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End US Diversity Visa Lottery
Immigration Program


End US Diversity Visa Lottery Immigration Program
Start Merit Based Immigration Program
Ahreeman X
December 8, 2017

We want these girls to come to America on “Merit” basis
Persian Blue-Collar Girls with Blue Chadors at Tehran, Iran

But these are the girls who come to America on “Lottery” basis!
Persian Police Women, Sisters of Zeynab Basij Militia at Tehran, Iran

“We shall not allow a single illegal or legal alien or Muslim refugee to step inside the United States until there exists a single hungry American child or a single homeless American in the streets of America. A nation which cannot provide for her own citizens, has no business importing additional population from abroad and hand them entitlements!”
(Ahreeman X)

US Diversity Immigrant Visa AKA Green Card Lottery program does not work. It has been a failure. The last straw which broke the camel’s back was the fact that “Sayfollah Saipov” (Sayfollo Saipov) the Uzbek immigrant who came to America via lottery green card visa, ended up mowing down Americans via vehicle in New York. This Uzbek killed 8 and injured 12 Americans. Sayfollah Saipov won the green card lottery in Uzbekistan, got the American visa, and came to America in 2010. Only God knows that at what point he joined ISIS, read the ISIS manual on how to kill Americans and then acted upon it! He could have been a sleeper cell or he could have been radicalized in America. It does not matter when he pledged the allegiance to ISIS but what matters is the fact that we did not allow him to come to America on his own merit but by chance!

Diversity Immigrant Visa

People should come to America upon merit and not by chance. We should choose who is allowed and who is not allowed to migrate to America.

Below, later on in this article, I will explain to you why the lottery is bad for America and I will give you some firsthand examples of the losers in the Persian community who free load off of this program.

We want these girls to come to America on “Merit” basis
Persian White-Collar Girls, fine Business Women at Tehran, Iran

But these are the girls who come to America on “Lottery” basis!
Female Suicide Bomber Girls, Iran Backed Hezbollah Women at Lebanon

Who needs to migrate to America?

* Hard working good folk who love and respect the American culture and values
* High GPA students who love America and have sponsors
* Special skilled workers which their special skilled labor does not exist in America
* Highly educated specialists and technocrats who are needed in America
* Wealthy business people who want to invest in America

Who should not migrate to America?

* People who do not approve of the American culture, values and lifestyle
* Unskilled workers who take American jobs and lower the wages in the job market
* Muslim terrorists, extremists and Islamists

Trump Extreme Vetting Muslim Refugees Ben Garrison Cartoon

At this point of history, we the American people will decide who comes in and who does not. America is not a stable which any cattle, livestock and breed from around the globe can enter and do as he pleased! We are not the mother of the third world. Entering America is not a right but a privilege which you must earn.

Liberal Agenda = Destruction of Americanism

Liberals believe in open borders and everyone is welcomed to America. Liberal globalist corporate agenda is to allow as many low skilled illegal or legal migrants in to the United States as:

A) Welfare, food stamp, housing, free education, and benefit recipients
B) Cheap labor force for businesses and industries underbidding the American workers
C) Potential Democratic voters for elections

Democrats need dependent voters. Now if along the way American lives are taken (Kate Steinle) or American people are damaged then what does it matter (Hillary Clinton), they are casualties of war!

Liberal globalist agenda is a world away from Trump’s MAGA (Making America Great Again) Agenda.

Who created the Green Card Lottery?

US Diversity Immigrant Visa AKA Green Card Lottery program is in fact yet another Chuck Schumer beauty (Trump called it)! Senator Chucky Doll Schumer is the theoretician and designer of the Green Card Lottery to import as many as possible unskilled immigrants in to the United States.

Obviously, millions of open border illegal aliens pouring in to America on yearly basis are not enough, so global corporations had to lobby for Chucky Doll Schumer to yet create the Green Card Lottery program out of his rectum!

Why not Green Card Lottery?

It is all about chain reactions caused by the lottery program. Here is the order of the chain reaction:

A) Unskilled workers enter America via lottery
B) Lottery winners bring over their complete families
C) Chain Migration is caused by the lottery program
D) Immigrants go on welfare, food stamp, housing, free education and benefits
E) American tax payers pick up the bills

Green Card Lottery is a disastrous program possibly not as large of a problem as:

* Illegal Immigration
* Amnesty
* Anchor Babies receiving American benefits
* Chain Migrations
* Unskilled Immigration

But it is a big problem amongst many other problems caused by liberal open borders policy and flawed immigration programs.

