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Audacity of Frauds: Muhammad, Hitler, … Obama!
Dr. Ali Sina
February 8, 2009

The Messiah is here to save us!
Bold, Arrogant, Megalomaniac, Narcissist, Compulsive Liar and a fraud celebrity, erected by the American Liberal Media and sold to the naïve public as the 44th president of United States of America! Obama with the highest amount of campaign funds in the history of America, had practically bought his way in to the presidency!

Muhammad is worshipped by over a billion Muslims. Many non-Muslims also think of him highly. “He must have been a great man for so many people to follow him,” they argue. “You can’t fool so many people for such a long time,” they say. Well, you can. I have written a book where I have proven that Muhammad, far from being a great man, was a thug, a pervert with no conscience or scruples. He was a cult leader who fooled people with the power of his oratory and big lies. If you wonder how Muhammad influenced so many people with nothing but lies, watch Obama. The secret of success of narcissists is in their ability to lie convincingly.

Ironically, bigger lies are more believable. No one can explain this paradox better than Hitler. He was a master of lies. He wrote:

“In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”
[from Chapter 10 of Mein Kampf]

Let not your dislike of Hitler obfuscate the importance of these words. We must give credit where credit is due. Hitler explains the power of the big lie and how it can fool millions, like a true philosopher. 

We may wonder how evil men like Hitler and Muhammad fooled so many people to the extent that under their spell they willingly committed the most hideous crimes. Could this happen again? Could, in this day and age, another narcissist deceive millions with his big lies? Sadly, the answer is yes. Human evolution is only technological. Psychologically and emotionally we are still cavemen. It is at this level that people are conned and narcissists operate. Obama’s followers worship him. They act thuggishly towards his critics. Even law enforcers, such as sheriffs and prosecutors have agreed with him to abuse their authority and form “Obama Truth Squads.” It is clear the intent is to intimidate his critics. Does truth need the hand of law? “Yes,” if you ask Hitler, Muhammad and Obama, “no,” if you ask Jesus and Buddha. This is just the beginning. What do Obama’s minions do when he is actually in power? Their cultic mentality and their vicious attacks of his critics can only be likened to that of Muslims, fascists, Nazis, Bolshevists and followers of Jim Jones. This level of fanaticism is unprecedented in American politics.

It does not take much to see that Obama, like the above conmen is a narcissist and like them, dangerous. There are many obvious clues to those who understand narcissism. One is the fact that he is a serial liar. Some of his lies are big, so big that few doubt them.

Could anyone in their right mind run for the presidency of the USA if he or she is not an American? This sounds ludicrous and yet, there is cause to believe that Obama may actually be an illegal immigrant and ineligible for the senate, let alone the presidency.

It is not a secret that I am not an Obama fan. I have gone out of my way to warn Americans to be wary of this Pied Piper.

Obama Piper and the Mice (American Liberal Media) who dance with his tune!

Despite my bias, when I first heard this allegation made by Philip Berg, a lifelong Democrat and a former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, I dismissed it. The possibility of one person having the audacity to bamboozle an entire country and commit a fraud so colossal just seemed too farfetched.

However, I know a thing or two about narcissism. I know narcissists have no grasp of reality and as such they can be very audacious. I also know about the magic of the big lie. So I paid attention to what Berg says and hey, he seems to be on to something.  Then again, what did Obama have to lose? He may not even have dreamt that he would win. Just running for presidency would have given him fame and recognition, something a narcissist would kill for. But hey, the world is full of suckers and surprise, what started as a prank became a reality.

Narcissists are not normal. They have a mental disorder that makes them immune to facts. It is known that attitudes are more important than facts. Narcissists epitomize this maxim. People suffering from bipolar disorder are manic-depressive. Narcissists are always manic. They are full of oomph and positive energy. They brush off all obstacles in their quest for power. Even though facts show they can’t, narcissists ignore them and believe they can. Of course pretense is no substitute for experience. But they bluff, huff and puff and tell the biggest lies convincingly and fool those who want to be fooled. A cursory look at Obama’s paltry life achievement compared to his grandiose and megalomaniac claims about wanting to change the world prove my point. All narcissists are bluffers and big liars. They become dangerous when large numbers of people believe them.

If Berg is right, this could be the biggest fraud of history since Islam. It should be in the headlines of every newspaper and the main topic of the media. So why this deafening silence?

Berg alleges that Obama is not born in Hawaii as he claims, but in Kenya.  He filed a lawsuit demanding that Obama either provide his birth certificate or withdraw his candidacy. Berg vs. Obama is not the only lawsuit demanding that the elect president prove that he is an American natural. There are seven lawsuits that are demanding the same thing. Obama fighting these suits, but has refused to show his birth certificate. He has published a fake certification of birth, not a real birth certificate, purportedly to “fight the smears.”  To make matters worse his lawyers asked the governor of Hawaii to seal his birth certificate so it could not be seen.

