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An-e Qolabi (Fake Feces) - Revolutionary
Part One
Part 1
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An-e Qolabi (Fake Feces)

Part One


In my youth, I was brain-washed to think that Russian people did revolution coz they
believed in communism. This is pure bullshit.

It was as if to be cool u had to be a revolutionary intellectual, which meant u had to
go against the regime to impress others. There were millions of books in Miran, but
young people bragged about how they were reading banned books. I went to so much
trouble to get a copy of Mother by the idiot Maxim Gorky, who supported an asshole
killer like Lenin.

There was only 2 years age difference between Lenin & Gorky.
Lenin was the son of a hereditary noble!

Gorky was raised by abusive father who pushed him out of the house before he'd
reached adolescence. Gorky helped underwrite the tiny Bolshevik party. Lenin
hounded Gorky to send him money. Within weeks of the so called "revolution", Gorky
wrote: Lenin supporters, imagining that they are Napoleons of socialism, are frenziedly
finishing up the process of destroying Russia, & the Russian people will pay for it with
lakes of blood …. Lenin is a leader & a Russian nobleman … !!!

Gorky's newspaper was shut down & Lenin asked him to move abroad for a while.
Later Gorky went back to Russia & sided with the Bolshevik party. Gorky's mistress,
his secretary & his son were all working for secret police.

Wow, some culture & some "revolution". Gorky first is against the Bolsheviks, then
joins them, but even then his own son was spying on him for the secret police!

In fact Russian people were nothing but pee-pole, just like Miranians, mostly
gaav/olaaq dehaati peasants.

What follows is from a great book by Richard Pipes:
Russia under the Bolshevik regime 1919-1924

My comments are in [-- …….. --]

KIR stands for Khomeini's Islamic Regime/Republic

KK stands for K* Kesh.
MJ is another Miranian insult.


Truth is stranger than Fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick
to possibilities; Truth is not - mark twain

Socialist-Revolutionaries, who routinely condemned the
repressive policies of the Bolsheviks, proved themselves
distinctly authoritarian, censoring critical newspapers,
..., installing officials who quickly acquired the
characteristics of tsarist bureaucrats, including a
fondness for privileges & luxuries.

when one considers the enormous advantages of the
Bolsheviks, mostly the result of their early conquest
of central Russia, the surprising thing is not that
they won the Civil War, but that it took them 3 years to do it.

Many idiots made films for Bolshevik killers brainwashing people that
the battleship Potemkin caused people to do the revolution.
3 yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs of civil war!
It was no F*ing revolution n Russia.
If Russia had real "people", or if at least there was some unity among them,
there was no way a bunch of killers could do what they did.
Same thing is true about Miran.


Britain gave a lot of direct aid to the 'white Russians',
who fought the red army. Churchill said:
the actual expense, apart from munitions, was not a tithe
as great. The munitions themselves, though they had been
most costly to produce, were only an unmarketable surplus
of the great war, to which no money value can be assigned.
Had they been kept in our hands till they mouldered, they
would only have involved additional charges for storage,
care & maintenance.

No wonder every few years, there is a major war somewhere on this planet.
It is to clear off the weapons the Masters don't need, so they just give them
away out of the goodness of their kind hearts. But the corrupt rulers always
end up paying a fortune for it & put their countries under debt, over & over.
Jallal Khaaleq!



2/3 of the world's Jews lived in Russian empire. Jews were
entirely excluded from civil service & officer ranks in the
armed forces (the only ethnic group subject to this disability).
The secular Jews, who no longer fitted into the traditional
Jewish society, found most avenues of advancement in the
dominant Christian society blocked to them. The artificial
obstacles to their education & career opportunities drove
Jewish youths into revolutionary activity.

After 1917, Jews, for the 1st time in Russian history, made
an appearance as government officials. So after the revolution
Jews suddenly showed up in parts of the country where they
had never been seen before. Russians saw the Jews as judge
& executioner & comparing the past with present, concluded
that the Bolshevik regime was Jewish & therefore diabolical.
Trotsky was a Jew.

Hatred of the Jews was one of the most prominent feature
of the Russian life after 1917.
Everybody else had lost from the revolution, except the Jews
who benefited from it. This led to the conclusion that Jews
had masterminded the revolution.
This view got justification from the book protocol-of-Zion, a
forgery fostered,& perhaps partly created, by the tsarist police.
Its argument was that Jews were secretly conspiring to conquer
& subjugate mankind appeared prophetic in the light of events in Russia.
At the start of communist regime, buildings were occasionally
decorated with the 6-pointed Star of David. The 5-pointed star
or pentagram that the red army adopted in 1918 as its emblem
was known to be a Masonic design, & for many Russians Freemasonry
was synonymous with Jewry.
Bolsheviks of Jewish origin not only did not think of themselves
as Jews but resented being regarded as such.


Initially, anti-Bolshevik Russians thought that Lenin's regime was
a German creation, which resulted from the German money/support he
received while in exile. They thought it would collapse, after WW1 &
the German withdrawal from Russia, but Bolsheviks stayed in power after
WW1. So the needed a new scapegoat & chose the Jews.

The white-army became infected with hatred of the Jews & lust for
vengeance. But most of the massacres were done by the Ukrainian irregulars
& Cossacks. It was often inspired by ordinary greed, rather than by religious
or national passions. They were done, not by the local people who lived
with Jews, buy by the outsiders, either gangs of brigands & deserters formed
to engage in rape/plunder, or by Cossack units for whom looting was a diversion
from fighting. Almost everywhere, looting was accompanied by rape, the victims
were often killed afterwards. The Cossacks, had been lured away from their
settlements not by the vision of a restored & unified Russia but by prospect of
loot & rape. One Cossack commander said that after hard fighting his boys
deserved 4 or 5 days of 'rest'.

It was the allegation that the 'international Jewry' invented communism as
an instrument to destroy Christian(or 'Aryan') civilization that provided the
ideological & psychological foundation of the Nazi 'final solution'. Russian
extremist alleged that all the leaders of the Soviet state were Jews. Sir Eyre
Crowe, a senior official in the British foreign office , ...observed 'that what
may appear ... to be outrage against Jews, may in the eyes of the Ukrainians
be retaliation against the horrors committed by the Bolsheviks who are all
organized & directed by the Jews.'

