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Domestication of Persians
Ahreeman X

1st Edition: May 21, 2002 = 2561 Shahanshahi
2nd Edition: February 7, 2018

In the name of Iran,

Until there is life in this Earthly body,
Our Ka'bbah and prayer direction will remain, Iran...

Before I start on this subject, you may want to know why do I use Shahanshahi Calendar? Without going to details (this is another subject), I respond to you, that I am Persian; therefore, my calendar base is a Persian Calendar base, starting from Coronation of Cyrus and when Persian Kingdom (Median Kingdom) became Persian Empire (Achaemenid Empire). Even though, Iran has 8000 years of history, yet it has properly chosen for 559 BC to be the starting point as the starter of Persian Empire coronated, and due to the fact that Cyrus is the writer of the very first Human Rights Document on Earth (The Cyrus Cylinder), then I shall respect Cyrus as the greatest Persian ever and keep my Shahanshahi Calendar base and leave the Shamsi or Qamari Calendar base of when some Arab bandit traveled from Mecca to Medinah, for all the Arabo-Muslim and their Iranian half-breeds! As you see, to cherish the "Persian Imperial Year" (PIY), has nothing to do with being or not being a Monarchist! I figured, I needed to clear that up!

For more information read:

Why Persian Imperial Year (PIY) Calendar?

Have you ever heard of the "Domestication Method of Subjugation"? Meaning, a specific method of subjugation by the use of domestication. Still confused? Let me elaborate, this is a specific method used in Old and New Colonialism eras, specifically in modern day "Neo Colonialism". This is a method, where The Oppressor or Colonialist, subjugates his victims which are The Oppressed, by a variety of methods. Now, in old days, there were a variety of methods such as:

Old Methods of Colonialism - Subjugation

1. War/Occupation
2. Enslavement
3. Prisonment
4. House Arrests
5. Torture
6. High Taxation
7. Unjust Regulations


Through the years, things have changed. We moved towards Industrial Era and modern methods were created,

Modern Methods of Colonialism - Subjugation

1. Alienation
2. Block of Freedoms
3. Economical Dependency
4. Economical Control
5. Economical Slavery
6. Economical Subjugation
7. False Conceptions of Liberation


Eventually we have moved towards the Modern Information Era; therefore, there was a need for Neo Colonialistic Methods of Subjugation,

Neo Methods of Colonialism - Subjugation

1. Non Stop Propaganda (in every aspect of life in IRI)
2. Non Stop Brainwash (starting from Kindergarten in IRI)
3. Demonization of the Local Culture (Persian)
4. Glorification of the Forced Culture (Arabo-Muslim)
5. Demonization of the Local Heroes (Yazdgird III, Arteshbod Rostam-e Farokhzad)
6. Creation of the New (false) Heroes from the Forced Culture (Mohammed, Ali, Hussein, Imam Reza)
7. Destruction of the Local Values/Traditions (Nowruz, Mehregan, Sadeh)
8. Creation of the New Values/Traditions from the Forced Culture (Eyd-e Fetr, Qadir, Qorban)
9. Destruction of the Local Language/Literature/Philosophy/Religion (Persian, Aryan Culture, Zoroastrianism)
10. Creation of the New Language/Literature/Philosophy/Religion from the Forced Culture (Arabo-Muslim)
11. Mix Breeding with the Local Population for Degeneration of the Local Race (Half-breeds)
12. Creation of a New Mongrel Race faithful to the Forced Culture (Arabo_Islamic)
13. Destruction of all Local National Identifications (Persian: language, race, traditions, icons, and celebrations)
14. Creation of a New Mixed Identification faithful to the Forced Culture (Arabo-Muslim)
15. Destruction/Banning of all Local Hard Copy/Audio-Visual/Library Local Documentations (Persian Archives before 1979)
16. Destruction/Banning of all Electronic/Digital Local Documentations (Persian)
17. Creation of a Superficial Identity enslaved/faithful to the Forced Culture (Arabo_Islamic)
18. Total Annihilation of the Local Culture
19. Total Replacement with the Forced Culture
20. Successful Creation of a slave Race, willing to be enslaved (Documentation and Moralization of slavery)
21. Continuation of the Neo Colonialism/Subjugation System as a Norm and Status Quo
22. Creation of a Hype, in times of social/economical desperation to divert the Local Culture's Attention (wars, export of Islam, taking on Israel and America, Atomic energy, etc.)
23. Creation of the Armies of ideologically faithful slaves to the Forced Culture (Pasdaran, Basij, Ansar Hezbollah)
24. Creation of an Auto-System, where these Local Armies oppress the resistance of the same Local Culture
25. Successful Creation of a Self-Monitoring slave Culture (IRI)
26. Creation of a Slave Race which Glorifies/Loves the Enslavement/Forced Culture (Half-breeds)
27. Transformation of the Slave Race to become so Domesticated, in which never seeks Freedom (Justification of Slavery).
28. Creation of a False Sense of Freedom under the Forced Culture's Social/Religious Order (Propagating Independent Islamic Iran, etc.)
29. Complete Transformation of the Local Culture to a Servant Culture (Colony, Nokar Nation)
30. Absolute Domestication of The Local Culture has achieved!

