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Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution
Ahreeman X
June 28, 2016

Kick Islam Out of America to Save America

Liberals in La La Land!

Americans by majority and American Liberals specifically are extremely uninformed and some flat ignorant about the global affairs, politics and Islam.

I have literally travelled and lived around the world. They don’t come more internationally educated than me. Allow me to enlighten you.

There is no such thing as the “Moderate Muslim”!

There are 2 types of Muslims in the world.

Muslims Protest Before Entering America and the West
Notice “Liberal Left Unity” placards enabling Muslim Migration to USA and the West

Muslim Types

True Muslims

Who are ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and IRI who follow Quran (words of Allah) and Muhammad, word by word.

Ignorant Muslims

Who are the majority of the cattle-like Muslims who have never read Quran, Hadith or any Islamic text, yet they call themselves Muslims because their parents and grandparents were Muslims! These idiots (along with the western liberals) consider themselves “Moderate Muslims” and believe that “Islamist Terrorism” has nothing to do with Islam and Quran, yet these buffoons have never read Quran or any other Islamic text, or else they would have not remained Muslims!

There are 2 types of American Liberals in the world (in regards to Islam and Muslims).

Muslims Protest After Entering America and the West

Liberal Types

Dishonest Liberals

Who intentionally ignore the reality about Islam and Muslims due to the fact that they are either Closet Muslims such as Hussein Obama or they are paid and bought by the Arab Muslims so they can turn the other way and bend over backward for the Islamists, such as Hillary Clinton who has been paid millions of dollars by the governments of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Algeria, Brunei, etc. to ignore women’s rights, gay rights and human rights in those countries and also flood the Arab oil to USA in contrast to dig our own oil! This group knows the truth about Islam and Muslims but intentionally ignores the reality, lies to the American public and bends over backwards for the Muslims and Islamists.

Uninformed Liberals

These are your every day foolish and ignorant to the global affairs liberals who are monkey see, monkey do type. They follow and parrot what the Mainstream Liberal Biased American Media puts in their minds and mouths. America is one big happy family who holds hands and sings Cumbaya along with the world and indeed Muslims are just another group and part of this family! They keep on singing Cumbaya and drink that government Kool-Aid until every once a while (sometimes monthly), some Muslim kills a bunch of Americans and only then they look puzzled and confused on what has happened to their one happy family world!

Muslims Protest Anti America and the West
How Muslims Really Feel about America and the West!

Liberals in a Field of Prairie!

Only then, the liberals look like a deer standing in front of the headlights of a merging car!

Only then, the liberals look like a cow in the mist and fog walking in the middle of the road, about being knocked out by a truck and wondering what the hell has hit them!

Only then, the liberals get their sing along “We are family” and “I got my brothers and sisters with me” crash down in their faces and the walls crumble on top of their heads!

And then …..

You will find these liberals like fools standing butt naked and amazed in the middle of a field of prairie with their right hand’s thumb up their butts and their left hand’s pinky between their teeth (Persian Style), biting their finger and puzzled amazed, wondering what the hell has happened to their make belief “everybody wins a trophy” world!

Only then, the towers and walls of the Fantasy Liberal World crashes down on their liberal parrots’ heads, but even then, they try to somehow justify the event by Bull Shiiting around the facts and white washing the Muslim Crimes by once again screaming “Misunderstood Muslims” and “A Few Radical Extremists” or flat out being in denial and play the same old record of this is just another day in the world of “Islam Religion of Peace” being stained by “A Few Extremists”! The Liberal Bull Shiite is simply getting old!

The Historical Reality

Now allow me slap you liberals across the head and wake you up with some harsh historical facts! After all, I am a historian who deals with historical facts unlike you liberals who live in “La La Land” and deal with “Bang and Bologna Wild Tales” or as we Persians say “Kos O She’r” (Pussy Poetry) and Sweet Disney Dreams, Persian Style!

Once Upon a Time in Iran …

Once upon a time, in a land far faraway, there was a regime called the “Imperial Iran”. The Imperial Iran if not as good, was better than America. The mini-skirts of the girls were shorter, the bell bottoms of the boys were wider, the dreams were larger, the life was wilder and the times were happier than the America of the 1970s!

