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Iranian American Democrats, who are they?


Iranian American Democrats, who are they?
Ahreeman X
March 31, 2020

Iranian American Confused Liberal Democrat Girl: Well, Ah, Ummm ... I don’t know!
Persian Pondering Man: What to do?!

Liberal Mindset

I have accidentally overheard a conversation on the phone. The conversation was between two female cousins. For the sake of the story, let’s refer to them as Shahin and Mahin.  

Shahin: He (Trump) is ruining this country …
Mahin: I hope something (bad) happens to him and his family …
Shahin: I hate him and he just won’t die …
Mahin: They should kill him …
Shahin: We cannot allow him to be reelected …
Mahin: He’s giving relief to everyone …
Shahin: Everyone?
Mahin: Yes, if your family income is under $ 100,000, each person gets $ 1,200, family gets $ 2,400 and for each kid $ 500, so a family of three gets $ 2,900 and a family of four gets $ 3,400.
Shahin: And higher income?
Mahin: The higher, some money gets deducted but still even me, I get good money, you guys even get good money!
Shahin: We get money too?
Mahin: Yes, everyone gets Coronavirus relief money, paycheck tax cut …
Shahin: That’s good …

Allow me to inform you of a few points:

A) These two ladies are not some illiterate, project dwellers on welfare; furthermore, both of them are highly schooled, they make a lot of money and they are married to spouses who also make a lot of money.

B) Even though as tax bracket, they both have 6 figure income, yet both are Democrats.

C) They both desire ill for Trump and his family but they both love the money Trump is handing to everyone including them!

D) They both believe in government handout to the poor minorities; therefore, the minorities would not uprise and revolt against their social classes! Of course, they do not mind to give high taxes to the government to handout to the minorities. Even so, they both complain about the high tax rate which they should hand out to Uncle Sam!

If you noticed, I mentioned that both ladies are highly schooled but are they necessarily educated? As I always state:

“Many are schooled but not truly educated!”

Both ladies are wealthy businesswomen, professionals and each talented in their own fields but both are politically uninformed, still live in the 1980s and brainwashed by the media. Both ladies are hardcore Iranian American Liberal Democrats.

As you can see, they both wish ill for Trump but a second later, they gladly grab Trump’s relief money. Both ladies the same as your typical Iranian American Liberal Democrat are opportunists. They bite the hand which feeds them! Thanks to Trump’s economy, both ladies made a killing in stock market and added a few million more to already millionaire portfolios! Thanks to Trump, they are living a life of peace and prosperity, make millions and live comfortable in the suburbs but cuss the hell out of Trump, wish him ill and hopelessly desire for him not to get reelected.

In their minds, this great economy (before temporary stagnation of coronavirus) is continuation of Hussein Obama’s economy! In their brainwashed minds, Obama did not destroy the economy and the country, and then handed it to Trump, but as CNN and MSNBC tells them, that Jigaboo Muslim Chocolate Boy was the genius behind this great economy!

Naturally these two ladies like many other Iranian American Liberal Democrats live in the California LaLa Land which resides in a parallel universe including New York and California where the reality is upside down. These two ladies live in the Bizarro Universe!

Why Iranian Americans by Majority are Democrats?

* Well-Schooled Iranian Americans are Secular, Anti Religion and Anti God
* Iranian Democrats still believe Dems are the party of the working class
* Iranian Democrats still believe Dems are pro minorities
* Iranian Democrats believe Dems are pro peace and GOP is pro war
* Iranian Americans believe GOP is the party of special interest

Let’s analyze each issue:

* Well-Schooled Iranian Americans are Secular, Anti Religion and Anti God

Well (as Reagan used to say), so am I! No one is more scientific, secular and Anti Organized Religion as I am; however, you do not see me pandering at the Liberal Plantation, do you?

