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Coronavirus & Taharat Islamic Butt Wash!

Coronavirus Origin, Khamenei, Jinns and Chinese Coverup!
Coronavirus and Taharat Islamic Butt Wash!

Ahreeman X
April 2, 2020

L: Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei Supreme Spiritual Leader of IRI Severely Scared of Jinn
R: Jinn that haunts and frightens Ayatollah Khamenei

You are now surely wondering that what does Coronavirus have to do with the Taharat Islamic Butt Wash?! Read the article gently, slowly and comprehensively to find out! They always count the chickens at the end of the autumn!

Origin of the Coronavirus

Right off the bat (not the ones eaten in China), you must comprehend that whatever the American Media, Chinese government and the Iranian government tell you about the origins and the way of the spread of the Coronavirus, are all lies.

The latest theory is that the Wet Markets in China selling wild exotic animals domestically and online to the foreign countries for consumption had caused this virus.

Of course, it is true that the Chinese eat a lot of garbage, some due to the poverty and some due to assumption that this garbage has medicinal purposes or they are aphrodisiacs. China is a large country with massive population. They eat practically everything from insects to scorpions, and everything in the sea, all the way to rats, cats, dogs, monkeys and bats! When too many people live under a brutal dictatorship where a bunch of Communist Elite and Oligarchs ruling the country and slushing all the money, then you eat whatever you can find and get your hands on!

Then you got some rich Chinese who eat all this crap for medicinal purposes to prevent or cure their diseases and indeed some who eat this garbage under assumption that they are aphrodisiacs and give them hard erections!

So, you have a populated nation in which they eat everything which they should not eat; therefore, they get various diseases such as Coronavirus and then export it to the world!

Thankfully Indians (mostly Hindus) are vegetarian and they do not have these problems or else you would have to deal with two sets of diseases from two massive populated nations of billions!

Fact Check

I. Yes, you can get all types of diseases by preparing and eating rats, cats, dogs, monkeys, and indeed bats or other wild animals.

II. Yes, you can get all of these diseases by online selling, exporting, shipping, receiving and retailing these wild animals.

III. Yes, you can get all types of diseases by slaughtering (if alive), preparing (if dead), cleaning and cooking these animals as a chef or kitchen workers.

IV. Yes, you can get all types of diseases if you eat, spread or get infected by others who spread the infection after having any contact with these animals.

All the above is true but, there is a but:

V. No, Coronavirus did not originate nor spread through any connection with the bats, rats, monkeys, or other exotic animals. Wet Market Sales online and offline has been going on for centuries!

Coronavirus Origins, the Real Story

Coronavirus not necessarily genetically engineered but spread through careless handling from a lab a few blocks away from the food market. Chinese scientists and the Chinese government have been working on biological weapons experimentations in the lab. Obviously, some idiot transferred this virus to the food source.

What happened was not necessarily intentional but negligent. The virus was not necessarily manmade and genetically engineered. It could have may as well been all a big careless mistake, a Type of mistake which infected the world.

Chinese Government was directly responsible for origins of the pandemic and the Iranian government was directly responsible for spreading the pandemic to the world. Both Chinese and Iranian Regimes are actively covering up, lying and silencing the scientists and journalists not to spill the beans! Both regimes also coverup the number of infected and the dead.

Read more about the Coronavirus, the Real Story:

Coronavirus, IRGC and Chinese Mullahs!

Chinese Coronavirus: Now You Know Why Globalism Fails!

Globalism and Coronavirus

Yes, open borders and globalism eventually gets caught up with you! Liberalism and Political Correctness also ends up killing you! Open borders and illegal aliens from around the world also bring you all types of diseases. Take a good look at the Europe and now United States!

Chinese Coverup

It is amazing how the Chinese government has been shamelessly infecting the world and still conducting a coverup; furthermore, the WHO (World Health Organization) and its leader are actively covering up for China! Comprehend that the majority of the WHO’s funding comes from USA but they always go against the benefits of USA, Truth and Health of the world.

WHO Coverup

WHO the same as UN is a corrupt and incompetent global organization in direct conflict with the benefits and the health of the American people.

