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Appeasement with Iran more Harmful than Terrorist Plot
Hassan Daioleslam
October 29, 2011

Minutes after the Iranian terrorist plot was revealed in a news conference by US attorney General and FBI director, critics stormed the administration questioning the credibility of such claims and raising doubts about Iran's motivations. Among them, is a hardcore army of "Iran experts" accusing Obama to "fabricate" or "hype" the plot for political gains and possibly a military attack against Iran.

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Anti Fake, Fake, Fake

This group of experts are easily recognizable due to their "homogenous and coordinated" positions that generally profits the Iranian regime. For example, they claim that Ahmadinejad's anti-Israeli declarations are mistranslated by media, Iran's nuclear program is peaceful, Israel prevents Iran-US friendship, sanctions and pressure against Iran are useless and therefore, the US should seek engagement and coexistence with the Iranian regime.

This group represents the interests and views of powerful circles in Washington that helped Obama to get into the White House and at the same time, caused one of his foreign policy blunders; engaging in futile negotiations with the Iranian regime and ignoring the democratic uprising that sought to overthrow the Iranian regime in 2009-2010. See:

The pro-engagement lobby and US failure with Iran

Back in 1997, the US large corporations and on top of them oil giants launched "USA*Engage", a formidable lobby to remove sanctions against Iran. This lobby influenced Bill Clinton's policy with Iran and his endless unilateral overtures toward the Mullahs. But the lobby's glorious time came under George Bush due to his disastrous invasion of Iraq. The business interests were able to ally themselves with the anti-war movement and influence public opinion to neutralize Bush's pressure against Iran.

They argued that the Iranian nuclear program and its regional policy are intentionally misrepresented and demonized by warmongers in the Bush administration that seek a military invasion of Iran, as they did with Iraq. This lobby became so powerful that after Obama's victory in November 2008, considered itself as the center of gravity on Iran issue in the Congress.

Today's campaign to discredit the Obama administration is led by the same people who caused the United State’s inability to develop, implement and sustain a cohesive, balanced and prudent policy toward Iran. The devastating cost of this confusion and inaction has been significant loss of credibility and influence in the region, loss of commerce, loss of the trust of the Iranian people, and last but not least loss of life of American men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Iranian plot and the anti-Obama campaign should awaken the administration to reevaluate its relation with these interest groups and its army of "Iran experts' that so far have been Obama's main advisors on Iran policy.

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