Then suddenly, one day we woke up and found ourselves in the middle of a “Pile of Shiite”, named the Islamic Republic of Iran AKA “Bull Shiite”!

One day we were playing the latest Deep Purple Rock Album while cruising down the Caspian Sea Shores in our latest American Muscle Car Convertible in our bathing suits and the next day we woke up with the heavenly sound of Bull Shiite Azan (Islamic Call of Prayer) from the minaret of the mosque (which Obama refers to as beautiful):

Ashhado Ana La Ellaha Ella Allah ……
Ashhado Ana Muhammad Al Rasul Allah ……

(There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet …)

While trying not to barf (due to the beautiful Azan), we were wondering what the hell has just happened?!

So suddenly the “Imperial Iran” switched to the “Islamic Republic of Iran” (IRI) and in a blink of an eye, 37 plus years has passed and 40,000 Persians got murdered by IRI, many my friends and family! This is called the Islamic Revolution and this is how Islam and Muslims operate!

A progressive nation has become the central heart of the global Islamism and the main state sponsor of Terrorism called IRI. The Iran as we knew it got flushed down the toilet and instead, a great pile of Bull Shiite has over flowed and risen out of the toilet by the Great Shiite Muslims and Scholars! Today, we refer to this “Pile O Shiite” as IRI!

Overnight, heaven turned to hell! Hey, maybe Imperial Iran was not as perfect as heaven but IRI is surely worse than Hell and it actually gives a bad name to Hell!

40,000 Persians dead and the funny thing is that the first people executed and murdered by the Muslims were the Liberals and the Leftists who helped brought them to power!

I tell my liberal friends, beware of sticking up for Muslim rights trampled under the feet of Trump because this is how it all started in Iran! Overnight, the Muslims took over, paid back the liberals who aid them to gain power by killing them all! Actually in America, you liberals are way ahead of Iran because back in 1979, we did not have an Islamist head of state but today, you have a Muslim and pro Islamist president in America named Hussein Obama! So you are one step closer to Islam than Imperial Iran ever was! Enjoy freedom and democracy while you can before all your liberal hopes and change and dreams turns to Shiite!

I Lost a Nation to Islam and Muslims

I have already lost one country to Islam and Muslims (Iran); therefore, I am not planning to lose another one (America)!

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected

Islam Contradicts Democracy

America is built on US Constitution which itself is built on Freedom, Human Rights, Secularism, Federalism and Democracy. All of these elements are nonexistent in Islam.

Islam is based on no individual freedoms. Man belongs to state which itself is under control of the Caliph and the theocrat (back then Muhammad and now Imam) who is the representative of Allah on earth! Human has no rights but to serve the Caliph, Prophet and Allah.

Women have no rights, they are properties of men and without the man’s permission, they cannot even travel! Women are clearly second rate citizens, slaves to their fathers and then their husbands. Woman counts as half the man (if lucky), get stoned (if out of line) and must know her place in the Islamic society. In most of the Arab nations, women can’t even drive or vote.

Incest, Pedophilia, Polygamy and slavery are norms and facts of the everyday life in the Islamic countries, recommended by Allah, Muhammad, Quran and Islam!

Sharia’ Law is the law of Islam executed by all major Islamic countries, even in parts of the Western World in Europe!

Secularism does not exist in Islam and Islamic countries. Do you even see churches in major Arab Muslim nations? If you convert from Islam, you will be executed and your blood is Halaal, recommended by Islam to be shed! In Islamic countries, there is no separation of Church and State because the State is part of the Church! In Islam, Mosque rules the State! The Theocrat, Imam, Caliph or King rules the state

Federalism does not exist in Islam but the nation is under the central power of the head of state who is basically a dictator in the form of a king, caliph or Imam!

Democracy is meaningless in Islamic nations. The state and everything inside the state including people are servants in submission to Allah, Muhammad, Quran, Islam and the head of state (Theocrat, Caliph, Imam or King) who is the representative of Allah on earth. You have only one right which is the right to submit to Allah.