The facts are that Jews undeniably played in the Bolshevik party & the early
Soviet apparatus a role disproportionate to their share of the population.
The number of Jews active in the communism in Russia & abroad was striking:
in Hungary they furnished 95% of the leading figures. But then Jews are a very
active people, prominent in many fields. According to Werner Sombart, they
invented capitalism.

They constitute less than 0.3% of the world population, but in the 1st 70 years
of the Nobel prizes, Jews won 24% of the awards in physiology & medicine
& 20% of those in physics.

This is a very important point.
Enough about the Jews, let's talk about the Muslims, the cream of God's creation.
There are millions of them around in so many countries, often breeding nonstop
with 4 wives, even when they are so poor that they can't even feed their kids.
But what have they contributed to the civilization in the last 200 years?
How many no-bell prize winners do they have?
The Goh Mullahs in the SHIT version of Islam have dreamed about being in
power for centuries, but when they do in Miran, they completely destroy the whole
country with hate & corruption & revenge & incompetence. But even then they are
not happy, they want to export their destruction to the whole world!
What is the point of a religion if not only it hasn't delivered any form of salvation
in centuries, but it has created nothing but gaav/olaaq to serve filthy Mullahs?
But it would be too easy to blame the Mullahs for everything. Like it or not, Mullahs
are true Miranians, created by the Goh culture of Miran, which they in turn brainwashed
to create following a shit religion. It's all a vicious cycle, created by the Safavi in Miran.

What amazes me is that if religion is that important to kill for, then how could a culture
change religion like underpants? They follow religion-A, then Arabs invade them &
they are forced to follow religion-B, then Safavi force them to follow religion-C. I can
understand people pretending to follow another religion for 1-20 years, but not for
centuries. Why didn't they go back to their own old religion after the force was no
longer there? Many Russians did it. How come the Jews still have their religion, after
so many centuries of prosecution?


According to Mussolini, 4 or the 7 founders of the Fascist part were Jews.
Hitler said that Jews were among the early financial
supporters of the Nazi movement.

The Jews in communist ranks didn't speak for the Jews, because they had
broken with them long before the revolution. They represented no one
but themselves.

During the revolution & civil war, the Bolshevik party was very much a
minority party, a self-selected body whose membership did not reflect
the politics of the population: Lenin admitted that the communists were
a drop of water in the nation's sea. The results of the elections to the
constituent assembly indicate that Bolshevik support came not from the
region of Jewish concentration, but from the armed forces & the cities
of Great Russia, which had hardly any Jews.


... marauders, mostly Cossacks, robbed, killed & raped.
All semblance of authority disappeared.
Russians were accustomed to being told what to do: traditionally,
political initiative took for them the form of defiance. But now
when there was no one to give orders & therefore no one to defy,
they foundered. Foreign observers were struck by the fatalism
of Russians in the face of disaster: one of them remarked that
when in distress, the women cry & the men take to drink.

Gaav/Olaaq can not have democracy.
They are too used to be kicked around & can't be civilized over night.

I think this "political initiative took for them the form of defiance" was
very true in Miran too. Every Goh would shout against the regime, if he
could, to raise his own profile/EGO. So when the regime fell, they all went
crazy to fight each other for power without thinking what they were doing to
the country & their own future/lives.

This also happened in Afghanistan, where different groups took over periodically.
See if u can find something wrong with this picture:

Group-A , true devout Muslims, fought the enemy & took over & people liked them,
huge crowd danced in streets for 7 days & 7 nights, men had to shaved their beards,
but then they started raping & looting & killing.

Then, Group-B , true devout Muslims, fought the enemy & took over & people liked
them, huge crowd danced in streets for 7 days & 7 nights, men had to grow beards,
but then they started raping & looting & killing.

Then, Group-C , true devout Muslims, fought the enemy & took over & people liked
them, huge crowd danced in streets for 7 days & 7 nights, men had to shaved their beards,
but then they started raping & looting & killing.

Many changed sides, now fighting for group-A, now fighting for group-B, now back
to group-A, now fighting for group-C!

Top leader/commander of group-X tortured many women & children, but then he was
captured by group-Z & was asked "how could u torture women?", he replied "well,
I didn't agree with the idea of torturing women" ….!

Can u see anything wrong?

But in all these years of nightmare, the victim pee-pole always end up blaming
1 person for the atrocities. Oh, it was Dostum, it was Golbeddin, it was X, it
was Y. Or blamed the group: Mujahedin did it, Taliban did it.

Some even blame super powers. But if X or Y hadn't done the killings, thousands
of others, all true believer devout Muslims, would have done far worst. So it's not the X
or Y, but the damn CULTURE which has created such killer asshole idiots who could
destroy their own country & kill/rape their own people.

Why didn't the idiot gaav/olaaq do anything to end/fix the nightmare?
They are very quick to blame X or Y to remove any responsibility form themselves.
Oh no, what could we do?

They also remove any blame from Islam, by blaming groups or individuals. Oh yes,
Islam is very holy & teaches people to be kind & holy. If people turn out to be asshole
killers, it's because they don't follow Islam properly. Wow, how could so many groups
of killers, rule in the name of Islam, butcher thousands, people like them coz they are
Muslims, but then not follow Islam properly?! Even worst, how could fanatic people
who would beat/kill others for not following Islam properly & give "Fatwaa", just
sit back & let their killer asshole rulers do despicable things, ruining Islam?!

Many Goh Miranians bragged that they got rid of the Shah & that "we did revolution"!
Well, how could such no-bell ane-qollaabi end up eating from Mullahs arses for 25
years of nightmare, constantly complaining about this/that, but never do anything
to fix the problem. Always selling their own mothers to join the corrupt regime or
leave the country to live in luxury in khaarej? All the time blaming this or that
Mullah, while bragging that they are no-bell pee-pole of Persia.

And speaking of "when in distress, the women cry & the men take to drink", Miranians
do faaleh Haafez & rozeh-khuni & sineh-zani & everybody cries. Many take taryaak
& drink alcohol, against their own "religion" & say bikhiyaal.


... in Allied circles it was taken for granted that a regime
that maintained itself in power had to enjoy popular support,
and, conversely, one that failed to do so, lacked it.
General ward ... responded with a perfectly sensible question,
"how did a one-man government exist in Russia from Ivan the
terrible to Nicholas II?"