Iranian American Democrats assume that GOP is the party of God and has the dibs on God in America. The reality is that Evangelicals are a strong yet only a wing of the GOP. Evangelicals along with conservatives, libertarians, moderates and national populists create the fabric of GOP. There are many “Secular Conservatives” in the GOP. Actually, Conservatism has nothing to do with being religious. These are two separate issues. So, if you assume that you must believe in religion and god to be in GOP, then you are wrong. Conservatism is about conserving America, being strong in morality and believing in Americanism. Sticking the Bible in there is not mandatory!

Not everyone has a strong mind to not be depended on some religion and god to make him a better person and a moral person, so what is wrong with that? If god and religion makes you a moral person and a better person, then why not?

* Iranian Democrats still believe Dems are the party of the working class

Today’s Democrat party is not Kennedy’s or your Grand Father’s Democrat party. Democrats have lost touch with the working-class America and that is why they lost the 2016 election. Democrats have lost touch with the heartland America when Clinton done NAFTA, Bush (even though not Democrat) done Globalism and Obama done Socialism! Today’s Democrat party is in the pocket of Wall Street, Special Interest and a world away from the Average Joe and the Average Jane in America.

* Iranian Democrats still believe Dems are pro minorities

When Trump came to power, 5 % of Blacks were pro GOP and a handful of Hispanics were pro GOP. Today, 35 % of Blacks are pro GOP and Hispanics are creating a solid base of GOP, all thanks to Trump. The Trump policies of Judicial Reforms, Job Creation, Blooming Economy, Expanding Manufacturing, Vocational Schools, Schools of Choice, Family Values, and Strong Borders are exactly compatible with the Black and Hispanic families’ lifestyle.

For 30 to 100 years, the Blacks have been enslaved by the Democrats. The Black man’s mind has been enslaved by the liberals. Blacks have been residing in the Liberal Plantations for 3 to 10 decades. Every election, liberals give them promises and after the elections, they break the promises.

Blacks’ physical bodies were in liberal plantations before abolishment of slavery but after the civil war, Black minds were in the liberal plantations as slaves. Blacks were slaves to the liberals and their votes have been taken for granted by the DNC until Trump took over the GOP. At that moment, Trump said:

“Vote for me, what the hell do you have to lose?”

Black situation was tragic before Trump but Trump changed all that. Trump gave Black people jobs, peace, prosperity, security, family values, second and third chances, inclusion and hope. Every day more and more Blacks are getting off the liberal plantations and joining GOP which now is practically the “American Workers’ Party”.

Today’s GOP is truly the Workers party and today’s Democrat Party is the party of corruption and special interest. Dems have done nothing for minorities but to keep them as slaves, ignorant, illiterate, dependent, victims and begging for food stamp, welfare and living in projects. Trump changed all that.

Democrats, what do they stand for?

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

This is why the intelligent minorities are now opening their eyes and seeing that Trump’s GOP is the party of Working-Class including Blacks, Hispanics and All Minorities.
 If you are a worker, then GOP is your beef. If you want to remain a victim dependent to the Big Government, then Democrat Party is for you.

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People

 * Iranian Democrats believe Dems are pro peace and GOP is pro war

This is farthest from the truth! All the Middle East wars and endless wars were not only started by Bush Family but also by the Clinton and Obama families. Military Industrial Complex and Deep State are twins of the Democrat Party. Before Trump, the Globalist Republicans consisting of Neo Cons, Establishment of GOP and RINO’s were also in the pocket of the Deep State but today, the Democrat Party is the party of Deep State, Wars; furthermore, endless wars. Trump cleansed the GOP and is taming the Deep State. Trump has been and is Anti-War and Anti-Conflict.

* Iranian Americans believe GOP is the party of special interest

Today’s GOP is Trump’s party. Trump has changed GOP to the American Workers’ Party. Special Interest has no room in GOP. The only special interest is the interest of the American workers which that is why Trump ran for the election. Trump is a hard-core National Populist and he is successfully taking on the Deep State, Special Interest and the Military Industrial Complex.