WHO chief praises, covers for China – Tucker Carlson of FOX News

WHO praises China, denies Taiwan's existence – Tucker Carlson of FOX News

More truth by Free Press FOX News:

FOX News YouTube

For more News Channels, go to:

IPC YouTube => Channels

Iran Politics Club YouTube

WHO is a corrupt entity with hands deep in the pocket of the Chinese Government, covering up for China. The only question is that why are we funding this organization with the American taxpayers’ money?


American Media Coverup

American Media does not report the news but it creates the news according to its agenda which is destruction of Trump. The memos and talking points of the news gets printed in DNC and then Democrat National Congress fax, text and sends the same narrative to all of the so-called news organizations; therefore, on a specific news event, if you turn on the TV, at the same time on all different channels, they are repeating the same talking point which has dictated to them by the DNC. American Media is basically a wing of the Democrat party.

The American Media is obviously a part of the Establishment which was ruling America and feeding lies to the American people and the world until Trump plucked their feathers and kicked them like the Kick Dogs!

Chinese Coronavirus: Now You Know Why Globalism Fails!

Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons: 3 Chapters

Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons Thread

American Media are 98 % liberals and they only have one goal: to destroy Trump and the 2016 National Populist Revolution of the American people who elected Trump. Everything which comes out of the American Media is biased lies.

CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, PBS, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine and Politico are on top of the list of the Media Scum Bags! Never trust a word from them.

The only free press in America is FOX News, Breitbart News, Some Talk Radio (like Rush Limbaugh) and a handful of websites.

American Media is a wing of the Democrat Party who are hand in hand with the Deep State, Military Industrial Complex, Tech Giants, Hollywood and Academia who combinedly and actively are brainwashing and infecting your children’s minds.

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People

Jinn that haunts and frightens Ayatollah Khamenei

Khamenei and Jinns

On March 22, 2020, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei delivered a 40-minute-long speech, which aired on Channel 1 (Iran) and posted on Khamenei’s website. The Iranian leader said that America is Iran's most evil enemy and that top American officials are charlatans, greedy, insolent liars, and merciless terrorists. He said that America's offers to help Iran with treatment and medicine are strange because America itself has equipment shortages, and he elaborated that no Iranian would accept these offers anyway because America has been accused of manufacturing and spreading COVID-19.

Khamenei said that he does not know if these accusations are true, but that if they are, American medicine might be a means to further spread the disease in Iran and the American doctors who would come to Iran might do so in order to gather more information about the behavior of the virus in order to increase America's hostility towards Iran. In addition, he referred to a theory that strains of COVID-19 were produced specifically to target Iran using information gathered about Iranian genetics.

Khamenei is in quarantine himself; however, he does not quarantine the country! Khamenei clearly states that Jinns (Genies AKA Demons) in association with Americans, on Trump’s order have possibly (not sure) created the Coronavirus specifically to destroy Iran. Genetically Trump had created the virus for the Iranians but somehow, they messed up and it became global.

So, after Muhammad’s delusions of Jinns, now we witness that Khamenei also has Jinn delusions and he believes in the Jinns and Americans, also Europeans who are combinedly cooperating under the leadership of Trump to destroy Iran with the Coronavirus!

Jinns that Haunted Muhammad!

Khamenei’s Crippled hand

Notice Khamenei’s crippled right hand (in the video). The hand is crippled due to assassination attempt of 1981 via bombing by the Forqan Group.

Khamenei New Year Speech on Jinns and Coronavirus
MEMRI TV English Subtitle Speech

Khamenei Complete Speech on Jinns and Coronavirus
Complete Speech - Ruptly Russian TV

Chinese Mullahs and Tolab Spread the Coronavirus

Sheikh Abdolhamid Ismaeelzahi, a Sunni Islamic scholar based in Zehedan, Sistan and Baluchistan Province of Iran, said in a video that was uploaded to on March 13, 2020 that COVID-19 came to Qom, Iran and subsequently spread to the rest of the country through Chinese theological students of religion at the state-funded Al-Mustafa International University, a Shiite institution where he said Sunnis are being brainwashed and which he said does things that are inconsistent with the Islamic Revolution's goals of unifying the Islamic nation. He also said that some students including Chinese at Al-Mustafa International University are forbidden from returning to their countries of origin.

Iranian Islamic Scholar: COVID19 Came to Iran through Chinese Students
Theology Students from State-Funded Al-Mustafa University

I was the first to mention that Chinese Tolab (Religious Study Students) and Mullahs (Clerics) imported by Qom to brainwash and send as missionaries around the region were originally brought this virus to Iran and spread it around the world.

