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Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!
Amazon Community’s Harassment of Customers
Amazon Community Must be Investigated and Cleansed

Expose and Cartoon Gallery
Ahreeman X
April 6, 2018

Amazon Community ANTIFA Censorship Banner Cartoon by Ahreeman X
Amazon Community’s Foundation is based on Censorship and Intimidation
ANTIFA, Communist and Muslim Employees are solid bases of the Amazon ANTIFA

Notice the Amazon ANTIFA Employees are faceless cowards behind the monitors. When things get hot, they are afraid to put their names and surveys at the bottom of their e-mails!



This expose will also go to the below Amazon executives so the same as millions of other people including the masses of IPC readers, they will be able to read and get informed of Amazon ANTIFA’s Cyber Censorship and Cyber Terrorism against the Amazon Customers:

Jeff Bezos
Amazon Customer Service Management
Amazon Web Services Management
Amazon Community Management
Amazon Customer Reviews Management

If Amazon loves to take the conservative money, then Amazon must also allow the conservative reviews on their site. By openly discriminating against the conservatives via Amazon Community, Amazon is risking to alienate majority of the American people who are conservatives. Amazon must allow conservative voices post reviews or else Amazon may as well post a statement with large font on their homepage reading:

“Amazon is an exclusive club for liberals, so conservatives are not welcomed to shop here.”

Amazon Community ANTIFA Censorship Rally Cartoon by Ahreeman X
BLM (Black Lives Matter), Muslim, Communist and other Amazon ANTIFA, rally to remove reviews and ban all customers who do not agree with their leftist politics.
Amazon ANTIFA: Everyone we disagree with is a Fascist.

I have been an Amazon Stock Holder, Associate, Reviewer and Customer since Jeff Bezos created Amazon. I have sold Amazon to the toughest Conservative Critics of Amazon and my Association with Amazon! One of my most creative lines to sell Amazon to the public was:

“You can find everything from the Chicken Milk to the Human Soul in Amazon!”
(Ahreeman X)

I have shown nothing but love to Amazon, and Amazon has also been good to me for decades, until “Amazon ANTIFA” made life not possible in Amazon and created a situation for many Conservatives and National Populists such as me to leave Amazon.

Amazon ANTIFA is the greatest threat to Amazon’s Wallet as a business. Amazon ANTIFA actively pushes Conservatives, which are the majority of the American people and Amazon customers, out of the Amazon and by doing so, takes the money out of the Amazon’s Wallet, lower the Amazon sales and undermines Amazon as a global business giant. If the present policy continues, Amazon of the future will be reduced to yet another irrelevant Internet Has-Been such as AOL and Yahoo!

Amazon Community ANTIFA Censorship Cartoon by Ahreeman X
Amazon ANTIFA: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
Amazon ANTIFA controls Amazon Customers’ Minds!

Amazon Terminology

For those of you not familiar with the Amazon System, allow me to elaborate:

In this article I will be writing about various Amazon Departments and I will be using some Amazon Terminology. Now I will explain about each of them. Amazon has various departments such as,

Amazon Customer Service
In charge of satisfying all customer related orders and issues

Amazon Web Services
In charge of all web related designs, database and issues

Amazon Community
In charge of monitoring and moderating customer reviews

Amazon Community ANTIFA Censorship Logo Cartoon Graphic by Ahreeman X
Amazon ANTIFA Codes Banner: Censorship and Intimidation
Muslim, ANTIFA and Communist Flags represent members of the Amazon ANTIFA


Term stands for Anti-Fascist which is a para-militia movement consisting of Communists, Anarchists, Nihilists, Socialists, Muslims, Liberals and Radical Leftists who are supposedly Anti Fascists; however, they dress up in black, wear black masks, gather mob, mass rally, carry weapons, street brawl and use thug tactics the same as Fascists and KKK. They are the Alternative Left against the Alternative Right but in fact they conduct themselves as SS Storm Troopers and Ku Klux Klan. They are the most violent leftist organization causing damage and destruction to public and private property, also bodily harm to public. The organization is made up of leftist thugs who cover their identity and cause chaos. They are masters of blocking public speakers and freedom of speech. They are well funded by the Billionaire George Soros, the Evil Master of Creating Global Chaos to build his Evil Empire.

Internet Censorship by Tech Giants Cartoon of Ben Garrison
Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Amazon Silence American People’s Voice
Trump, Man of the People stands firm


In this article, I refer to “Amazon Community ANTIFA” or for shorts “Amazon ANTIFA”, as a group of Amazon Community Moderators who do not execute Amazon Laws and Regulations, yet instead, they execute their own rogue agenda based on their own politics. They operate the Amazon Community as their own private Waffen SS in Nazi Germany, Marxist Red Brigade Terrorists or present day ANTIFA. They use tactics such as cyber bully, intimidation, web sabotage, technical sabotage, lies and cyber terrorism to silence all opposing voices such as conservatives and national populists on Amazon. The Amazon ANTIFA does not care about Amazon benefits or if Amazon loses customers, yet all they care about is to suppress freedom of speech on Amazon and control the Amazon Customer Reviews to propagate only their point of view.

Amazon ANTIFA stops short of no tactic to silence all opposition, kick all Conservative Reviews and Reviewers out of Amazon. They block freedom of speech, revise reviews, block reviews, delete reviews or simply remove reviews without any notice.

Amazon ANTIFA is the worst enemy of Amazon as a retail business because they remove high ranking and highly voted popular reviews which sells lots of products and makes lots of money for Amazon. The Amazon Community ANTIFA is not only blocking freedom of speech and diverting Amazon to Extreme Left; furthermore, it is hurting Amazon as a business. Amazon Community ANTIFA is literally taking money out of the Amazon’s Wallet.

For example, after fighting me tooth and nail for decades and use every dirty tactic such as revising my reviews, blocking my reviews, sabotaging my reviews, tech cyber terrorism, cyber bullying and deceit, they have finally lied and come up with a final excuse to suddenly and without notice, remove over 550 of my highly voted, high ranking, popular reviews from the Amazon. These reviews made tons of money for Amazon; therefore, the Amazon ANTIFA hurt Amazon’s Wallet to proceed with their own politics.

The bottom line is that I challenged Amazon ANTIFA’s authority, I exposed their lies, and I beat them in their own game. I bruised their ego and they finally got rid of my reviews. Later in this article, I will explain the complete ordeal.

Liberal Safe Space Branco Cartoon
Amazon ANTIFA at Amazon Dungeons Safe Space Playpen
Black Lives Matter, Colorblind Lefty, and Transgender sucking on their pacifiers and residing in their Playpen Safe Space in their Private Idaho!