Islam is not religion of peace. Islam comes from and means submission to Allah. Muslim is a person who submits to Allah and is slave to Allah.

The only law in Islamic nations is the Sharia’ Law and in this law, the ultimate authority is Allah, word of Caliph and Imam which is the local theocratic judiciary.

In Islam, Caliph is head of state, head of church and Muslims’ master because he is the representative of Allah on earth.

In Islam, homosexuality equals death by hanging, stoning, burning or being thrown off the tall buildings. LGBT means garbage in Islam. Do you really think that you can have your lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transsexual lifestyle openly or even in remote hiding in an Islamic country?!

Let’s see, let’s say you are a Chick with Dick, a happy go lucky Shemale Transgender whom your main issue in America is to gain power to commit to gay marriage and you are also pissed about not being able to use the girls bathrooms in your local department store! Now, let’s see what is your main concern in the Islamic countries? Your main goal in the Islamic nations would be for you to stay alive in one piece! If arrested, you will be primarily raped, sodomized and beaten by hairy, smelly and sadistic Neanderthal Muslim Moral Police and only then, you will be jailed (if lucky) or executed without trial and possibly hung upside down by the balls! Hows that for your sweet LGBT rights under Islam?

Naïve Liberals about Islam

Sometimes I ponder and then wonder that liberals, gays or gay liberals are either uninformed and naïve or simply flat ignorant about the true nature of Islam and Muslims whom they hold so dear! They are worry about Muslims’ rights in America, yet they know little about how things will be if the shoe was on the other foot! If America was an Islamic country and Muslims got their way, then the only right that liberals and gays would have, would be the perfect right to die and the only question and debate would have been the right to be killed by hanging, stoning, beheading, or burning?!

Women, Gays and even Chicks and Dicks are fair games for Muslim men to do as they please, of course technically, they have to be temporary wedded so it is Islamically Correct to rape them over and over and only then, they can be put in to a slow and torturous death which is taught and recommended by the clerics, Quran and Prophet Muhammad! After all, most of all these Islamic garbage and Allah are the creation of the twisted mind of Muhammad and other Islamic Greats from the Golden Age of Islam such as Abu Bakr, Ali and Salman (Persian Traitor)! Read about this great Muslim and Persian Traitor Dog named Salman Farsi who was a major theoretician and author of the Islamic Doctrine:

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

So sometimes I truly wonder if the American liberals are really getting paid to lie about Islam (like Hillary Clinton), are having an agenda (like Mainstream Media), are globally uninformed or are flat stupid?!

Islam = Nazism + Communism

To think of it, Islam is worse than Nazism and Communism combined, because it has the best of the two worlds!

Islam has the racism and the prejudice of Nazism (against non Muslims, Atheists, Gays and Women); the brotherly loved treatment of the party members (Muslims) and mistreatment of non party members (Non Muslims), also dictatorship of the proletariat (Muslims) from Communism; and obviously the brutality, totalitarianism, and the oppressive nature of both!

Islam is a far worse political ideology than Nazism and communism combine. It is foolish of westerners to refer to Islam as a religion! Islam is not a religion, but a dangerous political ideology. Religion is part of Islam but Islam is much more than just a religion!

Islam Contradicts US Constitution Articles and Amendments

Please review this unique human rights document, the US Constitution and then review Quran:

United States of America Constitution

Quran in English

Qurans in Iran Online Library:

Iran Online English Library

Iran Online Persian Library

Iran Online Library

It is very easy to read both in English or any other language. You be the judge and decide that these two documents are clearly in contradiction with one another!

Compare Articles of the US Constitution to Verses of Quran

Articles 1 to 3 clearly describe the 3 branches of government (legislative, executive and judicial) independent of each other, over see each other’s work but with checks and balances. Legislative writes the law, Judiciary performs by the law and Executive executes the law. In Islam, all 3 branches plus people and the complete state are under the direct control of Caliph (Imam or King) who is technically a theocrat and the representative of Allah on earth. It started from Muhammad all the way to Imam, the Supreme Spiritual Leader of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), or ISIS or other Caliph! The Caliph (Islamic leader) clearly runs the Caliphate (Islamic nation).