Coronavirus, IRGC and Chinese Mullahs!

To learn more about the Al Mustafa International University of IRI:

Iranian Regime Network of Islamic Centers in America

Iran Espionage Network in Latin America

Iranian Hegemony and Influence in Africa

Iran Network of Islamic Centers in Europe

IRI Still Agitates War, Even in the Coronavirus Era!

The world is involved with this pandemic but IRI still influences its proxies to rocket Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Yemenis Houthis) and American and Iraqi bases (Iraqi Hezbollah and Shiite Militia)! Trump had just warned the IRI that if these acts of terrorism continue, there will be heavy retaliation.

But does IRI ever learn its lesson? Hell no! IRGC Qods Force Commander, Esmail Ghaani had just landed in Iraq for some logistic terroristic arrangements of plots in Iraq and Syria. The only solution to the IRI problem is the systematic bombing of all IRI military and nuclear bases by USA.

On the bright side,

Coronavirus and Taharat (Islamic Butt Wash)!

At the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic, there was a lot of hording, ration and limitations, specifically on toilet paper; therefore, I was being humorous and telling everyone that so there is a shortage of toilet paper, no problem, you can do Taharat (Islamic Butt Wash)!

Then I would expand on it and teach them:

Proper Method of Taharat Islamic Butt Wash!

Taharat is when you hold the Aftabeh (Islamic Toilet Pitcher) or wall hose with one hand (right hand) and then with the other hand (left hand), you must wash butt in this manner: Stick 2/3 of the middle finger in your butt and rub it forward from your anus to under your balls! You must do this fingering in a set of three. Women must also do this backwards from anus to back of the butt three times, so they do not drag feces to their vagina! Also, you must wash your penis and vagina with water. Really go over them and squeeze your schlong, balls and Suzie Q (squeeze and wash good)!

Islamic Anal Wash

The anus must be washed with water using the left hand after defecating. Similarly, the penis or vulva must be washed with water with the left hand after urinating. This washing is known as Taharat, and is commonly done using a vessel known as Aftabeh (Islamic toilet Pitcher).

So, the penis, vagina and anus must be fingered and washed really good!

Why Mullahs are Gay?

Is there any wonder why Mullahs and Tolab (Religious Study Students) are gay and banging each other’s butts? Imagine sticking 2/3 of your middle finger, three times in your butt, every time you poop! Naturally tickling your prostate so much and so many times, begins to feel good! Why do you think Gays like it? You can really get sexual pleasure from fingering prostate!

So, once you constantly and daily finger yourself up the butt, then eventually you begin to like it and then you require someone else to finger you and naturally you move on from fingering and fingers to somebody’s penis! Who knows, maybe dildoes or baseball bats!

It is only natural that Taharat Islamic Butt Wash, eventually leads to anal sex and turns you to a flaming faggot!

Holy Cleric Ranks of Islam!
The Shiite Hierarchy!

For more information on Islamically proper Butt Wash, review:

Ayatollah Khomeini on Islam: Bathroom Laws and Regulations

Ayatollah Khomeini on Islam: Sex, Marriage, Divorce and Relationships

Ayatollah Gilani's Resaleh on Socio-Sexual Problems in Islam!

Uninformity and Rot (Persian Book Series) - Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh
A Study on Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini's Writings

Ayatollah Khomeini Books: Original Persian & English Texts


The bottom line is for you to survive this pandemic. I hope for all of you to survive this disaster. Just be wise and do not take governments and media’s word as granted. Question everyone especially the authorities. There are big coverups going on and everyone is trying to cover their butts by coverups!

All these butt coverings may require Taharat Islamic Butt Wash! So, if you must do Taharat, then skip the fingering or at least do not do 2/3 of the middle finger fingering! Just do a little bit of fingering!

As you can see, Allah, Muhammad, Mullahs and Muslims are always concerned about your butt, penis and vagina! Islam is all about the belly and the under belly!

I sincerely hope that you have learned something from all of these coverups, Jinns and Taharat butt wash and butt fingering! Your anal hygiene during these Corona Times of Crisis is our desire!

What would you have done without me? You would surely die! Go count your blessing to have me informing you of the facts of life!


Dr. X


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