As you can see, the Iranian American Democrats are still living in the 1980s. Today’s GOP is a world apart from their youth era, fathers’ era or grand fathers’ GOP.

Democrats are not American Patriots or Iranian Nationalists

Democrats in general or at least by the majority do not love America nor Iran. They are not Nationalists. They have never felt this burning love for what America stands for and they surely do not care much for Iran. They are far from nationalists and they could care less for Americanism, Constitution, True Democracy and What America stands for. They naturally do not care for Iran and Iranians. Iranian American Democrats are deeply brainwashed or naturally opportunists. Either way, they are a bunch of Internationalists, Globalists, Self-Centered, Arrogant, Self-Righteous, Leftist “In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls”! They think they are intellectuals but in fact they are “In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls”.

Democrats are concerned with their own finances and benefits. If rich, they are concerned with their wheeling and dealing inside Iran, global business and bank accounts in USA. If they are not rich, then they are concerned with milking the American system as much as possible. They get their retirements from Iran, benefits from Sweden and then section eight housing, disability, social security, Medicare and other benefits from America.

Democrats are Seasonal Fans and are pro whoever throws some money at them like dogs! They behave more like lap dogs and opportunist slime than moral and fundamental people. You do not see any love lust of America or Iran in their eyes.

You can witness all types of Iranian American Democrats such as Iran Lobbyists, Pacifists, Seasonal Fans (Party of the Wind AKA Hezb-e Bad) and even confused naïve simpletons amongst the herd.

How Can You Love Iran and be a Democrat?

I would like you to educate yourselves and after 4 decades of exile, finally comprehend that Democrats destroyed your country; therefore, you cannot be an Iranian and a Democrat at the same time:

Democrats Always Misfire on Iran!
History of Democrats & Mullahs 4 Decades of Cooperation!

Iranian History 101 for the Liberals

Jimmy Carter and Democrats aided Khomeini to create IRI and Neo Islamism in the World. By creating a Green Belt around the USSR in the region (IRI, Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc.), Carter helped to create IRI; furthermore, by not backing the Shah and Imperial Iran, due to his human rights shenanigan, he backstabbed Iran and the Iranians. In return, Khomeini created the Neo Islamism in the world. In a way, Carter’s plan backfired. America’s greatest friend in the region (Imperial Iran) had become America’s worst enemy (Islamic Republic of Iran)! Carter is not that bright, is he?

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

What Would You Donate to Jimmy Carter?

Obama vs. Carter Cartoons: Who’s Worst?

Hussein Obama did not support the Iranian Opposition in the streets of Iran but instead he flirted with the Mullahs, Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah and the IRI Regime. Obama appeased the Mullahs rather than supporting the Opposition. Obama closely worked with the Iran Lobby and Trita Parsi in USA. Obama helped IRI and Iran Lobby to grow in USA. Iran Lobby exists because it has powerful friends amongst the Democrats, GOP Establishment and Oil Cartels; the IRI Regime’s money, finances it but Iran Lobby’s greatest friend and benefactor was and is Hussein Obama and naturally George Soros.

Hussein Obama and Democrats once again betrayed the Iranian Opposition by granting the IRI Regime access to $ 150 Billion frozen assets and handing them $ 1.8 billion in cash. This was not Mullahs’ money but it was people of Iran’s money (from the Imperial Regime era) and should have been given to the Iranian People and the Iranian Opposition but instead was given to the Mullahs to support terrorism around the Middle East by supporting its many proxies around the region. Obama as a Muslim was very keen on his Fellow Muslim Mullahs, IRI Regime and Iran Lobby.

Protests break out across Iran. Once again Democrats back the IRI Regime and the Iran Lobby. Democrats appease the Islamist Regime and line up against the Iranian people. Fortunately, the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian People find their greatest supporter named Donald John Trump. No one in the history of over 40 years of IRI occupation has been supporting the Iranian People and the Iranian Opposition such as Trump had done and is doing.