Iranian Green Card Lottery Migrants

30 % of the lottery migrants are the quota for Iran which is a huge number. Obviously, Persians are often highly educated and skilled professionals but are the high educated and high skilled Persians, the ones who come to America?

Which Persians should come to America?

* Hard studying, high GPA Student Movement students
* Freedom loving Iranian Opposition Movement members
* Highly educated, high skilled specialists
* Special skilled workers which their skills are absent in USA
* Top rated doctors, engineers, scientists and other specialists and technocrats
* Highly successful business people and entrepreneurs
* Investors wanting to invest in America
* Inventors and other professionals
* Lovers of America, American Culture and American Values

Which Persians end up in America?

* IRI spies, agents, lobbyists and other petty snitches
* Unskilled workers and illiterate bums
* Anti American Muslims, Marxists, Leftists and Anarchists
* Frauds and Free Loaders on welfare, food stamps, housing, free education and benefits
* career entitlement recipients
* Criminals, Thugs, Drug Dealers, Persian Mafia and other low lives

By majority the above statements are true.

My Experience with Persian Lottery Green Card Winners

Allow me to state my firsthand experience on the type of Persians who come to America via Green Card Lottery! Iran by the global standard has one of the most educated, intelligent and professional population inside her borders; however, observe what type of Persians we allow inside United States:

Psycho Girl

This girl must have been the luckiest girl in Iran! Not only she won the Green Card Lottery, but in addition she became friend to a successful Iranian American lady fashion designer who travels back and forth to Iran. This lady is a member of my family. This lady is a born do gooder who has been helping so many Iranians in life. She allows Iranians to stay in her house for months and years for free, helps them to educate themselves, get a job, get a life and an apartment, so they can stand on their own feet. Only then, she lets them to leave her house and to live on their own. This lady’s charitable heart has been aiding so many Iranians from around United States or from Iran to come to San Diego, and get a head start in life to make a life for themselves.

The lucky psycho girl won the lottery and put herself in the designer lady’s hands to bring her to America, home, clothe and feed her for two years, send her to college, get her jobs and help her to stand on her own feet. Psycho girl lived at the fashion designer lady’s mansion for two years for free. She wanted to study journalism but she ended up studying Arabic (God knows why?) which is a useless major unless you want to work for FBI or CIA as a translator which in this girl’s case, that was not her intention because she is Anti America, Anti American, Anti GOP and Anti Authority!

The designer lady also found her jobs in various supermarkets, businesses and home health aid industry which due to psycho girl’s horrible attitude, hot temper and politics (Anti America), she ended up getting fired from all of them!

After the psycho girl exhausted her limit of receiving money from her family in Iran, she ended up pretending that she has mental problems because in this day and age, only psychos and alcoholics can get disability in California or else true handicaps have a hell of a time going on disability. California only grants free loaders the disability and the hard-working tax payers (such as me) supposed to provide these entitlements!

Psycho girl had finally discovered that she cannot be a productive provider in America; therefore, she did pretend to be nuts, so she could go on disability, welfare, food stamp, housing, Medicare, Medi-Cal and government benefits. In other words, we imported yet another loser from Iran to America, so we could work harder and pay more taxes to provide her government benefits handed to her by Jerry Brown (bald headed liberal bastard) and California liberals! Don’t you just love liberalism?!

After two years of free loading off of the fashion designer lady, the psycho girl discovered how to free load in America; therefore, she got disability and housing, so she moved out. After she moved out, she called the fashion designer on the phone and left her a nasty message on her answering machine and with sarcasm stated that “Thank you for making me suffer for two years of living in your house!” That was the thanks the fashion designer got for bringing this girl from Iran to America, supporting her for two years and aiding her to stand on her own feet.

The reality is that the psycho girl was her parents’ problem in Iran, then she became the fashion designers’ problem in America and now she is a burden for American tax payers, a burden created by the California Liberal Government! Welcome to America!

The only question remains that if the psycho girl hated America and Americans so much, then why doesn’t she:

A) Go back to Iran and live under Islam?
B) Why is she smooching off of American tax payers and living in America?