A civil war is not a popularity contest. There exist no evidence
that the Russian or Ukrainian peasants, given a free choice
between reds & whites, would have opted for the former.
For while it is true that the reds had turned over to the
communes the private holdings of the landlords & their
fellow peasants, ..., they nullified whatever popularity
this policy had gained them with their brutal policy of food
extractions & class war on the villages.

The population was always either an entirely passive element,
or, in the shape of Green & other bands, an element equally
hostile to both sides. The civil war between the reds & whites
was always conducted by relatively insignificant minorities,
against the astounding passivity of the vast majority of the

Yes indeed, masses of Gaav/Olaaq "was always an entirely passive element",
they were borne & bred to be passive. The Minority ane-qollaabi, did nothing
major for over 30 years, then when they saw the Masters wanted the old regime out,
they all went crazy with LUST for POWER!
No matter which Goh opposition group had won the "civil war" in Miran, they would
have all turned into killer butcher dictators, each with its own secret police, always
"against the astounding passivity of the vast majority of the population".


Lenin was realist enough to know that his regime was popular.
He held both Russian workers & peasants in contempt. He did not
claim that the Bolsheviks won the war because they had the
people behind them. it is for this reason that the Bolsheviks
would hear nothing of convening a constituent assembly-
something all white regimes were committed to do- & compelled
the socialist-revolutionaries to abandon this slogan.

The main base of Bolshevik support came not from the people
at large, the 'masses', but from the communist party apparatus,
which grew by leaps & bounds during the civil war. People were
enrolled without much scrutiny, to provide administrative cadres
& to stiffen the ranks of the army: their loyalty was assured by
the fact that if the whites won, they faced retribution & possible
death. They joined because membership offered privileges &
security in a society in which extreme poverty & insecurity were
the rule. Like all successful revolutionaries, the Bolsheviks
brought into being a clientele with a vital interest in the
preservation of the new regime: this they accomplished by
distributing to their followers assets & jobs. The beneficiaries
of this largesse(at someone else's expense) had an overriding
stake in preventing a restoration of both the monarchy & democracy.

In Miran, KK Mullahs had known for centuries that people hated their fat guts.
Fully knowing that POWER was everything in Miran, they took it, with blessing
from the Masters, & started the killing & torture to shut off the opposition groups.
Using 16 yo Goh qaaltaaq laat savage kids, who were most happy to be "respected" &
make good money for a change, to rule by fear & terror.

Now, all the KK Mullahs know that Miranians will break every bone in their bodies
if the KIR falls, so they will bend over for the Masters begging them not to remove
them. Selling off & destroying the country in the process, like they always have done.



The 5 million Russian Jews were in a category all their own.
Threatened in the early modern period by proto-reformation
movements known as the "hudaizing heresy", the orthodox church
insisted that no Jew be allowed to set foot on Russian soil.
Until the middle of the 18 century, there were no Jews in Russia.
Then in the 2nd half the 18 century, as a result of the partition
of Poland, Russia acquired over 1 million Jewish subjects.
They were not only the largest Jewish community in the world, but
the center of rabbinical learning, Yiddish culture & Zionism.


Bolsheviks seized power not to change Russia but to use Russia
as a springboard for a world revolution. Lenin said "we assert
that the interests of the socialism, the interests of world socialism are
superior to national interests, to the interests of the state."

In the spring of 1919, communist activities abroad were given
a more organized structure in the form of the communist international
(Komintern or Comintern).

Trotsky adopted the term 'fellow-travelers' to be applied to
Russian writers who cooperated with but did not join the
communists. It was extended to include foreign sympathizers.
As the operating methods of the Comintern became better known &
it was realized that all communists were acting under orders of
Moscow, they came to be perceived as soviet agents.

Material self-interest, & not only in the narrow commercial
sense, was a powerful motive for turning into a communist
mouthpiece. George Orwell's animal farm was rejected by 14
publishers on the grounds of being too anti-soviet. Western
journalists could make a name for themselves by being accredited
to Moscow, and there enjoy a style of life quite beyond
the reach of their colleagues.

John Reed's disillusionment with bolshevism began with his
return to Russian in Oct 1919, when he became aware of how
Russian communists manipulated the Comintern, which he had
joined & what misery they had brought to Russia's rural
population. He died of typhus in 1920,a thoroughly
disenchanted man. Others had an easier time of it. Reed's widow,
Louise Bryant, managed to accommodate herself to unpleasant
experience in soviet Russia & even to find good word for the
red terror. This terror, she insisted, was a policy forced on
such sensitive men as Lenin & Dzerzhinskii (Cheka boss!) by
circumstances beyond their control: "it was(Dzerzhinskii's)
duty to see that the prisoners were quickly & humanely disposed
of. He performed this grim task with a dispatch & an efficiency
for which even the condemned must have been grateful, in that
nothing is more horrible than an executioner whose hand trembles
& whose heart wavers." She chose to eulogize soviet communism
from Cote d'Azure, where she had settled with her millionaire
husband, William Bullit.

This reminds me of a guy by the name of Irandust, on payvand, telling people how
Miran was so nice & how Miranians liked to be ruled by the KIR, but he himself
lived in Khaarej coz his wife couldn't live in Miran.
Jallal Khaaleq, isn't there any limit to Miranian stupidity?



As had been the case with revolutionary France, the great
powers were not unhappy to see a traditional rival weakened
by internal turmoil. The Germans in 1918, & Lloyd George as
well as Joseph Pilsudski in 1919, acted on the assumption
tat Bolshevik Russia presented less of a threat than would a
restored national Russia. This consideration helped them suppress
their loathing of communism & fear of its subversive activities.

Western powers could not immediately grant recognition to the
soviet government ... because of its reputation as an outlaw regime.
Bolshevik's worst offence was repudiating the country's debt &
nationalizing foreign properties.
As of Jan 1918, the Russian state debt, domestic & foreign, was
estimated at 60 billion rubles (30 billion dollars).
Lloyd George predicted that "the moment trade is established
with Russia, communism will go." British experts saw great economic
advantages accruing to the west from such trade. In Dec 1919,
the Allies agreed in Paris to terminate military intervention in
soviet Russia & to resume normal commercial relations with her.

The German socialists knew the Bolsheviks from long association in the
2nd International & treated them with unconcealed disdain.