Article 4 talks about the relation between the states and the federal government, also admitting new states and states’ rights. In Islam, Caliph and Caliphate are there to conquer via all force possible (war, theft, rape, pillage, slavery, murder, lies, etc.). Conquering the world, forced conversion to Islam, slaughter of infidels (Non Muslims), justified lies (Taqiyah) and mass murder is Halaal (recommended). Jihad (Holy War) is the most important and Jihadi (Holy Warrior) is the closest to Allah!

Articles 5 to 7 discuss states, federal government and the relation and laws interacting with each other.  These articles are about the unique establishment and performance of democracy, state rights and government working for the people. In Islam there is no sign of democracy but it is all about theocracy and submission of the masses to Allah and to Caliph who is his representative on earth (starting from Muhammad until today’s Imam Khemenei).

Compare Amendments of the US Constitution to Quran

1st Amendment is about freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, petition and other freedoms, for all. In Islam there exist no such laws. Non Muslims barely have any rights. There are 3 choices for Non Muslims: Convert to Islam, Remain an Infidel and pay high taxation to live as second rate citizen under Islam, or a simple death by the sword of Islam. In other words, Islam offers Quran or Sword to Non Muslims!

Amendments 2 to 27 speak about how this unique democracy and republic works and how the government and people react to one another. They describe how the government of the people by the people and for the people works. In Islam there is only one goal, to submit and to serve Allah as a slave. There is only one god and no other but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet. Any other ideology, religion and people can convert or hit the road and taste the blade of Islam. There is simply no other ideology acceptable or tolerated because it is clearly stated in Quran that Islam is the ultimate knowledge and the best system for mankind to live under Quran and Sharia’ Law. If Allah is God, Muhammad is his Prophet and Sharia’ is his law, then why would anyone need to even read any other text beside Quran? Actually Muslims are recommended not to even read Quran but learn it through preachings of the Prophet, Saints and Imams because they know best on how to execute the public interest and implement the law (especially in Shiite Islam)!

So basically Islam is Anti Women, Anti Gays, Anti Christians, Anti Jews, Anti Zoroastrians, Anti Atheists, Anti Infidel, Anti Democracy, Anti Human Rights, Anti Freedom, and Anti Thinking!

The society is run not from the bottoms to the top (People to the government) but from top to the bottom (Allah to Prophet Caliph to Muslims) and all you need is Law of Quran (Sharia’ Law) and submission to Allah!

Individualism, Free Thinking, Choice, Self Decision and Human Rights are meaningless in Quran and Islam!

Islam is Against the US Constitution

Now after all the above description, even the fools and liberals should be enlightened about the fact that Islam is Anti US Constitution!

Question to the US Government: Why Allow More Muslims, Migrate to USA?

So questions come to mind:

1. If US Government openly and clearly asks the applicants if they are Nazis or Communists      and if so, then denies them the US Residency (Green Card) or Citizenship, then why not ask and do the same with Muslims?

2. Why allow acres and acres of Muslims into United States as refugees, migrants and candid citizens?

3. I have proven that Islam is worse than Nazism and Communism combine. You do not allow Nazis and Communists in to United States due to the possible future complications and political confrontations, then why do you allow Muslims when you certainly know that this will lead at minimum to non assimilation and at maximum to terrorism?

Only fools fail to see that migration of more Muslims to US will bring further problems to the country because they are clear and present danger to the constitution of United States and welfare of the Americans!

Muslim Will Not Assimilate

Immigrant assimilation is a complex process in which immigrants partially or fully integrate themselves into a new country in this case United States; however, Muslims do not assimilate because their religion, ideology and laws (Sharia’) does not allow them to do so.

A Muslim is a white forehead cow amongst the cows (Gav-e Pishuni Sepid)! A true Muslim will never take off her hejab or his garb; therefore, you can always notice them from their head scarf or their beard and mustache, possibly flip flops! They will continue looking different, behaving different, praying different (5 times a day special privilege) and demanding different! They will never obey your laws but they will always obey the Sharia’ Law!

At last, Muslims will not become a part of the melting pot but they will destroy the pot by blowing it up!

America or Islam, but not both?!