I tell you why? Psycho girl traveled two times back and forth to Iran for visits, scabbed as much as she could from her family and once she exhausted all the free money which she could get from her family, only then, she came back to America primarily for more free loading from the fashion designer and secondarily for entitlement from US Government, pretending that she is a nut job!

Car Dealer

Amazingly yet another Green Card Lottery winner from Iran, a car dealership manager also ended up making friends with the fashion designer lady! What are the odds?! That is a double whammy for America and a double lucky for these lottery winners! This guy had no intention of living in America. He had his business and his life in Iran. He really had no use for this Lottery Green Card!

So, for the hell of it, he travelled to America with the fashion designer for a visit. Of course, the same as many Iranians, this gentleman was also a great Paratrooper (Chatr Baz) and Scuba Diver (Qavas)!

Note: Persian Slang Terms, Idioms and Expressions

* Chatr Baz (Paratrooper) = Free Loader, one who lands in your house from the air, becomes an unwanted guest for months and years and never leaves!

* Qavas (Scuba Diver) = Free Loader, one who lands in your house from the sea, becomes an unwanted guest for months and years and never leaves!

For more Funny Persian Slang terms and expressions:

Persian Slangs Dictionary

So, this guy stayed for a few months at her beach front view mansion for free. Wined and dined and enjoyed the Sunny San Diego for a great vacation of lifetime. Then, as long as he did not need to migrate to America, he went back to Iran, but he used his lottery to chain migrate a bunch of his immediate and distant family to America!

Presently this chain migration is costing a hell of a burden on tax payers’ backs!

Family on Welfare

This gentleman used to live in America (student visa) but he went back to Iran and tried to make a living over there! He married and had children. Finally, he decided that there is no way that he can live under the Islamic Regime! This gentleman was also double lucky because he won the Green Card Lottery and he found this Persian artist (Iranian American) who is also my family member. This gentleman was an old acquaintance of the Iranian American artist.

This gentleman primarily travelled to America and stayed at the artists’ mansion for a few months, then he went back to Iran and legally fixed the immigration situation so he could bring his whole family (wife and kids) to America. Next, they travelled to America and this time the whole family landed in the artist’s mansion and lived there for a year for free!

Have in mind that Persians are expensive to take care of! They drink the best American whisky and Russian Vodka, they smoke the best cigarettes, they smoke the top Persian Opium, and they smoke the quality Afghan Hashish! Of course, they wine the most expensive old wines and they dine the top delicious Persian Kabobs! They have Caviar and Champagne taste but beer pockets! That’s why they enjoy free loading! If these Persian unwanted guests stay at your house for free and for a year, they can cause you bankruptcy!

After free loading for a year, this artist who also has a great charitable heart, aided them to get an apartment and live on their own. The same as the fashion designer lady, this artist is also a great do gooder who helped so many Persians from around the United States and inside Iran to come to San Diego, stay at his mansion for free, supported them for months and years and aided them to stand on their feet and move on in life.

Most of the people the artist helped are success stories and made it in San Diego as productive members of the society but not this guy! After finally moving out and getting his own condo, he ended up exhausting all the government benefits and housing benefits which he could get, also sending his kids to school for free!

In a short while, not that he became an entitlement recipient, but his immediate family also joined him as leeches of the society! Later we found out that he also migrated his not so immediate family and even distant family to US and they also became lovely entitlement recipients of the great liberal California Government!

So, this guy done better for himself than the psycho girl and the car dealer because he ended up getting entitlement not only for himself but also for his whole immediate and distant family!

Liberals Bankrupted California

Is there any wonder why the liberals had bankrupted the richest state of the union (California)? I mean at some point the liberal state government runs out of tax payers’ money! There is a fixed budget but the liberals keep on allowing legal and illegal immigrants to this country and handing them free medical, free education, free money, free housing, welfare, food stamp, and other entitlements!

Everywhere liberals take control, they bankrupt the government, destroy the economy and create a welfare state! Look at Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles and many other large cities in America!

Next thing you know, they create new high taxes in the form of gas tax, property tax, breathing oxygen tax, my schlong tax, and so on …

Then they start becoming Drug Dealers by legalizing Marijuana and creating a state of junkies and degenerates! After legalizing marijuana, people smoked so much that tons of people ended up in hospital vomiting and screaming at the same time! ER was full of new and old California junkies!

