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The Secular Conservative Dilemma

Ann Coulter, a Liability for GOP
The Secular Conservative Dilemma
Ahreeman X
March 17, 2007

Nazi Transsexual S&M Barbie SS Officer, Ann Coulter

L. Ann Coulter before weight loss = Blonde Anorexic Skeletor Bimbette
R. Ann Coulter after weight loss = ?
Do you see much difference?!

So Ann Coulter believes that when it comes to Trash-Talking and Humor, she is It! The time has come for Ahreeman to teach Ann Coulter a lesson in Trash-Talking and Humor!


I am a man of logic, reasoning, science, history, philosophy and argumentation. You are welcome to read my serious articles, books and other material in IPC Website.

However, none of the above comes handy when one debates with Ann Coulter! She is a sensationalist, trash-talker, controversial, tabloid-style propagandist, attention seeker, wanna be religious conservative, and a wanna be diva who does anything to remain in public scene and to sell books.

So when it comes to debate Ann Coulter or to write about her, then one must speak to her in a language which she understands. If you are an IPC reader and a reader of my work, then you are perfectly aware that there is also another side to me! When I am not writing history books, scientific documents and philosophy articles, I put on my other face and become a hard-core ranting and raving, trash-talking, lunatic, humor writer. My special blend of humor is very popular amongst the readers.

There are two important factors involved here:

I. When debating with or writing about Ann Coulter, one must lower his/her level down to Ann and speaks the language, understandable to her.

II. When it comes down to trash-talking, I am the master trash-talker (compare to Ann), and when it comes down to humor, I am a hell of a lot funnier and can beat Ann with my hands down inside my shorts!

I would debate Ann anywhere, anytime and in any condition, but I assure you that there will be a cold day in Hell before Ann Coulter finds the guts to debate me!

L. Ann Coulter has an Adam's Apple!
R. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is an Adam's Apple!
Don't they kind o look alike? They could be long lost cousins!

So while writing this article, I shall lower myself to Ann Coulter's level of intellect and language; therefore, I shall put on my trash-talking humor face to best capture the issue.

Democracy According to Ann Coulter

Democracy, Feedom of Speech, and Individual Rights are great as long as they suit Ann Coulter. You don't believe me? Let's do an experiment!

An Experiment on How Democratic is Ann Coulter!

Try posting the link to this article in Ann Coulter's Forum and see what happens! Here is the link to her site and form:

Ann Coulter Site

Ann Coulter Official Chat
(Ann Coulter Forum)

I dare you to try? Try to join her forum with an American name like Joe Satriani or Janis Joplin! If you create a screen name with word "Iran" in it, she will not even activate your account! It doesn't matter if you are Iranian Opposition to IRI or an Iranian-American, but as soon as she sees the word "Iran", she will panic and her admin, moderator or herself will not activate your account! Now once you are in, try posting the link to this article in her forum and see what happens! She will right away delete the link and possibly shut you up or ban you!

As I have mentioned, democracy and freedom of speech counts as long as it serves Ann Coulter!

Look at Ann Coulter's Adam's Apple and Extra Large Hands! The question is not that "If Ann Coulter is a Transsexual?" But the question is that "If Ann Coulter is a Pre Operational Transsexual man with a schlong?" or if "Ann Coulter is a Post Operational Transsexual Woman with the schlong cut off?" That's the proper question?

Ann Coulter or likes of her use the Democratic System to preach their hate and spew their garbage. They don't want to debate and they surely don't want to let you speak! If anyone talks and posts in her forum in the same manners that Ann speaks herself, then right away his posts will be deleted and he will be banned! Do you see the double standard? Ann Coulter uses Democracy and the Democratic System and stretches it to the max when it comes to her rights to free speech, but when an opposing voice tries to speak, Freedom of Speech shrinks to the minimum or disappears as a whole!

How Democratic is IPC?

You can view link to Ann Coulter's Site here:

Informative Sites
Section of the
Iran Culture and History Directory

You can view link to Ann Coulter's Forum here:

English Forums
Section of the
Iran Web Media Directory

of the
Iran Directory (Yellow Pages)

We don't censor. We allow the public to read everything from the right, left and center. Afterwards, they judge and decide for themselves on what to believe. This is called True Democracy and Freedom of Speech.

Try posting what's on your mind in:

IPC Club

No one will stop you, revise your post, delete your post or ban you. This is called True Democracy and Freedom of Speech.

Iran Politics Club respects democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and individual rights. This is the difference between a democratic entity such as IPC and a Jesus Freak Christian Fundamentalist Wanna be Diva!