Notice the Communist, Islamic, Obama, Socialist, Peace and Hillary Playpen Ornaments!

Who are Amazon ANTIFA?

In reality, Amazon ANTIFA are little faceless cowards which if you see them in the street, you can push them on the ground with one finger! They are little nerd boys and geek girls with basic knowledge of computers who could not get a real job in the world, so they ended up in the Seattle based basement of the Amazon Building, monitoring people’s reviews! By monitoring reviews, they get the sense of being authority figures! They get the God Complex to revise, block or remove people’s reviews. They enjoy giving advise to people, warn people and hold a power over the people.

The fact of the matter is that the Amazon ANTIFA are a number of faceless coward millennials protesting in the streets on their spare time, working in Amazon dungeons part time and smoking dope full time! They drink that jittery Seattle Starbucks Coffee, smoke that Seattle homegrown weed, wear that Anarchist Cheap T shirt, head that cannabis beanie hat, listen to that Seattle Grunge, wave the red flag, break bank windows in leisure protests, pay that overdue student loan, work that dead-end job at Amazon and feel brave behind their monitor in their Safe Space at the Amazon Dungeons!

Amazon ANTIFA is basically a loser millennial who still lives in her parents’ garage or basement, wears baggy clothes, have messy hair and hates the average hard working American Worker by referring to them as Hillbillies!

Thank God for Amazon handing these losers a job or else they would have been on their parents’ allowance, playing video games in the garage all day and smoking dope all night!

These are the losers who guide us on what is allowed and what is not allowed to post on Internet! They shove their own degenerated sense of morality in to our psyche and they get their little self-righteous hearts and little peace sign neon panties all twisted up in the knot when we do not do as they preach!

Amazon Community ANTIFA Censorship Moderator Cartoon by Ahreeman X
Amazon ANTIFA Faceless Cowards are very tough behind the monitor!

The Purpose of this Article

The purpose of this article is not to bash Amazon, Jeff Bezos, Amazon Management or even Amazon Community but it is written to expose the “Amazon Community ANTIFA” and their role for Amazon Cyber Censorship, Cyber Bullying and Intimidation of the Amazon Customers. “Amazon Community ANTIFA” is an “Infection” in the body of Amazon. If Amazon does not rapidly investigate the “Amazon Community” and cleanse it from the “Amazon Community ANTIFA”, then this will cost Amazon, Big League; furthermore, it can become the main reason for the future “Amazon Downfall” to become yet another irrelevant Internet Has-been such as AOL and Yahoo!

My History with Amazon
Amazon was found by Jeff Bezos as an online bookstore on 1994. Amazon went public on stock market on 1997 and the Amazon shares were $ 18.00 to begin with. Amazon Stock is now (2018) more or less about $ 1, 360.00. I have been with Amazon since the beginning.

I have been an Amazon Stock Holder, Associate, Reviewer and Customer since Jeff Bezos created Amazon.

Amazon Customer
I have been a faithful Amazon customer since the beginning of Amazon. I have spent a great amount of money in Amazon purchasing various items throughout the years.

Amazon Reviewer
As an Amazon Reviewer, I started as one of the many, ranking somewhere in the 17, 000th place. I dragged myself all the way up to one of the Top 1000 Amazon reviewers list at number 650. My reviews were well read and once people read my reviews, they purchased the products. Throughout the years, I have made a lot of money for Amazon.

Amazon Associate
As an Amazon Associate, I have been making business with Amazon forever. You can see the Amazon adds all over my website, I do not know for how long more, but you can see them now.

Amazon Stock Holder
As an Amazon Stock Holder, I bought Amazon for peanuts and I made out like a bandit on Amazon Stocks. I have to give credit to Jeff Bezos (often the richest man in the globe) for his vision; however, I should also give credit to myself for the amount of gray matter in my skull for purchasing Amazon, practically for a few cents and creating massive wealth. I sold a great number of my shares and made out like a bandit. I have to admit that Amazon was one of the factors which made me a wealthy man.

Amazon Community ANTIFA Badge Cartoon Graphic by Ahreeman X
Amazon Leftist Globalist Internationalist Badge of Honor!
Amazon ANTIFA: All Amazon Employees line up, hold hands, sing Cumbaya and Enforce Censorship because Free Speech (1st Amendment) and Gun Rights (2nd Amendment) are American Diseases, fight and ban both!

How Amazon Paid Me for My Services and Patronage?

After years of using every dirty trick and excuse in the book to revise my reviews, block my reviews, sabotage my reviews, causing technical difficulty for my account, implementing bugs (programming bad codes) on my account and ignoring my e-mails, they could not get rid of me, so they came up with a big comical lie, a cockamamie idea of accusing me of receiving money from manufacturers, companies and sellers for my reviews. So, if I am a professional reviewer, then this would break the sanctity of the reviews, then they conducted an ambush and without warning, they removed over 550 of my reviews which was written throughout the decades!

The Comical Lie by Amazon ANTIFA

To accuse me of receiving money for my reviews is the same as accusing Jeff Bezos of doing insider trading in stock market for few hundred thousand dollars! Jeff Bezos is often the first or second richest man in the world, why would he do this for a few dollars?

I publish the largest Iranian website in English in the world, why would I need to receive a few hundred or thousand dollars for my reviews?

They accused me without any evidence. The reality was that the leftist Amazon Community ANTIFA which bullies, harasses, blocks reviews and do as they please in Amazon, had finally scooped so low to use such an excuse as their last deceitful resource and tactic to get rid of me.

If they can do this to me who has been with Amazon since the beginning, then they can and they are doing this to all conservatives. Take a look at all the Conservatives they banned in Amazon!

ANTIFA and Free Speech, Then and Now Cartoon by Branco
Amazon ANTIFA Methods of Enforcing Internet Censorship
Then: 1939 Nazi Germany and Now: Today’s America

Same Breed, Same Concept!

Amazon ANTIFA done me a Favor!

After years of fighting Amazon Community to get my reviews posted, I lost the interest to fight or else I could keep on appealing to post my reviews. Instead, I told myself that why am I doing this? I don’t get paid for my reviews, so why am I helping Amazon to make tons of money while they do not even appreciate my efforts; furthermore, they have been trying hard to silence me for years? Enough is enough!

In a way, Amazon ANTIFA done me a favor by removing a burden off my back, writing free reviews for Amazon. Amazon ANTIFA also had done a disservice to Amazon by getting rid of my reviews because it means less dollars in Amazon’s wallet!

