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28 + Years of BrainWash!
Ahreeman X
January 29, 2007

Imagine a society, an isolated society from the civilized world, kept that way intentionally for 28 years! Imagine a society were there has been and there is no free press, books or media! Imagine a society were you cannot find a decent book to read except propagandas of the Theocratic government on Islam, Hezbollah and other religio-political gibberish. Imagine a society were one gets arrested, lashed, jailed and even killed for only possessing a book or a newspaper not politically correct according to the ruling Religious regime!

This is your brain being washed with Allahic Virus!

Now imagine in this same society, there has been 24 hours propaganda on Islam, Shiite, Islamic Republic Party, Hezbollah, Prophet Mohammed, Ali the Legend of Shiite, and 12 glorious Imam Saints of Shiite on the regime owned Radio, TVs, News Papers, Magazines, Mosques, even on every street corner and main intersection in the major cities as posters, pictures, flyers, and wide range of speakers preaching loud Islamic propaganda! Even Graffiti propaganda in form of paintings on the street walls and walls of the tall buildings!

Yes, people, propaganda did not stop here, it went on in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools all the way to college. Imagine a nation with 8000 years of proud history, which only the last 28 years of the so called Islamic Revolution has been taught in expansion as 100 pages in school history books and hundreds of pages about the last 1400 years, since entrance of Islam to Iran, and yet only few pages on the rest of Its history! And even in those few pages, the whole glorious history of the nation has been purged, misinformed and Mis-presented! Imagine 24 hours one-sided propaganda on Islam and Ayatollah's regime and the glorious Inventor and Leader of Islamic Republic himself Ayatollah Khomeini, in schools by teachers and instructors! And if there was a single or two free souls teaching in that school, they been jailed and banned from teaching!

This is the Deadly and Highly Toxic Allahic Virus.

Imagine propaganda machine producing propaganda in forms of music albums, music videos, movies, TV series, children's storybooks, cartoons and other products! Imagine since kindergarten, the children have been thought to hate America, Israel, Zionism, Jews, The Free Civilized Western Lifestyle but they are thought to love Islam, Islamic Lifestyle and Arabo-Islamic Sub-Culture! But the amazing thing is that this society in nature is not even Arabo-Islamic!

Imagine the greatest propaganda machine hierarchy of Nazi Germany in W.W.II, now make it 3
times more professional and expanded in all aspects of life even in TV Commercials or Radio Commercials. The propaganda and brainwash so deep in the bones of this new generation that even a professional surgeon cannot go in the brain and successfully separate the injected brainwashed elements from the actual gray matter and brain mass! The propaganda so deep that these youth report their parents to the government for not living life according to the preachings of Islam, Quran, and Supreme Spiritual Leader of the nation! Propaganda so deep that when many of these teenagers been kidnapped or forced or volunteered to go to the Iraqi front during the war, and walk over the mine fields to clean up the battle fields for the regular Army to cross, many of these kids actually believed in what the Mullahs told them about:

"Put this plastic key around your necks, this is the key to heaven. If you live after crossing the minefields, you will own all enemy's properties and rewards from us and Allah, also you will be rewarded from the love of your Islamic Nation. Now if you die crossing these mine fields, you will go to heaven and then you will have the key that we gave you to open the gate! Go in and there will be all the milk and honey, food, drinks, and comforts, also as many beautiful Houri, pretty women, and beautiful Angels as you want and they will be all yours! 72 virgins in numbers will be reserves for each of you young boys. But you must have these keys or else you cannot enter the Heavens! Protect these keys with your life and jump over the minefields!"

The depth of brainwash so deep that these kids of 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 years olds, all went and died over the minefields with little plastic keys to heavens given to them by the Mullahs! But never ever, not a single Mullah or Tolab went as volunteer to combat Iraqi Forces!

This is your brain being washed, Arabo-Islamic Style!

This society is not some Sci-Fi plot in Sci-Fi Channel or an episode of Twilight Zone! This society exists, and it is reality as of now in the world. This society has been practicing this kind of BrainWash for 28 years, that people's ears are so full of it! This society is Islamic Republic of Iran!

This is Namaz (Salath).
This is submission to Allah.
This is submission to Fear from Unknown.
This is Submission due to weakness of the mind.
This is the Islamic Method of Mind Control.
This is submission to Death between 3 (Shiite) to 5 (Sunni) times a day.
This is praisal to a psychopathic myth named Allah, born within the depth of the delusional mind of an epileptic, psychotic, pedophile, polygamist, murderous and criminally insane mind of an Arab man named Mohammed!

