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ANTIFA is Burning Down America
Ahreeman X
June 1, 2020

ANTIFA Unmasking of George Soros by Trump Branco Cartoon
“George Soros funds ANTIFA, BLM and Other Radical Terrorist Groups!” (Media)
Trump: Soros, I knew it!

The Real Story of the Riots

A black man was killed as the result of the physical impact during the arrest by four police officers in Minneapolis. He was supposedly resisting an arrest which was due to forgery handing fake money to the store. This part of the story is under investigation, one of the cops got arrested for third degree murder and the others are also being investigated. We are not aware of the full details of this incident until the full investigation is done and we see the results; therefore, I am not taking sides here, either way and I will not pass judgement here on anyone. One event is a fact and that is while the local incompetent mayor of Minneapolis and the officials may have their heads up their rectums, yet Trump is making sure that there will be an FBI investigation to the full. Trump will make sure that justice will be served.

Never let a good crisis to be wasted!” is the motto of the Democrats and the Radical left. They have done the same with the pandemic. They have made a mountain out of a hill and then they dragged the lockdown until riots occurred. The riots occurred due to various factors such as unemployment, economic despair, emotional trauma, and mob factor, all piled up inside the people due to the extended lockdowns by the order of the liberal mayors and governors of the large cities in the Blue States such as New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago and so on.

The same liberal officials of the liberal run large cities who extended the lockdown for Coronavirus and caused the riots, are now sitting back, playing the race card (as always) and justify the rioters burning and looting of America! The Democrat Mayors and Governors are now tie the police’s hands and do not allow them to put out the riots. They allow the large cities of United States to burn down by playing the race card, sympathizing with rioters and witnessing the crimes.

ANTIFA Flute Piper George Soros leads ANTIFA, Socialist, Democrat and Media Branco Cartoon
“George Soros funds ANTIFA, BLM and Other Radical Terrorist Groups!” (Media)
“George Soros funds the Democrat Party.” (Media)
“Mainstream Media are 98 % Democrats!” (Media)
George Soros Pied Piper sets agenda and leads the Rats: ANTIFA, Socialists, Democrats while Media films and propagate!

A black man was killed allegedly by a cop in Minneapolis, and now Democrats as usual play the race card and cry racism as the roots of the problem, the same racism which did not exist two months ago before the Chinese made Coronavirus caused the lockdown. Society was in full work mode, economy was booming and the minorities specifically blacks were prospering and employed, making good money, buying houses and improving their status in the society. Trump’s social justice reforms gave second and third chances to the blacks to get out or prisons, get jobs and change their lives. Two months ago, we did not have a racist country and for the first time in history, Trump had 35 % of the Black votes while GOP had never done better than 5 % in the past! All of a sudden, today we have a racist country!

According to Democrats, America has always been racist and no good. Democrats have nothing else to play except screaming racism. This is what they do! They have no economic policy, foreign policy, domestic policy and social policy or agenda; therefore, they fish in the muddy waters and never let a good crisis to waste! This is the perfect opportunity for Democrats to once again scream racism and fish in the swamps of Washington DC.

So, the same big city Democrats who extended the lockdown and created unemployment, suicide, despair, and inflation, are now giving the green card to the rioters to burn down the cities! Now let us do some fact checking and I mean real fact checking, not Twitter style!

ANTIFA Action Flag
ANTIFA consisting of Anarchists, Communists, and Radical Left is a Major Terrorist Organization funded by George Soros and responsible for Riots across America in addition to assault and murder of the American Citizens and Patriots.

Who Burns Down America?

Terrorist Organizations
BLM (Black Lives Matter)
American Communist Party
Other Radical Leftist Thugs

What is Antifa, the far-left group tied to violent protests?

Donald Trump Berates ‘Weak’ Governors for Permitting Looting and Violence

Live Updates Riots Continue

Rioters Break into Bank, Smash Windows, Burn Car – in Stark Contrast to ‘Reopen’ Protesters

Watch: Rioters Beat Man in Santa Monica Streets After Defending a Pushed over Cyclist

Portland Mob Beats, Kicks Unconscious Man: ‘Black Lives Matter, Faggot!’

Who Funds Anti-American Terrorist Organizations?

George Soros is the proud benefactor of all radical leftist terrorist groups who riot, start riots, agitate riots and burn down America. George Soros funds ANTIFA, BLM and other Marxist and Anarchist groups. More on George Soros (middle of the page):

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!

George Soros is also the major benefactor financier of the Democrat Party. George Soros is a billionaire who makes his money out of global chaos. In the past he broke the banking system in Britain, Thailand and Philippines. Soros is a globalist, socialist blood sucking parasite who lives off of destroying the American workers and the European workers’ jobs, lives and prosperity. Soros is behind every single plot to destroy the American Capitalist system and to extend the life of EU. Soros is pro causing social riots, stock market crashes and global chaos by any means possible to destroy Nationalism in the West and anywhere else. He makes his money by expanding globalism and socialism.



ANTIFA Twitter

ANTIFA Wikipedia

BLM (Black Lives Matter)


BLM Twitter

BLM Facebook

BLM Wikipedia

Communist Party

Communist Party USA

Unmasking Media by Kayleigh McEnany the White House Press secretary Branco Cartoon
“Kayleigh McEnany the new skillful White House Press Secretary has been exposing the Media’s True Face!” (Media)
“Kayleigh McEnany Unloads on the Media but with a finesse!” (Media)
Kayleigh McEnany: And here’s the real face of the Media!
Democrat Donkey: Hee hee hee ……

Who Cheers Burning Down of America?

