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Amazon Censorship, the Final Verdict
Amazon Cartoons


Amazon Censorship, the Final Verdict
Amazon Cartoons

Ahreeman X
September 8, 2018

Evil Amazon Logo

Background Information

I have been an Amazon stockholder, associate, customer and reviewer since Jeff Bezos created Amazon. As an insider to the Amazon’s System, I know Amazon policies and business model like the palm of my hand, and trust me, I know the palm of my hand very well! This topic is about Amazon’s censorship of reviewers and discrimination against the conservative clients. In general, it is a part from the whole movement of Tech Giants’ censorship and mind control of the people. This is my story.

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Amazon Censorship Cartoon by Ahreeman X

Amazon Response

After I sent my final analysis, bits o wisdom and suggestions to Amazon, I have received various e-mails from them. A number of executives and managers from various departments including the office of Jeff Bezos e-mailed me back. Without going in to details, I state that they read the e-mail and the article in detail and more or less, they came up with something like this:

“We have read your e-mail in depth and we researched and investigated the issues which you have brought forward.” (They always read thoroughly but do they get it?!)

“We appreciate your years of clientship, patronage and trust in Amazon and we thank you for your time and effort.” (Flatteries)

“Our policy is to provide service for everyone and allow every segment of the society to express their opinion. We are open to every opinion.” (Denial of the Facts)

“We are hoping to see you back, very soon” (With a Big Smiley)

Executive of This
Executive of That
Manager of This
Manager of That
Office of Jeff Bezos
Executive on Behalf of Jeff Bezos
And So On …..

Amazon Dollar Feeding Machine Engine Cartoon Animation

So basically, they‘all (now that’s Southern!), handed me some politically correct, liberal, globalist, corporate Bull Shiite (now that’s Ahreemanic!) from the dusted ancient Amazon handbook of “Bang and Bologna” Excuses to solve the problems by handing some prime ”Bull Shiite” to the opposing party and then trying to pretend that the issue is solved because in fact there is no issue. They do this task very well, via “Putting Shiite on Shingle”, old fashion style! Amazon Executives and Team Leaders are masters of this trade.

Amazon Escaped Worker Cartoon

What Amazon has Become

Naturally I was expecting this! Obviously, Jeff Bezos is way too high on fortune and power of being the richest man in the globe (worth $ 150 Billion), pushing his globalist agenda, purely for greed, control and power via steamrolling on his own Amazon policies (which I know by heart thus I been there since the beginning) and spewing Anti Trump lies and propaganda via Washington Post (Amazon Lobby)! Jeff Bezos is too busy attending to his new ventures (overseas markets) and plots (Washington Post) to get back to basics at Amazon enforcing the original Amazon Principles.

Amazon panders to its greatest number of clienteles, now Overseas (Europe, Asia) and Millennial Liberals (America) which are both Anti Trump National Populist Agenda and MAGA (Make America Great Again). Amazon is willing to lose its Conservative and National Populist clientele, so it can venture overseas, advance its globalist corporate agenda and to remain powerfully relevant amongst the “Establishment Swamp” of Washington DC!

Now that is Jeff Bezos in a nutshell and it is amazing how money changes people! Maybe Jeff Bezos was never high on patriotism, noble goals, human decency and morality to begin with, but at least he had principles; however, now, he obviously had turned his back to everything!

How can you explain that the richest man in the world cannot even provide his employees with proper salaries, medical plan, retirement and benefits to the point that the Low-Level Amazon Employees have to go on Food Stamp to survive?! There are Amazon employees who are struggling to the point that they live in their cars or hotels! And this is happening while thanks to the Trump Economy:

American Economy is at All Time High
GDP is at 4.2
Unemployment is Greatly Low
Black, Hispanic, Oriental, and Youth Unemployment is at All Time Low
Even High School Graduates’ Unemployment is at All Time Low
Trump Fair Trade Deals with EU, Mexico and Overseas brings in New Revenues
Regulation Cuts have produced new American manufacturing and jobs
Tax cuts have put more money in American pockets
4 million new jobs created
Country is prospering like never before
Security and safety are restored like never before
Wall is being built
Illegal Immigration is at all time low
Law and Order Rules Again
America is Respected globally and feared by the enemies
Terrorism is basically defeated
People are lifted from food stamp and welfare, back to work
Military is stronger than ever

In other words,
MAGA is being accomplished.

