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American People vs. Deep State

US Elections 2020 or 2nd Deep State Coup?
American People vs. Deep State
Analysis + Cartoons

Ahreeman X
November 14, 2020

Deep State 1st Attempted Coup: Russia Hoax
Deep State 2nd Attempted Coup: Cheat by Mail Hoax and Stealing the Election 2020
Deep State has Deeper Roots and Swamp is much Thicker than Trump and the People Assumed!
Deep State is trying to replace the Light Hopeful Recovery of Trump with the Dark Hopeless Lockdown of Biden, so they can regain power and rule America! The 2nd Deep State Attempted Coup means the End of the Trump’s Government of the People and the Restart of the Deep State Big Brother Dictatorship and Control!

Introduction to Disaster

Let us not kid ourselves, 2020 is not just another US Election but it is the 2nd attempted coup against Trump and the American people by the Deep State. The 1st attempted coup which was the Russia Hoax had failed; therefore, the Deep State is using the Cheat by Mail Hoax as its 2nd attempted coup against the duly elected president of the United States.

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People

The minute that the Democrats printed and sent 80 Million unsolicited ballots to folks around the United states including the Dead People, Ex State Residents, Illegal Aliens, Underage Kids, Double voters, Cats, Dogs and Aliens from Mars, was the same minute that Trump stated: This election will be fraudulent, it will take weeks for the results to show up and the results will be tied up in court for months to come! Trump was absolutely correct.

Deep State Backed Joe Biden, Bullies Trump Supporter Branco Cartoon
The story of the Cheat by Mail US Elections 2020
Big Government armed with the spiked big baseball bat of Deep State, backs a senile old fool, Joe Biden, only to regain power and rule America.

I would like to thank our great hardworking and creative cartoonist friends:

Ben and Tina Garrison GrrrGraphics

A F Branco Comically Incorrect

Tom Stiglich

Gary Varvel

Michael Ramirez

For the first time in history, mass unsolicited mail in ballots were mailed by Democrats all over the country! Democrats used the pandemic to cheat by mail! Everyone including Democrats knows that this election was a fraud and unfair, but the Democrats as the most corrupt party in the history of United States are so power hungry that they are willing to win any which way possible, including via cheating.

Media and Tech Giants hyped up this mess and then called the election for Biden, so when the actual results of the contested election come out and Trump wins, then they will scream that Trump cheated! They do this to agitate riots and bloodshed in the streets.  

Tech Giants, Media and Democrat Machine helping Biden to Finish Line Gary Varvel Cartoon
The Fix was in from the beginning!
Tech Giants + Media + Deep State + Democrats + RINOs + Globalist Corps vs. American People

Hunter Biden Scandal News is dumped in the trash by the Media and Tech Giants!

 Media and Tech Giants as the wings of the Democrat party had done their best to swing and rig the election for the Democrats via censoring conservatives, brainwash the public with fake news, rig the search and now call the election for Biden!

Tech Giants went as far as censoring the 5th largest newspaper media in the nation, the New York Post, to hide the Biden Crime Family’s crimes!

Is Google a Cult?

Tech Giants are the Greatest Threat to the American Democracy

Joe Biden, Democrats and Media Chinese Puppets Branco Cartoon
Xi Jinping the Puppet Master with Deep Pockets!
Billions of Dollars of Chinese Bribes, financing the Biden Crime Family, paid off at last!
The Unthinkable Came True!
These things only happen in Banana Republics (like California). These things don’t happen in America, but they did!

Winners and Losers of the US Election 2020

At the end of the recounts and court cases, if Biden wins the 2020 election, Biden will remain president for 6 months and then he will be removed to the nursing home or he remains as a vegetable senile old fool in the basement (like he is now) and Globalists, Marxists and Islamists like Kamala Harris, AOC, Squad, Tech Oligarchs and Deep State will run the big government.

Deep State
Military Industrial Complex
Tech Oligarchs
Tech Giants
Globalist Corporations
Iran Lobby
Big Gov.

American People
Iranian People

Biden is not even in the office yet, but AOC and Democrats are already making a list of Trump supporters to black ball them and they are planning to treat the conservatives as the second-class citizens!

Chew on that if you can?!

Joe Biden, the Media Projected President of China, Iran and ANTIFA Celebration Branco Cartoon
Joe Biden Victory Celebration by his friends:
Xi Jinping of China
Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran
ANTIFA Marxist Anarchist Democrat Foot Soldiers
Welcome to the America’s Dark Winter of Chaos and Despair!

