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Coronavirus Spread in Iran, the Real Story

Coronavirus, IRGC and Chinese Mullahs!
Coronavirus Spread in Iran, the Real Story

Ahreeman X
February 25, 2020

IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp) had Spread the Coronavirus Globally
Mullahs have Infected the World with Coronavirus

Nationwide Epidemic

Coronavirus had spread in Iran starting from Qom to Arak, then Tehran and northward to Amol and now it has spread like a cancer in the shape of octopus tentacles in all directions:

Westward to Hamedan
Northward to Gilan and Mazandaran
Eastward to Semnan and Khorasan
Southbound to Esfahan and Kashan

Coronavirus is spreading nationwide. A great number of Iranians are infected and the death toll is growing by the day.

Khamenei Dark Thundering Clouds Slaughtering the Iranian Protesters Iran Cartoon
Khamenei is Directly Responsible for the Spread of the Coronavirus

How did Coronavirus Come to Iran?

Now you may ask how did this epidemic spread to Iran? The IRI Regime is trying to hide the truth from the Iranian people. We will inform you of the latest information on Coronavirus.

Our inside and outside Iran sources are the valid base of our information.

Inside Iran Sources
IPC Operations Inside Iran
Health Personnel Inside Iran
Student Movement Inside Iran
Democratic Movement Inside Iran
Opposition Members Inside Iran

Outside Iran Sources
IPC Operations Outside Iran
Health Personnel Outside Iran
Student Movement Outside Iran
Democratic Movement Outside Iran
Opposition Members Outside Iran

Coronavirus Origin, the Conspiracy Theories

Middle Easterners and naturally Iranians are masters of out there conspiracy theories. The latest conspiracy theories are:

Conspiracy Theory 1: Infected Snake

A snake ate an infected rat. As long as Chinese eat everything, some Chinaman ate this infected snake and that is how he got infected. Next thing you know, he spread the epidemic nationwide and turned it to a pandemic.

Of course, the same as many other Middle Eastern and Iranian Bang and Bologna Conspiracy Theories, this one is also way out there in the fairytale department.

Conspiracy Theory 2: Trump Did It

Trump sent the Coronavirus to China to bring the Chinese to their knees to sign the trade deals! This is how the virus spread all over China and then the world.

This one is so out there and unsubstantiated that it can rise a dead man back to life! The theory is all great but only two problems with it:

Problem 1
US and China had already signed the first phase of the deal before the Coronavirus had spread! This fact will make this amazing conspiracy theory pure Bull Shiite!

Problem 2
Another problem with this theory is that after the expansion of Coronavirus, Global Stock Market and specifically US Stock Market tanked. So, why on earth would Trump sabotage China which it would affect the US Stock Market?

How do you like these amazing tall tales by Iranians and Middle Easterners?! Nothing like Middle Eastern Conspiracy Theories, so bizarre, so bizarre!

Coronavirus Origin, the Real Story

Now the real story,

A few blocks down the road from the original food source where the patient zero started the Coronavirus is where a Chinese Biochemical Lab is located. In this lab, Chinese scientists make various chemical and biological experiments. The virus, not necessarily intentionally but possibly accidentally had transformed from the lab to the food source. This is how the infection begun.

Naturally the Chinese government would never confess to this reality but the latest intelligence and information supports this scenario.

Coronavirus Spread in Iran Story, the IRI Version

Iran and China are close axis in business, military and international relations. Some merchants had originally brought this virus from China to Iran by accident. That is how it originally spread.

This story, the same as every other story coming out of the IRI Regime’s mouthpieces and media is nonsense and garbage. The simple fact that presently various airlines including but not limited to the Mahan Airline are still actively travelling back and forth to China makes the above claim rubbish.

If supposedly, an Iranian merchant brought this disease to Iran by accident and infected everyone, and then right away the government blocked the travels between China and Iran, then how come various airlines including the Mahan Airline is still actively flying back and forth to China?

Of course, the regime states that these flights are for humanitarian reasons but that is also another lie by the regime like every other story coming out of the Tehran media!

Coronavirus in Iran, the Real Story

Iranians have the Mullahs and the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp) for the Coronavirus to thank for!

The spread of Coronavirus in Iran is due to pure greed and politics. IRGC by the order of the Mullahs had intentionally spread this virus. Of course, the IRGC and the Mullahs did not believe that the chance of Coronavirus being spread in Iran was so great and they underestimated the infection levels; however, all it takes is one infected person to infect a great number of people.

This is beside the fact that Mullahs, IRGC and Islam in general have very little respect for the human life; therefore, the regime took this risk, knowing that there would be a chance of an epidemic and even a pandemic, but still they took the risk!

Now on to the real story,

IRGC had trafficked the Coronavirus in two ways to Iran:

Coronavirus Trafficked Ways to Iran

Traffic of the Chinese Officials and Business People

* IRGC trafficked Chinese officials and business people to Iran so from there they could travel around the globe.

