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Future Opposition Goals


Iranian 2009 Election Riots Analysis and Future Agenda
Future Opposition Goals

Ahreeman X
June 17, 2009

Iran in Prison of IRI

To understand the causes, effects and reality of the present Iranian election riots, we must dig deep in to the historical roots and present events. Let us analyze a few interesting points.

I. Battle of the Islamic Economic Mafias
II. Ahmadinejad and Mousavi are Only Front-men!
III. The Amazing Quick Calculation of the Election Results in Iran!
IV. Results Don’t Add Up!
V. Conflict amongst Islamists is Good for the Masses!
VI. Why Call Them Elections?
VII. Protests and Riots are about Change, not Political Groups!
VIII. Prospects
IX. Opposition’s Goals

How to get rid of Government of Allah?
What to do?

I. Battle of the Islamic Economic Mafias

Since 1979 until this day, Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has managed to transform himself from a petty real estate fixer upper and a loan shark to an economic mogul multi billionaire in charge of Iran’s economy. Rafsanjani is the wealthiest man in Iran and one of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs. For more information read:

X Diaries: Cayman Islands

Billionaire Mullah on Forbes
Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
Wealthiest man in Iran and one of the Globe’s wealth power machines

Until 2005 (last IRI sham election), Rafsanjani was the sole undisputed economic mogul of Iran. Rafsanjani, his Moderate Fraction of IRI (Kargozaran) and his multi tentacles economic octopus in charge of various corporations, have been practically running Iran’s economy. Since 2005, things have officially changed! On 2005, Sepah Pasdaran AKA IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) had entered the Iranian economic rivalry to control Iran’s wealth and finances.

How to properly wash Supreme Spiritual Leader’s Face?!
Peeper on Imam - Blessing Imam’s Face with Holy Water!
Desperate Peeper Soldier: Allah bless my soul, poor me, I had to go and Imam Khamenei’s face was the nearest Dumping Ground! Allah, forgive me, thus I have sinned on your Saint’s face!

On 2005, IRGC practically made a Coup (supposedly named election) and for most, took over the political power in Iran and selected Ahmadinejad as their spokesman. Ahmadinejad’s win over Rafsanjani was the ultimate slap in the face of Rafsanjani Mafia from IRGC. Since 2005, IRGC has been openly defying the absolute control of Iran’s economy by Rafsanjani’s Mafia.

As of now, IRGC has become a multi franchise corporation dipping their hands in Iran’s oil, arms and stock market businesses. This 125,000 strong Special Forces are independent of all Iranian armed forces. IRGC is the Iranian version of Nazi SS Corps. They only answer to Imam and they openly do as they please. They are simply above the law!

In 2009, same as 2005, “Sepah Pasdaran” AKA IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) has won the Erection (Election) and Selected (Elected) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as their spokesman (the President). Ahmadinejad had won with a Landslide Victory of % 63 of the votes. His Reformist opponent Mir Hossein Mousavi had won % 32 of the votes. 32 Million Iranians out of 46 million eligible voters had voted in the elections, but are all these numbers truly accurate? For more information, read:

Inside Iran’s IRGC: Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps
Iranian Elections or IRGC Revolutionary Guards’ Coup?

Imam had proudly announced the results of the “Islamic Erection” (Election) where only Islamic Fundamentalist, Moderate and Reformist Parties are allowed to participate. Each presidential candidate has been screened and pre-approved by the Ayatollahs before entering the race! After all, Imam and the Ayatollahs lead the country, decide foreign policy and make military decisions. President only screws up the national budget and economy!