Concentrate on this whole procedure. Give it a Good Thought. Then analyze it historically and politically.

Review the various Historical/Political factors and you will pretty much get the complete idea of what has happened in Iran during the last 8000 Years of Iranian History. You will also get a complete idea of what has happened to Iran during the last almost 1400 years of Arabo_Islamic Cultural Invasion_Occupation of Iran. You will clearly adopt the above procedure to the modern history and to what AIOG (Arabo_Islamic Occupational Government aka IRI has done to Iran.

You will notice a pattern! In this pattern, from time to time, the Persian Nationalist Resistance has been taking control of Iran's destiny and house-cleaned the Land of Aryans off of Arabo-Islamic Forced Barbaric Sub-Culture. We can clearly see the strong resistance, over and over through the history as a direct reaction to the extreme oppression of the Arabo-Islamic Forced Culture and its Half-breed Sub-Arab Races (Iranian Traitors). We can see all kinds of Reactions to the Forced Culture, such as:

Abu Muslim (Behzadan) and The Black Shirts
Al Muqanna' (Hashem) and The White Shirts
Babak-e Khoramdin and The Red Shirts
Yagub Leis Saffarid
All the way to
Reza Shah The Great

Through the years, Persian Nationalism has been fighting the Forced Arabo-Islamic Sub Culture and their Half-breed Semi-Arab Iranians to save our Glorious Persian Culture and to safe-keep it from the Barbarians, by Teeth and claws, simply because Iranians are way too much nationalist to just surrender and die out!

We hung to our values by the last thread of our Persian Dignity. We fought when there was:

"Absolute Curtains" Situation

Like during Qajar Era (after Aqa Mohamad Khan) or Islamic Republic Era (Now)

Domestication of Persians, as the title of my article, reminds me of a movie called "Apple" by "Samira Makhmalbaf", the young female director of Iran! In this movie, the fanatical father and mother, due to their Religious backwarded belief system, had successfully kept their two grown daughters under house-arrest and home-prison (actual prison bars/doors) since they were born until pre-teenage years!

The Domestication/Enslavement/Training was so severe and powerful, that even after the neighbors informed the social workers and the social workers forced the parents to free their daughters from the jail, the two daughters like two Domesticated Pigeons, kept on coming back to their prison! The social workers practically kicked the two daughters out of the house prison and into the streets to play like normal children and with other children, but after a short while, the daughters would come back to the house, wanting to go inside the house prison cell!

You see, when "Domestication" is too powerful, too ruthless, and too forceful, it becomes a culture! It turns to a "Culture of Enslavement!" Eventually the Dominated Culture begins to love to be Dominated by the Dominor Master Culture! The prisoner loves to be remained in the prison. The slave begins to love the enslavement and his Master! This is called "Well Trained Slavery". Today, we see "Neo Well Trained Slavery" or as we call it "Domestication by Subjugation"! Now it all makes sense, no?

Persians have been playing the role of "Forced Muslim" for so long that now, they enjoy being Arabo-Muslim Servants, they love praying to Arab Gods, they love Arab Worship, they made legends out of bandits, murderers, rapists and criminals like Mohammed, Ali, Hassan, Hussein, etc., they love their Arab Masters and the "Forced Arabo-Muslim Barbarian Sub Culture!" Psychologically, through the years of severe oppression, Persians had become, "well trained servants" and perfectly happy with the "Master-Servant" Relationship with Allah and their Arab Masters, Half-breed Masters, appointed governors, Caliph Masters, Kings, Ayatollahs, Imams, and in general Dictators!

Now expand this to IRI years and see this pattern during the last 28 + years of IRI rules! Looks and sounds familiar, no?

