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Arab - Israel Issue, Where should Iranians stand?
Ahreeman X
August 31, 2011

Undeniable and Unshakable Palestine – IRI Ties
Yasser Arafat and Palestinians helped the rise of Khomeini and IRI to power.
In returns, IRI has been supporting the Palestinians with attaches, arms and funds since 1979.


The purpose of this article is to shed a light on the Arab – Israel Issue and where should the Iranians stand? By Iranians I mean Iranian people and not the Half Breed IRI, Hezbollah and other Islamists whom are presently occupying the Iranian government. It is crucial for the Iranian Student Movement, Democratic Movement and Opposition to comprehend and clarify this issue for themselves. To understand this issue, it takes historical knowledge, logic and open minds. I will provide the historical knowledge:

Historical Facts on Israel - Palestine Issue

Yasser Arafat and Palestinians Helped the Rise of IRI to Power

Bring along your open minds and use your logic. If you do not have logic, develop some and avoid emotions to cloud your logical minds!

In this trade of e-mails, we are talking about this book and this author:

Jimmy Carter: The Liberal Left and World Chaos: A Carter/Obama Plan That Will Not Work
by Dr. Michael D. Evans

Jimmy Carter: The Liberal Left and World Chaos: A Carter/Obama Plan That Will Not Work

Book Review:

Book Review: Jimmy Carter: The Liberal Left and World Chaos

Dr. Michael D. Evans - Wikipedia

Evans Institute of Middle East Studies

Dr. Michael D. Evans Biography

In this book Mike Evans vastly discusses Jimmy Carter’s line of thinking and his followers like Hussein Obama. Evans also discusses how Jimmy Carter and Liberal Democrats’ policies were a major cause for the destruction of Iran and transformation of Iran from the Imperial Iran (America’s greatest Ally in the region) to IRI (America’s greatest enemy in the region).

For more information read these articles:

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

Historical Facts on Israel - Palestine Issue

What Would You Donate to Jimmy Carter?

Also read this book review and the book:

Answer to History - The Final Version

Amid Haghighatjoo is a comrade, an IPC Author and a Friend.

Amid Haghighatjoo Index

I have discussed with Amid to translate the Carter book to Persian, because I found it necessary for the Persian Speaking Iranians to read this book so they can have a better understanding of Carter – Obama policies and what have Carter done to Iran.

Amid agreed and started translating this book; however, soon he seized and sent me an e-mail in regards that the book is pro Israel and Evans is a Jew. He insisted that Jewish Lobby in USA is a powerful force which puts forwards books like this to suppress the Palestinian cause. This book is extremely one sided.

I explained to him that Evans is not a Jew but a Conservative and as a Conservative, people like Evans and myself do believe in a point of view that Supporting Israel has priority over supporting Palestinians and Arabs. US foreign policy in the Middle East must be based on backing Israel as our major ally.

I also explained to Amid that as a Persian Nationalist and an American Conservative Patriot, I cannot align myself with Palestinians and I must align myself with Israel. Even though I am an Aryan Persian, yet my sympathies are with Israel. The logic is that:

Enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Review these threads:

Who is the Real Enemy of Arabo-Muslim?

Why We Must Support Israel?

Famous Iranian Israelis

A Historical View on Jews

Holy Alliance of Iran, Israel and India

The Truth about Iran, Israel and Iranian Israelis

Surely PLO, Al Fatah and Palestinians were one of the major causes and factors for the success of the Islamist Revolution in Iran (1978). Who can ever forget Yasser Arafat’s famous French kiss from Khomeini and his victory dance in Imam’s banquet for the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran (1979)? For God’s sake, PLO, Al Fatah and Palestinians were the ones who trained Mojahedin, Fadaian Islam and Islamist Guerrillas in Palestine and then sent them to Iran to jump start an Islamic Revolution (Reaction)!

Fathon Qarib!
Nasr-o Men Allah-a va Fathon Qarib … (1979 IRI Arabo-Islamic Slogan)
“The Amazing Victory” was what Yasser Arafat had called the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
Arafat and his spiritual leader Khomeini are hand in hand in Paris celebrating departure of the Shah and the victory of Islam.

Palestinian Guerrillas were active participants in the massacre of the Immortals (Gard-e Javidan), Iranian Soldiers and Anti IslamicForces in 1978 Tehran. Anyone whom the Iranian Islamists would not kill, Palestinians would gladly shoot and kill! Palestinian Mercenaries were brought down from Palestine to kill the Iranian Nationalists!

Review this article and photo album:

Yasser Arafat and Palestinians Helped the Rise of IRI to Power

So I explained to Amid that I cannot have sympathy for the Palestinian cause; therefore, do not ask me to shed a tear for them or to support them.