Rafsanjani changes political alliances like he changes underwear! From time to time he aligns himself with Fundamentalists or Reformists as it suits his political and economical benefits. As of 2005, he moved towards the Reformists and aligned himself closer to Reformists to make a strong alliance against the hardcore Fundamentalist Coalition Front made up of:

* Motalefeh Party (Hardcore Fundamentalist Ayatollahs, Clerics and Bazaari Merchants)
* Hezbollah

In this showdown, there are powerful hardcore fundamentalist Ayatollahs whom are rumored to be the members of the banned “Hojatiyeh” Group [Islamists against the system of Velayat Faqih (Supreme Spiritual Leadership)] and “Motalefeh” Party, and they are obviously backing the Sepah and Ahmadinejad. Amongst them are:

* Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati (Chairman of Guardian Council)
* Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi (member of Assembly of Experts)

Ahmadinejad’s spiritual leader (Marjae Taqlid) is Mesbah Yazdi.

Basij Para-militia is also torn between Rafsanjani and Sepah (IRGC); however, they are mostly devoted to Rafsanjani.

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi is the most powerful Islamist Fundamentalist of all Ayatollahs. He is the core of Islamic fanaticism. He was the man behind the curtains and behind the theocratic oligarchy of IRI until Rafsanjani openly challenged his authority!

Assembly of Experts is the highest Assembly Council in IRI and it elects the Supreme Spiritual Leader. Even though Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi is a member of Assembly of Experts, yet Ayatollah Rafsanjani is the Chairman of Assembly of Experts!

After Rafsanjani lost the 2005 elections, he focused on a higher office and he become the Chairman of Assembly of Experts to even up the power balance inside IRI. Are you confused about the IRI Government’s system structure? Not to worry because the whole world is also confused about it! IRI Government System is the most Complexed and Confusing Government Structure in the world, but if you look carefully to the details, then you will comprehend that in a deranged twisted way, it actually makes sense! Just ask Hezbollah and they will clarify it to you:

Hezbollah: IRI Government Structure must make sense to Allah because he is the one who designed it. Of course it doesn’t make sense to you because you are only a mortal. Allah is wise so never doubt his system! Praise be upon Allah!

Take a look at Islamic Republic of Iran’s Government System Structure:

Islamic Republic of Iran’s Government System Structure
Checks and Balances, Islamic Style!

How the IRI Government Works?

So now that you are somewhat familiar with the “Checks and Balances” Islamic Style, then you are able to understand that presently there are 2 camps (2 Islamic Mafias) battling to control the Iranian economy:

* Ayatollah Rafsanjani and his Alliances
* IRGC and their Coalitions

If you look at the 2009 Iranian Elections from this point of view (economical view), then it is very clear for you that what is really going on in Iran! IRGC is openly moving in to cut a big slice of the pie from Rafsanjani’s cake! Rafsanjani not a bit happy about this crack in his empire, moves on to higher grounds (Assembly of Experts) to balance the power and possibly to control the future of IRI. How, you may ask?

Hypothetically, if tomorrow Imam Khamenei passes away, then who do you think the Assembly of Experts will elect to become the Supreme Spiritual Leader? Even though Mesbah Yazdi is a big player yet Rafsanjani is paving the way to comfortably lean back on the Shiite Empire’s Mullarchy Throne and to crown himself as the future IRI Caliph!

Today, the office of presidency is too small for Rafsanjani. He is focusing to become the Supreme Spiritual Leader. You cannot disregard Rafsanjani as an amazing entrepreneur!

Clerically he dragged himself from a Talabeh to an Ayatollah!
Spiritually he fabricated himself from a Drunken Thug to a Saint!
Economically he built himself from a Fixer Upper to a Tycoon!
Philosophically he established himself from a pest to an Icon!

And now ….
Politically he invented himself from a petty Islamist to a Power House!

Rafsanjani is the only person in IRI Government who knows anything about the economy!

Iran has an Imam and a President but behind the curtains, who does truly run the IRI 2nd Shiite Empire (2nd only to Safavid Empire of Iran)? Ask yourself this question and a face starts to shape in the clouds of Iran, the face of Akbar Shah!