It has been only a few years that Internet is accessible all over Iran's cities! Generally there are some youth who are privileged in a way to have intelligent, bookworm, or bright parents inside Iran. Or there are kids who grew up getting their hands on some newspapers or books of non-Islamic Nature! There are some kids who had the privilege of growing up having some knowledgeable mentors at some points of their lives inside Iran, family, teacher or friends. There were kids learning through Internet sites and articles rather than surfing the porn sites or love and sex clubs on the net, yes there were some youth who are very knowledgeable and well aware of what's been going on in Iran for the past 28 years. But the percentage of these youth is much less than the majority of brainwashed youth whom are just beginning to break free from what they been forced and propagated to accept during the last 28 years of living in Iran! This majority of youth are just beginning to learn the hard cold facts on all the Brainwash, which has been imposed on them for 28 years! And just recently thanks for Internet they are learning the truth that Oh yes there is also another world out there beside what Islamic Republic has been revealing! There are many of these youth listening to CD's, watching Movies, viewing Satellite TVs all from the West and the outside world and beginning to see the other side!

This is your brain.
This is your brain being washed by Islamic Garbage.
This is you turning to a Muslim Robotic Zombie.
This is the End of Free Thoughts.
This is the beginning of Brain Death.
Welcome to Brain Coma.
Welcome to Islam!

But at max, there are 5 million Internet users in Iran amongst the population of 70 millions! And of course there is Islamic Republic's Propaganda Ministry (Ershad) which censors even the net! IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) forces all ISP (Internet Service Providers) to filter Internet and exclude all Non-Islamically Recommended and Non-approved sites from their system! That is why we, the Iranian Opposition offer Internet Filter Breakers (Proxies) to break IRI filters:

Filter Breakers to Bypass IRI Filters

Go to:
IPC Website =>
IPC Club =>
News, Announcements and Events Hall =>
IPC and Other Organizations' Announcements and Events Room

and look over on how many youth have viewed only this one topic! Today, practically every Iranian Youth knows about Filter Breakers and Proxies! Every time IRI's Censor Machine comes up with a new gimmick, the Iranian Opposition also comes up with an Anti-Gimmick! IRI has a hard time filtering and censoring the Internet. Welcome to The Information Age!

This is Islamic Mindset!
This is your brain well contained inside a room with 4 sides of brick walls.

Yes, there is a life, there are other ideologies, other philosophies, other practices beside the nightmarish life imposed on the Persian Youth! They are just beginning to understand that!

An isolated nation away from the civilized world, well kept like a kept maid and concubine for 28 years! No other political parties except different versions of Islamic Republic Party and Hezbollah are allowed activity! No other History except lies of the Islamic kind taught in schools! No other ways of life allowed except what Islamic Government allows! No other book or press except what has been allowed by IRI! And if by a fat chance some of these youth had accessed to a different book, press, audio or video rather than the Islamically correct ones, they been well taken care of in the police stations or Jails and sometimes Information Ministeries head quarters! This is life in Islamic Republic of Iran.

This is the result of Female Islamic Brainwash - First Step

The Iranian Youth is depressed! The Iranian Teenagers are depressed! The Iranian Youth is depressed since birth under Islam! Even under all these imposed censorships, the youth manages to get their hands on the latest CDs, DVDs, T.Shirts, Music and Film Stars, Internet Sites and everything else coming out of the west! This is the negative struggle! Everything Islam tells them not to do, they will do! What other alternative do they have? There are no NightClubs, Dancing Discotheques, Youth Hangouts, or fun places for the youth to get together! They can't even hold hands or walk together in the streets or parks, or else the Islamic Police, Zeynab Sisters (Female Islamic Police) and Islamic Watchdogs may check ID from them and if they cannot present an acceptable explanation (that they are married or immediate family), then they will be taken to police station and possibly jail or flocking! So the youth hangs out together in Ski Resorts, Mountains or House Parties. But how many Iranian Youth has the privilege of owning computers and Internet, going to Ski Resorts, travelling to mountains or are allowed to go to parties? That is why the Iranian Youth is depressed since birth under Islam!

This is the result of Female Islamic Brainwash - Second Step

Iran in nature is not an Islamic Society. Islam has been forced upon our youth and us in two separate occasions, once on 651 AD by Arabo-Muslim and once on 1979 AD by Half-Breed Baboons! You cannot regress an open society (before 1979) to a strict and closed Islamic society (since 1979) and expect people to live by these Islamic Rules! Iran is not an Arab nation and a regime can never force Iranians, not even Muslim Iranians to live by the strict Islamic Judicial, Social, and Dress Codes!

This is the result of Female Islamic Brainwash - Third Step
Sisters of Zeynab - IRI Female Islamic Police

On the other hand, there are the other Iranian youth, the under privileged, the poor, the underclass which are in direct bombardment of Islamic Propaganda with no hope of surviving The Machine! The Majority of Youth whom are not privileged to have Internet, go to mountains and wild parties, buy the latest Rock and Pop CDs or black market Hollywood DVDs. The youth whom does not own satellite TVs. The youth whom lives under direct propaganda of Islam with no hope to hear a different voice!