The fact of the matter is that as an Iranian Nationalist, I despise the Palestinian Agenda, Arabo-Muslims and anything Islamic. In fact the roots of our misery in Iran is Islam. If the Arabo-Muslim Invasion-Occupation of Iran (Persian Empire) on 7th century would have not occurred and the Arabs would have not exported their barbaric and dangerous political ideology in the name of a religion to Iran, then Iran of today would have been heaven!


Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!

Islam: The Arab Imperialism

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

8000 Years of Iranian History!

Story of Revolution - BBC

Islam is nothing but a tool for Arab Imperialism and Pan Arabism.

The bottom line is that one cannot be Anti Islam and then shed tears for Arabo-Muslim causes!

We had a trade of e-mails and the final ones are listed below. Please review them, think about them and then as Iranians, form your political views about the Arab - Israel Issue based on logic and facts, rather than emotions and bleeding heart liberal feelings! Enjoy:

*      *      *

The Letters

From: Amid Haghighatjoo < >
To: IPC Founder < >
Date: Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 12:04 AM

Dear Ahreeman.

Though I am not a quitter and I will finish any work I have in hand sooner or later, the Jimmy Carter book came to me to be very one sided and most probably financed by Israel to be written. In contrast the book written by John Mearsheimer and Estephen Walt named "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy" was written without any bias, and is very realistic. In 2009 when I came across this book and started to translate it, I was stopped because no publisher in Iran was interested to publish it. So for sometimes I left the book aside for another opportunity and started other projects.

Now that I saw the Jimmy Carter Book, I am thinking that the translation of Israel Lobby..... is more important than the Jimmy Carter book and Preferably, I would like to finish The Israel Lobby.... first then attend to Jimmy Carter Book.

Attached please find a critical article about Jimmy Carter Book called Israel and its monopoly on the Us Media, which explains why I think the Israel Lobby... is a preferred choice of mine to be published first and also the translation of about 29 pages of the Israel Lobby book which was done in 2009 and also explains why Mr. Evans was hired by Israel to write that book.

If you like to publish the article, it may need your brush-up because my English is not as good as yours.

So with your permission I will go back to translating the rest of Israel lobby book. Please don't hesitate to write if you have any comment and also let me know if you will publish the article.


*       *      *

From: IPC Founder < >
To: Amid Haghighatjoo < >

Amid Jan:

I am going to take my time to explain where I am coming from on this issue. I am going to explain it to you and all for one last time because you do deserve an explanation.

There was no publisher in Iran willing to publish your pro Palestinian and Anti Israel Lobby book! Why do you think that is? Because even the publishers are sick of this story full of conspiracy theories, Middle Eastern style! Even the people are sick of this old story!

Pro Palestinian / Anti Israel Books are almost as popular as Hitler’s Mein Kampf in Iran. At any given time, there are at least 2 dozen Pro Palestinian Cause books on the bookshelves of all major bookstores of Iran. Just take a look around Online Bookstores inside Iran and check out how many versions of the same old story is being sold! There were so many published that people know it by heart and publishers do not even risk publishing yet another one!

Same Old Plot

They are all the same: Israel’s powerful lobby in USA, Jews run America, Jewish International Conspiracy, Jews run American Media and Banks, Israel and Bush destroyed Twin Towers and killed 3000 Americans so Bush could start a war in Middle East, UK runs global politics, UK is the brain, US is the muscle and Israel runs everything, Jews occupied Palestine by force and commit atrocities, Jews must get out of Palestine and return the land to Palestinians, It is IRI Duty to support Palestinians, Lebanese and Arabs with sending military attaches, guns and funds to free Qods, Holocaust never occurred, Zionists are destroying Middle East, Arabs have the right to the land, etc. …… same old songs …..

Why on Earth would the publishers in Iran willing to publish yet another book on this subject (your book)? What makes you think it will sell? Even Iranian youth are sick of the same old conspiracy theories!

On the contrary, what is needed is a book telling the other side of the story which is nonexistent in Iran! Books like Mike Evans book never get translated to Persian, never get published inside Iran and are never heard of by the commoners in Iran. This is why it will sell; furthermore, there will be a thirst for it (amongst the youth) to hear the other side of the story, so the book will go hand to hand in the black market. Now I do not know if any publisher in Iran would risk going to jail by publishing the Mike Evans book in Persian but this is why I asked you to translate it so we can publish it in the IPC Online Library.