If Democrats Win, China will Own USA Again!

If Democrats win, the Dark Lockdown Winter of Biden will replace the Light Hopeful Recovery of Trump!

COVID-19 was manufactured by Chinese Communist Government, tested in Wuhan, quarantined in Wuhan so it would not spread to the rest of the China but spread throughout the USA and the World. Chinese economy is up and running, COVID-19 is over and even masks are coming off! At the same time, China tried to destroy the US and the EU economies!

Coronavirus, IRGC & Chinese Mullahs: How did it Spread?

Chinese 5th column in America is the Democrat party, specifically Communists like Bernie Sanders, AOC and the Squad. Biden is in China’s pocket and has been a good servant of China who has been selling America by the pound to China for half a century!

If Democrats win this contested election, America will once more become shafted by China, American labor will lose and China will once again own USA. Obama 3.0, Deja Vu all over again!

In a way, America will decide to suicide and become a Chinese colony or remain great as Trump made America Great Again!

Xi Jinping of China Voted in US elections 2020 Tom Stiglich Cartoon
Jane: Isn’t that President Xi who just voted?
Joe: Yes, but in American elections!

Who Decides the Results of the Election in America?

Right this minute, there are some naïve uninformed liberals out in the streets celebrating who believe that Biden won the presidency, he is the sitting president, he is governing and Trump is out of the office! That is the effect of the media and tech giants’ brainwash on the simpleton liberals!

American People and the Courts decide the results of the elections in America and the State Department calls the election results. America is not some Banana Republic (like California) in which the Media and the Tech Giants call the election results! The same media and tech giants who declared that Biden would win with at least 10 points difference and with a land slide due to a Blue Wave! Now that the election is neck to neck and air tight, they want to create a fake assumption in public that Biden won and Trump is trying to cheat, but in fact it is the Democrats including the media and tech giants that have called the election for Biden prematurely!

The election is not over yet, the votes are still being counted, the results are contested in various states and there is no winner yet, but the media and tech giants have already declared Biden a winner!

Joe Biden in China Pocket Branco Cartoon
President Xi Jinping has Deep Pockets!
China Financed and Erected American Puppet on the Take: Joe Biden
Media’s President Erect and Deep State’s Choice: Joe Biden

What Votes do Matter in the American Elections?

We wanted the results on the election night but Dems’ cheat by mail caused the results to drag for weeks and months!

All Votes do Not Matter in the American Elections but only the “Legal Votes” matter in the American Elections! Surprised? The Democrat Numb-nuts who created the hashtag must recognize that only legal votes count in the USA! Votes fabricated and filled up by the corrupt Democrat machine from the stash of the cheat by mail ballot piles, handy at the local Democrat offices and Poll Centers in over half a century run Democrat cities like Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta don’t count!

The funny thing is that Democrats had all the mail in ballots for over a month but they only started to count after the election day! They wanted to wait and see how many votes they are short, so they could manufacture that much fake votes! The results of the election were counted and released in red states right away! How come it is only in the blue states where the count still drags on until this day?! How come Trump was ahead in all counts when all the legal ballots were counted but only after the cheat by mail ballots headed to the polls, the lead was lost?! The answer is very simple! Democrats waited to see how much lead Trump has in each state and only then, they started to print as many ballots as needed to take the lead!

How can Trump be ahead by up to 700,000 votes in various states and then after the cheat by mail count, he loses by a narrow margin?! Use your brains and think about it, will you?

Comrade Kamala and China Joe Not My Presidents Ben Garrison Cartoon
“Kamala Harris’ Great Grand Daddy was a Jamaican Slave Plantation Owner!” (Media)
“Kamala Harris, half Asian Indian with Black and White roots refers to herself as a Black Woman!” (Media)
Deep State and China erected a senile and corrupt old fool as the president for about 6 months before he moves to the nursing home or remains as a vegetable in the White House basement, so Kamala Harris the Communist can become the first Black (wanna be) Female US President! Great Liberal Extravaganza!
It is Showtime in Chinese Financed and Deep State Owned White House!

How Democrats Cheated by Mail?

Didn’t Trump stated right away that when you send 80 million unsolicited ballots to all over USA, this disaster would happen?

If people care so much to vote, then they would have asked for vote by mail which is called the absentee ballot, then why have Democrats sent over 80 million uncalled for ballots to all over the country?

