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Ahmadinejad is Now Opposition to IRI Regime
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Ahmadinejad is Now Opposition to the IRI Regime’s Injustice!
Article and Gallery

Ahreeman X
March 31, 2018

Ahmadinejad with his double victory sign!
President, Populist and now Opposition, his popularity amongst the working class and labor is due to his populist stands.

Ahmadinejad from president to populist and now opposition is surely shaking things up in Iran! Ahmadinejad is building a reputation for himself as the Iranian Robinhood! With blending Freedom, Nationalism and Populism, Ahmadinejad is becoming quite popular again!

Ahmadinejad is back and running for President! He is back in the news. It was only a matter of time for him to get lonesome for some prime political activities and get back on the saddle again! Ahmadinejad’s new mixture of Freedom, Nationalism and Populism Message works on the Underpaid, Underworked and Unemployed Workers and Labors. Many hate him but Ahmadinejad surely knows how to stir it up and create mass rallies!

The Strange and Bizarre interlocked IRI Government Political Structure Chart

Bahar Movement (Spring Movement)

Ahmadinejad started a new movement named “Bahar” (Spring) and the members are referred to as “Bahari” (Spring People). The ideal is that Iran must move on to its original destined goal for the Islamic Revolution which was creating an Islamic Utopia (Bahar); however, IRI has been diverted and went off track in to corruption, injustice and oppression. Baharis must rise up and correct this diversion by pushing reforms and continuing on the right path of the Revolution.

To achieve Spring is the goal. Baharis must establish the Dolate Bahar (Spring Government) and in returns, Dolate Bahar must establish the Bahar System which is the original desired Islamic Utopia of the IRI government and the goal of the Islamic Revolution.

Ahmadinejad and Media always have a love hate relationship!

Ahmadinejad and Cyrus the Great

“Cyrus was a pious religious Young Iranian who freed the oppressed Jews from the slavery of Babylon without bloodshed.”
(Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)

Cyrus Cylinder

Ahmadinejad has also been emphasizing on Cyrus, Persian Nationalism and creating a new hype by drafting the nationalistic tools. Sometimes he goes off track and it backfires on him. For instance, during a ceremony for honoring Cyrus and Cyrus Cylinder, Ahmadinejad hung a Keffiyeh (Palestinian Scarf) around the Cyrus the Great’s (actor representing Cyrus) neck, honoring Cyrus with an Arab Keffiyeh!

The Nationalist Ahmadinejad photo op. at Pasargad, tomb of Cyrus the Great!

The critics slaughtered Ahmadinejad for honoring a great Iranian Symbol with an Arabic Symbol! Others criticized Ahmadinejad for granting Cyrus (Symbol of Peace and Justice), a Palestinian Keffiyeh (Symbol of Uprising and War)! Nationalists, specifically expats were not too happy celebrating Cyrus, the Great Persian Symbol with another country’s (Palestinian) symbol!

Ahmadinejad hangs a Keffiyeh (Palestinian Resistance Scarf), the symbol of Islamist Uprising on Cyrus the Great’s (actor representing Cyrus) neck! Many criticized Ahmadinejad for degrading a Persian Nationalist Symbol (Cyrus) by ornamenting him with an Arabic Symbol (Keffiyeh); however, this is yet another mix and match of Islamism and Persian Nationalism, Ahmadinejad Style! Ahmadinejad had done amazing things to gain popularity, no matter how odd or ironic they seemed to be!

Overall, the spice of Nationalism, helped Ahmadinejad to gain popularity amongst the populists.


The most important factor for recent success and even earlier success of Ahmadinejad was neither his Freedom Movement nor his Nationalistic Gimmicks but it was his Populist tone and actions. He is a loud voice of criticism against the IRI Establishment. He criticizes the Cabinet, IRGC, Government and even Office of Imam Khamenei!

An Ahmadinejad Promo
Cyrus the Great wearing Palestinian Keffiyeh Scarf, standing next to the large Cyrus Cylinder in one of Ahmadinejad’s use of Persian Nationalism to promote Islamism and his agenda!

Ahmadinejad’s populism and Anti-Establishment slogans, gained him massive popularity specifically during and after the 2017 – 2018 protests.

Cyrus the Great wearing Keffiyeh Palestinian Scarf standing next to the IRI Allah Flag!
If Cyrus was alive, he would have choked on this scene!
Another Ahmadinejad Shenanigan Promo!