But this greatness does not include Amazon Low level employees because Jeff Bezos’ greed and globalist agenda to remain powerful as a base for the “Establishment Swamp” overrides the welfare of his employees!

Furthermore, Amazon has become global and powerful. Of course, Jeff Bezos has become more rich, powerful and controlling but at the cost of sacrificing his own “Amazon Policies” (at least in the Amazon Community), open and wide censorship of opinions (reviewers), abandoning the basic needs of his low-level employees (driving them to poverty level while American Economy is at its greatest) and actively sabotaging Trump Agenda of MAGA via his Fake News Washington Post!

Jeff Bezos Dr. Evil Octopus Cartoon
Jeff Bezos Dr. Evil Octopus has become a Multi-National Global Corporate CEO with his tentacles dipped into every field and business sucking the life force out of everything.

As always, I give credit to Jeff Bezos for his innovation and entrepreneurship of creating the Amazon to serve the society and aid the humans by making the shopping and the life easy for them; however, through the years, Amazon has diverted from its original goals and have become a part of the “Hi-Tech Swamp”, actively controlling minds, committing censorship, advancing a globalist corporate political agenda and sabotaging MAGA. Jeff Bezos has created a Monster. In fact, Jeff Bezos has become the Monster!

Readers' Critic of Me

Some readers criticize me on why am I still making business with Amazon? “Ahreeman, you are a hypocrite”, they say!

It is simple, business like politics is a bastard and has no parents (Persian Expression)!

“Politics is a Bastard and has no Parents”
(Siyasat pedar o madar nadare!)

Business like politics, also has no parents! It is all business. What do they say? It’s the Economy Stupid!

While not working for Amazon (but working with them), I try to keep a mutual business relationship, beneficial and functional for both parties (Amazon and I), while doing my best to keep my hands and conscience clean by not oppressing any Amazon Low-Level Employee and not betraying MAGA, our National Populist Revolution and the Leader of our Revolution, Trump.

Business must go on, IPC must survive, I must produce wealth (stocks) to keep this ship going and by doing so, help the National Populist Agenda in America and Iran.

Allow me to quote myself,

“To keep the Revolution Train moving, sometimes we have to not only dump coal to fuel the engine but even the fine wood furniture!”
(Ahreeman X)

“During every Revolutionary’s life, there were times that he had to get help from all the wrong sources to continue his Revolution. After all, Ends justifies the Means!”
(Ahreeman X)

At least I am focused on my original goal and I do my business transactions for the sake of a higher cause to get this ship going.

My Verdict on Amazon

Let’s see,

As of then,
I was an Amazon Stockholder, Customer, Associate and Reviewer.

As of now,
I am no more an Amazon Reviewer.
Because I seized playing the game.

I am Less of a Stockholder.
Because I sold the majority of my stocks, and made a huge profit.

I am still an Amazon Customer.
Because Shopping at Amazon is still a thrill.

I am still an Amazon Associate.
Because you can’t teach an old dog, new tricks!

While I do not work for Amazon, I work with Amazon, but much less.
I try to maintain a balance and not cross the point of no return.
I try to make business while keeping myself clean.
I try to survive without feeling dirty!

All Hi-Tech Giants are Liberal Corporate Globalist Entities.
All Hi-Tech Giants are parts of the Establishment Swamp.
All Hi-Tech Giants are a Wing of the Democrat Party.
(No more Democratic Party because they are not Democratic)

All Hi-Tech Giants are Evil
In a way, I deal with a lesser Evil (Amazon) than the Greater Evil (Google, Facebook, Twitter)!

What do Persians say?

“Disease is Better than Death!”
(Maraz behtar az Marg-e!)

Don’t you just love the way that I always shove in some Persian Expressions in between the paragraphs of my articles and try to translate them to English while somehow, they still make sense?!

Amazon ANTIFA Censorship Banner Cartoon by Ahreeman X

"Sometimes, you have to get a mild flu (Flu Shot) to fight the heavy flu!"
(Ahreeman X)

In Hope of Better Days ……
Be Smart, be a Thinker and Don’t be a Sheep!


Dr. X


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