Later in the article, I shall state the history of Amazon ANTIFA’s censorship and sabotage against me for decades and since year one!

ANTIFA and Ku Klux Klan, Same Breed Cartoon
“Hooded Thugs (Faceless Cowards) who employ violence and intimidation to advance their sordid beliefs!”
KKK: Sounds Familiar?
ANTIFA: Ditto!
Amazon ANTIFA: Right On!

Tech Giants’ Cyber Censorship

Tech Giants are a group of Liberal Globalists and a bunch of Leftist Monopolies who made their billions of dollars outsourcing jobs at the cost of American worker’s unemployment. They built their empires on the broken back of the American labor. All of them have been committing monopoly, undermining the American worker and using the tools of “Political Correctness”, “Cyber Censorship”, “Cyber Espionage” and “Intimidation” plus every other dirty trick to monopolize the market, mind control and make out like bandits at the cost of the American worker’s misery.

Yesterday, the government was the biggest threat to the First Amendment (Free Speech), Second Amendment (Gun Ownership) and Individual Freedoms.  At least now (thanks to Trump) there are checks and balances to oversee the government’s power.

Today, Tech Giants are the bigger threat to all human freedoms and free thinking. They control thoughts, indoctrinate and censor free thinking. The problem is that there is no oversight or checks and balances. No one watches them, monitors them and makes sure that they do not overreach their powers. They are absolutely controlling the web via monopoly to establish complete thought control.

Tech Giants’ Tools of Cyber Censorship

* Filter the Search Engines to Filter Search Results
Example: Google filters Conservative Sites and National Populist Sites from their search to get low ranking in the search and not be on the first few pages of the search.

* Selective Selection of Video / Audio Channels by the Web Multimedia Portals
Example: YouTube (owned by Google) is actively suppressing and banning undesired channels from broadcasting on their portal. Any politically incorrect voice to their leftist globalist agenda will be censored and banned.

* Suspending and Eliminating Patriotic Accounts
Example: Facebook is actively warning, suspends and eliminates Conservative and National Populist pages.

* Control of what is published on the net by the Hosting Companies
Example: Go Daddy filters out the Conservative and National Populist sites and suspends their account; therefore, the opposing voice to the leftist globalist agenda will be silenced and no opposing site will be allowed on the net.

* Censorship of Voices on Social Media and forums
Example: Twitter actively enforces political correctness to filter out any undesired Right-Wing voice from their system. Freedom of Speech means nothing to Twitter.

Tech Giants’ Goals for Cyber Censorship

* Mind Control of the masses by eliminating the opposing voice and propagating their leftist, monopolistic, globalist agenda.

* Indoctrination of the masses by 24 / 7 mass propaganda of their own politically correct moral code of what is right and what is wrong to speak, broadcast or post on the Internet.

* Abolishment of Competition by mass suppression of any possible threat, such as alternative tribunes, forums, portals, and platforms to their establishment.

* Monopoly of the Market by drafting every dirty trick and loop holes in the system and laws to get the dibs and absolute control of their own field and service on the Internet.

* Destruction of All Free Thinking, Individualism and Opposing Voices to their Leftist, Monopolistic, Globalist Agenda

* Absolute control of the Web Broadcasting which is the alternative to the Mainstream Media. The Left already has the control of the Mainstream Media and that is why the people escaped to the Alternative Web Media; however, now the Tech Giants are also getting the dibs on the Alternative Web Media via the control of the Search Engines, Social Media, Video / Audio Portals, Web Hosting and every other forum and platform on the Internet.

Amazon Logo
It used to stand for happiness, not for Censorship!

Amazon Cyber Censorship

Today, it is a known fact that the Internet Giants, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and so on are committing cyber censorship but Amazon? It is comprehendible to figure out how Search Engines, Social Media, Web Portals and Web Hosting Companies block free speech and brainwash the masses but how does Amazon, a retail online business also commits cyber censorship? How can Amazon do that?

The answers to both questions are yes. Amazon does cyber censorship and Amazon does it with extreme cyber bullying and intimidation. Later, I will inform and enlighten all of you on how it is done.

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon
Entrepreneur and Billionaire Visionary
Amazon is Jeff Bezos’ Dream and Baby!
What happened to Jeff Bezos’ Dream Baby?
The “Service to Customers Vision” had become “Censorship of Customers Nightmare”!

Jeff Bezos, the Wealthiest Man in the World

I am very fond of Jeff Bezos not because he has made me wealthy but because he is a visionary and his vision (Amazon) made life easy for the humanity. He has provided a great service for the people which was indeed needed.

Today, Jeff Bezos is worth about $ 114.2 Billion and he is the richest man in the globe. Jeff Bezos well passed Bill Gates with $ 89.9 Billion and has been in the lead now.

Gladiator Battle of the Billionaires!
Jeff Bezos Amazon versus Trump MAGA, Battle of Billionaires Ben Garrison Cartoon
Lex Luthor vs. Superman!
Lex Luthor (Jeff Bezos) fighting with his limp WAPO Sword (Washington Post Rag-Paper) and his Amazon Shield, under the “Banner of Globalization” for his “Our Democracy” Shenanigan Crowd; while Superman (Trump) is fighting with his Straight Sword and Solid “Better Deals for America” MAGA (Making America Great Again) Shield under the Banner of America for his MAGA crowd. This will be a gladiator Battle of the Billionaires!
As Trump is looking more and more like Superman who is singlehandedly taking on the Washington DC Establishment, Liberal Establishment, GOP Establishment, Deep State Establishment, Media Establishment, Globalist Corporate Establishment, Wall Street Establishment, Academic Establishment and Hollywood Establishment; equally, Jeff Bezos of Amazon is looking more and more like Lex Luthor, his arch enemy who is trying to take over the world via his globalist agenda. Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the globe, now worth about $ 114.2 Billion, is trying to sell everything on Amazon by drafting monopolistic tactics, globalist practices, tax loopholes, cyber censorship, taking advantage of the USPS and dropping cost to the most efficient ways.
Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post for $250 million cash and now uses it as the Amazon Lobby and Anti Trump propaganda rhetoric rag-paper. At one-time, Washington Post had some prestige but now it is an Amazon Mouthpiece spewing lies 24 / 7.
I love it when Billionaires such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and George Soros shed tears for the hungry African children and release rhetoric about wanting to end the world hunger! If they really meant it, then they could easily spend a few billions and truly end the world hunger! These leftist globalist monopolist billionaires, shed crocodile tears, while at the same time reduce the world’s population via hunger, Disease and death; gain financial control; and monopolize the markets. For God’s sake, Amazon has killed thousands of jobs and even mistreats its own employees.
The complete hoopla and charade of “Our Democracy” Movement shenanigan, blasting out loud from the globalist speakers and shouting puppets of Jeff Bezos such as his off-line lobby “Washington Post” and his online lobby “Twitter”, accusing Trump of “Eroding Democracy” is a gimmick. It is all mob control, mind control, lobby votes and concentration of power into globalist monopolies to ride the masses and divert them like cattle, away from the facts and into slaughterhouses of globalism.
While Trump pushes MAGA for the American Workers; Jeff Bezos cuts corners, uses tax loopholes, abuses the bankrupt USPS by throwing him a bone rather than paying his fair share, to bring the cost down and kills the competition.
It is surely interesting to see what will develop in the upcoming months out of this Battle of the Billionaires: Superman vs. Lex Luthor!