Before discussing anything, let us analyze the American Political Distribution

American Political Distribution

Democratic Party
Democratic Party has 3 major fractions:

1) Radical Democrats
This group are the most radical leftist fraction of the Democratic Party. This fraction is a step short of Communism.
Examples: Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, Environmentalist Whackos, Anarchists, Pacifists, Militant Homosexuals, Radical Leftist Groups, Al Franken

2) Liberal Democrats
This group are pro socialist programming of America. They are the Socialist fraction of the Democratic Party and their role model is European Socialist Model. Big Government, Welfare State, Affirmative Action, High Taxation, Artificial Equalization of all people, distribution of wealth, public everything, nationalization of everything, and socialist engineering of America are amongst their agenda.
Examples: Kennedys, Clintons, George Soros, Hollywood Liberals, Ted Turner, Barbara Streisand, Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, Career Politicians of DC, Rich Bleeding Heart Liberals, Feme Nazis, Unions, Mafia controlled Labor Unions, Syndicates, Crime Syndicates, Mafia, ACLU, NAACP, Alan Colmes (TV/Radio Talk Show Host)

3) Conservative Democrats
This group are the most sound and sane, amongst the Democrats.
Examples: Senator Joseph Liberman, Blue Color Democrats

GOP (Grand Old Party) has 3 major fractions:

1) Moderate Republicans
This group are the Neo-Cons, the Rock and Rollers, the movers and shakers, and the modern face of the GOP. This group are secular, yet moral. This group are economically conservative but socially moderate. This group are pretty much anti liberal establishment and biased liberal media. This group is heavily pro gun ownership, freedom of expression and press.
Examples: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of California), Angie Harmon (Actress), Rob Lowe (actor), Country Music Republicans, Football Player Republicans, Rock Star Republicans

2) Conservative Republicans
This group are pro traditional values, high on morality, strong religious values, family oriented, heavy on patriotism, heavy on free markets, Supply Side Economics, capitalism and private sector.
Examples: G. W. Bush, Bush Family, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Karen Hughes, NRA, Ted Nugent (Rock Star/Radio DJ), Dr. Condoleezza Rice

3) Christian Fundamentalist Republicans
This group are the most right wing, ultra conservative, religious right fraction of the GOP.
Examples: Reverend Jerry Farwell, Moral Majority, Christian Coalition, Reverend Pat Robertson, 700 Club, Christian Churches, Christian Fundamentalists, TV Evangelists

Where is my Political Stand?

Before I begin, I must clarify a few issues so Ann Coulter will have no reason left to somehow categorize me amongst her delusional classifications and find any excuse to reject my analysis.

I have been a GOP Activist way before Ann Coulter knew the meaning of the word "Politics". I have been a political activist when Ann Coulter was a dress-up toy Barbie to Reverend Long John at her Sunday School in Hick-town Alabama!

I am a GOP Activist. I am as Right Wing as they come. I am as American as Apple Pie! I am an Iranian-American Republican. I can't stand Liberal Democratic Doctrine. But I am a Secular Conservative and even though I can't stand liberals, yet I also cannot stand the Christian Fundamentalists, Religious Whacked Jobs and Jesus Freaks! My dilemma is that due to political necessity I have to align myself and be on the same team with the Christian Right Wing of the GOP!

As a Secular Conservative I am doomed! I either have to accept Death (Liberal Left) or Disease (Christian Right), simply because there is no powerful Secular Right Wing political party exists in America today!

So if I want to avoid America to become Ameristan, then I am doomed to swallow my pride as an Evolutionist Scientist and align with the Brain Drained Christian Right in GOP!

Now I do not know which is worst, drinking a jar full O Shiite Water or politically aligning myself with Reverend Jerry Farwell, Moral Majority, Reverend Pat Robertson and The 700 Club? A thinking mind may say it is better to drink the jar full O Shiite Water and die, but hey, I am a warrior and I simply cannot stop waving the banner of Secular Conservatism and hand my political party to Reverend Long John or Reverend Long Horn and allow the Christian Right to hijack GOP! My party is the party of secularists and atheists such has Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

Before declaring defeat and before starting the "Third Party", I try to cause a balance in GOP, so the world will not view us as Party of God, Party of Christian Right and Party of Whacked Jobs such as Ann Coulter!

Myself, I am a Hard-Core GOP Activist, Iranian-American Republican, American Patriot and a Conservative Republican. Before being a GOP member, I am Conservative first. Religion has nothing to do with being a Moral Conservative and a Fiscal Conservative such as myself. So this is where I stand. Now let's roll,

Why I Used to Support Ann Coulter?

I support outspoken people. I support politically incorrect people. I support bold people who swim against the mainstream normalcy of the society. I support rebels with a cause.

I used to support Ann Coulter because she was outspoken, politically incorrect, anti liberal biased media, against the mainstream politically correct establishment and against the liberal democratic superficial power base.

Why I No Longer Support Ann Coulter?

There is a thin line between being productive and progressive, and being destructive and reactionary. I believe Ann Coulter had crossed that line! Of course there are people who tell me that Ann Coulter had always been a destructive and reactionary force, and I was the one who chose to close my eyes to this fact and decided to look the other way! Any way we look at it, today, Ann Coulter is way "Out There", in fact Ann Coulter has become the "Michael Moore" of the GOP!

There is also a very thin line between being politically constructive and logical, and being a whacked job off the radar! I believe Ann Coulter had already passed that bridge!