Ways that Democrats Cheated by Mail in Ballots
* Dead People voted
* People who left the state voted
* Illegal Aliens voted
* Convicted Felons and hard-core criminals voted
* Double Voters voted
* Postal Workers post marked late ballots to earlier date to be counted
* Poll Workers handed sharpie markers to republicans so their ballots would be void
* Poll Workers disallowed GOP observers to watch the counts
* Hundreds of Thousands of Dem Votes manufactured by the Dems and magically showed up only after Trump strong leads, but not one of these mail in ballots were for GOP!
* No Voters ID, no signature matchups, no regulations
* Poll workers wearing Biden masks, board up the windows so the observers could not watch counts
* Poll workers filled up fake ballots for Dems in the poll centers
* Accidental Emergency Utility Problems occurred; observers sent home but counting continued
* Equipment Malfunctions occurred, software accidentally switched hundreds of Trump votes to Bidens!
* Poll Workers pushed back the GOP inspectors more than 6 feet up to 100 feet to not able to watch counts
* Ballot Harvesting via group ballot filling, collection and delivery
* Ballot Unwanted Instructions to vote for Dems were given by Dems to the voters

Joe Biden Art of the Steal vs. Trump Art of the Deal Tom Stiglich Cartoon
“Biden’s new book surpasses the sales and the value of Trump’s old book!” (Media)
Extra Extra, read all about it, how Deep State stole the election for Biden!

What Election Reforms are Needed?

Election Reforms Needed
* Robots must count ballots
* Voters ID needed
* Signatures on mail in ballots must match
* No Unsolicited Cheat by Mail Ballots
* Sharpie Markers not to be handed at poll centers
* Both Democrats and GOP Observers must be allowed to watch counts
* No Ballot Harvesting

Democrat Mob Rule in Streets of America

US 2020 is like 1920s Germany, Italy and Russia before the Nazis, Fascists and Communists fully controlled these countries. Today’s BLM, ANTIFA and other Biden Street Thugs are similar to the 1920s Nazi, Fascist and Communist Para Militia thugs. Street Thugs are trying to control the streets to control the country. This is right out of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin’s doctrines: One who controls the streets, controls the government. Methods implemented are protest, riot, ransack, arson, looting, theft, violence, assault, murder and thuggery.

Joe Biden Corruption

Deep State and Democrats needed to destroy Trump to destroy the Independent American Will to run their own country, so they could go back to the Pre-Trump Deep State Rule! For doing such, they scooped as low as to put a senile old fool, corrupt career politician in the White House as a puppet.  This way, the Deep State can get back to power and run the country.

Donald Trump Jr. speaks at Georgia Republican Party HQ

Backup File

Don Jr. claims Biden is 'most corrupted' candidate in US history

Clinton Family was micro corrupt, they stole millions.
Biden Family is macro corrupt, they stole billions.

Biden is an organized crime family. More coming out by the day. Biden Criminal Enterprise is an organized crime family. For decades Biden sold America to China and other foreign nations, but enriched his family’s bank accounts.

Biden Organized Crime Family

Biden Crime Family
Joe Biden
Jill Biden - wife
James Biden - brother
Sarah Biden - James’ wife
Frank Biden - brother
Valerie Biden - sister
Hunter Biden - son
Ashley Biden - daughter

‘The Biden Five’: The Definitive Breakdown of One of America’s Most Corrupt Families

How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections

Joe Biden’s History of Racist Conduct and Comments

* Biden’s mentor and friend was Senator Robert Byrd Ex Exalted Cyclops (leadership) of KKK and famous segregationist. Back in the day, KKK was the militant terrorist arm of the Democrat party.

* In 2010 Biden praised Robert Byrd in a eulogy at his funeral.

* Biden was originally a segregationist and Democrat party originally created the Confederacy, KKK, Jim Crow and Segregation.

Republicans ended slavery (Lincoln) and segregation (Eisenhower).

* Biden wrote and voted for the 1994 crime bill which caused mass incarceration of blacks. Biden referred to the blacks: “Lock the sons of bitches”!

* As recently as June of 2019, Biden praised the “civility” of the segregationist senators he worked with in Congress to pass anti-busing legislation.

* Biden praised the notorious segregationist politician George Wallace, boasted about how Wallace once honored him with an award in 1973, and told a Southern audience in 1987 that “we (Delawareans) were on the South’s side in the Civil War.”

* Biden opposed busing in the 1970s and expressed fears that it would lead to a “racial jungle.”

* Biden voted to protect the tax-exempt status of private segregated schools.

* Biden told the Asian and Latino Coalition of Des Moines, Iowa that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as the white kids.”