Once again (until complete victory) protests break out across Iran. Once again (as usual) Democrats are conferencing and flirting with Iran Lobby and IRI. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are conference calling with the Iran Lobby of Mullahs on the Facebook. Democrats support General Qasem Soleimani the Terrorist Boss. Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Candidates shed crocodile tears, so hard for the Terrorist that they top Chucky Doll Schumer’s famous crocodile tear shedding! Liberal Media started another pro IRI appeasement campaign. Once again, Democrats, Media and Oil Cartels support the Iran Lobby and IRI. GOP Establishment is silent! Once again, Trump is the best and only friend for the Iranian People and the Iranian Opposition. Every day that passes by, the Iranian People find more and more that Trump is the only ally they have in America.

Iranian Opposition Needs Guns

IRI is Dying? Long Live Free Iran!

Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters

Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go! Thread

So, think about it, what kind of loser, loses his country because of Democrats but then he becomes a slave to them by joining their Liberal Plantation as a House or Plantation Negro? Persians were never slaves but your minds act as the slaves’ minds! You are not Black but you behave as Plantation Negroes! You are Liberal Plantation Negroes!

Which Iranian Americans Vote for Democrats?

Have you ever wondered that how come every single Reformist Hezbollah, Moderate Hezbollah, Fundamentalist Hezbollah, IRI lobbyist and IRI Agent in America votes for democrats?!

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America – 3 Chapters

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America! – 2 Chapters

Iran Movement Index

Then you have liberal pacifists voting for democrats to maintain peace between USA and IRI; therefore, expanding and prolonging the lifespan of IRI.

So basically, you have 2 groups voting for Democrats:

1. Hezbollah and IRI Agents
2. Liberal Pacifists

Why Liberal Pacifists Vote for Democrats?

Liberal mentality dictates to the liberals that the Big Government must control their lives, provide everything for them and hands them free goods! They believe people are powerless and government must run their lives.

Liberals love them Welfare, Healthcare, Free Cheese and Free Kool-Aid that government provides for them. They believe government owes them free things and they gladly accept them, but little they know that half their salaries will end up in government’s pocket paying for these stuff!


In America if you work for a legitimate company in the private sector or for the government, then you have medical insurance through your employer.

In America if you are self-employed and make money, then you provide your own medical insurance.
In America if you are low incomed and no incomed, then there exists Public Clinics which charge you very little or nothing for medical services.

In America GOP plans offer Tax Cuts so everyone can afford to purchase their own medical insurance if they desire.

Still, liberals demand Public Healthcare (the same as Europe and Canada) for all. The same low-quality healthcare which costs us half our paychecks to pay for every bum in America with no job and on welfare!
Liberals bitch that there exists no public healthcare in America! Then they blame the government! They don’t accept any responsibility!

Well maybe if you were working for the proper company with a health plan, or you were self-employed and made money, or if you had the brain and vision to be in the right line of work, or if you planned your life right, or if you were hard working enough, then you would not see the need to beg the government for healthcare! You would get your own!

Even if you are a bum in America, there exists Public Clinics for free healthcare and Shelters for free living.
Then why should I pay half my paycheck as tax to provide Public Healthcare for some bum who is a failure to the society and due to his own shortcoming, shortsightedness and wrong life planning, he expects me to make up for his shortcoming?

I pay more tax, so government gets bigger and richer, so the government can support and provide healthcare, welfare, food stamps, free cheese and Kool-Aid for dependent bums with no jobs! This is where liberals come from and this is their mentality!

Public Healthcare = Low Quality Healthcare for All

Once I was down in the gutter:

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life

I am not where I am today because I am rich! I am where I am today because I got tired of being poor and I did not beg the government for handouts, but I have done something about it on my own which is called “Getting a Job” and “Working Hard”!

Little Sissy Faggy Piss Ant Liberals who live in their Mother’s basements should try that! Get a job rather than attending Cindy Sheehan’s peace protests!