L. Ann Coulter before weight loss
R. Ann Coulter after weight loss
Not much difference, ay? Surely the same Toothpick Legs indeed!
Ann, for God's sake stop wearing them short mini skirts and have mercy on our stomachs and avoid our "Barfage", will ya? You ain't got the legs, so cover them toothpicks, will ya? No one wants to see a Pile O Bones!

Let us review some of her quotes:

Famous Ann Coulter Quotes

Ann Coulter on Clarence Thomas and New York Times:
"After Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote an opinion contrary to the clearly expressed position of the New York Times editorial page, the Times responded with an editorial on Thomas titled 'The Youngest, Cruelest Justice.' That was actually the headline on a lead editorial in the Newspaper of Record. Thomas is not engaged on the substance of his judicial philosophy. He is called a colored lawn jockey for conservative white interests, race traitor, black snake, chicken-and-biscuit-eating Uncle Tom, house Negro and handkerchief head, Benedict Arnold and Judas Iscariot."

A reader can read this quote and the reader would think that the New York Times had actually called Justice Thomas those nasty names. This is intentional misdirection of the reader.

There is no doubt that New York Times is a pathetic Liberal biased Media which sometimes even scoops as low as creating the news rather than reporting the news, but this does not justify Ann Coulter's behavior and misconduct!

This is what Ann Coulter had done:

I. She misrepresented New York Times and misdirected the readers to what New York Times had actually written.

II. Ann Coulter used the most racist slangs and lingo offensive to Blacks to cross her point.

This is called creating sensationalism and controversy to sell books!

Ann Coulter on killing Bill Clinton:
(Responding to a question from a Catholic University student about her biggest moral or ethical dilemma) "There was one time I had a shot at Clinton. I thought 'Ann, that's not going to help your career.'"

I cannot stand Slick Willie but to wish him death; furthermore, wanting to kill him is as bad as how Whacked Job Radical Democratic Left behaves! Even as a joke, this is distasteful, unbalanced, on shaky grounds and criminal! This is how Liberal Left behaves. When logic fails, violence and assassination prevails! Ann Coulter's intolerance is similar to Whacked job Liberal Left and Christian Fundamentalists, no difference at all!

Ann Coulter on John Edwards:
"I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word "faggot," so I - so kind of an impasse, can't really talk about Edwards."

I am the most politically incorrect person and I have no problem using the term "Faggot"! However, there are two problems with the way Ann Coulter stated it:

I. This is not mature and professional talk! This is juvenile delinquent talk or as she puts it "School-yard Talk." Now the question is: Why is it that Ann Coulter does the "School-Yard Talk?" It is very simple. Ann Coulter's audience requires her to speak the "School-yard Talk!" The intellectual level of her audience has not evolved pass this level! So in other words: Simple Mind (Ann Coulter) preaches for Simple Pleasure (of her juvenile Sunday school geek crowd)!

II. If using terms such as Faggot, then it must make sense. I may disagree with Senator John Edwards' politics; however, this does not make him a faggot in any shape or form! Senator Edwards is neither a homosexual (if the intention was literal meaning of the term), nor he is an immoral, shallow jerk (if the intention was the symbolic meaning of the term). So basically Ann Coulter's statement was an oxymoron and did not make sense. The only reason Ann Coulter had made that statement was to be cute to her brain dead Christian Conservative College Nerd Youth Crowd and to cause controversy so she can sell more books.

Ann Coulter on Iranians:
(Referring to Iran, Coulter said,) "What if they start having one of these bipolar episodes with nuclear weapons? I think our motto should be, post-9/11, 'Raghead talks tough, raghead faces consequences.'"

In one shot, Ann Coulter is being both illiterate and offensive!

I. Ann Coulter is illiterate because "Raghead" is the wrong derogatory term for Persians.

Raghead is a derogatory term for Arabs
Towel-head is a derogatory term for Indian Sikhs
Persians are non of the above!

II. Ann Coulter is offensive. She may as usual come to her buddy's show (Sean Hannity) and instead of apologizing, try to put Shiite on Shingle and claim that the terms Raghead and Bipolar, were directed to IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and not the Iranian people! This is nonsense. She said what she said and it was pretty clear. Basically this is offensive to 70 million Iranians inside and 7.5 million Iranians outside Iran. She trashed Iran and Iranians. Now allow me to trash-talk like Ann and give her a taste of her own medicine:

"What if the Anorexic Skeletor with a blonde wig starts having one of her PMS or bipolar episodes and tantrums in one of her columns, books or on FOX News Netwrok? I think our motto should be, post-9/11, ' Blonde Anorexic Skeletor talks trash, Blonde Anorexic Skeletor will be bitch slapped by Ahreemanic Trash-talk backs!'"

A Redneck Anorexic Skeletor with a blonde wig had tried to trash an 8000 years old nation who created the global civilization! The Blonde Anorexic Skeletor must understand that by no means she is in the same league to speak of Iran and Iranians!

She maybe from New York City but she behaves as a Redneck Hussy from Boon Town or Hick-ville , Alabama!

Typical Ann Coulter's Redneck Audience

Typical Ann Coulter's Christian Geek College Audience

Ann Coulter is an illiterate Bimbette!