II. Ahmadinejad and Mousavi are Only Front-men!

They are similar to front businesses to legitimize the drug dealers’ back businesses! They are solely two frontmen playing their parts for their masters in this power struggle. The actual power struggle is for the political and economical control of Iran. Players are Rafsanjani and IRGC.

Ahmadinejad and Mousavi are icons, logos and morely puppets. They are only spokesmen for two different economic cartels seeking the control of the Iranian economy. So this is clearly not about Ahmadinejad or Mousavi.

III. The Amazing Quick Calculation of the Election Results in Iran!

In America, all voting, calculation and systems are computerized and electronic, yet it takes a week for them to figure out the results!

In Iran, everything is hand written, plastic voting boxes, ink on the fingers and manual, yet it took less than 24 hours for them to release the results of the election!
How is that possible? It must be Allah’s magical power! After all IRI is the government of Allah on Earth!

One may think that the whole thing is a sham. They just threw out all the votes along with the boxes and then Imam, Ayatollahs, Sepah and Insiders sat around and decided on who won the election! Then Imam came out and announced the winner!

IV. Results Don’t Add Up!

Mousavi is from Tabriz. Statistically, he had Tabriz in the bag.

After the counts, Mousavi said that in his own hometown, he had fewer votes than the number of his campaign staffs working in Tabriz! No wonder he calls this election a charade!

V. Conflict Amongst Islamists is Good for the Masses!

 In fact I am perfectly happy with the results of this election! Do you know why? Fundamentalists and Reformists are now at each others’ throats! Rafsanjani and Moderates switch sides like the wind, but now they are with the Reformists. I would like to see the riots to continue and Mousavi to continue filing an official complain and take this to the court. Worst comes to worst, they will assassinate him and things will get worst. The best outcome of this election is that Reformists and Fundamentalists are now fighting amongst themselves and this is great for the Iranian Opposition wanting to end the life of IRI. The opposition is taking advantage of these riots and preaches: “Death to Dictatorship” (chanted everywhere by the crowd). Drafting more members are the main agenda of the opposition inside Iran.

As of now, the regime was shaken by the mass movement of the public, protests and riots. Imam had officially ordered a recount and rechecking of all records!

VI. Why Call Them Elections?

I don’t know why they bother with elections in Iran? Just call it a Selection by the Ayatollahs and then an Erection of a president by the Imam! And of course at the background, IRGC organizes everything! This is not an election, but this is a joke! Not that no other party except Islamist Parties can attend, yet even Fundamentalists cannot stand their own brother Reformists and now brother fights the brother!

They need to refer to these as:

Islamic Selections instead of Iranian Elections!
Imam’s Erections instead of Iranian Elected Presidents!
Definitely Selection and Erection rather than Election!

VII. Protests and Riots are about Change, not Political Groups!

All of these massive ongoing protests and riots are not about Mousavi or Reformists, but they are about people seeking change. Masses are struggling to create a Change in the Status Quo and their lives; however, with the limited arena and choice in Iranian presidential system, they have no other choice but to back Mousavi and Reformists to make a stand promoting this Change. They are fed up with the Status Quo and want change now, but the only semi legal path to go about it is to rally behind the Reformists or else they have to commit to a Bloody Revolution to overthrow IRI.

In reality, a slim minority of Iranians consisting of % 20 Hezbollah (Fundamentalist, Moderate and Reformist) are ruling over the majority which makes up % 80 of the Iranian population (the Silent Majority)! But now the silent majority is waking up!

In this limited society and a gigantic cage named IRI, the only path to protest under the framework of the Islamic Constitution is to rally behind the Reformists. Even this is not possible without getting killed and beaten up by Hezbollah. The number of dead and injured protesters are rising!

So as you see, this is not about Mousavi and Reformists, but this is about Iranians fed up with IRI Islamic Regime and seeking Change.

VIII. Prospects

These protests and riots can lead to full revolution. Have in mind that Mousavi is part of the system and he surely does not seek the destruction of Mullarchy yet he desires slight reforms to make the Mullarchy pleasant enough to live under!