Why Jeff Bezos is the Richest Man in the Globe?

Jeff Bezos founder and CEO of Amazon is now worth slightly over $ 114.2 Billion and is the richest man in the world. He started a bit over two decades ago selling online books in his garage! Then came Amazon and the rest is history. Amazon stock is now $ 1, 360.00. Amazon stock started as peanuts and penny stocks. It started at about $ 18.00. Amazon started as a warehouse and now is a global giant.

More on Jeff Bezos:

Jeff Bezos - Wikipedia

Congratulation to Jeff Bezos, hope you always be healthy, wealthy, happy and giddy!

As an Amazon stock holder, associate, reviewer and customer I have to thank my brain and Amazon for making me a wealthy man. I have been with Amazon since the beginning and I thought that I would be with Amazon until the end but obviously Amazon ANTIFA made me to think twice, so the future with Amazon is uncertain!

I used to Sell Amazon to the Conservatives

Despite many conservatives’ critics of me and my association with Amazon, I used to heavily propagate Amazon and sell Amazon to the public and the critics. For instance, review this piece and observe on how I sold Amazon to the toughest critics, with this logic:

Why Shop Amazon?

As I have always stated:

“You can find everything from the Chicken Milk to the Human Soul in Amazon!”


Let me tell you a little true story,

I am not here to criticize or defend Amazon and Jeff Bezos’ political and business practices. I am here to tell you an interesting true story, do a quick analysis and logically conclude on why you must shop on Amazon?

For those of you who are not aware, allow me to elaborate that as a Stock Holder, Associate, Reviewer and Customer, I have been with Amazon since Jeff Bezos created Amazon.

My Website:
Iran Politics Club

There is a reason that Amazon is Amazon which is the best and then there are the rest who try to compete with Amazon!

Criticism of Jeff Bezos by the Right

People, specifically ones on the Right (such as me) and ones on the left (not like me) often criticize me for sticking up for Jeff Bezos and Amazon. The Right accuses me of being a sellout and the left accuses me of being inhuman. They both criticize me for not being tough enough on Jeff Bezos in my articles.

People on the right, they often criticize Jeff Bezos because:

A) Tech Giants’ censorship of the Internet and blocking freedom of speech.
Ex: Google’s selective filtering of search results blocking conservative sites.
Ex: Twitter blocking free speech by cancelling conservative accounts.
Ex: Go Daddy terminating conservative accounts to block free speech.

Naturally Jeff Bezos’ controlling shares in Twitter puts him on the spotlight.

B) Washington Post (major Fake News) owned by Jeff Bezos spewing lies the same as the rest of the Fake News Media (New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc.) on daily basis.

C) Amazon in the past, being on the Extreme Left (before departure of George Soros and his gang selling all their Amazon shares) and presently in the Left but trying to be in the Middle (due to American people’s backlash) yet still leaning towards the left.

Criticism of Jeff Bezos by the Left

Then there are leftists who criticize Jeff Bezos and Amazon, amongst them ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) and New York Times. They often criticize Jeff Bezos because:

A) Amazon is not lavish with paychecks and that is why employees often quit or being terminated.

B) Jeff Bezos being extremely stingy.

C) Jeff Bezos not lavish with mass donations (like Bill Gates)                   

Interesting True Story

Blondie has just ordered a Sewing Machine from Walmart. She waited for over a week for this sewing machine which had never arrived. Luckily, she called Walmart to track the sewing machine. She found out that the sewing machine is nonexistent! Actually, she found out that she has never bought a sewing machine!

Due to not so user-friendly Walmart site, Blondie watched a video on a sewing machine and she assumed that she had bought a sewing machine and that is why she was waiting anxiously for her sewing machine to arrive at the door! The reality was that Walmart charged her for watching a video on the Walmart site on how to sew with this machine ($ 31.00 + Tax) which of course she could see for free on YouTube! It was a good thing that she called or else she would be still waiting for her sewing machine to arrive!

So, the Walmart rep. supposedly refunded her, apologized and agreed that it is weird because you can actually see instructional videos on anything on YouTube and for free! Besides, Blondie did not need to watch instructional videos on sewing because she already knows how to sew!

Blondie watched the video for the hell of it and she was under the impression that she paid for a sewing machine! Just imagine how sad is the Walmart site’s design that it misled Blondie! Now if you get an idea that maybe Blondie is a moron and does not know how to use the Walmart website or any other site, then allow me to inform you that Blondie is an Aerospace Engineer, as a matter of fact a Managing Associate Director of a Big Shot Aerospace Corporation who does stress analysis, design and build jet fighters and commercial planes for living. So, as you can see, Blondie is far from being a moron; morely, she is a Rocket Scientist (literally)!

This shows you on how sad the Walmart site must be! Blondie stated to the Walmart rep. that her credit better be in her account by Monday or else she would file fraudulent charges on the credit card company! Blondie does not care about the money but she cares about her time being wasted by Walmart!

Finally, by my advice, Blondie bought a sewing machine from Amazon for $ 72.00 and this time she is actually going to get it! She was wondering about free shipping options that Costco and Walmart have and if Amazon may have it too! I told her that this is not your first-time shopping from Amazon and you must know that by shopping $ 25.00 or $ 35.00 from Amazon (depending on the product); you will automatically get free shipping!

Listening to me, Blondie finally purchased a sewing machine from Amazon and indeed a Real one and not a virtual one!

Folks, what is the moral of the story?

Wanna Be Amazon Corporations

There are many corporations wanna be Amazon but they are not!

Try buying something from them and try to return the item! It will be a cold day in Hell that you will be able to return or exchange an item on Overstock, now forget about getting your money back! Once I dealt with Overstock and that was my last!