Jerry Brown and California Liberals are now in drug business and they are drug dealers, trying to create new creative ways to fund their welfare state! They have so many legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America and then Muslim Refugees to support, feed and home that now they need to sell drugs to create revenue supporting entitlements!

Obviously, tax money is not enough and Jerry Brown (California Governor) is now the King Pin and major Drug Cartel Lord! Aren’t liberals amazing?!

Other Immigration Frauds

Above cases were only the Green Card Lottery immigration frauds, but if I want to write about all the firsthand awareness which I have about the general immigration frauds, then I will end up writing for days or maybe writing a book! Allow me to only write about one case, the most interesting one!

Double Dipper Retirement

These two elderly Persian couple have found the path of salvation to endless money! They receive retirement money from Iran, they receive retirement benefits from Denmark and they receive retirement benefits from America! In their case, they are not double dipping but they are triple dipping! They are residents and citizens of all three nations; therefore, they get retirement from all three nations! They get their salary retirements from Iran, social security benefits from Denmark and Disability and Social Security from USA! In addition, they divorced so they could get two social securities and more money from the US Government! So, they triple dip internationally and they double dip in America! Naturally they are healthy as horses and there is nothing wrong with them; however, they get disability, have handicap license plate and of course section eight housing, Medicare, Medi-Cal, Healthcare and Dick-care! Of course, it is also natural for us hard working tax payers to work our assess off and pay for their lifestyle!

I can keep on going and keep on writing about how not only Persian immigrants but how all legal and illegal immigrants and indeed refugees from around the globe are not working and yet live a comfortable life on government benefits provided by your tax money! The percentage of Persians are very low because the majority are hard working professionals or at least wealthy on their own. The majority of free loading immigrants and refugees are from South of the Border (Mexico, Central and South America) and Arabo-Muslim Middle East.

End Green Card Lottery

We already have a massive number of burdens on taxpayers’ backs including but not limited to:

Welfare Recipients
Chain Immigrants
Anchor Baby Landers
Illegal Aliens
Muslim Refugees

And so on …

The last thing that we need is yet a load of Green Card Lottery winners from around the world to wine and dine!

Enemies of America

There is an antagonistic conflict between Trump (and People) Nationalistic Agenda and these groups’ globalist, greedy and self-serving agenda. These groups are the enemies of the American people:

* Corporate Media Establishment
* Democratic Party Establishment
* GOP Establishment
* Washington DC Establishment
* Deep State Federal Government Establishment
* Local Governments Bureaucratic Establishment
* Hollywood Establishment
* Academic Establishment

MAGA (Making America Great Again) is the key word.

Save America

It is simply beyond me to comprehend that while we cannot feed our own hungry children, home our own homeless and employ our own unemployed, yet we go and open the borders to millions of illegal or legal immigrants, Muslim refugees and the unskilled third world labor! If that is not bad enough, we keep on adding to the problem by creating shenanigans such as Green Card Lottery to yet import more and more unworthy immigrants from around the world to become future American welfare recipients!

At this point of time, we shall not allow a single immigrant or refugee in to the United States until we feed our own people! After we feed our own people, then we can allow a very limited number of migrants into United States only based on Merit.

One must be worthy to enter America. It is not a right to enter America but it is a privilege. US Government has no right to open the doors and allow the third world to rush in to America. The American people must decide who gets in and who not!

Don’t let America become Europe!

If we do not attend to drafting a logical system of immigration based on merit, then soon America will become Europe and another Euro-Pee-On country fully invaded and occupied by Islam and Muslims!

Soon there will be no American culture, no English language and no American values left to teach or live by! Luckily, the American people have spoken and this is why the 2016 American National Populist Revolution has occurred and the leader of the revolution, Donald J. Trump has become the president. American people have spoken.

Hijab Barbie Muslim Refugee Ben Garrison Cartoon

We are not the mother of the world and when it comes to charity, we shall take care of our own people first before we take care of the world! America is not a stable, one cannot just rush in like cattle! One must earn his way to enter America by merit or else America will look, feel and become a third world nation like the nations of the “Euro-Pee-On Onion” (European Union)! Save America and save America now before America becomes another Muslim infested Europe!

Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution

And there’s your prayer.

Amen and MAGA!

Dr. X

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