* While delivering remarks before a black audience in Delaware pandering, Biden launched into a meandering story about a gang leader named Corn Pop and claimed that he “learned about roaches” while working at a community pool in a black neighborhood. Biden referred to black kids as Roaches!

Joe Biden calling black kids roaches

Joe Biden "Corn Pop" Story Full Segment

* In 2006, Biden told C-SPAN, “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

* In 2008, Biden referred to then presidential candidate Barack Obama as “the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.”

* Biden told black radio host Charlamagne the God, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

* Biden falsely claimed to have “marched” in the civil rights movement.

* Biden supports Planned Parenthood which kills mostly the black babies in black neighborhoods via abortion

* Biden wants to defund and abandon Trump’s charter Schools and School choice for blacks to go to whatever schools they want.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping in China Bed Branco Cartoon
Biden and Xi after sex in “Where’s Hunter Bed”!
“If Biden gets elected, forget about the America First Agenda of Trump!” (Media)
“Biden Agenda is loved by the world leaders (shafting America) and hated by the American Workers!” (Media)

What has Trump done for the Blacks?

Trump as a president has done the most for the blacks since Abraham Lincoln.

Trump done for the Blacks
* School Choice
Blacks can send their children to whatever school they want

* HBCU permanently funded
Black Universities are permanently funded

* Opportunity Zones
Creates businesses and jobs in black neighborhoods

* Prison Reforms
Justice and prison reforms giving 2nd and 3rd chance to non-violent black criminals to build their lives

2016 Statistics
Blacks 91 % Democrat and 6 % GOP
Hispanics 66 % Democrat and 28 % GOP
Jews 71 % Democrat and 24 % GOP
Persians 52 % Democrat, 40 % Independent and 8 % GOP

2020 Statistics
Trump Black Voters 8% in 2020 up from 6% in 2016
Trump Hispanic Voters 35% up from 28% in 2016

We still do not know the stats on Persians and the Jews but surely the Trump voters are up. Trump had a large following amongst the Persians and the Jews.

Trump created a great a coalition amongst various economical, racial, ethnic, gender, professional and social groups.

Trump support amongst the racial, ethnic and gender minorities has been the highest in the history of GOP!

What Trump had done for America?

I don’t want to list Trump’s 500 different achievements during his 4-year presidency which has been most than any other president in the history of USA because that would take a long time but I satisfy you with only one remark:

Trump was the only modern president in the history of America that grabbed the power from the Deep State and brought the power back to the people. 2016 was not only another election but it was a National Populist Revolution of the Trump and the People.

Trump National Populist Revolution

I personally endorsed Trump because as an American Patriot and as an Iranian Nationalist, I could clearly see that Trump stood for the American People and the Iranian People. After the election and through his four years, Trump proved me right!

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President

Washington DC did not change Trump but Trump has changed Washington DC. Trump was the only president in the contemporary history which did not change by the DC corruption but he changed the DC corruption!

Trump was the only US contemporary president which actually did more than what he promised to do!

Presidents come and go; they lie to get elected and then they forget about all their promises but Trump kept his promises and more!

Trump Accomplishments in Only 4 Years

Over 400 Miles of the Wall Built

Border Wall System – US Customs and Border Protection – Homeland Security

Over 20, 000 illegal alien gang members deported
Over 500, 000 criminal illegal aliens deported

Trump secured America!

Trump changed GOP, Washington DC, America and the World. That is why the Deep State was so afraid of him! Deep State was losing power to Trump and the people, so Trump simply had to go!

How Ignorant is an Average Liberal?

By majority, liberals are uninformed, ignorant and brainwashed by the media and the tech giants. They are politically, historically and economically uninformed and misguided. This is why I always say that:

I prefer “No Voters” than “Uninformed Voters”.

Q: How stupid are the liberals?
A: Very stupid!

When Trump spoke of the Pollos AKA chickens (illegal aliens crossing the border) and Coyotes (border crossers who cross the illegals), the liberals even their elected officials were stupid enough to think that Coyote means the actual animal who brings the illegal kids across the border! So, they started mocking Trump due to their own assumptions, ignorance and lack of knowledge on the popular culture and the Spanish lingo! Liberals laugh and mock conservatives assuming that they are dumb and ignorant but the reality is that liberals are the one who are extremely uninformed; therefore, dumb and ignorant!

Liberals are not Patriots

Not a single US flag in Democrat Convention protests
No National Anthem
No word of God, traditionally in the Pledge of Legion
(* Note: I am an atheist but that is our national tradition.)