Definition of Bimbette: A small-size Bimbo, not a fully-grown Bimbo.

Ann Coulter is not even a fully-grown Bimbo! Every time the Blonde Anorexic Skeletor Bimbette opens her mouth, she causes hatred, oxymoronic talk, contradictory statements, illiterate quotes, and controversy to sell more books!

Blonde Anorexic Skeletor Bimbette must shut her mouth and open her legs like she used to back in Sunday School at the backrooms of the Church for Reverend Long Horn, when she was 13 years of age! And if she must open her mouth, then Just kneel down, clasp her hands in prayer motion, close her eyes and open her mouth wide and say Ahhhh next to Reverend Long Horn's zipper! Blonde Anorexic Skeletor Bimbette can make the best use of her mouth in this manner! By doing such actions, she will buy her way to Christian Heaven by serving Reverend Long Horn's needs. Serving Reverend Long Horn is the same as serving Jesus or Lord in Heaven! Alle Luya, prays the Lord O Mighty! Praise the Lord and a Rub a Dub Dubby on the side!

Redneck Anorexic Skeletor Bimbette must educate herself before insulting an 8000 Years old Culture, the mother culture of the globe!

8000 Years of Iranian History

When Blonde Anorexic Skeletor Bimbette makes such off shoot statements, then she must comprehend that she degrades all the intellectual, progressive and intelligent Iranian women! Women such as:

Anousheh Ansari

Christiane Amanpour

Catherine Lisa Bell

Parvin Darabi

Shohreh Aghdashloo

Asieh Namdar

Rudi Bakhtiar

and many others.

So according to Blonde Anorexic Skeletor Bimbette, above women are Ragheads!

I must give credit to Rudi Bakhtiar for controlling her temper! If I was Rudi Bakhtiar and working in FOX while the Blonde Anorexic Skeletor Bimbette spewed her garbage in Sean Hannity's program, I would've just come in the studio and smack the bitch upside the head to knock some sense in to her blonde brain! Sometimes the Blonde Anorexic Skeletor Bimbette needs to get bitch slapped!

Ann Coulter reminds me of illiterate American Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazis and Aryan Brotherhood who claim they are White Aryans! These illiterate morons do not have a shred of racial and anthropological knowledge! American White Supremacists are of the White "Anglo-Saxon" race and by no means they are Aryan! On the other hand mostly Northern Iranians are of the White "Aryan" Race. So these bozos call themselves Aryans, which are not, yet they call us Rag Heads whom we are the true white Aryans! Typical Redneck illiterate Americans! What else do you expect?

When Redneck talks, she spews trash out of her mouth, simply because her reptilian mind does not allow her to process more than action-reaction!

Redneck still assumes that we (Persians) are Arabs; therefore, Redneck calls us Rag Head and Camel Jockey! Redneck still is unaware that we are White Aryan and she is not! Redneck still is unaware that she is an Anglo-Saxon product of incest between two cousins in the back of the trailer!

You know folks, It is bad enough that we have to put up with Hollywood Liberals releasing garbage such as Alexander and The 300, twisting the history and demonizing Perians but now we have to also put up with Blonde Anorexic Skeletor on our side (GOP) calling us Rag Heads and Towel Heads!

This is furthermore to prove my point! I always tell my students at the university that:

"Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!"

Or else, any two-bit bimbette or bozo who wrote a few books and made some noise would be considered a scholar!

Ann Coulter on Ahmadinejad:
"If you don't want to get shot by the police, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, then don't point a toy gun at them. Or, as I believe our motto should be after 9/11: Jihad monkey talks tough; jihad monkey takes the consequences. Sorry, I realize that's offensive. How about "camel jockey"? What? Now what'd I say? Boy, you tent merchants sure are touchy. Grow up, would you?"

Ann must really think she is cute! Ann must assume that She is It, until someone like me comes along and rips her to shreds, someone who is a Grand Trash-talker and much funnier than her!

Ann, I got news for you,

There are not much difference between Ahmadinejad and yourself! Allow me to explain:

L. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the Jihad Monkey
R. Ann Coulter the Christian Bunky
Same Toothpick Legs, same body types, same facial structures, same manly features! There is a large possibility that these two are products of an incestoid intermarriage between an Iranian Villager Redneck and an American Hick-ville Redneck cousins at the back of a Trailer! Could it be that they are brother and sister?

Similarities between Ann Coulter and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!

Mahmoud believes Mahdi is his savior and Ann believes Jesus is his savior!

Mahmoud believes Mahdi went into the well for his sins and Ann believes Jesus paid for her sins on the cross!

Mahmoud believes Mahdi will reappear on judgement day to save his ass and Ann believes that Jesus will come back to save her Poon Tang!

Mahmoud talks a lot of Shiite and Ann does nothing but Shiite-talk!

Mahmoud is a brain dead Muslim and Ann is a brain dead wanna be Christian Fundamentalist!

Mahmoud owns thin toothpick legs and so does Ann!

Mahmoud is a Skinny Bony Monkey and Ann is a Blonde Anorexic Skeletor!