Fortunately, we always had leading Free-Thinkers who had led the battle and Gave us Hope, that All is not lost, and Iran will never die out. We had Nationalists and Iranian Super Freedom Fighters and Great minds, whom documented the Battle and the Cause for us, read my book:

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran
(a 12 part historical book)

You will see Greats, such as:

Abolqasem Ferdowsi Tusi (The Reviver of Persian Language)

Whom without him, there would have been no Persian Language, and Arabo-Muslim and their Half-breed Iranian Servants would have destroyed our Rich Persian Language, by now! We had Heroes like:

Yaqub Leis Saffarid (The Liberator of Iran and The reviver of Persian Culture)

Whom without him, there would have been no liberation of Iran after 222 years of Arabo-Muslim Occupation. The man whom we owe the survival of our culture to him! Yaqub, a simple Working class Hero, a simple Copper-Smith, who turned Shahanshah of this Holy Land of Aryans. We moved on to modern time legends, such as:

Dr. Ahmad Kasravi (The Great Master Historian)

Who even sacrificed his own life for the cause and have been assassinated by the filthy Half-breed hands of "Fedayeen of Islam" (Navab Safavi/Ayatollah Khalkhali's crew) and Arab Worshipers.

We had Legends like, my Eternal Mentor/Master, Ahura Bless:

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh (The Modern Reviver of The Persian Culture)

Who devoted his whole life to revive our lost identity, our lost civilization, our lost culture.........
Who dedicated his life to wake up our people from this "Islamic Beauty Sleep of a Millennium Long"........ who did not neglect anything to revive Iran, even his own life which were lost prematurely, by Half-breed assassins of Islamic Republic of Iran', and by Tazi Hounds.

Kourosh Aryamanesh Index

We had men like:

Reza Khan, who stood still like a solid Rock in front of the "Reaction of Black" including The Ayatollahs, The Feudals, The Bazaaries, The Small Bourgeoisie, The Fanatical Muslim, The Half-breeds, and The Degenerates, who sold Iran by the pound and betrayed this Holy Land of Aryans, time and time over. Reza Khan stood like a solid Rock, and progressed Iran by his Steel Fists and by all means possible and at any cost needed.

Reza Shah The Great (The Father of Nation) was a Model Nationalist, simply because,

"Reza was Iran and Iran was Reza."

........Reza, always had those Military Boots on, he always had those Military uniforms on, he never cared to live fancy or to live a life of luxury..............finally, once day they asked him:

"When will you finally take these Boots off, relax your feet and rest a while?"

Reza replied:

"When, Iran will be fully progressed and become amongst the Super Industrialized Nations of the world, that will be the day that I shall take these old boots off of my feet!"

This is the type of man he was!

Reza Shah the Great, The Real Story

Men like, Ferdowsi, Yaqub, Kasravi, Aryamanesh, and Reza Khan Father of Nation, lived Iran, ate Iran, drank Iran, slept Iran, dreamed Iran, loved Iran and finally died for Iran. This is the way True Lovers of Iran lived and Died to revive our beloved Holy Land, our oldest Civilization on Earth with 8000 years of history. This is "The Way of Persian!"

................and then, alas that we also have degenerates, half-breeds, foreign servants, Arab Worshipers, Persian Traitors, Tazi Hounds, who have done nothing through the years, but to betray Iran and Iranians. A History of treason, betrayal, deals, sabotage, filth and disease is what they have left us as a legacy. For instance,

"The Sins of The Fathers", Fathers of 1979 Reaction.

A Nightmare, Together We Share!

The Sins of The Fathers of 1979, which now, the Sons of 1979, the innocent Sons of 1979 up to 28 + years old, who were born and raised during the:

KIR (Khomeini's Islamic Republic) years*,

* [(KIR = Khomeini's Islamic Republic), also (KIR = Penis in Persian), basically same thing!]

have to pay for them. Yes, my friends, the sons of 1979, the innocent sons of 1979, shall pay for the Sins of the Fathers of 1979. Alas, this is so unfair, but then again, who said life is a bowl of cherries?!


More KIR:

Animation Graphics Index

The Fathers of 1979 had created KIR, they have Erected The KIR Regime. They have risen the KIR! They killed Iran at 1979, and they erected the KIR,.................. so now their innocent sons of 1979, who has never ever lived a day in a free society, must pay for,

The Sins of The Fathers............!

Some of these Sinful Fathers of 1979 saw the wrong in the KIR that they have erected at 1979 and they have decided to join the Masses of Iran in their rebellion and revolt against the KIR. Many of these participants of 1979 turned against the KIR and joined the masses of Iran. Mojahedin, Fedayeen and many others are among those who turned against the Theocratic KIR and now they are amongst the Opposition.

