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CIA: Open Letter about Iranian Opposition
Sam Ghandchi
May 2, 2020

Sam Ghandchi Iranian American author, journalist, activist, philosopher and scholar

1. I am often asked how come when I visited my family in Iran 25 years ago, for the first time 14 years after I had left Iran and had returned to the USA, for a month in summer of 1995, and again for a month in summer of 1998, and the third time for a month in Nowruz of 2014 , I was not arrested or bothered by IRI. My guess is that they know I am a very open person and all I know and think is already on my site on the Internet and there is nothing new they can find out from me by interrogating me, and they know I am not somebody they can scare to stop speaking up my mind, and the only reason if they ever may arrest me, would be to kill me which is the risk I take every time I go to Iran, otherwise there is nothing for them to gain from arresting or bothering me. At the same time when I say I visit family, that is all I do and never met anyone else when visited Iran. I do what I say and I say what I do. I do not lie. I am also fair and non-partisan as a journalist and present all sides of the story, and am independent and although support some ideas and organizations but I am on my own, so maybe IRI has understood these facts about me too, which I hope the US government also understands about me after 51 years of living in the USA and being a US citizen. I am what ideally a journalist should be, have my philosophical and political positions which I do not hide from anyone, but at the same time as a journalist, I am fair and non-partisan.
2. As a professional I have no problem to work for VOA or CIA as a translator, web editor or any other professional job despite the fact I am not interested in any spy work no matter what my job is although I do not despise spies who have helped democracies, e.g. I respect people like Julia Child during WWII and have extensively explained about my position on this matter and there is no need to explicate anymore.

Dr. X: IPC: VOA, CIA, Etc.

3. My main point here is about Iranian opposition. I have already expressed my views so many times about Mossadegh's error and CIA's error which led to 1953 coup and there is nothing to add. And frankly I have stopped discussing that history for quite some time and prefer to focus on future rather than the past although really if anyone with a fair and non-partisan mind reads what I have written, they can easily move on too.

Mossadegh's Error was Not to Create a Republic
4. Late Admiral Dr. Ahmad Madani a leader of Iran's National Front (Jebhe Melli) accepted money from CIA to help Iranian officers who were in need in exile but later the news was leaked by some supporters of Dr. Ali Amini, for whatever animosity that I am not aware of, to embarrass Dr. Madani. I remember Dr. Madani sweating to answer questions about the money he had received from CIA, when giving a presentation in Cupertino, CA. He did not make any personal gains by this action and in my opinion, even receiving financial assistance from CIA for those officers was not wrong by itself but Dr. Madani should have been transparent about it.

Jebhe Melli News


5. The late father of Setareh Derakhshesh the current VOA director, whose name was Mohammad Derakhsheh received money from CIA to publish Mehregan magazine of Iranian Teachers Association, again a good cause and nothing wrong to receive aid from CIA or anywhere else for that good cause, but he was not transparent about the money he received and again the news was leaked by some of his enemies, which hurt his reputation.

VOA Voice of America is Anti America!

6. I am not a leader of Iran's opposition or a leader of its groups or organizations but if I were a leader, and if I were going to receive any aid from CIA or anywhere else on behalf of Iranian opposition, I would be totally transparent about it. Again, in principle, I do not oppose receiving aid for Iran's opposition from any source including the CIA as long as it is totally transparent.

Iran Political Parties and Organizations
7. Finally, again, as I explained at the beginning of this article in item #1, as a professional I have no problem to have a job as a translator, web editor or any other professional position at any government or private entity including VOA and CIA and would be a job for me as I worked at VOA for 8 years. I would not work as a spy for anybody or any organization or any government. I just do not like the spy work, although not only I do not despise spies like Julia Child who helped the democracies at the time of anti-Fascist War, rather praise them. That is all.
Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran

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