Mahmoud is a Jihad Monkey and Ann is a Christian Bunky (bunked bed with Reverend Long Horn in Sunday School at age 13 and still keeps on Bunkin bed in hiding)!

Mahmoud assumes he is a leading politician and Ann assumes she is a leading author!

Mahmoud assumes he is a political guru and Ann assumes she is a scholar master!

Mahmoud is a weak-minded religious Muslim and Ann is a weak-minded religious Christian.

Mahmoud is a brunet skeleton and Ann is a blonde skeleton.

Mahmoud is as ugly as Hell but Ann gives a new meaning to Dogs of Hell!

Mahmoud is a brunet furball on a broomstick and Ann is basically a blonde wig on an anorexic skeleton!

Mahmoud is from Tehran but he behaves as a Dahati Villager (Redneck) and Ann is from New York City yet she behaves as a Hussy from Hickville (Redneck)!

Mahmoud looks like Ann in drag and Ann looks like Mahmoud on hormone injections!

On the other hand, the good news is that:

Mahmoud is a psycho who is positioned as a president but thank God Ann only writes and publishes crap and she is not in a political office yet!

If you look carefully, you will notice that Ann Coulter could be Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's long lost cousin! Observe:

L. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the Jihad Monkey
R. Ann Coulter the Christian Bunky
Definition: A Christian Bunky, bunks bed with men in random and afterwards begs Jesus for forgiveness!
Check out Ann's Adam's Apple!

Who knows, both of them could be products of some Persian-American Redneck-Villager Cousins who done the nasty at the back of the trailer, Bunking in Hickville, Albama or Doolab, Fars!

Ann Coulter on Moderate Republicans:
"There is more dissent on a slave plantation then amongst moderates in the Republican party."

Ann Coulter on Moderate Republicans:
"Moderate Republican is simply how the blabocracy flatters Republicans who vote with the Democrats. If it weren't so conspicuous, the New York Times would start referring to nice Republicans and 'mean Republicans."

Ann must simply understand that so-called Moderate Republicans are the only sane people whom are still holding this party (GOP) together!

Moderate Republicans are the only reason that GOP is not fully portrayed as the party of Jesus Freaks, Christian Fundamentalists, Primitive Fanatics, and Bible waving Bimbettes in mini skirts!

In 2006 Ann called Iranians Ragheads.
In 2007 Ann called John Edwards a Faggot.
Ann is from New York but the way she conducts herself, then one may assume that she is from Hickville, Alabami or Boon town, Mississippi!

Who are Ann Coulter's Audience?

She is the heroine of those Mormon Retarded youth with white shirts, cheesy ties and coke-bottle glasses!

She is the heroine of those Born Again Christian kids who wear their pants 6 inches above their shoe-lines and their belts half way near their chest nipples. Those whom their white sox are showing and their top shirt buttons tied tight around their necks, while combing their hair using petroleum jelly!

She is the heroine of those Sunday School girls in uniforms who never miss a class or church on Sunday but they will be the first on the block who spread their legs and sin!

She is the heroine of those Geek girls and Nerd boys whom hold hands and sing cumbaya oh Lord, Cumbaya in Church but a minute later (outside the Church) they call the disbelievers and other ethnic groups: Faggots, Ragheads, Niggers, Coons, Spicks and ……

Ann Coulter is the heroine of the illiterate religious right, the schooled yet uneducated youth and the ignorant and bigot America.

On Godless Book!

Ann Coulter is devolving! Now she does anything to sell books! She caters to the Religious Conservative Nerd Crowd in Colleges of America! She tries to give these Geeks an identity, a sense of belonging that they are cool and Christianity is also cool!

This is why Ann Coulter is becoming more deranged by the minute!

At least in the past, her books used to be tolerable and somewhat funny. A logical mind could somehow align himself/herself with these books and form an anti liberal coalition with her!

"Slander", "How to talk to a liberal if you must", and "Treason" could be viewed somewhat rational, funny and bold, but once she released "Godless", she simply went "Out There"!

Ann Coulter's Logic!

According to Ann Coulter's tiny mind in her tiny small-size brain in her tiny little skull in her tiny reptilian head,

Godless is bad
Being Godless is immoral
God-fearing is good
Being Godful is moral

Democrats are Godless, Moderate Republicans are Godless, Secular people are Godless; therefore, they must have moral issues!

The reality is that Morality has nothing to do with religion. Actually most religious people are shallow and moral on surface but in depth, they are the most immoral of them all.

Most atheists and secular people are high on morality, principles and values.

Extra Large Hands, Adam's Apple, Manly Features … I tell you what? I will bet my last dollar that this woman is either a Pre Op or Post Op Transsexual and if I lose, I will change my name to Mohammed Ali!

Now for example let us take a good look at Ann Coulter,

Why Ann Coulter is a Hypocrite?

I. If Ann Coulter is religious and such a Jesus freak, then why wear Mini Crutch Cover (extremely short mini skirt) of few inches long? Aren't Christians and Religious people suppose to cover themselves or at least dress modest? Aren't they suppose to not wear provocative clothes? Or at least not display their pubic hair in public? What is the reason for Ann Coulter wearing Crotch Covers (10 inch mini skirts)?

