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Chinese Coronavirus
Now You Know Why Globalism Fails!
Coronavirus Origin Coverup by China & Media


Chinese Coronavirus: Now You Know Why Globalism Fails!
Coronavirus Origin Coverup by China and Liberal Media

Ahreeman X
March 21, 2020

Joe Biden Sniffing Xi Jinping’s Dollars Branco Cartoon
“Obama – Biden Regime Sold America to China.” (Media)
“Joe Biden likes sniffing things such as women’s necks and …” (Media)
“Jo Biden does not believe China is a threat!” (Media)

Cartoons are by the great patriot and talented cartoonist friend A F Branco

Comically Incorrect Cartoons – A F Branco

Coronavirus Diaries: Day Eternity

Happy Nowruz Persian New Year, Happy Spring and Happy Chinese Coronavirus Lockdown!

Spring is in the air; do you smell it? Or is it the rotten smell of the Coronavirus?!

A Persian expression states:

“Sali ke nekust, az baharash, peydast!”

(A great year is judged by its spring!)

So far, this spring is about economic halt, rations, food / water lines, lockdown, disease and death due to coronavirus; so, do not be surprised if this new year turns to a Bull Shiite of a year!

Lines like this have not been existing sine Carter’s 1979 / 1980 car lines waiting for gas in the gas stations.

How do you like life during wartime? War with an invisible Chinese homegrown export! It is amazing how totalitarian oppressing regimes like China primarily create a pandemic, secondarily cover it up for a good while, thirdly export it via IRI and other travelers, fourthly infect the world, and finally try to release themselves from owning responsibility and shift the blame on America!

Coronavirus, IRGC and Chinese Mullahs!
Coronavirus Spread in Iran, the Real Story

If China would have not ruthlessly covered up the origin and timeline of the infection, then the world would have been two months ahead in fighting the pandemic. This would have saved many lives, economic meltdown and stock Market Crash.

Chinese Arrogance

Chinese Regime’s arrogance, secrecy and indifference about human lives infected the world and is destroying the world. On the contrary, America is saving the world. Chinese would like the uninformed public to believe that they are on the frontline of saving the world by sending meds, aids and help to Europe but the reality is that this is another photo op. and propaganda campaign for the Chinese Communist Regime, trying to save face and twist the truth!

Xi Jinping Chinese Fart Odor Branco Cartoon
“China still denies responsibility for the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.” (Media)

American Media Lies

Co-partner with Chinese Communist Regime lies is naturally the American Liberal Media lying to their teeth, hand in hand with China to destroy Trump. Media will never let a good pandemic to waste without politicizing it to destroy Trump.

Media created a narrative portraying China as the good world leader taking charge of the battle against the Coronavirus to save the world! On the contrary portraying Trump Administration as incompetent, negligent and not caring about people’s lives!

If you get your news from Dumpsters like CNN, MSNBC and rest of the trash MSN, you will get an upside down bizarro view of the world, alternate reality and fabricated stories and opinions created right out of liberals’ rectums!

American Liberal Media is the friend of Chinese Communist Regime and the enemy of the American people, and the American people are not fools, they are on to the Liberal Media.

Xi Jinping and Liberal Media blame Trump Game Branco Cartoon
“American Media and Chinese Regime Propaganda go hand in hand.” (Media)

American Media is Like Kick Dogs!

I often use this metaphoric anecdote to describe the pitiful reality of the American media. The media is similar to a Kick Dog. Have you seen those nasty, annoying, noisy little Toy Dogs, the little pesky Poodles tied next to the entrance door of a luxurious home, so they don’t annoy the guests inside the home during a party? Once you are trying to enter the party or go out of the party for a breath of fresh air, they keep on barking, growling, biting your pants and ankle! Every time you go in and out, they do this routine until you kick them not hard enough to kill the host’s toy dog but effective enough to make the dog understand who is the boss! Once the damn dog feels the pain, he moans and groans, making a choked-up mixture of growl and a low howl sound and then moves away from your leg! Some dogs are persistent, so they need two or three kicks, hard enough to silence them, so they will behave themselves in the corner! These rats are what I am referring to as Kick Dogs!