These bums put down Sarah Palin who worked hard all her life and dragged herself up from nothing to the governor of Alaska, yet they still live in their mother’s basement and spend 12 hours a day in front of the monitor on Internet jerking off and jerking around!

They vote for Democrats to get free stuff; like little dependent beggars, they are government victims and they want the Big Gov. to pamper them like a little bitch that they are!

Medicare for All Means Medicare for None

Medicare for all, means Medicare for none, because if Big Government provides Medicare for everyone including illegal aliens (as Dems want), then senior citizens will lose their social security and Medicare. Then no one will have Medicare!

The most logical solution is to vote for Trump, so he can provide the best insurance for everyone. The answer is outer state insurance, competition between insurance companies and co-ops. The answer is not one big universal insurance for all. Remember Obamacare? If something like it goes through, then 180 million Americans will lose their insurance.

Selfish Iranian American Liberals

Liberals are selfish! Liberals neither care about America nor Iran! Iranian American Liberals bitch and moan on how long they have to wait at the airport for security checks and they blame it all on Trump! They don’t care about public safety, terrorism, war on terror and common good, but they care about their own time getting wasted in the airports!

Liberals do not want war because they care about the safety of their families in Iran more than the freedom of Iran from Islam! They rather IRI stays in power for another 60 year than to commit to a revolution or American Liberation to free Iran from Islam!

Liberals are too cowardice and Self Serving to make a move and lift a finger to free Iran, yet they are also reluctant to allow America to do the job for them! They just want the IRI’s lifespan to be prolonged and Iran remains in slavery of Islam, while they live their comfortable lives in America!

People are holding on to two or three jobs in Iran to survive and make ends meet for their families, economy is destroyed, no freedoms exists in Iran, our home is destroyed by Islam, yet these Iranian American Liberal Pacifists live a beautiful comfortable life in America, march for peace, hold hands while singing Kumbaya Songs, create 1001 Piss (Peace) Movements and cheer for peace so IRI can continue to grow and enslave our people!

Liberals are too selfish to commit to a cause except “Kun Goshadi” (Lazy Assing Around) and maintaining the Status Quo by creating Bull Shiite “Piss (Peace) Movements”!

Nature of Iranian American Liberals

Liberal Pacifists are not patriots. They do not give a rat’s ass about America or Iran. They live in America to enjoy the freedoms and the benefits which the system provides for them. They believe government owes them everything! They love free things. They love free housing, free social security money, free disability, free welfare, free food stamp, free healthcare, free cheese and them free Kool-Aid! They are great Kool-Aid drinkers! Nothing tastes better than them free government Kool-Aid, yum yum, gimme some!

Iranian American Liberal Pacifists demand free things and they believe government must provide for them. They believe everyone owes them something!

News flash, extra extra ……. Get off your asses and get a job! If you have a job, then get a better job so you can provide proper food, shelter and healthcare for your own family! Stop begging the government for benefits!

Nothing comes free. When you get free stuff from the government, you sacrifice your freedom to the government! Then you become government’s bitch! In addition, someone must pay for your free stuff because government does not have money and jack Shiite! So, taxpayers must work hard to pay for your free stuff, loafing around like a bitch that you are!

These are the same people who receive benefits, retirement, social security and Medicare from America, Denmark and Iran all three! One month a year in Iran, one month a year in Denmark and the rest of the year loafing off in America living on my hard-working taxes!

These people live off of government and they are dependent voters! They are dependent to Democrats and Big Government!

Then you have the Iranians who get their salaries from Tehran and Qom!

Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

Trita Parsi Iranian Hezbollah Agent in America

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America

For every one IRI Lobbyist, IRI backed website, IRI backed media and Hezbollah Agent that we expose, 10 more pops out! IRI Lobby Groups are like cockroaches, they multiply! The strange thing is that all of these people are Democrats, solid Liberal Pacifists and all of them vote Democrat! Here is a list of them:

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA thread

Take the Ahreemanic Challenge!