II. Isn't displaying ugliness against Christianity? Aren't Christians suppose to display beauty and good? Then why is it that Ann Coulter wears mini skirt and displays them bony legs? That Bony Bones does not have the legs to wear mini skirts then why does she insists to make people barf by displaying them toothpick legs o her? Ann Coulter is like a shaved leg Ahmadinejad in drag! Why show it when you ain't got it?

III. If religious, then why trash-talk? Aren't Christians suppose to be polite, well mannered and speak No Evil? Ann Coulter does nothing but trash-talk! She is a filthy mouthed bigot bitch! Is that Christian-like?

IV. If conservative, then why bash Moderate Republicans? Is this called GOP Solidarity? So anyone who is a not a Christian is Evil? What does Ann Coulter try to achieve by demonizing "People of Brains" (Non Religious People) in this country?! Is that Christian doctrine to bash your fellow GOP member? Is that Christian Doctrine to trash your fellow party members?

V. Ann Coulter is Deceiving. Is to deceive, a part of Christian Doctrine? Differences between Real Religious Conservatives and Ann Coulter is that at least people like Sean Hannity are truly believe in what they preach and they are true Christians and Religious Conservatives, but Ann Coulter is a fake! The only reason Ann Coulter waves the banner of Christianity is to sell books! She had discovered a "Large Marketing Group" to cater to. Christians, Born Agains, Religious Conservative College Geeks, Incestoid Christian Rednecks, Home-Schooled out of touch kids, and the Faithful and Brain Dead America are only a "Large Marketing Group" for Ann Coulter to sell her books! Ann Coulter is as Christian as a $20 Whore in Tijuana, Mexico!

VI. How about making a bundle of profit? Is that Christian-like? To deceive people on what you are not, to write and sell books of what they want to hear, yet without a shred of harmony between your actions and what you preach, only to make money, is that Christian? To get rich out of people's ignorance, is that Christian?

VII. If Ann Coulter believes in the constitution of United States, then she must believe in Separation of Church and State. If so, then why is she dragging religion in to politics? Why doesn't she rest the religion at church? Furthermore, why does she insist to create a government of Godfearing people and exclude the Godless out of US politics? Ann Coulter is not a patriotic American; furthermore, she is a Traitor to the Constitution of United States of America. When she writes about "Treason", then she must include herself as a Traitor to America in her books!

VIII. Ann Coulter's preachings and lifestyle does not match! Ann Coulter says something and then acts and behaves the opposite! If that's not hypocrisy then I don't know what is?

As I have said, at least people like Hannity are truly Christians but people like Ann Coulter are Charlatans and frauds fishing out of the muddy water! Ann Coulter neither acts, behaves nor follows Christian Doctrine but she caters to Christians only to make a huge profit.

In her delusional mind she believes and preaches:

"I believe that Jesus Christ is my savior and he had paid for my sins."

But in reality everything that she does and displays is against the Christian Doctrine; therefore, Ann Coulter is not even a true Christian but a Sensationalist, Controversial two-bit Charlatan whose role is to make a buck out of religious people's ignorance and out of putting one group of people against the other to cause a commotion.

I believe if you are a true believer in whatever which you may believe, then that deserves respect. I cannot stand Religion and Religious people. I truly believe that Religious people are very low on the Evolutionary Ladder of Intellect. However, I respect a true believer, may he be a Muslim like Ahmadinejad or a Christian like Pope. What I cannot stand are pretenders, opportunists and weasels like Ann Coulter whom are only out there due to opportunism!

L. Ann Coulter before weight loss - Check out the Extra Large Hands!
R. Ann Coulter after weight loss - kneeling with her hands clasped in prayer position, her head next to Reverend Long Horn's zipper, and her mouth wide open, confessing her sins and random premarital bang-arounds, and begging for forgiveness and salvation from the "Horn" of Reverend "Long Horn"!

I rather have a True Believer (like Ahmadinejad) as an enemy than a Fake Opportunist (like Ann Coulter) as a friend!

Why Ann Coulter is a Liability for GOP?

Ann Coulter is the Whacked Job of GOP aka Michael Moore of GOP! Can I possibly explain it better than this? Every time people like Ann Coulter open their mouths, we lose raiting! Every time people like Ann Coulter spew barfage out of their mouths, the Sane America looks at us (GOP) as a Party of Lunatic Fringe!

Every time Coocoos such as Ann Coulter open their mouths, the thinking minds assume that they are what GOP is all about! Ann opens her mouth and our rating drops 0.5% each time! Ann opens her mouth again and our chances to win the 2008 election drops another 0.5% and so on. It is true that we have freedom of speech in America but hey, this Blonde Anorexic Skeletor Bimbette is costing us votes!

