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What is the Solution?

Why Economy Will Not Boom in Islamic Iran?
What is the Solution?

Catayoun Razmjou
May 15, 2020

Iran currency change to Toman and slashing 4 zeros from the currency Ghanoon Newspaper Cartoon
“Deducting 4 zeros from the currency makes no difference in the economy, inflation and the purchase power of the people. We just want to count the fraud and embezzlement easier!’
(Head of the Economical Commission of the IRI Parliament)

Members and Readers

Iran is changing the currency to Toman and slashing 4 zeros from the currency in hope of fixing the disastrous economy. Parliament approved it but of course clerics have to now approve it to become the law. In Iran, parliament and presidency are only for show. Mullahs run the country.

Iran is Changing Currency to Toman & Slashing 4 Zeros!

Let us be very clear about this issue,

In a free market normal society, economy functions because of:

* Equal opportunities for everyone to create a business and grow it
* Law and order to protect the businesses
* Reasonable taxation so the businesses will not fail
* Right to compete with every large business for everyone
* Everyone is allowed almost to invest in any field of business
* No one must monopolize any field of business
* Hard work means big bucks and success

Mullahs Pray to the Dollar in Tehran Friday Prayer at the Mosque Ahreeman X Iran Cartoon
Namaz Prayer (1993)
Namaz Jum'a at Tehran!
On an average good Friday, Holy Men are praying to the $

Now observe Iran:

* To open a business, one must bribe from the doorman all the way to the management and even Minister of an official government agency or ministry, sometimes a few of them.

* To get the proper licenses and permission to create a business, one must have connections in high places to even be considered getting in to the desired field.

* If your competition is government, a government related person, IRGC, or Islamic Mafia, then you can forget about getting in that field of business.

* Law protects you until you pay the law.

* You as a business owner have no rights unless it is granted to you by the government and ultimately by the clerics.

* You as a business owner do not create and grow a business, but God (Allah) does that, and without Clerics’ blessing, this success will not happen.

* Free Markets don’t exist in Iran. Connie Capitalism which is a totalitarian theocratic style of capitalism exists in Iran.

* Democracy to protect the business owner does not exist in Iran because:

Iran is Government of God Over the People

Mullahs Cannot Turn Back the Time Ahreeman X Iran Cartoon
Time (1993)
You can't turn back the time!
Mullah is riding the clock and trying to turn back the time via a turtle! Notice the Mullah is riding with his Aftabeh (Islamic Toilet Pitcher) around his shoulder! He did not forget his Aftabeh and Chomaq (Mace, Islamic Baseball Bat)!

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How does the government of God operate?

Iran is government of the Mullahs for the Mullahs and by the Mullahs, of course in the name of God.

IRGC is the arm and muscle of the Mullahs. Once a while, generals of the Qods Force become too arrogant, independent and grow big heads, then accidentally, a few of them get killed and disappear by the Mullahs, so the IRGC will understand that Iran is not a Military run country but a theocracy which is run by the Mullahs.

It seems like after 4 decades of Islamic suffocation, the people have become more superstitious, more religious, more ignorant and good slaves. They are used to this system.

Everyone has learned that in Islam, you must lie, be two faced, be a thief, pay bribes, take bribes and be corrupt to succeed. Even the Iranian Wealthy business owners and corporate heads in the west who make business with Iran are completely understanding this rule. They pay up to Iran Lobby and they bribe the government, so the Mullahs allow them to make tons of money from Iran. Their corporations exist in Iran or their branches exist in Iran because God allows them to be existed through the connection with the Mullahs.

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America

The system has been working for over 4 decades. It is a dysfunctional, corrupt, ill and twisted system but the elite Iranian Americans, the Corrupt Iranian Europeans, Iran Lobby in Washington DC, IRGC, Government and the Mullahs are having an understanding and everyone makes big money.

People are used to it. Upper Middle Class have learned to be a part of it, a part of the swamp. Lower classes are used to it. They have learned to be slaves of the God and good citizens of the Government of the God.