American Media is similar to Kick Dogs! They have been lying to the people for over 3 decades. Media is a part of the Establishment and a wing of the Democrat party. Conservatives have never challenged the media, were afraid of them and tried to be on their good side.

Trump Kicking the Media Dogs!

For the first time in history, a Republican president is fighting back; morely, beating the crap out of these bullies! Trump is not your average conservative republican president. In fact, Trump is not truly a Republican! Trump is a Street Fighter from Queens New York, who fights back, is not presidential and does not give a rat’s ass to be politically correct. Trump only has one goal and that is why he ran for presidency. That goal is to save America from the Establishment flushing it down the toilet! Trump only answers to, and cares about the American people.

Some NBC Bimbo Reporter was attacking Trump and asking him, more like lecturing him on what he could have done to stop the virus in early days!

Trump stated that he did ban travel from China in early days or else the infected and death toll would have been 10 times more, then he said: but when I done that, your network called me racist! I just love the way Trump shuts reporters down with facts! When Trump banned travel from China, Democrats called him racist and they were busy impeaching him!

Every single group who went against Trump has lost. Trump is like Teflon; nothing sticks to him! They tried to destroy him in 100 different ways: digging dirt, infidelity, rape, corruption, Russia hoax, impeachment hoax and now Coronavirus hoax but nothing sticks! Trump has exhausted the Democrats and the Establishment. Everyone who took on Trump and tried to destroy him, lost and got destroyed!

Hollywood took on Trump; Oscar lost its rating and no one watches it.
NFL took on Trump; people stopped watching Football and NFL lost rating.
Establishment took on Trump; they lost every hoax and plot.
Democrats took on Trump; they lost collusion narrative, impeachment and they will lose the election.
Media took on Trump; they lost credibility, audience and getting sued right and left for lies!

Why Trump Always Wins?

People are perfectly aware that Trump did not need to become president. Presidency has brought nothing to him but one big headache and misery of fighting the Establishment every day of his life.

Trump was a successful billionaire businessman, living a happy life until he ran for presidency! Trump borrowed a million from his father and turned it to ten billion! Trump owns tons of companies, businesses, buildings, hotels, resorts, golf courses and other entities.

Trump needed presidency like Iranians needed Coronavirus! Trump needed presidency like fish needs the shore! Trump has only ran for presidency to save America and the Americans from the Establishment and absolute destruction!

Everyone is against Trump but the American people, the average Joe supports him.

Who are Establishment?

Establishment was running America before Trump and People’s 2016 National Populist Revolution. Establishment is still clinging to power and fights back Trump to remain in power. Slowly but effectively, Trump is killing the Establishment.

Deep State
Military Industrial Complex
Giant Techs
Social Media
Globalist Corporations

So on …

Establishment is the enemy of the American people.

Establishment had Sold America to China

For 30 years, Democrat or Republican Establishment had sold America to China! Establishment politicians, academia and Deep State have made money from Chinese lobby to look the other way and allow China to rob America blind! Little by little, the Establishment allowed China to destroy America for money. Establishment charged zero-dollar tariff on Chinese cheap junks to flood the markets.

Chinese Timeline to Destroy America
* Establishment allowed China to enter the world economy in hope to become democratic
* American Establishment allowed China to join the WTO
* American politicians went on the payroll of the Chinese Government for kickbacks
* American Academia went on the payroll of the Chinese Government for grants
* Establishment closed manufacturing in America (only 60,000 in Obama era)
* Manufacturing went to China
* Chinese slave labor and child labor produced all types of goods
* Chinese exported goods around the globe
* China become an economical giant
* World become dependent to China
* America become dependent to China
* American Industry collapsed
* American manufacturing collapsed
* American economy collapsed
* Politicians in both parties got rich from China
* American workers lost jobs and become poor
* 30 years of Clintons, Bushes and Obamas destroyed America
* America was heading to the gutter
* Trump was elected by the people
* Trump did what he was preaching for decades: America First
* Trump saved America
* Trump is destroying the Establishment
* Trump Made America Wealthy Again
* Trump is Trading with the World on Fair and Reciprocal Basis
* China is having no choice but to take the back seat
* American presidents lie to get elected and then forget all promises
* Trump was the first president who kept more promises than he made!
* Trump Made America Great Again
* Trump is Keeping America Great
* Chinese Dragon is being tamed by Trump
* Trump is bringing Manufacturing back to America