Have you ever met a Pro IRI Iranian or a Liberal Reformist Iranian who does not vote for Democrats and is not a Democrat? If you find such a person, then I will gladly change my name from Ahreeman to Muhammad Ali or Abdul Hussein!

Reality Check

US Democrat Party (not Democratic Party because they are not Democratic) is the party of choice for Iranian Hezbollah, IRI Lobbyists, Iranian Liberal Pacifists and Iranian Bums!

These people are not American Patriots because if they were, then they would not be pro appeasement policies towards IRI.

These people are also not Iranian Patriots because if they were, then they would not intentionally prolonging IRI’s lifespan by Piss (Peace) Movements, protests and policies!

Iranian American Liberal Pacifists are the roots of our disease. They are the cause for our homeland remaining in chains for over 4 decades. They are the best servants of the Mullahs. They are either doing what they do intentionally (IRI Agents) or unintentionally (Pacifists). Either way they are committing Treason towards America and Iran.

Ignorance is not an Excuse in the Court of Law

Either you want to over throw IRI and end the reign of Islam in Iran or you are prolonging the life of IRI. There is no in between! Either you are an American Patriot and an Iranian Nationalist or you are a Bloody IRI Little Helper and an Iranian Traitor.

This is why GOP members and any Iranian who votes Republican is most likely an American Patriot and an Iranian Nationalist.

We love America.
Liberals love to Hate America!

We love Iran
Liberals love peace to prolong IRI’s life!

We love Star Spangled Banner.
Liberals love to burn the Flag!

We love Lion, Sun and the Sword.
Liberals love plain tricolor flag or gay lion with no sword or Allah’s emblem!

Iran's Flag: Save Persian Lion from becoming a Gay Pussycat!

Liberalism is the cause of a disease named Islamism!
Liberalism is what gives life to Islamism.
Liberalism and Islamism go hand in hand.

Carter gave birth to Khomeini.
Obama made the IRI to grow bigger and stronger!

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

Liberals Bend Over Backwards for Muslims!

Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution

Now let us dig deep in to the psyche of the Iranian American Democrats:

Who are Iranian American Democrats?

Through the years, I have noticed a certain pattern amongst the Iranian American Democrats and of course I have been categorizing them. Iranian American Democrats are of certain groups:

Iranian American Democrat Types

I. Iran Lobby
Democrat Party is the party of choice for the Iran Lobby which is the IRI 5th column of espionage in USA. Javad Zarif had created the Iran Lobby and put Trita Parsi in charge of it to push the Democrats’ appeasement policy towards Iran; therefore, it would give and buy time for the Mullahs and Hezbollah to get established in Iran, grow and nuke up! Obama, Clinton and Democrats are Iran Lobby’s best friends. Democrat politicians have their hands in the deep pockets of the Iran Lobby. The Iran Lobby’s money laundry system launders huge amounts of dollars into the Democrats’ bank accounts to guarantee that the Iran Lobby will not get any legal troubles, remains active in America and push the Anti-War and Iranians for Piss (Peace) policies and groups in the USA

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center Thread

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC – 2 parts

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America – 3 parts

II. Iranian Partisan Leftists
These guys are hardcore Socialists with indoctrination and ideological faith stronger for the Democrat party and ideals than love for the Iranian people, Iranian benefits and Iran! These Hardcore leftists do not care about America or Iran. They are internationalists, globalists, and hardcore socialists. They are ideologs living in LaLa Land but newsflash shines a beacon of light: Extra Extra, Marxism is dead!

III. Iranian Corrupt Business People
Many Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires are amongst this group. They donate huge amounts of dollars to the Democrats. They all have real estate, stocks, interests, finances, branches and business in Iran. They work hand in hand with Iran Lobby groups and they finance Iran Lobby and Democrats because they make their money from keeping Democrats in office, keeping IRI Regime alive and maintaining Mullahs in power. Mostly they are pro so-called Reformist and Moderate Fractions of the IRI Regime. These business people run large corporations, they finance both Democrats and Iran Lobby and they do not hesitate to step on free speech, free assembly and human rights of the American people or the Iranian people, as long as they make out like bandits. American or Iranian Nationalism means nothing to them. They are pro globalism and big bank accounts. They sell their own mothers for $ 5!