You can be Muslim or American but not both! Choose one and stop pretending that you can be both?! Islam is in direct contradiction with Democracy and US constitution. Stop the lies and fooling the stupid naïve American liberals!

One can never be both a Muslim and an American!

The same as,

One can never be both a Muslim and a Persian!
One can never be both a Nazi and a Jew!
One can never be both a Ku Klux Klan and a Black!

It is simply oxymoronic!

Save the American Culture

So basically the US Government should not allow more Muslim Immigrants into United States because US Government simply does not allow more Nazis and Communists into the United States and obviously Islam is a far worse threat than Nazism and Communism combine, then why are we allowing more and more Muslims into our home?

More Muslim Immigrants means total destruction of the American values, traditions, celebrations, culture and even constitution.

Sharia’ Law, Quran and Islam do not mix with the US Constitution and the American Spirit. Stop Muslim Migration to USA before you lose American Exceptionalism, Ingenuity and Culture.

The question is that if US Constitution is only for show and a piece of paper or does it really mean something? Liberals think it’s only a rag because they just open the doors and allow Muslims to pour in to America as more dependant voters for the Democratic Party!

History of Islamic Violence

Read the history of Islam:

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!

View Islamic Conquest:

Arab Muslim Conquest of the Persian Empire and Roman Empire Maps

Islam has a history of violent military invasions, migration invasions and cultural invasions. Everywhere Islam went, it destroyed civilizations. Today, Europe is trashed and being destroyed by Muslims and that is why Brexit occurred and UK left the EU!

UK has left EU because EU is no more “European Union” but it is “Ero-Pee-On Onion!” Today’s EU is more like the IU (Islamic Union)! Do you want America to become “Islamic Republic of America”? Then continue this path of justifying every dirty deed of Muslims by Islamist Apologists, Liberal Cover-ups, Brotherly love crap, a few radicals nonsense and Islam Religion of Peace!

As I stated above:

I have already lost one country to Islam and Muslims (Iran); therefore, I am not planning to lose another one (America); therefore, it is my American duty, Persian duty and human duty to inform the deaf, dumb and blind, particularly liberals of what is about to come due to more and more Muslim Invasion AKA Muslim Immigration!

Educate yourselves because the American Mainstream Liberal Biased Media and the Failed American Liberal Educational System will not! Educate yourselves to the true history of Islam and Muslims. Educate yourselves to the facts because your American Liberal Government, Media and Educators won’t! Read true history:

True Islamic Facts – True Islamic History

Read these important unveiling materials about the true nature of Islam and Muslims:

Quran on Non Muslims!

Quran on women!

Muslim Child Brides Pedophile Weddings

Islamic Pedophile Weddings, Hamas Style!

Stoning and Public Hanging of Women in Islam!

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!

Islam Index

End Note

Hussein Obama’s agenda and interest is Islam and Muslims, not America and Americans; Hillary Clinton’s agenda and interest is her bank account which is growing by millions from the Saudi Arabian (25 million dollars), and other Arab countries’ dollars. Bill and Hillary Clinton would sell their dignity for a few dollars set aside selling America!

They do not care about you, your community and your culture. They do not care if America goes to hell! Ask yourselves that why Rich Arab countries like Saudis do not allow Syrian, Iraqi, Somali and other Muslim immigrants and refugees to enter and settle in their Islamic countries?! They do not want these refugees on Saudi soil, but they want to dump them in EU and USA! They do not need the headache, the ISIS infiltrations, and future terrorism. They want to dump the problem and unload it to EU and USA. In trade for favors, oil flow and hush ups, Saudis and other Arab nations of the Southern Persian Gulf are donating tons of money to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton accepts blood money from Saudis and other Arabs.

As the results,

* Saudis and Southern Persian Gulf Arab nations dump the refugees in EU and USA rather than their own soil.

* USA does not dig her own oil to become self sufficient on cheap oil but continues importing oil from the Middle East and the consumer continues to pay high prices at the gas station.

* US Government will turn the blind eye to the fact that basically most of the Muslim Terrorists are Saudis and the Saudi Government supports the terrorists around the globe.