Xi Jinping, the Great Chinese Politburo Dictator Caricature

China is Holding the World Hostage

Now china is indirectly (through her state media) warning to seize export of antibiotics and meds to US. China exports everything from toys to health supplies and from steel to high tech, to everywhere in the world. The world is dependent on China! The world is dependent to a Ruthless Tyrannical Regime.

 Manufacturing Medicine and Other Goods Must Return to America

Trump is perfectly aware of this fact that all manufacturing must return to America so:

A) America will become Self-Sufficient
B) America will control the export of goods to the world

America Must be Self-Sufficient

Trump has already established the return of various manufacturing and industries to America. He returned 15,000 manufacturing plants out of 60,000 which that Jigaboo Obama closed down, back to America. More are on their way to open up.

How can we be dependent to Chinese for Steel or Medicine? We are practically in cold war and economical war with China. This war can easily turn to a physical war. What are we going to do? Beg China to sell us steel needed for our war machines and meds needed for the health of our people?

Everything must be Made in America (like it once was). America must be self-sufficient like it used to be. We have unlimited resources and land, there is no reason that we should not make everything here.

Both Democrats and Republicans primarily made Japan an economical giant and then China an economical giant. Trump is changing the scenario.

People are Fed Up with the Media Lies

Ex American FEMA boss rushed out of the MSNBC Studio in the middle of the interview stating:

“I don’t have time to listen to this Bull Shiite!”

Some liberal was lecturing him about how it must be done and he simply could not take it anymore.

Technocrats and people are fed up with Main Stream Media lies, on top of them CNN and MSNBC which are not news channels but Liberal Propaganda Networks with only one goal to destroy Trump and the 2016 will of the people, so they can return to Rule of the Establishment in America!

CNN’s rating is now dangling between # 14 to # 20 below Cartoon Network! The only people who still get their news from “Opinion Mouthpieces” of Mainstream Media such as CNN and MSNBC are hardcore brainwashed liberals whom after 3 years are continuously in denial of what occurred in 2016. They live in a fantasy world of their own away from realities of America and the American people. Media, Academia, Hollywood and Uppity Liberal Classes in New York and California live in their own LaLa Land Fantasy away from the Heartland America.

CNN Garbage Dumpster

CNN is the mouthpiece of DNC and now Chinese Communists. The other day, CNN was preaching that Trump administration should learn from the Chinese on how to contain the virus and control the situation. Trump administration also should learn from the Chinese on how to lead as a global leader teaching the world, educating the world and helping the world on Coronavirus!

CNN is preaching this rhetoric while China has been covering up the disease for a long while, silencing the Chinese journalists and threatening the Chinese scientists not to spill the beans! China has kicked out the American media and has been lying over and over about the origins, timeline, number of infected and death toll of the coronavirus.

If someone does not know CNN, they may assume that CNN like CCTV is a Chinese State Media Outlet! Of course, that is not farfetched! One must be living under a rock not to know what CNN agenda is!

Looking at the CNN Crew, you will find a zoo of tiptoe dancing compulsive liar faggots (Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, etc.), humpty dumpty eunuchs (Brian Stelter, Ali Velshi, etc.) and ugly witches such as Christiane Amanpour who has a history of receiving gifts from the Mullahs in return for good propaganda on Iran. Christiane Amanpour’s deep throat and cheeks are so loaded with Khatami, Rouhani and other Mullahs’ schlongs in addition to Massoumeh Ebtekar’s pubic hair that the poor woman can barely shut her mouth close without something from Qom sticking out!

Vipers of IRI

Iran Animation Graphics Index

Xi Jinping Blame Game Branco Cartoon
“China blames Trump and America for spread of Coronavirus!” (Media)
“China threatens to block the export of medicine to US.” (Media)

Where to Get Real News?