People take one look at this sexually deprived, vengeful psycho lamb o Jesus and they assume GOP members are all a bunch o sheep whom are in need of a Shepherd Jesus Christ! Skeletor opens her mouth and people assume we are party of God and if we win the election we will establish the "Christian Republic of America" and Inquisitions will begin! Next we will have forced Bible Studies in schools, change constitution, start a Church run state and there goes America down the Shiiter and back to the Dark Ages!

For God's sake Ann,

"Get your religion out of my school and I promise not to think in your Church!"

Ann is a kind o idiot who believes Earth's history is 17,000 years and dinosaurs and man were living together during the same period! And then of course Jesus comes to save her bony ass from Hell due to sleeping around in random!

Ann, go to the backroom of the Church and kneel down with your head next to Reverend Long Horn's zipper, like you used to do in Sunday School (growing up)! Whatever you do, just shut your mouth before you cost us more votes for 2008!

SS Coulter

Of course Sean Hannity would defend this psycho bimbette, because he is her friend! No matter what she says or does, Hannity makes excuses for her behavior, but Hannity is not the one who has to answer to our members when the election is lost!

American Founding Fathers were Secular and Atheists

The Christian Right insists to falsely preach that United States of America was created upon Judeo-Christian Values! Nothing is further from the truth! They say our "Founding Fathers" based this nation on Judeo-Christian Values! This is garbage because The Founding Fathers escaped the Religious Inquisitions and oppressions in Europe and fled to Americas to establish a Secular System of Government.

Morely, United States of America's Founding Fathers were either Non-Denominational, Secular or Atheists! George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and others were non-denominational, secular and atheists. Do yourselves a favor and read their quotes:

Famous Atheist Quotes and Wisdom

What Christian right preaches is garbage. United States of America was built due to enlightenment, secularity and separation of Church and State.

"The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion."
(John Adams)

"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason."
(Benjamin Franklin)

"Religious controversies are always productive of more acrimony and irreconcilable hatreds than those which spring from any other cause. I had hoped that liberal and enlightened thought would have reconciled the Christians so that their religious fights would not endanger the peace of Society."
(George Washington)

"Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man."
(Thomas Jefferson)

"It will not do to investigate the subject of religion too closely, as it is apt to lead to Infidelity."
(Abraham Lincoln)

Christian Right, if allowed, would love to create a Government of God in United States! They want to mix religion and politics and control people's lives. Call themselves God-fearing folks and everyone who does not believe in their backward garbage, "Godless"!

If you want to live in a Religious ruled nation, then I suggest move to Islamic Republic of Iran and have a taste! There is absolutely no difference between the garbage preached in Tehran's Mosques and the Christian Churches in America! The difference is that Muslim and Mullahs had already took control of Iran and overthrown the legal government of Iran and has been ruling since 1979, but the Christians and Evangelists did not get a chance to overrun the Constitution of United States and establish the Government of God in America.

In other words to create Ameristsan.

To create a Christian America is as horrible as to create a Muslim America! Bothways we can forget about the constitution and change the name of the country to Ameristan! Religion is religion and the only good religion is a dead religion!

Nazi Transsexual S&M Barbie SS Officer, Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter: "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity!" Who can ever forget those great words o wisdom by the Blonde Anorexic Skeletor Bimbette?

Ann Coulters of the world are the symptoms of the disease and products of the virus called Religion. The Disease at its final stages will prevail as Islamic Republic of Iran or Dark Ages in Europe!

What is the Secular Conservative Dilemma?

You see, my liberal friends often ask me:

As an evolutionist scientist, how can you collaborate and align yourself with Christian Fundamentalists, Christian Right and Con Artists such as Ann Coulter?

Believe me it is hard! It is also causing me a "Moral Dilemma"!

My scientific principles and my moral codes suffer when I align myself with a group of brain drained Jesus Freaks! But what is my alternative?

We do not have a powerful Secular Conservative or a Secular Right Wing political party in America. What choice do I have?

This is not only my dilemma, but this is the dilemma of all people of logic, science and reason. How on earth can an Evolutionist, a Scientist, an Educator, a Scholar, a person of Logic or a person with Brains vote Republican?

Specifically during these times that the Christian Right is trying to hijack GOP? What can we do? We often ask ourselves this question?

What is worst? Liberal Left or Christian Right? We are trying to align with the lesser of the two Evils!

I promise you, the moment that there exists a Powerful Third Party, a Secular Conservative Party and a party of logic, I will be the first to switch party, but until then, I can either put my vote in trash (by voting independent) or I can not vote (which is worst), but as an alternative, I can vote GOP!

This is the moral dilemma of all Secular Conservatives.

I Urge Iranian-Americans to not support Ann Coulter?

Ann Coulter must comprehend that Iranian-Americans are the most educated Ethnic Group in America. Iranian Americans are having high positions in Aerospace, Aeronautics, Medical, Computer Science, Engineering, education, business and other fields and industries. Iranian Americans own a great number of businesses in Southern California and more or less control Southern California's economy. Iranian Americans with populations:

USA: 2,500,000
California: 1,100,000
Washington DC: 150,000
Los Angeles County: 900,000
San Diego County: 70,000
Orange County: 35,000

Are an important factor in business and economy of this nation. And please don't check the Census because Persians are very private people and don't bother to fill out Census surveys! When an anorexic skeletor blonde bimbette opens her trap and spews garbage towards Persians and calls them Ragheads, then she must prepare herself for Persians to stop buying her books.