Over 4 decades of Islamic propaganda, brainwash, and indoctrination by the mosque in every step of the society from school up to government and private sector dictates to the people to weather believe in the Government of God or pretend to believe so they can exist in the Government of God!

Islamic Economy Will Not Help You

Changing the currency unit and slashing even ten zeros will not help or save this infection called the Islamic Economy.

Educated technocrats, economists, business gurus, industrialists and entrepreneurs must take control of the economy. These people cannot take control of the economy because they can only take control when the government of God, Religion and Islam disappears. For that to happen, Islam must go.

For Islam to go, Iranian Nationalism, love of Iran and Persianhood must replace the swamp of Islam, Mullahs and Mosque. The complete Shiite Islamic culture must go and be replaced with Hard Core Nationalism and true love for Iran and Iranians.

In this manner, the “Moral Revolution” which Ahreeman is talking about can start from every home, every person and every business and it will lead to a sense of right and wrong and eventually paves the road for a Nationalist Revolution in Iran. Self-Education will start the whole campaign. That is why IPC exists, IPC library exists, Ahreeman exists, I exist and you exist.

Iran Online Library

Something got to give and these people have no other choice but to wake up and commit to a Self-Change and then a Social Change. Frankly they have no choice because the country is broke, Mullahs bankrupted the country and as Persians say:

Kafgir be tah-e dig reside
Meaning: The spatula has reached the bottom of the pot
Meaning: There is no food left
Meaning: Mullahs pillaged all resources
Meaning: Whatever has left is under US sanction so cannot be pillaged by the Mullahs

2 + 2 = 4
This is math

But Mullahs do not understand math, they only understand Government of God, them as the representatives of God and the people as minors who are in need of the guardian. That’s why Khamenei is the Guardian of the People (Velayat-e Faqih) AKA Supreme Spiritual Leader and the Guardian to the Minors and Mentally Challenged.

While back Ahreeman proposed an interesting question:

< In social law, only two types of people are in need of a guardian: A) minors and B) mentally challenged, so if “Imam” is the guardian of the Iranian people, then the Iranian people must either be minors or retarded. The question to the Iranian people is that “Which one are you?” >

Conspiracy Theories Will Not Help You

The situation with the Iran is a sad situation which has been created by no one but the Iranian people. We have no one to blame but us. We need to stop blaming everyone from UK, US, Russia, China, West and East and stop creating conspiracy theories. The reason everyone is taking advantage of you and has been taking advantage of you is because you allow them to take advantage of you. If you were not acting like morons then no one would take advantage of you.

Conspiracy Theory, Persian Style!

How come no one can take advantage of the American people? At this moment, Democrat governors are wanting to continue the lockdown for coronavirus, they are letting criminals go free out of jail but arresting the business owners who open their businesses. What is the reaction? Right now, there are armed people protesting and taking over the state capitals of the Democrat run states to open the economy. Soon there will be riots in streets of the liberal controlled large cities and states.

My question to you is that:

How come no one can take advantage of the American people?

Because American people do not sit around like Iranians and Middle Easterners, create conspiracy theories, blame everyone in the universe from UK and US to God and Aliens for their shortcoming and their religious ignorance, superstitions and incompetence. Americans fight back, protest and riot. If that doesn’t work, they make a revolution like 2016 and control the nation.

Trump National Populist Revolution

It is time for Iranians to stop bitching and moaning and blaming and finger pointing. Take a good look at yourselves. You have caused this disaster, so deal with it and fix it. Your conspiracy theories will not work anymore and no one will help you except yourselves. So, stop your crap off line and online bitching. Get up, stand up, be tough and start the change. The change starts from home and yourselves. Next thing will be the nation and freedom of Iran.

Here is the manual written for you:

Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic

It is very simple like 1, 2 and 3. Read and act upon it. Change yourselves so you can change Iran.
Persianhood is the key to your survival and the survival of your culture

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Office


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Iran is Changing Currency to Toman & Slashing 4 Zeros!

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