Trump’s National Populist Agenda is in direct antagonistic conflict with their globalist agenda.

Trump National Populist Revolution

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President

Iranian American Management of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Social Media and many Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires are amongst this group. In my future articles, I will vastly expose these groups but for now, I speak of a few:

Google Iranian American Management

These whores, faggots and low life Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires are amongst the Google Management of the past and present. They are traitors to America and Iran both. They are friends only to their bank accounts:

Omid Kordestani
Google Special Advisor to the CEO and Founders
Twitter Executive Chairman

Parisa Tabriz
Google Security Expert and Director of Engineering
Chrome is her baby

Salar Kamangar
Google Senior Executive
YouTube Past CEO

Babak Pahlavan
Google Executive

Nima Asgharbeygi
Google Executive

Amin Zoufonoun
Google Past Director of Corporate Development
Facebook Present Vice President of Corporate Development

They are some of the greatest globalist traitors to America and the Iranian People. They are no Iranian Heroes but they are a block on the way of the Iranian Nationalist Revolution. If you wonder who is censoring people in Google, Twitter, Facebook and Social Media, it is these low lives!

Is Google a Cult? Thread

Is Google a Cult?

Google - Persian Gulf Controversy Cartoons

Nowruz Persian New Year 2578 Around the World with Ahreeman X

Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!

Iran Nuclear Lies: Nuclear Iran? Yes, Nuclear IRI? No

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA

Iranian American Hi-Tech Billionaire and Millionaire Traitors

This group is also the enemy of the American and Iranian people both. They are no heroes to anyone and only to their bank accounts. They finance the Iran Lobby and Democrats both. They have interest in Iran and they want the flow of dollars from Iran to continue in to their bank accounts. They have been wheeling and dealing with the Mullahs, Iran Lobby and naturally Democrats for decades.

Silicon Valley Iranian Billionaire and Millionaires are a solid base of this group. They got the dib and deep pockets by “Making Their Bank Accounts Great” rather than making America great. This group maintains the status quo for Democrats to control and run-down California like everywhere else Democrats control.

The rich are getting richer and the poor becomes homeless. Middle class and businesses fly California for states like Nevada, Arizona and Texas with low taxation. They are turning California to Mexico with Upper class and Lower class but nothing in between!

California Sanctuary Banana Republic Cartoons 1

California Sanctuary Banana Republic Cartoons 2

Speaking of the low lives, here are a few:

Anousheh Ansari
Hi-Tech Corrupt Billionaire

Anousheh Ansari made her fortune in Hi-Tech industries such as the Telecommunication Technologies, Smart Devices and Internet Connection of Appliances and Services.

This Mashhadi Woman is worth over $ 750 Million and spent over $ 20 Million as a Space Tourist to travel to Outer Space for fun; however, she has never spent a dime for the freedom of Iran and Iranians form the IRI Islamist Regime. She has never supported the Iranian Opposition. All she does is expanding her bank account; furthermore, supporting the Iran Lobby. Anousheh Ansari funds NIAC Iran Lobby Group.

Tayebi Brothers
Hi-Tech Corrupt Millionaires

Tayebi San Diego Family are Multi-Millionaires worth over $ 90 Million.
Massih Tayebi and his wife Haleh Tayebi plus Masood Tayebi and his wife Surinder Tayebi made their fortunes in Hi-Tech industries such as Wireless, Internet and Biotech. They are big supporters of the Iran Lobby. Tayebi Brothers fund PAAIA Iran Lobby Group.

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC – part 1

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC – part 2

San Diego is the Bank for the Iran Lobby’s money Laundry Business.