This is the result of Male Islamic Brainwash - First Step
Children's After School Extra Curricular Activities - Israel Flag Burning

And now some of you are wondering why the youth inside Iran as a majority of them act the way they do and speak the way they do, and believe in the things that they do!? It is BrainWash at its best, Islamic style injected to their brains for 28 years! A full generation of people 28 years of age has been born, grown and are now 28 years of age living inside Iran, not even knowing that they are well BrainWashed by the best people in the profession! A new breed of human, a new order of law, a different species, an "IRI Bread" has been born! A well programmed series of Robots, mind controlled by the professionals in an isolated segregated environment! The Islamic Republic environment!

This is the result of Male Islamic Brainwash - Second Step
Violent Protests and Israel Flag Burning

Now we got the opposition's youth as well inside of Iran too! These are basically the prodigy kids, learned the other aspects of life. These are the youth that also learned about the other side of life along with the propaganda life inside IRI. They listened to Robotic lies made up and fabricated by IRI mentors for the "IRI Breed" Robots, but then they experimented on their own too. No matter how hard, but they read, learned and experimented life other than what IRI told them to, and on their own. These are our hopes for Iran. These youth are the free minds, free thinkers, and not the brain dead fanatical Muslims trained as IRI Breed Robots of the Islamic Iran! This is what we are dealing with. Thanks Ahura for even having some of these free thinkers inside Iran! with IRI creating a generation of Religious, brainwashed Arab loving breed, stranger from Iranian values and culture, thanks Lord for even having a few of these free thinkers inside Iran!

This is the result of Male Islamic Brainwash - Third Step
Suicide Bombing and Terrorism

Of course the number of these free thinkers are on the rise now, due to Internet and global interactions. At this time we have more bright and uncontrolled youth inside Iran than we did 8 years ago when Information Age hit Iran.

"The IRI Breed" is what we should work on to De-Program and UN-Install all the garbage which has been put in their heads due to 24 hours of singing Azan, Rowzeh, and Readings of Quran and Arabic in the Speakers on every major downtown Intersections in cities of Iran! These youth have been ArabToxicated, BrainWashed, Islamically corrected, Religiously Programmed, Fanatically Injected, and Deprived of their own glorious 8000 years Persian Culture and Traditions! We need to revive Iranian Values in these lost souls of the IRI!

This is The Final Result of Islamic Brainwash - The Last Step
Death without 72 Virgins or Rivers of Milk and Honey!

We need to reveal the truth about Mullahs, Islam, Arabs and then teach them their own history and Culture; therefore, they can regain their national identity, their Persian Identity and Persianhood. Only after this, we can proudly call these kids, Iranian. Otherwise these youth will remain brainwashed IRI Breed Robots for rest of their lives, unless they can break the Walls of Slavery and Break The Walls of False Religious Prison of the mind, and gain their freedom. But mostly they do not have this courage on their own and they need help, mentorship and Guidance.

Not everyone is strong enough to tear down the Walls of IRI lies fed to them for 28 years, on their own! Many need help, and we are the help. We are the Intellectual Rescue Clinic! We are playing the role of Doctors who must UN-Install all the Islamic Fanatical Viruses (Allahic Virus) out of these youth's systems and brains. These Islamic Fanatical Viruses are like computer viruses implanted deep in their brains and souls by 28 years of Garbage injection of the brains! Having no access to the free world had caused this brain infection, catastrophe and calamity.

To Student Movement

Well, we are here to help De-Bug these youth. Our youth and student movement outside and inside Iran has a holy mission and duty to do this holy task; to De-Bug these Islamic brainwashed "IRI Breeds". Our Youth inside and outside Iran has a responsibility to Install the true meaning of "Democracy for All" into these pre-programmed brains of these IRI Breed! This is our holy mission, this is our National duty.

Remember the days when our people were not hung from cranes, stoned, lashed, amputated or indefinitely prisoned? Oh I forgot, you are too young to remember! You have been confined to Islamic Iran for the past 28 years!

Student Movement has a crucial role to revive the Persianhood and sense of Iranian National Identity amongst the Iranian Youth. Student Movement and Free Thinking Iranian Youth, the future generation, are our only hope.

Ahmad Batebi of Student Movement, Opposition Member, Political Prisoner

The Battle for Iran

This is the Holiest of all battles, this is the battle to protect and serve the Persian Culture, this is the battle to rescue Mother Persia, this is the battle to survive our Iranian lifestyle, this is the battle for survival of our lives and our humanities! This is Do or Die because if we lose, Iran and Iranian lifestyle and culture will die and Iran will become just another Arab Nation! First you must revive Persianhood in yourselves, and only then, revive Persianhood in your fellow students.

Iran has died on 1979
Islamic Republic has been born on 1979
Do you have what it takes to revive Iran?
Every morning look at yourselves in the mirror and tell to your image:

Iran must live, Iran must rise again.
Iran must live, Iran must rise again.
Iran must rise again ……

More power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran

A lover of Iran,

Dr. X

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