I am a Walmart Shopper but the purpose of Walmart is to go to the store and pick up something quickly but if you want to shop online, then why the hell would you shop on Walmart? Walmart does not have the selection, variety, competitive prices or the quality products which Amazon has! I been there and done that before! I only shop at Walmart stores for not waiting for the products to arrive in mail. I mostly shop household supplies and equipment but shopping on Walmart site, forget about it, its New York (Gecko Commercial)! See what happened to Blondie?! The Walmart site has flaws, errors and is badly designed! Hopefully in the future, they will fix it.

I am a Costco member for 3 decades but again Costco website does not have the selection. Costco is good for shopping mass quantity of items. Costco is also having certain products on sale (due to deals or closeouts) for a limited time and then they are gone. I should know, I am a veteran Costco shopper.

Why Amazon?

Now if you want to actually shop online for a variety of items, then Amazon is the best and then there are the rest! Amazon has the largest selection of almost everything online. Amazon has the economic brand and the most luxury brand. What do I always say?

Allow me to quote myself:

“You can find anything from the Chicken Milk to the Human Soul on Amazon!”
(Ahreeman X)

You can actually spend hours, enjoy shopping and you will find them all on Amazon without getting out of your house, drive and go to the store! The price, the selection, the quality, the customer service and the convenience of it all, this is why you shop Amazon!

As a customer, I have been with Amazon since the beginning. So far, they have been going out of their way to satisfy me. One way or another they will manage to make you happy.

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the globe; furthermore, they sell quality products and they will stand by their products. Credit, return, exchange or whatever the hell you want, they will bend over backward for you!

That is why there is Amazon and then there are the rest of the Wanna Be Amazons!

Why Jeff Bezos?

I stick up for Jeff Bezos not because I agree with his politics or business practices. I stick with Jeff Bezos because his vision created Amazon from nothing (in his garage) and transformed it to a global giant! Jeff Bezos was not born an aristocrat with a silver spoon in his mouth. He created his empire primarily Amazon and then many other businesses on his own.

Call Jeff Bezos a lefty, a stingy, a globalist, a control freak or inhuman but the fact is that he has a futuristic vision which made him invest in many expeditions by the calculated risks which paid off big time! If a man creates something out of nothing which benefits the mankind vastly and makes them to enjoy life much better (than before Amazon) then that man has value and that man produced something positive for the mankind. This is why Jeff Bezos matters and this is why I respect him as a human being who had something to offer to the mankind, something to make life easier!

I do not agree with Jeff Bezos’ liberal agendas, business practices, politics and globalism. I have respect for Jeff Bezos due to the amount of gray matter in his skull. Jeff Bezos’ brain is valuable and it made human beings’ lives to not regress but to progress for better; furthermore, he provided a service for the mankind to benefit.

Amazon is Jeff Bezos’ baby and unlike Hussein Obama who stated “You did not build that!”, I say: Hell Yes, people like Jeff Bezos “Did build that!” Originally Jeff Bezos built that but along the way, many good people including but not limited to Amazon drivers, stock clerks, admins, customer service, web designers, web programmers, all other employees, associates, reviewers and customers bloomed Amazon and seen it through from a Rose Bud to becoming a Beautiful full bloomed Rose. Amazon stocks just went up another 6 %.

Let us work together to make this baby (Amazon) to grow bigger and stronger so everyone can benefit from its existence. Let’s not kill this baby or make it obsolete like many other tech has-beens (AOL, Yahoo and etc.)!

Now let me explain about George Soros and his relationship with Amazon:

George Soros Evil Empire
George Soros the Billionaire Puppet Master behind the Internet Censorship
George Soros the Financier of the Radical Left

Who is George Soros?

Who is George Soros?
Creator of Global Chaos!
George Soros is a Billionaire Globalist who manipulates the stock market, currency market, nations’ economies, nations’ governments, and therefore, global politics and world order.

George Soros is a Hungarian Jew who collaborated with the Nazis against his own people!

George Soros is:

* Trumps # 1 Enemy
* America’s # 1 Enemy
* Nationalism’s # Enemy

* Supporter of Globalism
* Supporter of Open Border Policies
* Financier of Democratic Party
* Financier of Global Chaos

George Soros is worth over $ 26 Billion yet his fortune is stashed and distributed worldwide and hidden well in various off shore accounts. Officially George Soros claims that he is only worth $ 8 Billion.

George Soros the Left’s Puppet Master

George Soros has built a career by supporting the open border policies in Europe and America. George Soros uses his money and power to destabilize nations’ governments, currencies and finances. George Soros’ doctrine is to open borders and to open the immigration policy for the Europe and America, allowing Muslim Refugees and Hispanic Illegal Immigrants in as cheap unskilled labors, so him and his ilk can get wealthy upon cheap labor and on the shoulders of the European and American Labors. Next, he uses this wealth to finance Globalist Socialist Liberal Political Parties and Organizations to advance and take control of governments via his kickbacks; therefore, he can control complete governments and the global economy.

George Soros literally has used dirty financial tactics, stock market wheeling and dealings, also sabotage to destabilize Britain’s and Indo-Chinese Governments’ financial systems.

George Soros destroys currencies, economies and changes governments (Britain, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, so on). George Soros affects nations’ Futures.

George Soros broke Bank of England and Bank of Thailand’s backs!
George Soros paid 500,000 British Pounds to Anti Brexit campaign.
Soros wants to crash the British economy like he did in Philippines and Thailand.

George Soros is the face and money behind Anti Trump Movement and Organizations. His goal is to destroy Trump’s National Populist Movement and Americanism.

George Soros Internet Censorship Cartoon
George Soros is the Billionaire Puppet Master behind the Internet Tech Giants. He funds and organizes Internet Censorship to promote his Leftist Globalist Socialist Agenda. George Soros destabilizes currencies, stocks, political parties and countries! George Soros is the # 1 Enemy of Trump, Americanism, and American Workers.

George Soros Activities in America

Open Society Foundation belongs to George Soros.
Open Society Foundation funds many political parties, groups and organizations.

George Soros through Open Society Foundation is a major benefactor for the Political Left:

Hussein Obama
Hillary Clinton
Clinton Foundation
Democratic Party
Liberal Political Entities
Academic Establishment
Hollywood Establishment

George Soros through Open Society Foundation is a major benefactor for Leftist Radical Political Groups and Semi Terrorist Organizations:
Black Lives Mater
Media Matters
NIAC (IRI Iranian Lobby Group)
PAAIA (IRI Iranian Lobby Group)

Other Leftist Organizations
Other Socialist Organizations
Other Anarchist Organizations

Amongst some of his agendas were legalization of Marijuana:

Soros donated $ 2.4 Million to legalization of Marijuana cause in California and more elsewhere.