General Seeckt initiated in 1919 secret military negotiations with
soviet Russia with the view to circumventing those provisions of the
Versailles treaty that denied the German army the sinews of modern
warfare: aviation, heavy artillery, tanks & poison gas. The collaboration
continued in greatest secrecy until 1933, was to prove of immense
importance to both the German & Soviet armies in preparing them for

In Seeckt's view, Germany's unchangeable objective was political &
economic understanding with great Russia. It lay in Germany's interest
to help reconstruct Russia economically: while Russia needed Germany
as a source of know-how & organization, Germany required Russian
raw material & foodstuffs.

"Only in firm cooperation with a great Russia does Germany stand a
chance of regaining her position as a world power ... it is quite immaterial
whether we like or dislike the new Russia everybody's eyes should
be opened to the fact that the sole purpose of creating Poland, Lithuania,
Latvia was to erect a wall to separate Germany from Russia."

It was in Germany's interest that Russia defeated Poland because Moscow
was helping her fight "Anglo-Saxon capitalism & imperialism."
"the future belongs to Russia: she was inexhaustible & unconquerable.
If Germany sides with Russia then she herself will become invincible."

Collaboration with soviet Russia was also favored by German industrialists
alarmed by the prospect of shrinking markets for their manufactures in a
world dominated by the victorious Anglo-Saxons.

Lenin made no secret of importance he attached to propaganda: in a
conversation with Bertrand Russell he identified it as one of the 2 factors
that had enabled his government to survive against overwhelming
odds (the other being the disunity of his opponents).


Russian emigres tried to inform Europeans & Americans about the
soviet regime. In 1920s Germany became a haven for Russian right-wing
exiles, many of them uprooted Baltic Germans. These emigres established
connections with German nationalists & injected into their ideology the
notion that communism & Jewry were one & the same. It was they who
popularized in the west the protocol of the elders of the Zion, until then
an obscure pamphlet available only in Russian.

The distinguishing quality of Russian radicalism had always been an
uncompromising extremism, an "all or nothing" & "go for broke" attitude
that scorned compromise. It derived from the fact that before seizing
power Russian radicals, intellectuals with a small following & no
influence on policy, had nothing but ideas to give them a sense of
identity. Western radicals wanted to reshape rather than destroy the
existing order: the Russians, by contrast, saw little in their country worthy
of preservation. Because of this profound difference in political philosophy,
this Russian nihilism, the Bolsheviks had difficulty communicating with their
western sympathizers. In the Russian eyes, they were not true communists.

For the KK Mullahs, it was the reverse. The majority of the Muslims in the world
didn't regard them as true Muslims. In fact other Muslim countries turned against
them & funded uncle Saddam, who was also a true devout non-SHIIT Muslim, to
go to war with Miran. The SHIIT Muslims in Miran & Iraq were so stupid that
they killed each other, their own holy SHIIT Muslim brothers, for 8 years.



Mussolini & Hitler used the specter of communism to frighten
their population into surrendering to them dictatorial powers.
Both learned a great deal from Bolshevik techniques in building
up a party personally loyal to them to seize power & establish
a one-party dictatorship.

Mussolini, like Lenin, headed the antirevisionist wing of the
country's socialist party; like him, he believed that the worker
was not by nature a revolutionary & had to be prodded to radical
action by an intellectual elite.

According to Carl Friedrich, the elite theory has been a dominant
theme in the history of western thought in the last 3 generations.
"The dominion of an organized minority, obeying a single impulse,
over the unorganized majority is inevitable. The power of any
minority is irresistible as against each single individual in the
majority, who stands alone before the totality of the organized
minority. At the same time, the minority is organized for the
very reason that it is a minority. A 100 men acting uniformly
in concert, with a common understanding, will triumph over a
1000 men who are not in accord & can therefore be dealt with
one by one."

And now the elite Masters got the whollllllllllllllle world in their hands totally
in control of media & most governments, including all the Muslims ones.
Lets hope they see the light & start thinking about education for the mass cattle
in the poor countries.



Sergio Panuzio said: I'm firmly convinced that only the present
war (WW1)- & the more acute & prolonged it is- will unleash
in Europe socialism or revolutionary action.

Lenin welcomed the outbreak of WW1 & hoped that it would
be long & devastating. Throughout WW1 Lenin rejected all
manifestations of pacifism in the Russian & international socialist
movements, insisting that the mission of socialists was not to
stop the war but transform it into a civil conflict, that is, a

Yes indeed, the MF didn't give a shit about the people, he only wanted POWER.
Just like his blood brother, KK Khomeini, who had people burnt in a cinema so
that he could put the blame on the old regime.


Socialists rejected Mussolini & he founded the Fascist movement
as a vehicle for political ambitions that could not be accommodated
in his old home, the socialist party.

In 1933, Mussolini publicly urged Stalin to follow the Fascist model
, & in 1938, when Stalin had completed the most horrendous bloodbath
in history, he bestowed on him the ultimate accolade: "in the face of the
total collapse of the system of Lenin, Stalin has become a secret

Bolshevism & Fascism were heresies of socialism.


The vision of Jewry as a disciplined supranational community,
commanded by body of invisible superiors, first emerged in
the wake of the French revolution. For although Jews played no
part in it, counterrevolutionary ideologist saw them as culprits,
in part because they benefited from revolutionary legislation
granting them civic equality, & in part because they were
popularly linked with the Masonic movement, which French
royalists blamed for 1789. By the 1870s, German extremists
claimed that all Jews, whatever their citizenship, were governed
by a secret international organization. Prior to the Russian
revolution anti-Semitism gained widespread acceptance in
Europe, mainly in reaction to the appearance of Jews as
equals in societies that had been accustomed to treating
them as pariah caste, & from disappointment that even after
being emancipated, they refused to assimilate. Jews were
disliked for what was seen as their clannishness & secretiveness,
their allegedly "parasitic" economic pursuits, & their Levantine
manners. But they were not feared. The fear of the Jews came
with the Russian revolution, & turned out to be one of its
most disastrous legacies.

Kaiser, who bore greater responsibility for WW1 than anyone else,
blamed it on the Jews while the fighting was still in progress.
General Ludendorff claimed that Jews had not only helped England
& France to bring Germany to her knees, but perhaps directed both.
"the leadership of the Jewish people saw in the coming of the world
war a means of realizing its political & economic objectives, to win
for Jews in Palestine a state territory & recognition as a nation, &
to win for themselves in Europe & America suprastatal & supracapitalist

Norman Cohn estimates that by the time Hitler took power, there
were at least 28 editions of the protocol of Zion in circulation
in Germany.