Alas, thousand times, alas, that there are still Bold Traitors to Iran, there are still Sinful Fathers of 1979 who participated in Erecting The KIR and are still Massaging and Growing the KIR, it seems like they do enjoy the afternoon naps under the shadow of the KIR and the Holy Turban "Head Tip of the KIR." These Bold Traitors of 1979 have no regret, no shame, no decency and no remorse whatsoever about destroying a progressive nation and turning Iran to the KIR (Khomeini's Islamic Republic).

Seems like these Erectors of the KIR enjoy this Holy Shiite Erection of the KIR! They enjoy caressing and massaging the KIR! On to top the list, there are "Whores of The Opposition" who in fact has never ever since 1979, has in reality joined the opposition against the KIR! Yes on top of the list of traitors and lovers of the KIR, who flirtatiously used to massage the Fundamentalist Fraction of KIR (Khomeini), went for the "Hand Kiss of their Imam", then massaged the Moderate Fraction of KIR (Rafsanjani), and then recently had become the masters in the fine art of massaging the Reformist Fraction of the KIR (Khatami), are the Master Masseuse/Erectors of the KIR! The KIR Lovers such as:

Jebhe Meli Iran (INF)
Their Glorious Dead KIR Parastan Leaders:
Sanjabi, Bazargan, Forouhar, Sahabi, etc.

These True Sons of that Adventurer Megalomaniac "Mosadeq", are true Mosadeqists and like their forefathers are sworn and faithful LOVERS of the KIR.

Today, if you go to that old fool Mosadeq's grave (mausoleum), you will see a Quran on the table next to his grave and a framed photo of "Ali" the Arab murdering bandit up on the wall above his grave!

As for the last 28 + years, as they write on their 101 Websites' logo;

"Their way, is way of the KIR."

.......and of course, there are the rest of the "Whores of Opposition" and Vultures, like:

Hezbe Tudeh
Fedayeen Aksariyat
Nehzate Azadi

other Whores of Meli Mazhabi

Thanks Allah, there are never any shortage of "KIR Parastan!"

These cowards have been claiming to do "changes from the within!" The only changes that they have done from the within, was that their Exiled members kept a solid 28 years of "Group Cyber Ejaculation" and their Inside Iran members kept marrying the second, third and fourth wives and evolved from smoking regular Opium to smoking Senatori Opiums! Oh yes, they have successfully done many changes from the within, about their lifestyle of polygamy, buying and selling fixer upper houses in Tehran and vicinity, make a bundle on real estate, Land Deals, Loan Sharking and Reba-Khary, and of course their ever expanding bank accounts! Great changes from the within indeed! And now that the KIR is tired of them and their styles of Massage, and the KIR is requiring the "New Masseuse", the KIR has decided to grab some of these Great Mosadeqists and Kianurists by the tail like the RATS that they are and threw them in the jails where "Arab Ney Nayandakht!" I guess this is the reward that these sons of Mosadeq and Ruzbeh will get for their KIR Parasti of 28 + years! For instance KIR thrown Amir Entezam in jail and killed Forouhar! This is what you get for KIR Parasti (KIR Worship), Allah O Akbar - Khomeini Rahbar, indeed!

Well, what can I say, this is the price of KIR Worship!

The whole purpose of the argument here, is for the youth to start recognizing their National Identity and their Persian Values. If we want to be frank, and pure honest about it, then we shall put the question this way:

Make up your mind please,

"Islam or Iran?"

And that is the question, my friends! But then again, I do not want to hurt the sensitive emotional feelings of our fellow Muslim Opposition, because my good comrades, been over and over sticking the "political correctness needle" in my behind (Jiz-am Kardand ba Suzan Daq!), as soon as I opened my mouth about Islam! So I guess, in respect to my comrades and fellow IPC and Opposition members, I shall end this, right here, before I go any further, and get myself in a greater trouble with the Muslim Comrades and Moderate Comrades of our movement and the Opposition! Hey, I always said, we can believe in whatever we believe, as long as we all fight for a free and Democratic Iran, Separation of Mosque and Government, and the end to the KIR! Oh yes, I do strongly believe that the Enemy of my Enemy is my natural Friend! I believe in my Cyrus, you believe in your Marx, he believes in his Mohammed and she believes in her X and Y, yet as long as we all believe in the Opposition Goals:

For more information Read Opposition Goals.

then we are all comrades and we can all play The Game together as partners!

So as I always insisted,

"Many are Schooled, yet only a few are truly Educated!"

"Without learning the true history of your past, you will always remain, slaves to your future!"


A Lover of Iran,

Dr. X

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