Ahmadinejad a Simple Man

Amongst the sea of corrupt IRI officials, military commanders and Ayatollahs who lined up their pockets with fortunes, creating millions and billions of foreign bank accounts by stealing the national budget and people’s money, Ahmadinejad is a breath of fresh air because he is a simple man.

Ahmadinejad is a simple and humble man who sits on the floor, prays on the floor, eats on the floor and sleeps on the floor.

Ahmadinejad unlike many corrupt IRI officials is not in it for money. Ahmadinejad is accused of being many things but never accused of being a thief! Everyone knows that Ahmadinejad lives a simple life in a simple house, driving a simple car and sleeping on the floor. He is a true believer and a simple man.

Ahmadinejad sitting on an inexpensive Persian Carpet on the floor, having feta cheese with flat bread. A simple man eating his simple meal.

Ahmadinejad is a modest man living a modest life, often sitting on the floor (Persian Carpet), eating bread and cheese and sleeping on the floor. Amongst his very few sources of income are his modest salary from the university for his lectures. Ahmadinejad is a professor and has a doctorate degree. This image and concept of Doctor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, once president of the country, living such a modest life and playing Soccer (Football) on the weekend with the local boys has been very effective towards his populist portfolio. People are fed up with the establishment and look for a populist hero to cling on to.

Ahmadinejad playing soccer (football) with the local boys.

Due to all the above elements, once again, Ahmadinejad has signed up to run for the president again!

View these interesting videos:

Ahmadinejad the Simple Humble Man of the People

Ahmadinejad registered to run in the Presidential Election

Story of Ahmadinejad’s Aids’ Arrests

A Simple Man and his Simple Life
Ahmadinejad during one of his political travels, taking time to do Namaz prayer sitting on the ground on the freeway side!

Ahmadinejad’s Arrest

It is amazing how IRI is self-destructing.
First, they came for the Opposition to the Regime
Next, they came for their own Reformist Fraction (Mousavi and Khatami)
Then they came for their own Moderate Fraction (Rafsanjani and Kargozaran)
Now they are coming for their own Conservative Fraction (Ahmadinejad)

Khamenei, Judiciary and IRGC are basically running the country against the will of the people and now against the will of their own fractions! Fundamentalists and Corrupt Thieves are running the government!

Ahmadinejad getting off the car to refuge to the Emamzadeh Saleh in Tajrish, a Shiite Shrine, safe from the Security Forces’ arrest. A sea of his supporters surrounds and protect him to keep him safe!

How did Ahmadinejad become Opposition?
Order of Events

* Ahmadinejad spoke against injustice in Iran during a protest rally
* Ahmadinejad was arrested
* Ahmadinejad released temporarily
* Esfandiar Rahim Mashai a close aid of Ahmadinejad was arrested
* Hamid Baghai a close aid of Ahmadinejad was arrested
* Ahmadinejad refuged to a Shiite Shrine (Emamzadeh Saleh, Tajrish) and protesting
* Ahmadinejad criticized IRGC Generals for wasting the national budget
* Ahmadinejad sends letters and video messages to Khamenei and Judiciary in critic of the Regime
* Massive crowd outside the shrine protests in support of Ahmadinejad
* Massive crowd visits the shrine on daily basis to see and speak to Ahmadinejad, get a selfie or an autograph of him
* Ahmadinejad resides in the shrine (Bast Neshastan) because traditionally security forces respect the sanctity of the holy Shiite shrines and do not rush the shrines to arrest the refugees residing in them.
* Ahmadinejad continues his political campaign from inside the shrine in Tajrish

Ahmadinejad’s sea of supporters protests outside the Shiite Shrine which he is refuging at. They swear to protect him and stand by him.

IRI Officials’ Corruption

Everyone in Iran is aware of IRI officials’ mass pillage and theft of the national budget and building their massive bank accounts, while the average Iranian is unemployed or working 3 jobs to make ends meet. Everyone is aware of injustice, fraud and corruption of the government.

The populist and his working-class supporters
Ahmadinejad is using the Shiite Shrine as his headquarter to release and distribute his statements, videos and speeches.

Larijani Family's Corruption

Head of the Judiciary, chief justice and the highest judge of the Supreme Court of Iran, Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani is a thief who rules the judiciary system of Iran with his iron hands. Never in the history of Iran, there has been so much injustice, oppression, false arrests, bribes and theft committed by the judiciary.