The earliest Nazi platform, published in 1919, designated as Germany's
enemies first the Jews, then the Versailles treaty, & thirdly the Marxist, by
which were meant the social-democrats, not the communists, with whom
the Nazis maintained friendly contacts.

The rational for the Nazi extermination of Jews came from Russian right-wing
circles: it was Vinberg & his friends who first called publicly for the physical
extermination of Jews. The Jewish holocaust thus turned out to be one of the
many unanticipated & unintended consequences of the Russian revolution.


In 1920s, the protocols became an international best-seller.
It was only after he read the protocols that Hitler turned anti-communist.
Rosenberg left a permanent mark on Nazi ideology. The party was rabidly
anti-Semitic from the moment of its foundation in 1919, but it became obsessed
with Russian communism only in 1921-22; & this seems to have been largely
Rosenberg's doing.

As a political phenomenon, Nazism was 2 things: a technique of manipulating
the masses to give the appearance of popular participation in the political
process; & a system of government in which the German national socialist
labor party monopolized power & transformed the institutions of the state into
its instruments. In both instances the influence of Marxism in both its original
& Bolshevik guises was unmistakable.

In his youth Hitler closely studies how social democrats managed crowds, he
derived from the social democrats the idea of a mass party & mass propaganda.
"I've learned a great deal from Marxism as I do not hesitate to admit. .... the mass
demonstrations, the propaganda leaflets written specially for the comprehension
of the masses. I only had to develop logically what social democracy repeatedly
failed in because of its attempt to realize its evolution within the framework of
democracy. national socialism is what Marxism might have been if it could have
broken its absurd artificial ties with a democratic order.

Goebbels was greatly impressed by Bolshevik successes in Russia & wanted
Germany to help Russia build up her economy in return for her political support
against France & England.

In 1925, Goebbels & Strasser argued in the Nazi daily that only the introduction
of a socialist dictatorship could save Germany from chaos.
Hitler who told associates that he was a 'socialist' had the party adopt the red flag,
& on coming to power, declared May 1 a national holiday; Nazi party members
were ordered to address one another as 'comrades(genossen).

the 3 totalitarian regimes, communism fascism & national socialism, had a few things
in common. First & foremost was the common enemy: liberal democracy with its
multiparty system, its respect for law & property, its ideal of peace & stability.
Lenin's, Mussolini's & Hitler's fulminations against 'bourgeois democracy' & the
social democrats are inertly interchangeable.

All 3 regimes appealed to the emotion of hatred by exacerbating
& exploiting popular resentments- class, racial & ethnic- to win
mass support & to reinforce the claim that they, not the
democratically elected governments, expressed the true will of the

Revolutionary movements, whether of the right or left variety, have
to have an object of hatred because it is incomparably easier to
rally the masses against a visible enemy than for an abstraction.

Until the Bolshevik dictatorship, a state consisted of a government
& the governed(subject or citizens). Bolshevism introduced a 3rd
element, the monopolistic 'party' that dominated both government &
society while placing itself outside the control of either: a party that
was not really a party, that governed without being a government,
that ruled the people in their name but without their consent.
'One-party state' is a misnomer both because the entity that runs the
totalitarian state is not really a party in the accepted sense of the word
& because it stands apart from the state. It was the creation of Lenin.
The fascist & the Nazis faithfully copied this model.

The filthy greedy killer Mullahs copied it too. But they were so greedy
that they even got God involved & claimed that they were ruling in the
name of God Himself!


The 2 totalitarian organizations were led by outsiders, not members
of the traditional ruling groups: loners who either destroyed the
latter, as in Russia, or else established themselves as an alternate,
parallel privileged estate & in time subordinated them.

Because they deny that objective norms should constrain their power,
totalitarian regimes require a leader whose will takes the place of law.
Unless another leader takes over, it becomes a collective dictatorship
that in time loses its totalitarian characteristics & turns into an oligarchy.

Miranian Mullahs even did better. Instead of having a "leader whose will takes
the place of law", they came up with a KK Imam whose will was God's will &
God's law. Miranian gondeh guzi has no limits.


Totalitarian regimes are demonic in the sense that they claim to reflect
the will of the people, widely acknowledged since the American &
French revolutions as the true source of sovereignty, without giving the
people any voice in political decisions. The surrogates are 2 kinds:
sham 'elections', in which the ruling party routinely wins 9/10 or more
of the votes; & grandiose spectacles that create the illusion of mass

Miranian Mullahs said let's F* the pee-pole, who needs them when we can use
God for the source of our sovereignty! And Miranian Gaav/Olaaq fell for it,
mind u these are the same pee-pole who were manipulated to say that the
old regime wasn't democratic enough, so they wanted ane-qollaabi to have
more democracy!


The need for political drama was felt already by the Jacobins, who
disguised their dictatorship with elaborate festivals, such as those
honoring the 'Supreme Being' & celebrating July 14. By bringing
together the all-powerful leaders & the powerless populace in secular
rituals, the Jacobins sought to convey a sense of being one with their
subjects. The Bolsheviks used their sparse resources during the civil
war to hold parades, addressed thousands of the faithful from balconies,
& stage open-air theatrical performances based on recent events.

The masses were managed in accord with the principles laid down
in the 19 century by French sociologist Gustave Le Bon, who
ascribed to crowds a distinct collective personality that made them
a willing object of psychic manipulation.

The fascist experimented with these methods during 1919-20 ...
the succession of festivals in which d'Annunzio played a leading
role were supposed to abolish the distance between the leader
& the led, & speeches from the balcony & the town hall to the
crowd bellow(accompanied by trumpets) were to accomplish
the same purpose. Mussolini & other modern dictators found
such methods indispensable- not as entertainment but as rituals
designed to convey to opponents & skeptics alike the impression
of an unbreakable bond between rulers & ruled.

With the KK Mullahs, who were hated by real people in Miran, it was more difficult.
Not only the Miranians had to be brainwashed that they wanted the KIR, but the
Whole world had to be fooled that Miranians did the revolution to end up with the
totalitarian regime of KK killer Mullahs. So there was great need for constant parade
of rent-a-crowd pee-pole of Miran to shout marg-bar-aamrikaa death-to-America,
specially making sure that the crowd always shouted at the camera for the whole
world to see.