George Soros Supports Radicalism and Terrorism

A Deeper Look

George Soros finances many Radical and Terrorist Groups including but not limited to: Twitter Facebook Wikipedia

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Twitter

Black Lives Matter Facebook

Black Lives Matter Wikipedia



ANTIFA Twitter

ANTIFA Facebook

ANTIFA Wikipedia

George Soros also funds IRI Iranian Lobby Groups, IRI Iranian Agents and IRI Iranian Terrorists in USA and Europe such as:

NIAC (National Iranian American Council)


PAIIA (Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans)


George Soros has major stock shares and control on various Internet and Hi-Tech Corporations including but not limited to:

Alphabet Inc.


George Soros versus Trump

George Soros wins through Chaos
Trump wins through Order

George Soros is one of the major enemies of Trump and Trump Agenda.

George Soros’ Leftist Globalist Agenda which built his Evil Empire is in direct Antagonistic Conflict with Trump’s National Populist Agenda which is about America and American Workers First. George Soros has spent and is spending an arm and a leg to seize Trump Agenda, Trump Allies and Destroy his presidency.

Soros donated millions to Anti Trump organizations and funded every major Anti Trump Rally including but not limited to:

Women’s March
Anti-Gun March
Students’ March
Black Lives Matter March

So on …

Billionaire George Soros linked to Anti-Trump Protests – WikiLeaks

More about George Soros:

George Soros Wikipedia

George Soros Site

George Soros – Open Society Foundation

Open Society Foundation

So, you get the picture that George Soros is a major player in the global affairs.

George Soros Left Amazon

When George Soros sold his Amazon stocks and moved out of Amazon, obviously Amazon became a better place but George Soros leaving Amazon, not necessarily meant that all his cronies, specifically in Amazon Community had left Amazon!

Why Amazon Politics Moved to the Middle?
A Better Amazon!

Since the victory of the “National Populist Movement” and election of its leader Trump as the president and the successful “American 2016 National Populist Revolution”, many of the High-Tech Corporations politics such as Facebook, Google and Amazon had moved from the extreme left to the center left. They have done so due to the heavy backlash of the American people against them due to their support for the “Liberal Establishment” and “Globalist Policies”.

However, in case of Amazon it was not only due to this reason! Allow me to inform you that George Soros effect was an important factor for this change of heart!

George Soros Effect on Amazon

When we talk about George Soros Effect, we are not only speaking of George Soros but we mean:

George Soros
George Soros Friends
George Soros Investors
Open Society Foundation
George Soros Supported Organizations

George Soros (only himself) owned about $ 33 Million worth Amazon shares. Obviously if you count all of George Soros Groups Effects, then this number will go much higher.

George Soros after tripling his Amazon investment, on March 3, 2017 dumped his Amazon shares down to 0 and sold at $ 833.5. Amazon then went up to about $ 998.82. Looks like Soros leaving was great for Amazon!

So, Soros made tons of money from Amazon and then he dumped Amazon. Soros leaving Amazon was not just his money leaving Amazon, but also meant that all these elements left Amazon:

George Soros Shares
George Soros Power
George Soros Friends
George Soros Organizations
George Soros Employees
George Soros Appointees
George Soros Suggested Employees
George Soros Policies
George Soros Agendas
George Soros Global Rules

The New Amazon

Now put 2 and 2 together! Take a look at Amazon politics and policies of before January 2017 and later year in 2017! Take a look at the people who worked for Amazon before January 2017 and later year in 2017! Specifically take a look at how things have changed from before March 20, 2017 and after!

Do you see a shift in Amazon politics, policies, tolerance, employees, monitors and so on from left to the middle?

Overall, a more moderate, tolerant, democratic, popular and successful Amazon has been created since January 20th, 2017 and specifically since March 20, 2017.

This way Amazon sold more, made more money and created a better environment.

This way Amazon shoppers were happier, gained more numbers and had more fun.

This way, Stock Holders (like me) were happier and more trustful of Amazon.

This way:

Stock Holders were happy
Shoppers were Happy
Associates were happy
Reviewers were happy
Employees were happy

And reviews would not get deleted, so we had to appeal back to Amazon to get them published!

Boy, this sounded like one big happy family! But very short lived!

George Soros Cronies in Amazon

In 2018, Amazon once again shifted to the extreme left. This was not only due to Trump talks and policies against Amazon and Washington Post (Amazon’s Lobby) but to a large point due to the fact that George Soros Leftover Cronies still lived in Amazon and specifically running the Amazon Community! Due to the political climate, they found the courage to strike back and suffocate the conservative voices in Amazon!

History of Amazon ANTIFA’s Censorship and Sabotage Against Me

Let me start from the beginning. Now I will state the complete history of Amazon ANTIFA’s actions against me.

Step by Step Cyber Terrorism by Amazon ANTIFA

Throughout the years and decades, sabotage started in this manner:

Primarily allow me to clarify to you that I am a university professor, a computer scientist, and a journalist who publishes the largest Iranian website in the world in English. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I would have not written this article unless I had proof and evidence. In addition, as a computer scientist, I would like to inform you that these issues could have not been accidental computer glitches, but they were intentional programing sabotage and an internal job by rogue employees.

Sabotage Phase 1

I. Blocking my reviews to be posted, so I had to appeal back to community and then a community group leader (supervisor) would post the reviews as is.

II. Deleting my comments on my reviews so I had to appeal to the community and then a community group leader (supervisor) would post back the comments.

III. Moving my high ranking high helpful voted reviews from the top left column (Top Reviews) of item pages, all the way down and lost off of the first page so the customers could not read them.

IV. Not allowing me to receive e-mails about customer questions and comments on my reviews. The Rogue Agents blocked my Amazon e-mails.

Sabotage Phase 2

V. Turning all my “Verified Purchased” reviews to “Unverified Purchased” reviews; therefore, the reviews would not go to the top left column of the item pages as top reviews. At first the Rogue Agents done it manually but then they started to ponder about a greater scheme.

Sabotage Phase 3

VI. The Rogue Agents had implemented a web-based code via programing on to my account; therefore, all my verified purchases would automatically show and recognized by the system and Data Base as unverified purchases.

The goal was to damage me but in fact the Amazon ANTIFA had:

A) Hurt Amazon by not allowing the customers to read my high ranking, high voted reviews so they could shop from Amazon and buy the reviewed items.