Ali Larijani speaker of the parliament and Sadeq Larijani’s brother got the dibs in the Majles (Parliament) and is in total control of legislations.

Sadeq Larijani appointed his various family members to various positions in the government. The complete Larijani family has a history of corruption and shady deals.

Two out of three branches of government are run by Larijani Family (Judiciary and Legislative) and the third (Executive) is run by a puppet (Hassan Rouhani). All of these branches are under the direct rule of Supreme Spiritual Leader, Imam Khamenei who basically erected all three of these heads! In the name, Iran is a democracy and people vote but ultimately in a theocracy, God decides the results of the elections and ruling of the country via his representative on Earth, the Supreme Spiritual Leader AKA Velayat-e Faqih which is Imam Khamenei!

The complete government, specifically the Judiciary and IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) are known to be corrupt and pillaging the national budget. They are all under the suspicion by the public.

Ahmadinejad with the Iranian youth.
People rush the Shrine and wait hours to take a selfie with Ahmadinejad, get his autograph, shake his hand or hug him!

Ayatollah Khamenei’s Corruption

Supreme Spiritual Leader, Imam Khamenei’s office and family are also under suspicion of the public for mass frauds and theft! They have been accused of slushing over $ 180 Billion in total. This makes Ayatollah Khamenei the richest man in the world, even wealthier than Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

Pillage of Iran’s National Budget by the Corrupt Government

The complete government is corrupt.

In America we state that:

Government of the People, by the People and for the People

In Iran it goes something like this:

Government of the Thieves, by the Corrupt and for the Elite

Ahmadinejad with the Cyrus Cylinder Miniature
Ahmadinejad (pointing up): God is with us!

Iranian Foundations’ Mass Corruption

Masses are well aware that the funds were collected from institutions under the control of the Supreme Leader and his office. Institutions such as:

Bonyad 15 Khordad (Foundation)
Bonyad Mostaz’afin (Foundation)
Astan-e Qods-e Razavi (Imam Reza Shrine Foundation)
Bonyad Imam (Khomeini Charitable Committee)
Bonyad Shahid va Janbazan (Martyrs and Veterans Foundation)
Bonyad Ta’avon (IRGC Cooperative)
Bonyad Artesh (Army Cooperative)
Bonyad Ta’avon-e NAJA (Law Enforcement Forces Cooperative)
Bonyad Basij (Basij Para Militia Cooperative)
Bonyad Vezarat-e Defa’ (Defense Ministry Cooperative)

And so on …

Office of Imam, Judiciary and IRGC slush people’s money and the national budget, while at the same time advancing oppression of the masses by silencing them! These are common knowledge in Iran but for an Ex IRI Official and an Ex-President (Ahmadinejad) to openly criticize the complete regime including the Office of Imam is something totally new!

Of course, Ahmadinejad is very politically correct and never uses the term theft, but he uses terms such as mismanagement; however, everyone knows what Ahmadinejad means by mismanagement!

Ahmadinejad pointing at Cyrus Cylinder, the first human rights document in the world written by Cyrus the Great.

Ahmadinejad’s Two Letters to Khamenei

Ahmadinejad’s associated website Dolate Bahar (Spring Government) has published two letters from Ahmadinejad accusing the regime of corruption and injustice. Ahmadinejad states that this is people’s money stolen from them and used for advancing the oppression of the masses and silencing the critics. Dolate Bahar Website is fans of Ahmadinejad’s site.

Ahmadinejad is basically stating that do something about the disastrous condition of the country or IRI will fall. He brings forward the urgent condition for the Supreme Leader to focus on. Ahmadinejad mentions all the problems and then puts forward a lengthy list of solutions to solve the problems including the economy, jobs, judiciary, corruption and inflation.

Ahmadinejad indirectly Accuses Imam Khamenei’s Office of mismanagement of Iran’s budget. Imam, IRGC and Judiciary’s combine disastrous mismanagement of Iran’s budget has resulted in a collapsed economy. Ahmadinejad openly and boldly speaks of these points.

Ahmadinejad mentioned that financial institutions under Imam Khamenei’s supervision run businesses worth 700 thousand billion Tumans, but the public is kept unaware of their activities and income and where and how that income is spent.

Ahmadinejad never directly accuses Khamenei of theft; however, he indirectly points the finger to him because the buck stops at Khamenei and he is the Supreme Leader! Ahmadinejad is very delicate and political about his accusations.