Biden Voters and Sexually Transmitted Diseases!

Voting for Biden – Harris ticket was like having unprotected sex with a street hooker in Tijuana, Mexico; therefore, to flip a coin between the disease (Biden) and death (Harris)!

Hopefully they don’t get what they wished for!

What the Left is All About?

The left wants no Individuality but Socialist Groupthink
The left wants no Federalism but Big government Centralism
The left wants no Nuclear Family but 6 to 60 genders and homosexual family
The left wants no morality but everything goes
The left wants no freedom of speech but limited speech
The left wants no patriotism but internationalism
The left wants no nationalism but globalism
The left wants no national anthem and flag but sectarianism and anarchy
The left wants no guns and 2nd amendment but big government control
The left wants no police, law and order but mobocracy
The left wants no energy independence but Green New Deal Disaster
The left wants no tax cuts but tax hikes for workers
The left wants no free markets but high regulations
The left wants no democracy but big socialist regime

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

“Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it.
If it keeps moving, regulate it.
And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

(Ronald Reagan)

“The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.”
(Margaret Thatcher)


Ahreeman X 20 Favorite Quotes from Reagan and Thatcher
20 Quotes from 2 of My Favorite Characters
The Great Communicator and The Iron Lady

Joe Biden and Karl Marx Communist Agenda Branco Cartoon
Joe Biden and his agenda is beginning to look more and more like Bernie Sanders’ Marxist Agenda, by the day!

What does a Biden and Democrat Win Means to You?

Biden wants to cancel oil but he doesn’t know plexiglass (petroleum based) dividers for COVID-19 in public places are made of oil!

Biden encourages 8-year-old transgender kid to go for it and choose his own sex!

Democrats’ Green New Deal means no planes, no cars, no oil, no gas, no coal, no guns, no religion, no cows, no steak, no kabobs, and eventually no humans because the same as cows, you also fart and your carbon emission is simply too much for the environment, so may as well eliminate humans!

Democrats want to lock you down, close your schools, close your business and shut down your livelihood.

If Democrats Win 2020, What Will Happen to you?

EPA will regulate you to death
IRS will tax you to death
DOJ will prosecute you to death and take away your guns

Where will you escape to?
You can escape the blue states now but then, the whole country will be blue! Deeply in the Blues!

Marxists will be no more only teaching your children in the schools and universities but then they will be running and control the whole country.

Democrats are trying hard to revive the dead Socialist Revolution of the 1920s and adopt it in the 2020s!

Joe Biden was collecting online donation stating:

“We’ve got to get real economic relief into women’s hands now,” and then he quoted Mao Zedong, the Father of the Chinese Communist Party:

“Women hold up half the sky.”
(Mao Zedong)

China Joe is trying to get close to the Squad and the Socialist Faction of the Democrat Party. Democrat Party is driven now by the will of the Socialists. They are the base of the party.

“America is Ready for Systemic and Institutional Changes.”
(Joe Biden)

“America is Ready for Dumping the Democrat Socialist Party Forever!”
(Ahreeman X)

There is no such thing as Systemic Racism in America. These are liberal word games and phrase creations.

The reparation needed to be payed to the Blacks must be only paid by the Democrats who enslaved them, ongoing since 1865 end of the slavery date! In old days they enslaved the black bodies but in new times, specifically during the past 60 years, they have been slaving the black minds!

US Democrat & Republican Party History, the Real Story

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

What does a Democrat Government in 2020 means to you?