"Lenin's method is to convince through compulsion. The hypnotist,
the demagogue subordinates the will of the object to his own will.
But the subject is convinced that he is acting out of his own free will.
The tie between Lenin & the masses is literally of the same nature ...
Exactly the same picture is provided by Italian Fascism."

Nazis mesmerized Germans by rallies & pagan rituals that conveyed
to participants & onlookers alike the impression of an elemental
force which nothing could stop.

Again, Mullahs did even better, they told Miranians that face of their
KK Imam could be seen on the moon itself. So there was no doubt
what so ever that the KK Khomeini was a real GOD.


The uniformity of the publicly spoken & printed word on any subject
that mattered to the authorities was indeed virtually complete under
the 3 regimes: none of them, however, succeeded in controlling
thought. The function of ideology was similar to that of the mass
spectacles, that is, to create the impression of the individual's total
immersion in the community. The dictators themselves had no
illusion & did not terribly much care that behind the facade of
oneness their subjects thought their private thoughts.

Speaking of Nazism, Rauschning wrote " program & official philosophy,
allegiance & faith, are for the mass. Nothing commits the elite- no
philosophy, no ethical standard. It has but one obligation, that of
absolute loyalty to comrades, to fellow members of the initiated elite."

Mullahs were already used to this idea that they were above religion
& God's Law. They had always done anything they wanted in the name of
God, while forcing pee-pole to obey the God's law, which they made up to
suit themselves.


The totalitarian dictators, however, were not intellectuals eager to test
ideas, but men craving power over fellow men. They exploited ideas to
achieve their objectives: their criterion was that which worked.

Well, in Miran, the KK Mullahs put the P in Power. They invented Power
of God, in the sense that they claimed to be God's own representative on earth,
in a religion where the founding Prophet was supposed to have been the last prophet
meaning that God was not going to send any more prophets/representatives to earth.



For the people to become truly passive material in the hands of dictators
it is not enough to deprive them of a voice in politics: it is necessary also
to deprive them of their civil liberties- the protection of law, the rights
of assembly & association, & guarantees of property. It is when a
dictator ventures onto this path that it crosses the line separating
"authoritarianism" from "totalitarianism".

Again, the KK Mullahs were well ahead of the game.
They had been writing the rules for 5 centuries to suit themselves & brainwashing
the people into being pee-poles. They used God to justify their killings, while
their Goh rent-a-crowd were happy to pose in front of TV cameras, shouting
death-to-America, brainwashing the whole world that Miranians really supported
these KK Mullahs. But, after the Mullahs killed most of the oppositions, they end
up having the passive Gaav/Olaaq to rule over with the chomaaq of Allah.
Bless the Masters who made such a smart choice, they sure knew what they were


Only Bolshevik Russia at the height of Stalinism qualifies as a fully
developed totalitarian state. For while Italy & Germany emulated
Bolshevik measures intended to atomize society, even at their worst
(Nazi Germany during the war) they fell short of what Lenin had
intended & Stalin realized.
Neither the Fascists nor the Nazis destroyed their respective social
structures, for which reason, after thy had suffered defeat in WW2,
their countries could rapidly return to normalcy. In USSR, all attempts
between 1985 & 1991 to reform the Leninist-Stalinist regime led
nowhere because every nongovernmental institution, whether social
or economic, had to be built from scratch. The result was neither
reform of communism nor establishment of democracy, but
progressive breakdown of organized life.

The Nazi conception of law was identical with the Bolshevik & fascists:
law was not the embodiment of justice but an instrument of domination.
The existence of transcendental ethical standards was denied; morality
was depicted as subjective & determined by political criteria.

When Lenin was criticized for slandering as 'traitors' socialists whose
only sin was disagreeing with him, he replied "everything that is
done in the interest of the proletarian cause is honest".

Hitler defined justice as "a means of ruling". He said "conscience is a
Jewsih invention. It is blemish, like circumcision."

Lenin had no qualms about taking money from Russian millionaires as
well as from the German imperial government. On coming to power he
was quite willing to collaborate with Russian big business, initiating
negotiations with capitalist cartels to have them work in partnership
with the new regime.

Given Russian's fairly homogeneous social structure & heterogeneous
ethnic structure, an aspiring Russian dictator could be expected to
appeal to class antagonism, whereas in the West, where the situation
was reversed, the appeal would be nationalism.

Hitler admitted to intimates respect for Stalin's "genius": in the midst
of WW2, as his troops were locked in savage combat with the red
army, he mused about joining forces with him to attack & destroy
the Western democracies. The one major obstacle to such
collaboration, the presence of Jews in the soviet government, seemed
capable of resolution in light of the assurances that the soviet leader
had given Joachim von Ribbentrop, Hitler's foreign minister, that as
soon as he had adequate cadres of gentiles he would remove all Jews
from leading positions.

Mao Zedong, the most radical of communists, admired Hitler & his
method. When reproached at the height of the cultural revolution for
sacrificing the lives of so many of his comrades, he responded: "look
at WW2, at Hitler's cruelty. The more cruelty, the more enthusiasm
for revolution."

The totalitarian regimes of the left & right varieties were united not
only by similar political philosophies & practices, but by the common
psychology of their founders: its driving motive was hatred & its
expression violence. Mussolini referred to violence as a "moral
therapeutic" because it forced people to make clear commitments.

KK Mullahs have been preaching hate & violence in Miran for a few centuries.
So they just had to turn up the volume, which they loved to do.
The problem with Islam is that Qoran can be divided into 2 parts: half of it is
full of peace & compassion, the other half is full of HATE (killing & burning).
Mullahs have always been able to play & change any tune from Islam that suited
them & Miranians have been too stupid to know any better.

But the KK Mullahs took the "therapeutic" to new heights. The SHIIT Muslims
got their holy Imam killed by betraying him & his family, but went on for
centuries beating themselves in the naming of mourning. Mullahs got rich by
preaching to gaav/olaaq to make them CRY over the death of the Imam, teaching
them be passive & always CRY when faced with problems & difficulties & be
totally fatalistic, rather than being rational & trying to fix problems with logic &



The very concept of "cultural policy" is a contradiction in terms since
true culture can only be unguided & spontaneous: it betrays the end
to which the communists intended to harness it. That end was
propaganda, that is, intellectual & emotional manipulation. Lenin &
his cultural commissar defined the mission of all soviet cultural &
educational institutions as instilling communist ideology for the
purpose of raising a new & superior breed of human beings. The
function of literature was to be propaganda; this was also the task
of the visual & performing arts, &, above all, the education system.
No previous government had attempted to mold thought & feeling
on such a comprehensive scale.