American Media is garbage and liberal lies in the pocket of globalist corporations, Deep State and Democrats. The only free press in America are:

Real News
FOX News Network
Breitbart News
Some Talk Radio (Ex: Rush Limbaugh)
Some Websites

If you cannot get your real news from free press because you cannot get cable, satellite or online services, then get it for free from various channels on YouTube. Go to IPC YouTube and visit the Channels subscribed. Visit each channel for your national and world news. You will not get 24-hour live streaming but you will get the important news and commentary clips from various Real News organizations from their YouTube Channels. By sending you to YouTube, by no means we are stating that YouTube is Free Press. In fact, the Google owned YouTube is a highly censored radical leftist entity; however, there exists free press channels on YouTube who are doing a great job despite the YouTube censorship.

How to Get Real News for Free?

Iran Politics Club YouTube Channel exists to support the free press and talented people. IPC YouTube is there to provide you with the Real News.

Go to:

Iran Politics Club YouTube Channel

Then follow this navigation route:

IPC YouTube => Channels => Visit All News Channels

Visit on YouTube:

FOX News Network
Breitbart News

And every other news channel which you will see in IPC YouTube Channel subscriptions section.

As you are aware, Social Media is well censored and garbage. Social Media is a wing of Democrat Party; however, until we create our own social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, etc.) or we break these monopolies in to a few corps., then we must play footsy with them. I know it is hard to be abused by the Social Media Censorship and that is why we do not produce our own social media networks pages, but we only use YouTube to promote free press and good useful channels.

Why Iran Politics Club or Ahreeman X aren’t on Social Media?

E-mails to Ahreeman X

IPC Leaves Facebook

Coronavirus Self Quarantine

Now that due to California mandatory lockdown, at least in California, we are self-quarantined, we are more reliable on Internet to get our information. Be wise and do not get your information from Fake News Media. 98 % of the American Media is liberal biased and Fake News.

Mainstream Fake News Media
New York Times
Washington Post
USA Today
Huffington Post

And so many more …

This self-quarantine has disrupted life on earth. It has surely disrupted my life. California is under lockdown, so I cannot roam around the world and out and about town as I usually do! Well I could but then again, I do not seek to get Corona! Hey, I can see through the web cam, some of you are jumping up and down celebrating that yeh Ahreeman is getting Coronavirus and die! Ahreeman has many enemies! My enemies are ranging from the Islamists, Liberals, Career Exilist Monarchists, Iran Lobby Scum Bags, Muslim Apologists, Environmentalist Wackos, Animal Rights Bimbos, Climate Change Psychos all the way to Trannies with hairy legs and chests (like Michelle Obama) and Ugly Fat Persian Girls who marry Arabs and Blacks (Thank God for Arabs and Blacks, so someone will bang these gals)!

Normally, we have between 3 to 6 months of food, water, paper goods and supplies always stocked up in the house. Brunettey and I used to make fun of Blondie for stockpiling the freezers, refrigerators and pantries full of supplies, but now we praise her for her great wisdom! Our parents used to stockpile in Iran because they saw various famines, revolts, revolutions and wars. That is why we have learned from our parents to stockpile the house with supplies. Americans don’t do that but old fashion Persians know better. Blondie is old fashion and old school!

All of us outdoorsy and outgoing persons, now confined to home to work and live, thanks to Chinese Totalitarian Capitalist Regime posing as a Communist System!

Worst of Humanity

The worst of humanity comes out in the times of crisis! During this Coronavirus crisis, I have seen amazing things (Chiz-ha Didam as Sohrab Sepehri stated!