There is no doubt that Israel lobby is very powerful in USA; however, Israel Lobby running the US foreign policy is solely another “Middle Eastern Conspiracy Theory” the same as “Bush blew up the Twin Towers and caused 9/11” or “UK runs global politics” or “Israel runs America” or other similar conspiracy theories which Middle Easterners do believe in them without any evidence.

Evans is neither a Jew nor an Israeli agent. In fact, it seems like you are the one with massive biased against Israel and therefore friends of Israel (conservatives) in USA.

As an Iranian Nationalist and an American Conservative Patriot, my struggle is to get GOP back in the White House, Senate and House to control all three; therefore, they can support the Iranian Opposition against IRI. Any move by the future GOP Administration to invade/liberate Iran, global sanction of IRI or massive support of the opposition to overthrow IRI is welcomed by me. This is why I have a close tie with Sarah Palin and am a Tea Party Organizer. As a Tea Party member, we are here to clean GOP, then Democratic Party and then Washington DC Establishment from corruption. As a patriot, we are here to take back America and hand it to Americans. The key to regime change in Iran lies in the regime change in America:


Sarah Palin is the Key to Regain and Revive America!

In this struggle, Jewish Lobby has no role; however, IRI lobby has every roll supporting the Democrats and Socialists to maintain power in America; therefore, to avoid a Nationalist Revolution in Iran.


IRI - Hezbollah Lobby in USA

Filter Breakers, Proxies and Systems to Bypass IRI Internet Filters

I am involved up to my neck battling the IRI Lobby in America. It is only natural for me and the Iranian Opposition to align ourselves with the Tea Party, GOP, Conservatives, Israel and Israel Lobby.

Enemy of my enemy is my friend. Of course Israel and Israel Lobby are my friends.

Arabs, Pan Arabism, Palestinians, Arabo-Muslim, Socialist Liberals and Democrats along with IRI and IRI Lobby fall on the other side of our battle as the enemies.

Hussein Obama’s Regime is solid behind Arabs and we in IPC want to change that. The last thing on Earth that I would do is to help the Arabo-Muslim and Palestinian cause. We want to clean Iran from Islam, IRI and Arab influence. This would put us hand in hand with Israel. Again,

Enemy of my Enemy is my friend.

I have clearly explained my stands in my articles.

You my friend, like the majority of Iranians are Germano-Feel (Sympathize with Germany), Anti Israel and Anti Jew. Many Iranians are Pro Germany, Pro Nazis and Pro Palestinians. They love Hitler and adore Nazi Germany. Please comprehend that I am not calling you a Nazi; however, I am stating that you the same as most Iranians (due to decades of brainwash) are Germano-Feel.

Even though I am an Aryan, yet political necessity forces me to align myself with Israel and anyone who is against IRI.

So, I would never ever publish anything pro Arabs. Primarily I rather eat Shiite and Die rather than supporting Arabo-Muslim.

Again, may I remind you that Yasser Arafat, PLO and Palestinians were a solid base for creation of IRI. They trained and supported Iranian Islamists including Mojahedin. In fact Mojahedin, Fadaian Islam and other Islamist Guerrillas were trained in Palestine and returned to Iran to create an Islamic Revolution. Palestinian PLO and Al Fatah Guerrillas were in the front line of Revolution in Tehran. Many revolutionaries refused to shoot and kill the Immortals (Gard-e Javidan) but Palestinians gladly shot and killed them. I should know, because our main estate was right across the Military Academy in Sepah Avenue and we were the only house that did not allow PLO, Mojahedin and Islamists to use our roof top, shooting at the Immortals across the street on the grounds. My mother avoided them by not giving them permission. Our house was strategically and logistically the best location to bring down the academy and my mother’s action had caused the battle for academy to prolong.

My mother even allowed the Immortals to hide out and refuge in our estate. Immortals were always in her debt and they loved her. 

Read this thread:

Immortal Guards, Then and Now

Review this article and photo album:

Yasser Arafat and Palestinians Helped the Rise of IRI to Power

So as you can see, I can never shed a tear for any Palestinian or Arabo-Muslim. On the contrary, as an Anti Islam Activist, I strongly suggest for you to review and rethink your “Liberal Biased Views” on the Arab-Israeli Issue.

I will publish this trade of e-mails because I believe it would be very informative for the Iranian Student Movement, Iranian Democratic Movement and Iranian Opposition to get in to the clear about this issue. Many of them feel the same as you do and they must comprehend who is the real enemy here; therefore, they shall shed no tears for the enemy, set aside supporting the enemy.

Israel is not our enemy. Arabo-Muslims are our enemy.

All comments are welcomed; however, please go to the directed thread in the IPC Club Forum (below), register and post it yourselves. We require registration because we are hit with massive spams on daily basis!

Best Wishes

Ahreeman X

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