Propaganda was not a Bolshevik invention. The concept originated
in early 17 century when the papacy established the Congregatio
de Propaganda Fide to spread Catholicism. In its secularized form,
it was frequently employed by 18 & 19 century governments:
Catherine II of Russia made skillful use of it, as did he French
revolutionaries & Napoleon. During WW2, the major belligerent
powers carried out aggressive propaganda & set up special
offices for this purpose. The novelty of what Bolsheviks did lay in
the centrality of propaganda in soviet life: previously used to touch
up or distort reality, in communist Russia it became a surrogate reality.
Communist propaganda strove, & to a surprising extent succeeded,
in creating a fictitious world side by side with that of everyday
experience & in stark contradiction to it, which the soviet citizens
were required to pretend to believe. This was made possible by the
monopoly the communist party secured over sources of information
& opinion.

One issue dividing the leadership concerned the content of the new,
proletarian culture: whether it was to assimilate the heritage of the
bourgeois culture & build on it, or to reject it & build from scratch.
The latter thesis was upheld by the "proletarian culture" or Protekult.

The conspicuous fact was that virtually the entire intelligentsia, both
professional & creative, rejected the Bolshevik dictatorship. The
intelligentsia had been the 1st group in tsarist Russia to emancipate
itself from the universal duty of service to the patrimonial state.
Whatever its sins, it genuinely believed in freedom, & having
enjoyed more than a century of independence, it was unwilling to
be reharnessed in state service. Most of Russia's writers, artists,
& academics, individually & collectively, turned their backs on
the new rulers, refusing to work for them, & either emigrated
or withdrew into their private world. They did so not only for
political reasons, but also from revulsion at the regime's vulgarity
& its interference with their private lives. Nabokov wrote in an
emigre newspaper: I despise not the man, the worker Sidorov, an
honest member of some Com-pom-pom, but the warped, stupid
idea which transforms Russian simpletons into communist
simplophiles, which turns people into ants of a new variety,
formica marxi, var. Lenini. ... I despise the communist faith as an
idea of base equality ...

Wow, this is very true about Miran too!
Mullahs were so hated by the majority of the intellectuals that none of them could
believe that KK Mullahs could end up ruling the whole damn country with their
hate & filth & corruptions. I bet most of the low ranking Mullahs couldn't believe it
neither, coz they knew how they were despised by Miranians. This must have
contributed to their hate & urge to kill & torture, completely being taken by the lust
for power, knowing that if they lost, they would all be F*ed by the opposition
groups. This is another reason for all the ro'zeh khuni & marg-bar-aamrikaa
gatherings, always making sure that the TV cameras were ON. Always trying to
brainwash Miranians that the Mullahs were 'wanted'.


Maxim Gorky was the only novelist with a national reputation who
cooperated with the Bolsheviks, & even he subjected them to
scathing criticism that Lenin chose to ignore because he found his
support so valuable. Trotsky's literature & revolution, written in
1924, poured scorns & hatred on Russia's intellectuals for spurning
the Bolshevik regime. In time, many intellectuals made their peace
(or, rather, truce) with the regime, often to escape death from
starvation, but even they proved grudging collaborators at best.
The "creative intelligentsia" whom the regime succeeded in winning
over were mostly hacks & daubers unable to make it on their own,
who, like similar mediocrities in Nazi Germany, flocked to the party
in power in quest of patronage.

Communists intensely disliked individualism in all its manifestations:
A Gastev, predicted the gradual disappearance of individual thinking &
its replacement by "mechanized collectivism".
In the 1st decade of the communist regime every traditional canon of
literature, drama & art was consciously violated: experimentation with
form became an end in itself, pursued to conceal the poverty of the

Lenin was so impresses by D W Griffith's movie, intolerance, that he
invited him to take charge of the soviet movie industry.


In 1025, teachers received a fraction of workers' wages. A well-qualified
teacher of the 2nd level in Kiev earned 45 rubles a month, whereas the
school janitor received 70 & the parents of her pupils 200-250 rubles.
No longer called "teachers" but "school workers", they were forbidden
to discipline pupils, to assign them homework, or give them examinations
& grades.

Diary of a 15 yo boy shows:
A new school worker came to teach natural science. She handed out our
assignments & told the group: "children". Then I got up & said "we are
not children". She said "of course you are children & I won't call you any
other way." I replied "please be more polite or we may send you to the
devil." She said "in that case be so good as to leave the classroom."
I answered "in the 1st place, this is not a classroom but a laboratory, &
we are not expelled from it." So she said "you are a bore". And I "you
are more like a teacher of the old school. Only they had such rights."
The whole group stood up for me & she ran off like she was scalded.

This is where the stupidity of the culture come into play. The same thing also
happened in China, where Goh kids took over & did mass killings & rape &
damage to their own country.

Even in 1977, many Goh & angry sex-deprived ane-qollaabi daaneshju, who were
basically EGO-ju & not daanesh-ju, treated their own 'ostaad' teachers with anger
& disrespect. Well, look who's sorry now.


Soviet per capita allocation for education in 1925-26, a time of relative
prosperity, in real rubles were 1/3 lower than in 1913. The idea of free
& universal education had to be abandoned. In 1923 only 45% of
eligible children attended school.

Neither the new schools nor the communist youth organizations
succeeded in their primary mission, inculcating a communist world
outlook. A survey conducted in 1927 among schoolchildren 11-15
years of age showed that the pupils, all of them products of the soviet
educational system, displayed little ability to analyze current events in a
communist manner, responding at best with memorized cliches. 49%
professed to believe in God. Especially disturbing to the authorities was
evidence that with each year of schooling pupils developed more negative
attitudes toward soviet life.

The policies of the Bolshevik regime in regard to higher education had 4
objectives: 1- to eliminate faculty self-government; 2- to do away with
those faculties, essentially humanities & social sciences, whose curricula
could crash with communist ideology; 3- to put an end to the "elitist"
character of higher education; 4- to develop on a massive scale
vocational training.

A decree of Oct 1918, did away with higher academic degrees (doctor,
master) & dismissed professors who had taught at the same institution
for 10 or more years.