Unfortunately for Mousavi and Reformists and fortunately for the Iranian Opposition, the Fundamentalist forces are way too narrow-minded to even grant these slight minor changes and freedoms. This will eventually result in their demise!

Every action will create a reaction of the equal yet in the opposing direction. This is called Physics. The more Fundamentalists suppress the freedoms, the more people will become desperate to uprise and overthrow the IRI system. Reformists are perfectly aware of this fact. They want to save the Islamic Regime by the use of makeup. They want to color the ugly face of the Islamic Regime with the colorful makeup of reforms! They do this not for Iran and Iranians but to save their own necks and to survive for a few more years or decades!

If Fundamentalists fight all freedoms and changes, then the protests and riots will change to an unavoidable revolution. Of course the government and specifically IRGC had announced that they will crush the Reformists by all means possible. IRGC will not hesitate to mass slaughter the reformists to save the fundamentals of the Islamic Regime. In a way, this is good because this extreme violence will agitate a revolutionary reaction amongst the masses to finally rise up. After 30 years of silence, they may rise up! The last time things got hairy was 1999, but things never got as hairy as this since 1978!

So the regime may suppress the people by conducting a blood bath and mass arrests, but this would not stop the masses in the long run. People do not see an alternative to Change. Things are so bad and people are so desperate that they see no other choice but to uprise. This may be soon or late but surely the masses will uprise. It is only a matter of time for the masses to explode.

IX. Opposition’s Goals

Oppositions’ Goals must be to agitate the situation as much as possible. This is a golden opportunity for the opposition to enflame the public emotion and use the momentum to get the masses in to a major rebellion and direct them towards a political revolution. We shall do our best to jump start a massive fire.

The sparks have started but now it is our job to turn these sparks in to mass fires. Our goal is not to reform the regime but to end the regime’s lifespan.

To achieve this goal, a Gorbachev must appear in the politics of Iran to help ending the life of the IRI. After facilitation by the Iranian Gorbachev, then the Iranian Yeltsin must appear to give the final blow to end IRI. The Iranian Gorbachev will be a part of the regime (for instance Mousavi) but the Iranian Yeltsin will seemingly be a part of the regime yet in depth he is anti regime and will be the end of the regime.

One thing is for sure: The Change is coming and there is no doubt about it.

We, the Iranian Opposition, as the Resistance to IRI will do our best to direct this unrest towards a full blown revolution because after all:

Blood + Sacrifice + Effort = War => True Lasting Peace

In the history of Earth, no Revolution has been achieved and no group of people have gained their freedom without war and bloodshed. Even the Indian Independence, the Civil Rights Movement in USA and the South African End to Apartheid were not possible to succeed without the Militant Bases of the Movements. In each of these movements there were Non Violent Fractions but also Militant Fractions. This is factual history and I am a historian. Don’t let the liberal pacifists tell you otherwise, because they have always been living in a fantasy and dream world.

IRI is the most bloodthirsty dictatorship on Earth today. IRI will not disappear via referendums, non violence and seat outs!

If All Iranian Women for 1 day take All Hejabs off their heads and rush the streets, who can stop them?

If All Iranian Businesses for 1 day shut down All Business, who can stop them?

If All Iranians for 1 day don’t ride public transportations, who can stop them?

If All Iranian Students for 1 day sit down in the Universities and Schools’ grounds, who can stop them?

If All Iranians for 1 day don’t go to Work, who can stop them?

No one can stop them but if they keep this up for 2 weeks, the government will seize to work, the system will come to a halt and the Islamic Regime will collapse!
It happened in Ukraine; we are not less than Ukraine!

No Allah – No Islam

Rise up, 30 years of Islamic Slavery is enough.
Down with Islamic Republic of Iran.
More Power to Resistance to Theocratic Dictatorship.
More power to all Freedom Fighters of Iran.

Dr. X

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