Chinese travel bans around the globe specifically from US does not allow the important Chinese officials and business people to travel freely around the world. To conduct their important businesses globally, these Chinese officials and business people paid big bucks to IRGC to travel them to Iran, so from Iran they could travel globally. If anyone would ask them about the origins of their flights, they would forge documents and state that the origin of their flights is from Iran and at the time of the pandemic, they were not residing in China

Traffic of the Chinese Mullahs and Tolab

* IRGC trafficked Chinese Mullahs and Tolab (Religious Student Clerics) from Urumqi capital of Xinjiang province of China to Qom, Iran for indoctrination and studies to spread the Islamism around the China and the Central Asia. Uyghur Turkic Chinese are a solid base of Islamists on the payroll of the IRI Regime. Even though China is IRI’s axis, yet IRI still indoctrinates and spread the Chinese Mullahs and Missionaries around China and the Central Asian nations such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and so on. There are a good number of Uyghur Turkic Chinese Muslims residing in Iran, studying in Howzeh Elmiyeh Qom (Shiite Seminary School of Qom)

Howzeh Elmiyeh Qom

Howzeh Elmiyeh Qom – Research and Study Centre

IRGC got paid big league to import and export Chinese in and out of Iran. At the time, unlike China, there was not a global travel ban on Iran; therefore, Chinese citizens could easily travel to Iran and from there go anywhere they desired declaring that they were not coming from China but from Iran!

In other words, health of the Iranian people and humanity in general does not mean much to the IRI officials, Mullahs Hezbollah and Islamists. In general, Islam does not have much value for the human life!

So, for big money, greed and politics, IRGC and the Mullahs had brought the present of the Coronavirus for the Iranian people and even endangered the global citizens!

Spreading Shiite Islam, the IRI Doctrine and providing ways to fund this mission is a priority for the Mullahs, much more important than the lives of the Iranian people and the global citizens! Islam has no conscience!

IRI Helped Infecting the World

Many countries got infected through Iran. After Iran fraudulently trafficked the Chinese from China to the outside world, they infected many people abroad, for example the Italians which are infected now, have originally got infected from the passengers of the flights coming from Iran! So, it was Iran who infected the Italians.

False Promises

IRI Regime had promised free masks, disinfectants and supplies to the people but so far, they have not delivered. There is even a shortage of laundry detergent, hand soap and liquid soap in Iran, to the point that when visiting, Iranians abroad take supplies of them to their relatives in Iran. Due to sanctions and incompetence of the regime, there are shortage of everything in Iran, so regime is basically making promises that it cannot keep.

Coronavirus and Elections

Imam Khamenei claims that Trump and the Opposition intentionally scared the Iranians not to vote because they could get infected by the Coronavirus. Obviously, Imam Khamenei and the Mullahs do not take the Coronavirus Pandemic much serious! Only because they play politics with people’s lives, they assume that we also play politics with people’s lives!

The health of the Iranian people means everything to the Iranian Opposition. Naturally, Coronavirus can spread everywhere, so quickly.

What is the urgency for the people to vote in yet another sham IRI election, selection or erection? So far, it has been over 40 years of IRI show sham elections which means nothing!

Iranian Election Cartoons

Iranian Election, Selection or Erection?

No Iranian political party is allowed to operate inside Iran except Hezbollah (Party of Allah). You can give them various names but all of these parties and candidates are Islamists who have been granted the right to participate in the IRI elections by Imam Khamenei.

In other words, unless your party and candidates are Islamists, you are not allowed to participate in the elections. As you can see, this makes the IRI Elections only show sham selections!

So, ask yourselves, are these sham elections worth risking your lives to go outside in the Coronavirus Pandemic line to vote?

Iranian Elections are Meaningless

Elections matter is a democratic system. When democracy does not exist in Iran and a theocratic dictatorship rules over the people, then these elections are meaningless. Islamic Shari’a Law is the rule of law and Islamists rule Iran. People’s vote means nothing.

IRI is Dying? Long Live Free Iran!

Making a Deal with Mullahs is Useless

Except US Democrats, everyone else is on to these sham elections. Reformists, moderates and fundamentalists are all the same. It is a show put on by the regime which does not even fool the people anymore!

Only liberal democrats due to political gains, are still playing these election games with the Mullahs!

Democrats Always Misfire on Iran!

Dark Prospect

Coronavirus pandemic is growing, infecting more people and killing a great number. Coronavirus kills inside Iran and out. The crime of infecting the Iranian people is solely on IRGC and Mullahs’ heads. IRGC and Mullahs as always have blood on their hands. Obviously, they do not care about the public health, so what if some Iranians die?!

The only hope to nullify the negligence of the IRI Regime is hoping for the weather to heat up, so hopefully it may kill the virus.

IRGC Emblem
IRGC by the Order of Khamenei Spread the Coronavirus

Sole Solution

The only solution to the Iranian problem is a Bloody Revolution by the masses of Iran. Consistent and organized strikes, protests, and riots must continue. Branches of the security forces must join the people. US government and Opposition forces must spread guns amongst the people and all and all, we must move on towards a nationwide protest and revolution to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran and get Islam out of the government.

Government’s sole duty is to protect and serve their people. IRI Regime neither protects nor serves the Iranians; furthermore, IRI is the enemy of the Iranian people!

Freedom does not come cheap; it is costly and it consumes blood. If you want freedom, you must fight for it. No one will hand you the freedom. The freedom comes at a high price.

Iranian Opposition Needs Guns

Allow me to end with a few quotes:

"Before we even consider a "Social Revolution", we need a "Massive Social Education". First, we are in desperate need of a "Moral Revolution", starting from the personal level as the "Personal Rehabilitation", which ends up to a "Social Reformation", so we can finally establish a "Mass Salvation" to achieve our "National Recognition" and "Persian Identification". Until then, our "National Identification" is lost in Arabo-Islamic or Foreign Worship and "Mass Infiltration."
(Ahreeman X)

Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic

"Persian Violence is the only answer to Islamic Violence"
(Ahreeman X)

"Any Thinking Iranian, at some point of his life, has to decide between Islam or Iran? You can't have both!
(Ahreeman X)

More quotes:

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

More power to all freedom fighters of Iran


Dr. X


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