHIT!

They charge the Prophet with being afraid and
evasive, unable to appoint Ali publicly as his
successor until Allah warned him: "O, Messenger,
convey to people what has been revealed to you
from your Lord. If you do not, you have not
conveyed His Message; and Allah protects you
from people."

They falsely claim that the above verse originally
read as follows: "...convey what has been revealed
to you respecting Ali...." And they interpret the
word 'people' in the verse as referring to Abu Bakr
and Umar. But they claim the Messenger was too scared
to mention it to them, and make public the will and
the command of Allah, lest they assemble people
against him!

I think by now anybody should see that Mullahs r masters of MULL-SHIT.

But I just say: Y would the Prophet of GOD be 'scared' of anybody?!

I think the Mullahs have miscalculated the world, coz
the #of SMART people in the world is going to increase,
and as this happens more people r going to stand up
against them & the less gaav/olaaq will be there to
follow them. Besides, they have now proven what
assholes they r, so soon they will NOT have much of future.

Imamate is the central belief of their religion.
The legislation of the Messenger of Allah it and
his Sunnah are replaced in the Iranian government
with a legislator whom Khomeini puts on the same
level as the Prophet. This legislator is a
four-year-old boy who entered a tunnel twelve
hundred years ago and never came out again. In the
name of this boy, a man rules who is more vile,
malicious, hateful and foul tongued than any the
world has ever witnessed.

Khaak bar sareh mardomeh GOHEH Miran & their asshole opposition feeders of 78!

Khomeini has produced another blasphemous
innovation in the Shiite thought: the
guardianship of the jurist, upon which the
Iranian constitution is based.

U mean there is more?!
Isn't there an end to his K-Keshy!

Shiism is based on the doctrine that no government
in Islam shall be without the presence of an imam.
The imam, according to their false thought, must
be appointed by an unequivocal decree.

They claim that Allah commanded His Messenger to
specifically appoint Ali as his successor. But

the companions, the heretics assert, rejected His
command in defiance, and passed on the caliphate
to Abu Bakr and to Umar after him, then to Uthman,
may Allah be pleased with them all, but deprived
Ali of it. The Shiites stretched the lie to
encompass the appointment of al Hussein by Ali,
and the appointment of al-Hassan by his brother,
who in turn appointed his son, and so forth.

If this was true, then surely GOD would've said it in Quran!
So the FACT that this is NOT in Quran means that this is a pure LIE.

Khomeini wrote his book 'The Islamic Government'
shortly before the outbreak of the Iranian
revolution. In it he asks the Shiites, "For how
long will you wait before the appearance of the

absent imam? We must work from now on for his
appearance, to prepare the land for him, so that

when he does appear he will find conditions in
order and the government already established!"

Master of K-Keshy!

He suggested a different use of the fifth or 20%
of the annual income of every Shiite to be paid
to al-albeit, saying, "Bani Hashim, who deserve
the fifth, are sufficed by a tenth of a tenth of
this amount. What are they doing with these
piled millions? We can commence Jihad now, and
use this wealth to establish the Islamic state?"

Most Mullahs went from poor to FILTHY RICH in Miran
after 78, not just by this, but by far much worst things & corruption.

Their religion necessitates that no Jum'ah or
congregational prayers be held, nor Jihad be

called, without the infallible imam. In fact
Shiism in its entirety is based on this doctrine
of the imamate, and only the infallible one is
entitled to Imamate, to rule the people in war
and peace, and to lead their prayers. How can
someone else substitute for him?

The senior Shiite leaders opinion that there
was no one to take the place of the infallible

imam, but Khomeini solved the problem by
formulating the doctrine of the deputyship of the

absent infallible imam, presenting himself as
the jurist who combines the conditions of justice
and jurisprudence upon which the Shiites must agree.

I'm surprised he didn't call himself Mahdi?!
He was Mah-KIR: Mah-Khomeini's-Islamic-Republic!

The dissidence over the new doctrine persisted among
the Shiites, but was overshadowed by the massive
support which Khomeini's revolution received from all
the parties who resented the Shah and his rule, coupled
with the American Zionist lobby and the active Jewish
propaganda which portrayed Khomeini as a mythical hero.

La'nat to all opposition feeders of 78!
May they all ROT in HELL!
Not only many moved out of Miran & left millions to suffer behind in Miran,
but they never admitted their F*ing GUILT!
They just kept on bad-mouthing the old regime.

In his renouned book 'The Miserable Revolution',
Dr. Musa al- Musawi says: "The whole world, Muslim
and non-Muslim should know that the senior jurists
of Iran, and the grand men of religious authority
have vehemently opposed the 'guardianship of the
Jurist' doctrine and declared that it has no
relevance to the religion, and that it is an
innovation and deviation.

The great spiritual leader Shari'atmadari, who
contributed greatly to the beginning of the

revolution, was about to pay the price of his
life for opposing this doctrine. And when he

insisted on his opposition, Khomeini sent ten
thousand men with clubs to his house to kill
him and his followers, shouting in unison and
pointing at his house saying, "the den of
espionage; it must be demolished and burnt
down." The guards of imam Shari'atmadari put
up a desperate struggle against the barbaric
attack waged by a rising imam at the cost of
two lives.

The KK even hated other Mullahs!

Dr. Musawi comments: "Khomeini is a narcissist,
and egotis to the point that he does not mind if

the whole world is destroyed for his own ends;
he can see none but himself. This is the worst

attitude a dictatorial leader may possess,
particularly if that leader is invested with

ecclesiastical power."

Dr. Musawi further elaborates, "Of his most
peculiar Shiite characteristics is the hidden
grudge which he carries against anyone who
has offended him once, even half a century
ago. He never forgets offenses. He never
forgets nor pardons an offense; and avenges
at the first opportunity. Bloodshed and mass
execution do not bother him, nor does Iying
in public or in private embarrass him."

"When power came into his hand," Dr. Musawi
elaborated, "he committed crimes that make
the skin crawl. He undertakes corruption in
the name of Islam, a stigma which will remain
throughout history. This ascetic Taghoot,
ruthless jurist, rebellious dictator and aged
executioner bereaves mothers of their children,
and renders children orphans. He killed as
many of the sons of the Iranian people in four
years as his predecessor killed in thirty years.
This is the one who is indeed the worst known
swindler and deceiving impostor in history."

harki GOH mikhoreh, baayad paayeh gandesh ham bishineh!

"Thus the poor Iranian people are subjects of
the bloodthirsty lunatic disguised in ecclesiastic garb."

We read and hear about the daily destruction
and killing. He has executed 100,000 persons
during the black years of his reign.

harki GOH mikhoreh, baayad paayeh gandesh ham bishineh!

when a maniac tagoot like Khomeini commits

all his crimes in the name of Islam and the
Qur'an, spreading his evil across the Muslim
world. Even the Holiest shrine, al-Masjid
al-Haram in Mecca, did not escape his evil.
He desired to turn it into a slaughterhouse
in which the Muslims were about to be massacred.

This is where the minority 'good' Mullahs have done
the biggest crime against their own religion!

If they believed in their own religion, they should've
stood up to this KK.

They worship Hoseyn, saying he stood up to tyranny,
but they let this asshole KILL millions & destroy their
own country & religion!

If u r stupid enough to think that a 'revolution' was done in 78, read this:

GOH beh sareh jaddo aadaabeh JENDEYEH MELLI, who supported this GOH!

Mosaddeg wasn't much to begin with, but they even GOH-zadand to him too!

La'nat to all opposition feeders of 78!
May they all ROT in HELL!

* * *

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