KK Mullahs did a lot of damage to education in Miran too. After all,
who needs science, when u can have Allah's words in Qoran, always being
interpreted by the filthy Mullahs? Shiit Islam became everything & Mullahs subject
of worship! The whole country was taken over by the Goh rent-a-crowd gaav/olaaq &
Goh qaaltaaq laat savage Basij. Kids.


By 1958, 60-70 percent of students in Moscow came from families
that were neither worker nor peasant. The reason for the failure of the
regime appreciably to alter the social composition of the student body
are not hard to find. First, higher, specialized learning does not come
either easily or naturally: respect for it has to be inculcated at home, in
the family. Children from homes of the intelligentsia are more likely to
aspire to it than those raised in illiterate or semiliterate homes. For this
reason, no matter how much the regime encouraged them, children of
workers & poor peasants either avoided the university or, of enrolled,
tended to drop out. Secondly, those who did persevere automatically
ceased to be workers & poor peasants & took white-collar jobs.

Zetkin told Lenin that he should not complain of illiteracy in Russia
since it had helped the communists to "sow seeds on virgin soil"- the
minds of workers & peasants unpolluted by bourgeois concepts & attitudes.
Lenin agreed up to a pint: "yes, that's true... illiteracy
tolerated our struggle for power & the need to destroy the old state
apparatus," but he felt, once the communist state was in place, it
became a hindrance.

For all the boasting about advances in the quality & accessibility of
education, many children not only lacked the benefit of formal schooling,
but lost through the revolution & its aftermath the most elemental
educational right, available to all but the most primitive animals, parental
care. These were the besprizornye- orphans & abandoned children- who
in 1920s roamed Russia like prehistoric creatures. Their number increased
sharply during the famine of 1921, when it was common practice for
relatives to take over the properties of the orphans' parents & chase the
children from the village. In 1922-23 their number was estimated to be
7-9 million. They lived in gangs in abandoned buildings, railroad
terminals, lumberyards or whatever else they could find a roof. They
survived by begging, scrounging & stealing; many, possibly most of
these children, both girls & boys, engaged in prostitution.


Peasants in the villages as well as those serving in the red army garbled
& redefined the new words in ways that indicated they understood next
to nothing of what was happening around them:
Civil marriage: unmarried people living together.
Kammunist(also kamunist or kamenist): one who doesn't believe in God.
Mars, Karlo-Mars: the same as Lenin.
Revolution, sometimes pronounced "leolution" (levoliutsiia), was
understood to mean "doing what you like" (samovol'shchina).

Yes indeed, revolution was "doing what you like", run by filthy Mullahs,
who even turned Islam into "doing what you like", going completely against
logic & sense, reinventing a religion to suit their own bellies & under bellies,
putting words in God's mouth, pretending to be God's representatives.
Is it their fault or the fault of a culture so stupid to allow them to do it &
get away with it for centuries?


Preobrazhenskii sought to formulate a system of motrals for Russia's
victorious proletariat. The premises were familiar: in societies divided into
classes morals serve the interests of the class in power; so-called eternal
ethical "truths" are a fiction designed to conceal this reality. In dealing
with its class enemy, the proletariat must not be inhibited by moral
constraints: "every struggle must submit to the dictates of the collective,
& view themselves as "instruments of the working class". "Conscience"
is replaced as the regulator of behavior by social approval & disapproval.
All actions, including such seemingly private matters as sex relations &
family life, are subordinate to the needs of society & the "race".
Bukharin dismissed ethics as useless baggage. What philosophers call
ethics is merely "fetishism" of class standards. As the carpenter performs
whatever actions are necessary to make a bench
Yeras later, Preobrazhenskii & Bukharin, having been subjected to torture
& then executed for crimes they had not committed, by their own ethical
standards had no grounds for complaint: "communism" in this instance,
too, acted as it deemed necessary


Culture is not a by-product of economic & social relations, as
they(soviets) had convinced themselves, but a thing-in-itself which
influences the economy & society at least as much as it is influenced
by them. Nor is it synonymous with books, paintings or musical
compositions. Least of all is it limited to science & technology.
Broadly defined, culture is a way of coping with life under particular
conditions as learned from experience & passed on from generation
to generation: art & literature are only 2 of its expressions. By its
very nature it cannot be regimented. Deprived of freedom or used
for any purpose foreign to itself- especially politics- it turns sterile.
The communist regime methodically corrupted the "low" culture of
ordinary people, with its customs acquired from ancestors & values
rooted in religion, to make room for its own utilitarian &
technological culture. The result was a spiritual vacuum that
eviscerated communism & contributed greatly to its ultimate demise.

Yes indeed, culture has a mind of its own.
It can't be changed over night.
When people turn into gaav/olaaq pee-pole, blindly following a shit religion & filthy
Mullahs, they can't be changed over night to have democracy & become civil.
Once the damage is done, it would take a few generations to undo & fix it.



In early 1900s, Lunacharskii founded a movement called god-building
, which sought to replace traditional religion with human solidarity, with
mankind itself as the object of worship. He said "religion is like a nail:
if you hit it on the head, you only drive it deeper. Here one needs pliers.
Religion must be grabbed, squeezed from below: you do not beat it,
but pull it out, pull it with its roots. And this can be achieved only by
scientific propaganda, by the moral & artistic education of the masses.

But I add, the removal of the nail would take a few centuries.
Most people do not choose their religion, using logic & sense. They simply follow
the religion of their parents, believing what their were told as children, when they
didn't know enough & were not logical enough to disagree. This explains why
Miranians, having been forced to change religion after multiple invasions, never went
back to their old religions. Because after 5 generations, the damage is done & people
just end up following the new religion. This is especially true when people are
completely isolated & are illiterate gaav/olaaq peasants.


Jewish communists displayed particular zeal in prosecuting fellow Jews.

The Orthodox church & the communist regime were at war. In rural
Russia, peasants, convinced that Antichrist was abroad & the Last
Judgement near, drank, gambled & worked themselves into hysterical frenzy.

Wow, never a dull moment when people don't follow logic.
Miranians started brewing their own alcohol & many even went blind. Many became
drug addicts. But the media only showed the rent-a-crowd marg-bar-aamrikaa.
Miranians, who bragged about having done a ane-qollaab, could not collectively think
& act, & were completely divided fighting amongst themselves & were totally F*ed
by the KK Mullahs.


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