Dolate Bahar

Ahmadinejad Site

Ahmadinejad Wikipedia

Ahmadinejad Twitter

Supporters surround Ahmadinejad at the Shrine Headquarter and take turn to take selfies with him.

Follow the Money Trail

Ahmadinejad states that there exists no control or checks and balances overseeing various officials’ finances such as Judiciary, Cabinet, Parliament and IRGC Generals which are all under the supervision of Supreme Leaders’ Office. In a separate statement, Ahmadinejad criticized the IRGC Generals for their corruption and participation in oppression of the masses.

Where does all the money from Foundations, Exports, Oil Revenue and National Budget go? This is the question which Ahmadinejad puts forward?!

Ahmadinejad stated that the general popular discontent of the performance of the regime is severe, dangerous and quickly expanding. Ahmadinejad continued:

“How can we be silent when we see how people and youth are undergoing injustice and repression by the judiciary and security agencies simply for criticizing and protesting?”

Ahmadinejad went on:

Ahmadinejad letters to Leader on reforms and management of the nation

Ahmadinejad letters to Khamenei - Complete Text of both letters in PDF

First Letter

In the first letter, Ahmadinejad discusses:

“Over the past decades, three policies, along with many failures, have led to the aggregation of problems, crises and public dissatisfaction:

1. The oppression, closing of Iran’s cyber and physical spaces, and the heavy security environment in the country

2. Regime claiming that the situation of all countries is worse than ours in Iran or at least equal to us, so that everyone should be quiet and not to criticize the government

3. Lack of transparency in important matters and hiding the important issues from the people.”

Ahmadinejad’s Suggestions on how to Solve the Problems

1. Acknowledge of People’s Right to govern
2. Acknowledge of people’s other civil rights

a. Right to freedom
b. Right to justice
c. Fairness towards people
3. Reform of the Guardian Council
4. Reform of the Judicial System
5. Reform of the Parliament
6. Reform of the Cabinet
7. Separation of Armed Forces and Government
(No interference by IRGC in the Cabinet’s business)
8. Clarification of the power limits of the parallel government entities
9. Review and Reconsideration of the government’s decision making
10. Review of the country’s political organization
11. Creation of the Real Constitutional Court
12. Discussion on Economy, Employment, Banks and etc.

Second Letter

In the second letter, Ahmadinejad emphasizes on:

* Economy
* People’s Economy (Popular Economy) is the best economical system
* Constructive Points to fundamentally change the economic system

Escalation of Conflict

Ahmadinejad and Regime’s conflict escalation occurred as a result of the arrest of two of his associates during the past few days, Esfandiar Rahim Mashai and Hamid Baghai on charges of corruption (how ironic)!

Hamid Baghai the former aid acting as the executive affairs chief was sentenced to 15 years in prison. This incident sparked massive controversy among the fractions of the regime, especially after exposing the main reason for his imprisonment, which revolves around his differences with the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) about the disappearance of millions of dollars and euros that were assigned for the intervention of the Qods Force (Special Forces) in the African nations.

Ahmadinejad's supporters accuse the head of the Iranian judiciary, Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani, who is close to the leader Imam Khamenei and his influential brothers in the regime, of theft, corruption and looting the public money, calling the Iranian judiciary the “oppressor”.

Ahmadinejad demanded Khamenei to conduct early special elections, the removal of the chief justice and the release of protestors to end the political crisis in Iran.

These actions caused the Regime to put him under house arrest, to imprison him and then forced Ahmadinejad to refuge to the Shrine.

Ahmadinejad in one of his mass rallies. The populist president of the masses! Lower working-class hero and upper middle classes subject of hate but the Regime was always doubtful of where he really stands!

Controversial Videos and Speeches

Ahmadinejad Speech on Injustice by Judiciary
Ahmadinejad Speech on Why Revolution Happened?
In Defense of his aid Baghai, Ahmadinejad at the Court Front

Ahmadinejad speech - Backup File

Ahmadinejad Message to Khamenei
Change is Coming

Pro Ahmadinejad Protest

Arrest of Ahmadinejad’s Aid and Associate

It is interesting to see where will all of these events lead to? One obvious factor is that the IRI Regime is self-destructive and it will destroy itself from the within!

Picture how bad is the situation that even Ahmadinejad is now Opposition!

You can silence some of the people, all of the time.
You can silence all of the people, some of the time.
But you can never silence all of the people, all of the time!

Future is Freedom, Future is Bright

Dr. X

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