Cheer Leaders for the Riots
Mainstream Media
Big City Liberal Mayors and Governors
Social Media
Islamic Republic of Iran
Communist China
Iran Lobby

While Main Stream Media lies to the American people’s faces and portrays the riots as White Supremacist rooted, also plays down the depth and extent of the riots, liberal mayors and governors tie the hands of the police and do not allow them to put out the riots.

Hollywood pays for the rioters’ bail money to get out of jail free. They sit in their Hollywood mansions and sympathize with ANTIFA and BLM to burn down America!

Social Media as a globalist entity is solid behind rioters. Twitter is run by ANTIFA and Facebook and Google do sympathize with ANTIFA, BLM and Communists. The employees of these Social Media organizations are greatly infected by the Anarchists, Marxists and Socialists. They sympathize with Chinese Communists, IRI Islamists and Globalists. Social Media portrays the riots as White Supremacist Riots and they also tone the riots down and pretend that they are insignificant. The reality is that Riots are burning down America and they are ANTIFA caused.

Iran Lobby characters and organizations also cheer for riots and rioters. Iran Lobby is also on the payroll of George Soros. In the social media, we notice Iran Lobby characters such as Reza Aslan, Maz Jobrani, Trita Parsi, Jamal Abdi (Trita Parsi’s Butt Boy Protégé), Morad Ghorban and others either show support for rioters, refer to them as justified protestors or show incognito support for the riots while trying to show neutrality!

Scumbags in NIAC, PAAIA and PCC are all puppets of the IRI Regime and the IRI Regime’s official stand is pro rioters, ANTIFA, BLM and Communists.



PCC (Persian Cultural Center of San Diego)

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Who Falsifies the Identity of Rioters?

Mainstream Media is actively downplaying the riots and refers to them as protests. They also refer to them as White Supremacists Protests. The mainstream media headlines are loaded with “Police Brutality” and “Police Oppression”, also “Pro Trump White Racists Riots”!

Are Riots Caused by the White Supremacists?

If so, then how come majority of the rioters, looters, pillagers, thugs and murderers in the streets are black? How come many Latinos amongst them carry the Mexican flag? Are blacks, members of KKK and Nazi Party? How come these White Racists are dressed up in ANTIFA Black Gears and waving the ANTIFA banners? How come they carry BLM placards and posters? How come their placards and signs reads “FAQ Capitalism” and “FAQ Trump”? How come Communist and Anarchist emblems are flying everywhere? Have you seen Nazis and White Racists such as these guys anywhere else in the world before?!

Never Let a Good Crisis to Waste!

That is the motto of the Democrats, Radical Left, ANTIFA and BLM. It all started with legitimate peaceful protests but then a small minority of George Soros funded thugs such as ANTIFA, BLM, Communists and other low lives, agitated violence, destroyed public property, burned down businesses, trashed the cities and leveled the towns with burned debris. Liberal Left agenda as always is to never let a good crisis to waste, so take advantage of the situation by making it worse. Anything to bring Trump down, even if we must bring the US economy down along with him!

As usual you can see Hollywood actors, Black Dems and hypocrites such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters and other Liberal Plantation Uncle Toms take lead to support the anarchy, chaos and justify the riots. Race Card now, Race Card for the Future and Race Card forever!

The left done the same with every single crisis such as Coronavirus, extended lockdowns and now incident in Minneapolis! The left does anything to destroy Trump’s Economy, Social Order, Prosperity, and Success which means America’s progress and prosperity. The left has nothing else to offer but chaos, riots and destruction. Democrats are now party of Hate, riots, Destruction and Chaos.

Lessons Learned

This crisis will pass too. We are in great hands. Trump is declaring ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization and landing National Guards everywhere to put out the riots. Trump will end lockdowns which are the main cause of this disaster and despair. Trump will once again build this greatest economy in the history of earth. Once more Trump will make America great again. He has already done it once!

If we have learned nothing from this crisis, at least we have learned that Democrats and the Left will scoop as low as they can go to commit anything and any crime only to destroy Trump and even if they have to destroy the American economy along with him!

ANTIFA funded by George Soros Rally Ahreeman X Cartoon
“Muslims, Socialists, Black Lives Matter and Rest of the Wackos Protest for ANTIFA!” (Media)
“Amazon is infiltrated by ANTIFA!” (Media)
ANTIFA: Everyone we disagree with is a Fascist!

People will not forget what Democrats and their benefactor George Soros have done to this country. The same way that the people will not forget the Muller Hoax, Russia Hoax, Ukraine Hoax, Impeachment Hoax, Coronavirus Hoax, Lockdown Hoax of the past, they will also not forget the Riots, burning Down their cities, destruction of their businesses, and the never-ending play of the Race Card.

People of all colors and creeds, blacks, Hispanics, whites and everyone else will remember these riots and they will remember how the liberal media, social media, Hollywood, Democrat Party, George Soros and their thugs did fish from the swamp waters of DC, NY, LA, Chicago, Philly, Detroit, Minneapolis and other liberal run large cities of America.

People will remember how the liberal mayors and governors tied the hands of the police to deal with riots and allowed the cities and their businesses to burn down to the ground. People will remember who used this excuse to killed the innocent police, businessmen, bystanders and the patriots.

Most important, on November 2020, people will remember all of these misdeeds at the voting stations when they insert their ballots in the boxes. The results of People’s votes and the results of elections will be how the people will remember what Democrats have done to America and what they put America through, now for 4 years. People will remember millions of dollars of tax payers’ money wasted on Hoaxes chasing imaginary collusions, conducting Bull Shiite Investigations and now standing by and watching America burn to the ground. People will surely remember the ugly nature of the Democrat party. The best respond to what Democrats have done to America for now 4 years, is the results of the 2020 Election! Let us take care of the Democrat Party for once and for all.


Dr. X


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