* Social Engineering and Globalization of America!
* Obama’s Third Term Enhanced!
* Death of American Labor and Made in America products!
* Servitude to China and Accepting China as the New Superpower
* America will become a Chinese neo-colony
* Democrats as Chinese puppets will openly and fully serve China
* No more Chinese tariffs will be charged to China
* Death of American Manufacturing
* Appeasement of Iran 2.0
* Rise of Iran Lobby 2.0
* Getting Shafted by EU, China and Everyone Else on Trades
* Tax Hikes
* Extend the mandatory lockdowns and masks as long as possible
* End of Second Amendment: Gun Rights
* End of First Amendment: Freedom of Speech
* End of Fourth Amendment: Democrats will begin House Searches and Illegal Seizures
* Establishment of Socialist Police State
* Big Government Totalitarianism
* Absolute Liberal Indoctrination of Youth in Schools
* Total Media Propaganda and Lies Enhanced
* Total Social Media and Tech Giants Censorship
* Defunding the Police Nationwide
* End of Patriots’ Protests
* Black balling all Trump allies and ones who worked for him
* Mass Arrests, Trials and Jailing of the Patriots
* New Business Taxations with No Representations
* Gun Seizures, Harsher Anti-Gun Laws, Banning of More guns
* High Regulations and Return of All the Old Regulations
* Return to Paris Accord and environmental regulations garbage
* New and Insane Environmental Laws
* End of Energy Independence
* Back to Dependence to the Arab Oil
* Seizure on Harvesting Oil, Shell, Gas and Coal
* Green New Deal Disaster
* Mass Job Loss
* High Unemployment
* Recession
* Stock Market Crash
* End of Law and Order
* Medicare Bankruptcy
* Bad Single Payer Insurance for All
* Deep State Oppression
* Rise of Tech Oligarchs: George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, etc.
* End of Government of the People
* End of Americanism
* End of National Populism
* Complete Globalist Socialist Dictatorship
* Chaos and Riots in the Cities
* No Safety and Security
* Extreme Poverty
* Astronomic Inflation
* End of American Freedoms
* Gradual Death of the Middle Class
* Open Borders
* Flood of Muslim Refugees
* Flood of Illegal Aliens
* Flood of Crimes
* Projects and Low-Income housing in Suburbs
* Big Brother Dictates Your Life
* Return of Obama’s Welfare State and Food Stamp Nation
* End of Trump’s Self Sufficiency and Restart of Obama’s Dependency to Foreign Nations
* Restart of Endless Foreign Wars by Military Industrial Complex
* More Upcoming Nightmares

The only question remains is that: Will the Senate remains in the GOP hands or not?
If No, then Democrats will destroy America without any resistance.
If yes, then at least we can block every Liberal insane bill that they will try to pass.

This is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party of JFK.
This is the Socialist party of AOC and her Squad!
Squad used to be 4 Marxists but now they are 6 and expanding!

Welcome to the perfect unholy coalition of the Marxists and Islamists!

Islamic Invasion of America
Step by Step Green Plan

Ilhan Omar vs. Ahreeman X on 9/11


Islamists in USA Congress: Islamic Invasion USA!
America Say Goodbye to Your American Culture!

Liberals and Muslims

What do liberals and Muslims have in common?

Everywhere they went and got established, they have turned prosperous and civilized societies in to Shiite Holes full of Feces! Take a good look at the Middle East and North Africa (Islamic Masterpiece), also Blue States in America and EU (Liberal Masterpiece); furthermore, take a good look at the history of the world!

Liberals Bend Over Backwards for Muslims!

Joe Biden Sniffs, Liberty Mourning in America Michael Ramirez Cartoon
“After the 2020 election news, Statue of Liberty’s Torch Flame went out!” (Media)
“Biden is famous for his hair sniffing and fondling of girls and women!” (Media)

Keeping America Alive

Most Valued Elements: America, Americanism, American Exceptionalism, American Role Model, American Constitution, American Unique Democracy, American Philosophy, American Culture, American Flag, American National Anthem, American Free Markets, American Freedom, American Free Spirit and American Patriotism. As patriots, we shall fight Democrats, tooth and nail and by all means possible to keep America alive.

They burn the American flag at their convention.
We worship the American flag at our convention!

In case of the possible Democrat victory by the order of the courts,
We shall resist and fight the Democrat Socialist, Big Government, Deep State Machine every inch of the way.

Where We Go One, We Go All

Dearly beloved, Brothers and Sisters, question everything, question the Deep State, thus the Deep State is not here to protect your rights but to take away your rights, livelihood and enslave you such as it had before the 2016.

We were blind, now we can see. Sheep no more, trust the plan. We shall buckle up pain. We shall boom together. We shall shine the light, turn dark to light. We shall stay united. Watch out for the 5 Eyes. Watch out for the Fake News symbolism, the subliminal messages. Overcome the Deep State. Patience is a virtue; thus, we shall shine the light. We shall boom together. Once the Deep State is weak, it is Time to Feed!

Follow the money trail, follow the stench of the Big Gov. Follow the White Rabbit and you shall see clearly that the Great Awakening is here. This is not the death silence of the abandoned. This is the Calm before the Storm. The Storm is coming, follow the White Rabbit and you shall see clearly. The Great Awakening is upon us. People were sleep but now they are awake. Slowly and step by step, people are waking up.

Do not thread on us, thus Storm is here. We are the Storm. This Storm shall blow out the Deep State. Justice will be served.

Where we go one, we go all. We are here and we are on our way to the Shining City Upon a Hill.


Dr. X


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