Surprisingly, U.S. Federal judge Richard Barclay Surrick, a Clinton appointee, dismissed the lawsuit brought by Berg who alleged Obama was not a U.S. "natural born" citizen and therefore ineligible for the presidency under the Article II of the U.S Constitution. He stated that Berg has “no standing” to challenge Obama's candidacy.

This is absurd. No, it is mind boggling. If the American public has no standing to check the credentials of presidential candidates, who has? Believe it or not, there is no governmental agency in charge of vetting presidential candidates. No one has thought a fraud of such magnitude can even be conceived and therefore no provisions were made to verify that candidates are natural born Americans. Judge Surrick thought the lawsuit is “frivolous” and the allegation “ridiculous.”

Surrick could have dismissed Berg's case for lack of standing weeks ago. By delaying his decision, the judge effectively assisted Obama in running out the clock. Reading Surrick's decision, this jumps out from page 11:

"... By contrast, Plaintiff would have us derail the democratic process by invalidating a candidate for whom millions of people voted and who underwent excessive vetting during what was one of the most hotIy contested presidential primary in living memory."

QUESTION(S) for Surrick:

WHEN did Obama ever undergo 'excessive vetting'?

Isn't that what Berg's lawsuit is attempting to do, 'vet' Obama?

How 'vetted' is a candidate who hasn't released ANY of his important documents, including his (vault copy) birth certificate?

There is nothing ridiculous in asking for proof of citizenship from the candidates. This should be done by the party that nominates them. Has the Democratic Party seen Obama’s birth certificate or is it in cahoots with him in defrauding the public? Until Obama produces his birth certificate, the doubts about his citizenship will only grow. He can end this ruckus by showing his birth certificate.  

Obama has refused to show even his college records.  Berg suspects Obama’s college records may indicate he received aid as a foreigner, and that’s why those records have been withheld.

There are other clues that have led Berg to believe Obama is hiding the truth about his citizenship. One is that his Kenyan grandmother has said that she witnessed Obama's birth at the Coast Provincial Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. The other is his claim of travelling to Pakistan in 1981. In that year Americans were not allowed to travel to Pakistan. If Obama did, he must have done so with a foreign passport.

Berg believes Obama is Indonesian. He argues, for Obama to be able to study in Indonesia as a child, he must have adopted his stepfather’s Indonesian citizenship, which means that even if he was an American; he must have renounced it because Indonesia at that time did not accept dual citizenship. School records in Indonesia reveal that Barry Soetoro (Obama’s name in Indonesia) was an Indonesian national and a Muslim.

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Imagine the audacity of this fraud. Could any sane person have the chutzpah to pull a fast one so big? A narcissist could. The brain of the narcissist is impaired. Facts do not deter him because his fantasies are more real to him. Like a drunk who is unable to assess his situation and takes chances that when sober he wouldn’t, a narcissist’s audacity overrides his awareness of his limitations and he says and does things that normal people dare not.

This is the secret of success of narcissists, from Muhammad to Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin and Saddam. Narcissists succeed because they are audacious. Their strength lies in their over-confidence. The narcissists’ rise is grand, but so is their fall. When they fall they also bring down the world around them.

This story is big. If Berg is right, this is the biggest story ever. The question is why the mainstream media thinks Palin’s costumes are more newsworthy than reporting on the biggest fraud of the last 1400 years.
Only Obama can end this controversy and he is not doing it. What is he hiding and why is the media silent? Journalists are humans and they can be fooled. It is up to those who are not fooled to spread this fantastic tale.  Exposing this sham could have changed the course of this last election and save mankind from a certain doom. There is no bigger calamity than electing a narcissist with the mindset of Hitler, Muhammad, Jim Jones and Stalin as the president of the most powerful country in the world. Time is running out, Obama is now in the White House. It is up to us to stop this madness.

It has been reported that Obama’s Selective Service Registration document has been falsified.

Obama’s Selective Service Registration document has been falsified

 This comes as no surprise to many of us, who have seen/heard/read the many lies emanating from Mr. Obama over the course of his campaign for presidency.

Some Obama's supporters say that anyone who doesn't register is not eligible for Federal student loans. That argument is valid only if Obama received Federal student loan. But if he received aid as a foreign student, he would not have been eligible for it.

 Please sign the petition for Psychiatric Evaluation of Presidential Candidates

Petition for the Psychiatric Evaluation of Presidential Candidates

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