The Skeletor must comprehend that Persians got the dough and Persians are highly educated; therefore, Persians read books.

L. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad fingers - Samad Aqa style!
R. Ann Coulter fingers - Seductive Anorexic Skeletor style!

Financial Conclusion

When I speak, Iranian American GOP members listen, particularly Iranian American Republican Council listens. When I threw my support behind Ann Coulter, she sold a hell of a lot more books in Iranian-American Community, particularly in Southern California. Her rating went up and surely her site hits went up.

So I assure the blonde anorexic skeletor bimbette that when I speak, people listen and Iranians are highly sophisticated folks so they can collect all information and judge for themselves on if my words are true or not! The best way to send a message to Ann Coulter is to not buy her books because that is all she cares about. When you don't buy her books, you hurt her wallet and hurting Ann's wallet, equals giving her a broken heart! So I suggest that us "Ragheads" stop purchasing her books, so she can hear us loud and clear!

Urban Lingual Conclusion

As long as Ann Coulter's vocabulary is of an 7th grader in Junior High, then Ann Coulter must also educate herself that,

Raghead is a derogatory slang word for Arabs
Towel Head is a derogatory slang word for Sikh Indians
Camel Jockey is a derogatory slang word for Arabs

Eye-Rainians (as Ann Coulter and illiterate Redneck America calls them) or Iranians (as literate America calls them) or Persians (The True Definition) neither wear rags or towels, nor ride camels; Therefore, non of the above terms makes sense!

It is same as:
Calling Italians, Niggers!
Calling Blacks, Degos!
Calling Jews, Krauts!

Now if the blonde anorexic skeletor bimbette insists on calling Persians a derogatory term, then I shall invent one for her! You see we have a lot of Persian Donkeys in Iran. They are of pure Persian Breed "Thick Boned" Donkeys, which I am sure Ann is well familiar with them! Many folks in small villages still ride these donkeys, so maybe we can call Persians:

Donkey Jockeys

No? Now that is much better and at least it makes sense!

The Iranian Redneck
A "Donkey Jockey" from a small village in Iran!
Could he be a distant cousin (Cousin Noql Ali) to Ahmadinejad and Ann Coulter?

Fashion Conclusion

The blonde anorexic skeletor bimbette must be very clear that she does not own voluptuous legs to wear mini skirts, set aside "10 inch crutch covers" which she wears! Not that this type of clothing is against God's will, yet it also causes "Barfage" amongst the mini skirt loving people! Persian Men are the most mini skirt loving folks in the globe. The most passionate men in the globe, Persian men same as Italian men, enjoy some meat on their women's bones! They love them beefy, chunky white thighs or maybe they can settle with some voluptuous thighs or at least satisfy with some thin thighs but Persian men same as "All Men" cannot deal with dried twigs and toothpick legs!

Dear Bony Bones Ann,

For God, Yahveh, Jehovah, Allah and Lord's sake, please cover them skeleton bones of yours and do not make us barf by wearing mini skirts! Have mercy on our eyes. The last time I looked at your mini skirt and legs, I went impotent for a week straight and not even Viagra worked on me! So have mercy on our poor souls and cover them toothpicks.

Dietary Conclusion

Ann, for God's sake, eat something! You are skin and bones! Why are you dieting? Why are you worried about your figure? Who are you saving youyrself for? You are becoming an old hen and as long as Christians don't have premarital sex (only oral sex with Reverend Long Horn is allowed), and you are not married, then just forget about your figure and have a slice o pizza or a burrito! C'mon Ann, who are you saving yourself for? Grim Ripper? I mean you are halfway there and let's be logical:

Christian Doctrine
Once you die, with all the Shiite you pulled, you'll be in depths of Hell, and Devil, Grim Reaper and Freddy Kruger will end up combinely to do the nasty with you! But knowing your figure, all three will reject and refuse to touch you!

Scientific Doctrine
Once you die, you'll turn to a pile o organic fertilizer, which eventually makes some bad tasting grass to grow. Then the cow will eat the grass and due to its horrible taste, the cow would ride away relieve herself, so you'll end up as a pile o Shiite on the prairie!

So Ann, again I ask you, for whom are you saving yourself for? Dead or alive you will be worth o Shiite, so may as well stop your diet and start munching on!

Gain some weight, for God's sake put some meat on your bones, and maybe, just maybe only then, some poor Raghead will spare an inch or two of his Baba Ganouj and a drop or two of his Homus to fertile your barren bony ranch!

Ann Coulter's upcoming book of an autobiographical nature:
"Diaries of a Blonde Anorexic Skeletor Bimbette on permanent PMS!"

Ann, I believe you had enough!
Girl, you got Jacked Up!
I shall now have mercy on you and stop it right here!

May your God bless you Ann

And always remember:

Ann, you ain't no Daisy and I ain't your Huckleberry!

Dr. X


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