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The 3 Axes of Evil pass through IRI
The 3 Axes of Evil pass through Islamic Republic of Iran!

The 3 Axes of Evil pass
straight through the rogue
Islamic Republic of Iran regime

In his 2002 State of the Union speech, President Bush named an Axis of Evil regimes that are working to develop atom bombs and other weapons of mass destruction. A more realistic model of the situation that the US confronts after the September 11, 2001 Islamist terrorist acts of war comprises three Axes of Evil.

The first axis, the black axis in the diagram, is the axis named by President Bush. Since the time of his speech it has become apparent that North Korea has in fact built one or two atom bombs.

The second axis, the blue axis, comprises the two countries that are internationally promoting the two most virulent forms of oppressive anti-Western Islamism. (Islamism specifically means Islamic political ideology.)

The third axis, the red axis, comprises the four Islamic countries that are most active in supporting Islamist terrorist groups. In Iran and Syria the regimes themselves sponsor, fund, train and arm the terrorists and use them as proxies in furthering their foreign policy. In Saudi Arabia and Pakistan there is widespread grassroots public support for the terrorists, and the regimes have failed to crack down on this. Saudi Arabia remains al Qaeda's primary source of funding and recruitment.

The red axis is those countries that are the most directly linked to Islamist terrorism. The blue axis is the underlying driving force behind the intolerant and vicious anti-Western Islamist political ideologies on which the terrorist movements are based. The black axis is more tangential to Islamist terrorism.

Saudi Arabia is on both the blue and the red axes.

All three axes pass straight through the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Saudi Arabia is a major oil supplier to the US. Iran is a major oil supplier to Europe. The oil revenue of these two countries is the main economic engine that powers Islamist world terrorism.

Iraq (under Saddam) had major oil reserves but Iraqi oil production was severely limited under the western sanctions. Iraq (now) has also major oil reserves but Iraqi oil production is severely limited under the present Iraqi insurgency situation (al Qaeda, Pro Iran Shiite, Hezbollah, etc.).

Dismantling these three Axes of Evil is a prerequisite for disempowering Islamist terrorist groups like al Qaeda and Hezbollah.

US occupation of Iraq is a key stepping-stone to dismantling these three Axes of Evil.

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