The Footsteps of Water Poem

I saw people robbing stores in the ghetto.
I saw civilized people fighting and running each other down with car over a case of water.
I saw rich people threatening each other over stock market insider trading accusations.
I saw people stealing from grocery stores.
I saw women in panic mode freaking out over supermarkets not displaying hand wipes at the front.
I saw old folks screaming in hospitals over hand sanitizer dispenser running out.
I saw millennials hording supplies from supermarkets and selling them online for double price.
I saw Costco private club wholesale put limits on how many of each item you can buy.
I saw supermarkets enforce limit of 2 per item while the sign says 3 for $ 5.
I saw a woman depressed for having to give birth and bring a child in to this world.
I saw a man near suicide for losing everything in stock market.
I saw drunks mourning the closing of the bars.
I saw obese people mourning the closing of the restaurants.
I saw poor kids at closed schools lining up for their lunch sacks daily at the drive through.
I saw cops present at the food line at Costco so people will not fight each other for toilet paper.
I saw people stealing toilet paper at the rest stops.
I saw people rushing stores, fast foods and mini marts grabbing toilet papers from the bathrooms.
I saw people having physical fights over cutting in food lines.
I saw people laid off, jobless, moneyless, foodless, waterless and hopeless near suicide.
I saw people fighting over the last sandwich at the fast food drive through.
I saw people cut hours, furloughed, laid off, fired and lost in a sea of unknown future.
I saw businesses closed down after half a century.
I saw mother not finding milk for her baby.
I saw despair, distraction and disease everywhere.
I saw brother fighting brother for over staying his welcome as a guest.
I saw average Joe and Jane committing crimes to survive.
I saw animosity towards Orientals (not only Chinese) for only having yellow skins.
I saw China Town arming up in case of business and home invasions.

And then ……
I saw a pedestrian after waiting in line for an hour, giving her complete fast food order to the homeless.
I saw the best and the worst of humanity.
I saw amazing things.

Chiz-ha didam, truly an interesting social experiment and study of human behavior and mob behavior in emergency situations.

Coronavirus Black Market Sales Branco Cartoon
“Black Market Hoarders Sales are Hot!” (Media)
“Certain Hoarders Arrested and Jailed for Price Gouging and Reselling Items Online!” (Media)

In Trump We Trust!

Overall, it is great to have Trump in charge. He has already given payroll tax breaks and money to workers, more or less $ 2000 per person to help them in time of crisis. He also made Feds cut interest rates. He is working closely with governors, private sector, medical field and everyone to restore law and order, help people, send aid, and most important discover the vaccine.

Coronavirus is the Fruit of Globalism!

Now you comprehend the downfall of globalism! Coronavirus is the fruit of globalism. You cannot have globalism with uncivilized, arrogant and bloodthirsty dictatorships such as China and IRI who have no respect for human life.  Globalism and one world country is achievable when all nations of earth or at least the major ones are primarily progressed, self-sufficient, civilized, and behaving like humans. Countries need to primarily bring themselves up to the level of advanced nations and evolve to the level of the civilized nations. China and IRI are not advanced and progressed as democracies; surely, they are not civilized in humanities! China and IRI treat their own people like cattle, set aside the outside world!

I was a National Populist before Trump become one! I was a Nationalist before Trump become one. I have always been aware that the future world must have one Earth Government but I have always been aware that until each nation equally evolves in economics, military, education, ethics, social behavior and human progress, then this task will not be achievable. Until then, the solution is Nationalism, not Globalism.

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow - Nationalism

Trump National Populist Revolution

Two Conditions

There are basically two conditions:

A) If your country has vast lands and natural resources,
Then produce everything domestically and be self-sufficient.
Ex: America

B) If your country does not have vast lands and natural resources,
Then you must be wise depending on your trades or else you are screwed!
Ex: Israel

For a country like America which has a vast amount of fertile lands and unlimited natural resources, it is a sin to not touch our own resources and lands (due to Liberal Bull Shiite Environmental Regulations) and then depend on predators like China!

What is Globalism?

Globalism is a system which in it, the globalist corporations get rich and the workers of each nation get shafted and some lose jobs. The jobs get outsourced to countries with cheap or slave labor; therefore, the workers end up in unemployment lines.

American Establishment selling America to China, Europe, India, Japan and so on was the perfect example of Globalism. Open Borders and Globalism invites diseases and the Coronavirus is the perfect example.

Joe Biden Coronavirus Battle Plan Branco Cartoon
“Joe Biden unveils his Post Presidency Coronavirus strategy!” (Media)

What is Socialism?