B) Hurt the Customers because they missed out on good items to purchase by not reading my reviews.

C) Hurt the stock holders by not allowing them to make more money.

In other words, these saboteur employees hurt the complete Amazon community.

Why this was Sabotage?

A) Amazon system stated that I could not post these reviews because they were unverified purchase reviews. This is false because I paid for these items in full and Amazon could easily see the proof of purchase on my orders and Amazon Customer Service did also testify for this fact. Obviously, one can only post a limited number of “Unverified Purchased Reviews” per week on Amazon. The Rogue Agents clearly took advantage of this factor.

B) Amazon system also stated that possibly my relationship to the product or seller may be perceived as biased. This is also false because until this moment I have never gotten paid for a review, have received great discount for an item, got promo codes for an item or received any perks from any manufacturer. I have written over 550 reviews for Amazon which most likely 530 of them were written for items which I have paid in full and they are verified purchases and the few others are not bought from Amazon. I can prove verified purchase for every single item because Amazon has all of them on the record. Amazon Customer Service can also testify for this fact.

So, we can logically conclude that an Amazon Community Review Moderator and / or Programmer had technically altered my account in a way that all my reviews were considered “non-Amazon Verified Purchases”. Even though, all my purchases have been paid in full, yet the Rogue Agent had intentionally and technically manipulated my account in a way that all my reviews would be considered “non-Amazon Verified Purchases”; therefore, they do not get the “Verified Purchase” label on top of the reviews.

Sabotage Phase 4

Amazon Community exhausting all their excuses, dirty tricks and sabotage such as:

* Revising my reviews
* Blocking my reviews
* Getting my reviews lost off of page one of each item
* Manual tech sabotage of my reviews
* Automated tech sabotage of my reviews
* Blocking my massive e-mail receptions from customers
* Implementing a bug (bad code) via programing on my account

VII. Finally scooped so low to without warning remove over 550 of my reviews written throughout the years and decades.

First, without any evidence, they accused me of receiving money for my reviews. They blocked one of my reviews for this purpose. I appealed back and they posted the review.

Second, they ambushed me without warning and they removed all of my reviews. Every customer service and community e-mail must have a first name signature and a survey at the bottom, so the Amazon can find out how they have been serving the customers, but they started not posting their names and surveys because in many occasions of the past, I have destroyed them by exposing their deceit, treacheries and sabotage.

About a series of “accidents” which had been happening to my account through the years, Amazon could review their customer service logs.

These “accidents” were pretty much similar to Trump’s Twitter account, for a short while, “accidentally” got off the net!

I Demanded Amazon to Start an Investigation

Over and over I demanded Amazon to get to the bottom of these so-called accidents. Finally, one executive started an investigation but the coverup was deep, they did not reveal what they had discovered (due to corporate confidentiality)! They fixed the tech sabotage and removed the bug but no one had the power to investigate the Amazon Community Leaders and Moderators. Obviously, Amazon Community was above the Amazon Law.

Amazon Community History

Amazon Community started as a wing of Amazon to moderate the reviews, so no one could post profanity and garbage as reviews; however, throughout the years, Amazon Community mutated to become a fierce and independent entity beyond checks and balances. No one could question them, set aside investigate them. Clearly Amazon Customer Service and Management was helpless against them!

I even offered Amazon, solutions:

Easy Step by Step Instruction to End Chaos in Amazon

I. Investigate Amazon Community and filter out Amazon ANTIFA causing Amazon money loss by pushing the customers away. Censorship, Intimidation and Sabotage of customer reviews must stop.

II. Amazon Community has no telephone number for anyone to get in touch with them. Even the Amazon Customer Service cannot call them. This break of communication causes massive problems. For instance, I was on the phone with Amazon Customer Service for hours on each issue, we could have saved much time if we could also include the Amazon Community in our dialogues and make them a 3-way dialogue to cooperate and investigate together; however, Amazon Community is beyond reach, even for Amazon Customer Service.

III. Make Community, Customer Service, Retail, Web Services and all departments to harmonize, trade information and interact more, so the departments and ultimately the Amazon Customers can benefit from these interactions and trade of information. Make the different departments (specifically The Community) to listen more to other departments.

IV. Community should not be an “Independent Wing” in Amazon. Community cannot deny facts, proofs and evidence from Customer Service and Retail. Community cannot function as a separated and isolated department free of advice from other departments; furthermore, all departments should work together and come together to solve problems, satisfy the customer and make Amazon a better place to shop, interact and tolerate. After all, Community is here to serve the customers and not to serve their own ego!

Note: In many occasions, despite the proofs provided by the Amazon Customer Service to back-up my claims, the Amazon Community rejected the proofs and denied the reality. We proved that Earth is Round and the Amazon Community kept on believing that the Earth is Flat!

V. Amazon Community is not above the law. Amazon Community is not exempt from the Amazon Rules, Regulations and Policy. Amazon must monitor closely on what is going on in the Amazon Community. There must be checks and balances. Certain Amazon Community employees cannot conduct themselves as SS Units in Nazi Germany, KGB in Soviet Russia, ANTIFA in today’s USA and behave as Special Units of Amazon, out of touch with other departments and customers, locked up in their own private Idaho, and do as they please with no supervision! This must end and it must end now!

VI. Train, warn and if that does not work then clean house from your “Leftist Activist Review Moderators”, “Programmers”, and “Tech Support” who systematically sabotage mine and others’ reviews and comments. Amazon is not a political entity and it surely does not need an “Amazon ANTIFA” to operate. Amazon is a business and a very successful business indeed. Amazon started from a garage warehouse and now is a giant international corporation. Let’s keep Amazon as the best shopping experience on the net and let’s help making it even greater than what it is today! Jeff Bezos had a dream when he created the Amazon. Let us not crush this dream! Let us come together and help to make this dream much larger than what it is today.

Then, I clarified it to them:

If you do not pay attention to my points, you will not address the problems and they will drag on as a disease in the body of Amazon. If you actually do something about my points, the rewards will be high and Amazon will become more functional for all. You be the judge.


I used to believe in Amazon. After this incident and Amazon Customer Service Executive’s indifference along with lack of power over the Amazon Community, I have noticed that there exists a massive chaos in Amazon. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. The political correctness has come to the point that the Executives, the Management and the Leadership dares to even question the Amazon Community set aside to investigate and filter out the Amazon ANTIFA.

When Tech Giants get too big and become actual giants, they stop the care for their customers and associates who made them giants! Once they stop caring for the people, they lose clientele. The same people who made them will end up breaking them!

