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Analogy of the IRI System in the USA Terms!
Analogy of the IRI System in the USA Terms!
Hypothetical Analogy of the IRI Constitutional Power Setup in American Terms
Lawrence of Persia (LOP)

Keep on reading the article, maybe a light will shine!

This will only be meaningful to people who understand the American system of government fairly well. If it does not make much sense to you, don't worry. The actual IRI setup is discussed on another page.

How the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) Government works?

· Suppose that, according to the US Constitution, every potential candidate for President, the Senate or the House of Representatives had to receive the approval of a 12 man committee appointed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) before he could actually run for office.

· Suppose that any legislation coming out of the Congress had to be ratified by this NRA committee before it could become law and that this committee indeed had total veto authority.

· Suppose that the head of the NRA had the constitutional authority to dismiss the President and/or the Congress if he saw fit.

· Suppose that the heads of all armed services, police forces, broadcast media and the Supreme Court were appointed directly by the head of the NRA.

· Suppose that the head of the NRA, not the President, was the Commander in Chief of the armed forces.

· Now suppose that the next NRA-approved Democratic Presidential candidate ran on a platform calling for tough new federal gun control legislation!

How much would you trust him to keep his campaign promises?

Still Confused?
Well so are we!

Does IRI System makes sense to you?
If not, don't worry, it also doesn't make much sense to the Iranians!

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