Once upon a time, a great man (Ronald Reagan) described the Socialist Big Government in this manner:

“Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it.
If it keeps moving, regulate it.
And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

(Ronald Reagan)

Ahreeman X 20 Favorite Quotes from Reagan and Thatcher

Socialism is a system in which the elite regime leaders thrive and get rich but the workers have no motivation (reward and punishment of Free Market) to work hard and thrive; therefore, they become lazy, they do minimum work and they remain in poverty.

In a socialist system, the government wants to make everyone poor as one social class.

Example: Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, North Korea, so on …

In a Free Market system, the Conservatives want to bring everyone up and make them rich.

Example: Trump’s America where wealth is created via jobs, industry, manufacturing and free markets for all. Competition creates motivation to thrive.

Bernie Sanders No Capitalism Branco Cartoon
“Communist Sanders Brings Proof that Capitalism doesn’t work!” (Media)
“Coronavirus crashes the stock market.” (Media)

National Populism is the Solution

The solution in the short run (tactical) is not globalism. The solution in the long run (strategical) will eventually be one earth government but until them, we have a distance from Earth to the Mars to walk!

Today’s solution is National Populism. Trump started it, and now it is getting global.

Trump done it in America
Modi is doing it in India
Bolsonaro is doing it in Brazil
Boris Johnson is doing it in UK

And so on …

Various countries around the world are now committing to National Populist Revolutions and put Trump’s America as a model for their future system.

Primarily make your own country great (MAGA),
Then keep your own country great (KAG),
Finally create the one earth nation.

Globalism, Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Islamism and such are all various Internationalist Diseases which are created to screw the workers, enrich the elite leadership, and bankrupt the nations out of their wealth in the name of equality, internationalism and dictatorship of proletariat! The Socialist System creates laziness due to no competition. Socialism and Globalism are acting as the Syphilis of the society. In this venereal disease, the Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, oligarchs, Politburos and Liberal Billionaires get rich but the workers get shafted and remain poor.

Trump did not only save America but he set an example and model for global leaders to follow, so they can save their own countries. In a way, Trump has saved the world from the evil and corrupt systems of Globalism, Socialism and Liberalism.

I have no doubt that we shall get over these hard times. This will only be a short period and interruption in between Trump’s great economy. Stock Market will be sky high again and that is why during the crash, I always recommend to buy and follow what Trump or that bastard George Soros are buying because they know what to buy.

We are Americans, we are too tough to fail. In addition, we have the greatest patriot, the blue color billionaire businessman who runs America as a business in charge, as our leader or else if Democrats were in charge, chaos would rule! Can you imagine if Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton were in charge? Remember Benghazi? Make it times 10,000 and picture what would be the situation!

Historical Perspective on Trump

Critics over and over tell him to stay off of twitter, be politically correct and do not say “Chinese Coronavirus”! Trump has absolutely no respect for liberal political correctness, liberal media and their advice. People love Trump because he is Trump. Let us keep Trump as the Trump. That is why we love him.

As a historian, I can bravely state that Trump’s 101 achievements in only 3 short years are more than everything that all the US presidents have done since 1776! I have never seen any US president like Trump. At last, we have a president who actually kept all his promises and then more. Finally, we have a president who is cleansing the filthy Washington DC Swamp, Government Bureaucrats, and corrupt low lives in DC. At last we have a president who stands up to the Lying Liberal Media, fights back, bites back and punches back. We have a Street Fighter Thug from Queens, New York in the White House, a Blue Color Billionaire and the Working-Class Hero who is actually draining the Swamp, building the Wall and trashing the Media and Liberals on daily basis. America has never been this great, wealthy, powerful and blessed in her history. Enjoy Trump’s Peace and Prosperity and not to worry, this coronavirus will soon go away. It is a temporary interruption of our “Trumpian Dream Life Picturesque”. For facts, I have never loved a US president and admired him like I love and admire Trump. Donald John Trump is truly the Father of Nation and I love him like my father.

I am an Atheist, but hey, you know what they say:

God Bless Trump


Dr. X


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