* Islam remains Religion of Peace and Muslims become peaceful. The problem remains a few radical extremists!

* Hussein Obama’s legacy and Agenda to serve Islam and Muslims rather than America and Americans documents in the history as another great humanitarian like Jimmy Carter!

* Hillary Clinton makes millions off of bribes and blood money from Saudis and other Arabs.

* Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and other Arab Nations continue systematic oppression, undermine and murder of gays, women and free thinkers in their societies.

Most important,

* “All Muslims are not Terrorists but Almost All Terrorists are Muslim!”

Do not let America become Ameristan!

Shah of Iran used to say a great phrase:

“Do not let Iran to become Iranistan!”

Until 200 or 250 years ago, all below nations were parts of Iran. Each of these nations were formed from 2 to 3 states of Iran. These are not real countries with actual history of their own, yet they are fabricated nations created by UK and Russia which had annexed them from Mother Persia to undermine Iran. UK and Russia had taken advantage of the declining Persian Empire (after Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar, the last Persian Emperor), and amputated various parts of the Persian Empire and created all of these artificial nations and named them independent nations!

First and Last Persian Emperors

Here are the list of Ex Iranian states and present fabricated nations:

Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan (parts of), Kazakhstan (parts of), Baluchistan half of Pakistan, Iraq, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Ossetia (a small part of Russia)

So basically when you see a nation’s name ends with “istan”, then that is not a real nation, thus an Ex state of Iran which was stolen from Iran and declared independent by UK or Russia to undermine the Iranian authority.

What Shah meant by not letting Iran to become Iranistan, was that do not allow Iran to disintegrate, degenerate, destroy and become another “istan” country.

Now I am saying not to let America to become Ameristan, just another “istan” country, just another third world and insignificant brotherly loved nation of rag tag incoherent people with no common language, culture, belief system and core values (Obama’s Dream)!

Obama’s Romantic view of Islam!
Isn’t this what really goes on inside the Oval Office and White House?!
Hussein Obama the first Muslim American President, yet a Closet Muslim in a special romantic erotic moment of Salath (Islamic Prayer) with Allah!

Today’s Politically Correct Abomination America

Europe is already trashed by Islam and Muslims, now liberals want to trash America!

Today, when you walk a certain neighborhoods in California, Minnesota, Michigan or other states, you will see so many strange Muslims in Hejab and Islamic garbs that sometimes you forget this is America! For a moment you assume that you are walking in some backward third world Muslim nation in the Middle East or North Africa!

Allow me to be blunt. My country was destroyed by Muslims, turned to a Shiite Hole with Shiites in Hejab and garb walking the streets! Persians here by majority have been kicked out or escaped, so they don’t have to see a bunch of Muslims in Hejab and garb walking the streets!

What makes you think that we want to see these Neanderthals here in USA? American Liberals have no clue on how we feel! They have no clue on the deep resentment and hatred that we have for these sub humans! These creatures cause the destruction of civilizations and cultures! It is time for foolish American and western liberals to wake up from their cat nap before America disappears in a dust of Hejab, garb, turbans, rags, scarves, aba (robes), tonban (Islamic pajama), labadeh (Islamic baggy garb) and burqa!

If these people want to dress like this, live like this and believe like this, then for God’s sake, kick them out of America and back to the Shiite Hole they came from! Or maybe put them in a reservation! They want to be segregated and not to assimilate, so why not put them in reservations? Actually now that I am thinking, they are segregated in their own ghettos and neighborhoods full of indoctrinating Islamist mosques, sort of like reservations! But don’t force Multiculturalism and Islamism in American throats and take away our American values to the point that we cannot even say “Merry Christmas” and we have to say “Happy Holidays”!

One Big Happy Global Family of Western Liberals and Arab Theocrats holding hands and singing Cumbaya at the expense of the destruction of the American Constitution, Democracy and Culture.

Patriots, save America and save the American Culture because Liberals won’t!
Patriots, save your borders, economy, safety and security because Big Government Won’t!
Patriots, educate yourselves to the facts because Media and Schools won’t!

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!

Save America now because tomorrow is too late.
Stand up for America Now.

“Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!”
(Ahreeman X)


Dr. X

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