IV. Iranian American Politically Uninformed
This group is often well schooled in their own fields but not educated in politics. Their assumptions and understanding of the Democrat party is outdated and they still assume that it is the party of JFK! They assume that Democrat Party is the party of progress, labor and diversity. This is furthest from the truth. Maybe at one time during the Kennedys it was making sense but not now!

Democrats of today, are anti-progress, anti-industry, anti-business, anti-labor, anti-workers, and anti-America. Their fantastic imaginary environmental policies makes business, industry and manufacturing nearly impossible in America; therefore, they are against the workers and labors. They are also not pro diversity but they are pro dependent voters amongst minority groups by keeping them on welfare, food stamp and housing. They are losing their minority base of Blacks and Hispanics to Trump because Trump has been providing jobs, prosperity and bank accounts for them, so now, Democrats are importing illegal aliens as their new donkeys to ride and sheep to control.

So, Iranian American Politically Uninformed folks are having a wrong perception of the Democrat party. Democrat party of today is not the party of progress, diversity, labor and the people. Today’s Democrat party is the party of the,

Geriatric Senile Fools who can’t put 2 sentences together like
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

Out in Open Marxists such as
Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Hardcore Islamists such as
Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

Obviously Iranian Americans are either having outdated information or they love to be misinformed! Any way you look at it, they are ill informed and they are damaging America and Iran both!

V. Iranian American Free Loaders and Free Stuff Grabbers
This is the group of not necessarily poor but always wanting to get something for nothing; therefore, they are always on the Liberal Plantation. Same as Liberal Plantation House or Farm Plantation Negroes, these Eye-Rainian Plantation Dwellers are creatures of habit. If old, they get their retirement from Iran, benefits from Denmark and indeed social security, fake disability and housing from America. They are on welfare, social security, disability, housing and section 8 to 101 not because they are needy but because they are cheating the system and they are parasites to the system.

These Iranian Free Loaders just lovese lovese love them free stuff. Gimme some free stuff is their motto.

If they see a Donkey Dick fallen on the ground, they grab it not because they are gay but because it is free, so maybe one day it becomes useful and they can shove it up their butts! In Persian we have expression:

“Daq bashe, mal-e olaq bashe.”
Literal meaning: As long as it’s hot, even if it belongs to the donkey!
Actual meaning: Gimme free stuff, even if it belongs to the donkey (Donkey Dick)!

So, as you can see, them Eye-Rainian Democrats loves them free thangs! They love government benefits of all kinds even that free cheese, bread loaf and indeed Kool-Aid!

Welfare States of America: WSA

Now you know the Iranian American Democrats and their state of mind.

To be a Liberal

To be a liberal is to betray America and Iran both because Democrats hate America and want to fundamentally change it, also they hate Iran because they do not want to change it and change IRI but they want to maintain the status quo and IRI regime in power; therefore, they appease it.

Anyway, you look at it, liberals are traitors to America and Americans, also to Iran and Iranians!

Advice to Iranian American Democrats

The reason that you are in America and your country is destroyed is because of Democrats. Over 4 Decades of forced exile and living like the gypsies, is it enough?! Unless you are a Career Exilist, then you must have some objections to this tragedy! The problem is not Mullahs or IRI but the problem is you and your liberal ways!

Now it is up to you Iranian American Democrats to change your ways because your path is to Deserts of Turkmenistan and it ends in dehydration and death (Persian Expression)! “In rah ke to miravi be Torkestan ast!

I have been an American National Populist and a Persian Nationalist to begin with. I have been with Trump since the start and I will stand by him until the bitter end. I am not a seasonal fan, a middle of the road friend and a member of the “Wind Party” (any which way the wind blows) AKA Hezb-e Bad!

In your case

Jump the Trump Train, it is never too late to conserve America and save Iran.

"Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!"
(Ahreeman X)

"Without a proper knowledge of the past, you will remain only a slave to your future."
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!


Dr. X

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