Next, they fall from the grace and become irrelevant has-beens such as AOL and Yahoo. Amazon’s future depends on the policies they make today. Today, Amazon is global but if they think that they can push people like me away, who helped making them giants and been faithful to them since the start, then must think twice!

Amazon cannot discriminate against “Conservatives” who happen to be the majority of the American people. If Amazon believes that they can replace the majority of their American clients with now newly European and Asian market, they must be aware that no market in the world can replace the American market. All corporations dream of capturing the American market. It is foolish of Amazon to alienate over half the American population and assume that it will remain a giant!

Jeff Bezos Must Get Back to Amazon!

The buck stops at Jeff Bezos. Maybe Jeff Bezos should stop expedition around the net (censoring freedom of speech in Twitter) and off the net (spewing lies in Washington Post); yet instead, attend to his baby and original business (Amazon)! Jeff Bezos’ baby will collapse or at least shrink down until he pays direct attention and focus on him.

It is hard for me to believe that Jeff Bezos created Amazon from scratch and busted his butt to grow it from his garage to become a global giant; however, now he abandons it in the hands of incompetent executives and management who created a chaos in Amazon and do not know their right hand from their left!

The reality is that Amazon Community is out of control and the Amazon Management does not have the guts or balls to control it. Jeff Bezos needs to develop the balls and back bone to conduct an investigation in “Amazon Community”, filter the ANTIFA out and tell them those famous words:

You’re Fired (Trump Style)!

Thank You Amazon Community!

I want to thank the Amazon Community by doing me a favor, getting rid of my reviews, so I do not have to continue writing reviews for Amazon for free! These reviews were good as gold for Amazon because these highly viewed, highly helpful voted and highly ranked reviews made a ton of money for Amazon but they were a burden to me. They took much of time, the luxury which I do not have. I can set aside this time, attending to my own website!

As a matter of fact, after this experience and my past experience with Facebook, I will never again assign so much of my time, on any tribune, forum, platform, social media or business other than my own, simply because all of these entities and social media such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and others are all a bunch of Leftist Globalist Establishment which freely and without hesitation or supervision, block the freedom of speech, indoctrinate and brainwash the masses like cattle to follow their own agenda!

Iran Politics Club Leaves Facebook

Protected Groups on the Social Media

Certain Groups such as Liberals, Socialists, Muslims, Transgenders and so on are protected and one cannot even talk about them set aside criticize them on these Tech Giants. The Tech Giants’ goal is to promote Globalism, Socialism, Liberalism, Islam, Fake Global Warming, Transgender Bathrooms, Militant Homosexualism, Black Lives Matter Terrorism, Gun Control, Outsourcing, and other liberal nonsense rather to focus on the American Workers and their well beings. Of course, the Tech Giants are doing what they do to make billions by standing on the back of the American Workers and causing them misery.

Tech Giants Disconnect with the American People

Tech Giants’ issues are Fantastic Manmade Fake Global Warming, Transgender Bathrooms, Gay Marriage, and Saving Art and Music on Public TV PBS, but the Average American Joe and Jane’s issues are how to make ends meet and put food on the table! Tech Giants are disconnected from the American People and that is why Trump got elected!

Farewell to Social Media

I spend a good amount of my time and my crew's time creating and maintaining pages on Tribunes such as Facebook (IPC Facebook) or Amazon (Ahreeman X Profile on Amazon). I say something politically incorrect. They dictate to me on how to conduct myself on Social Media, censor me and preach to me. I tell them thanks for the Bull Shiite but FAQ you very much and I close down my portal such as I closed down the IPC Facebook and I closed down my profile on Amazon.

It is very hard for me to accept lectures from little nobodies on how to behave in a liberal politically correct world! You have to admit that for me, it is a little too much to hear moral lectures from some little piss ant millennial on Facebook or Amazon to teach me how to behave!

I studied for 21 years to earn my Doctorate Degree and taught for so many years and educated a great number of the youth and future generation in my university classes and through my website online. It is very hard for me to digest Bull Shiite from some loser employee of Facebook, Amazon or other Tech Giants! That is why I shall no more waste my time for years and decades building platforms for other social media, forums and portals, so I end up closing it down due to lack of freedom of speech. I am done making Amazon rich, making Facebook popular or simply wasting my talent on other sites. What I need to do is to focus on my own website and network.

May this be a wake-up call for Amazon because unlike the other Tech Giants, Amazon is a Retail Online Business and must stay out of politics.

If I belie in something, then I would work hard to grow it, flourish it and help making it great. For decades I have done that with Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon Community ANTIFA made me to lose my faith in Amazon. Since this incident, I have sold much of my shares in Amazon and of course made out like a bandit with a fortune! I really have no desire to shop Amazon, nor to write anymore reviews for Amazon. My association with Amazon is on shaky grounds and only time will tell that how long it will last. There are no shortage of advertisers or affiliate programs who are jumping each other’s shoulders to work with IPC. Hey, Walmart is right at the corner!

Amazon due to incompetence, indifference and betrayal of trust, has lost my love, respect and faith. I devoted years and decades to Amazon and unfortunately Amazon pissed it all away! After reading this article, no matter what steps Jeff Bezos and Amazon Executives will take, it will be surely hard to regain and restore my love, devotion and faith in Amazon.

Persians are wise people. There are some great Persian expressions which makes a lot of sense to state about this situation:

“Die for someone who at least gets fever for you!”

“Once you break the vase, it is hard to put it back together!”

I leave y‘all (now that’s Southern) with these Persian Expressions to ponder about and I end this expose with the hope for the American people to wise up about the immediate threat of the Tech Giants to their first and second amendments. I also end this expose with the hope for Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Executives to finally come to their senses, investigate the Amazon Community and cleanse it from the Amazon ANTIFA. As I have stated before,

“Amazon is an Online Retail Business, it does not need ANTIFA!”

It is time for the Tech Giants to digest this bitter fact:

On 2016, a Revolution had occurred in America and the National Populist Movement had won the election. Its leader became the president and American People took control of their own government. The American people ended or are trying to end the grips of these groups:

GOP Establishment
Liberal Establishment
Washington DC Establishment
Academic Establishment
Hollywood Establishment
Corporate Media Establishment
Global Corporations Establishment
And now
Tech Giants Establishment

Welcome to the New America.

No ANTIFA sign
Fight ANTIFA anywhere you see them because they are enemies of Free Speech, Gun Ownership, America and American Workers.

You cannot go against the will of the American People because the American People will make or break you.

More power to the people


Dr. X

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