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Islamic Invasion USA

Islamists in US Congress are a Threat to American Democracy
Islamic Invasion USA

Ahreeman X
February 1, 2019

Ilhan Omar Somali Islamist Activist US Congresswoman from Islam Infested State of Minnesota flooded by Muslim Refugees due to Liberal Open Border Policies, swears on Oversize Quran held by the Islamist Imam celebrating this Islamic Victory in the House of Infidels. Both Congresswoman and Imam are dressed in Islamic Garbs. 3 Decades of Islamic Invasion of USA has paid off!
Islamic Invasion USA, Year 2019

Ilhan Omar Shenanigans


Yes, Ilhan Omar is at it again! I am busy writing an important historical article to educate our youth about the true history obscured to their eyes by the Iranian Establishment; however, due to this subject is totally getting out of control (Islamists in US Congress), I simply had to drop by and clarify a few points to push down on the American Establishment which is now pushing primarily Socialism and secondarily Islam down the Americans’ throats! Are you ready? Let’s Rock and Roll babies:

Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitic Rants in Congress and on Twitter

You have now two openly Anti-Semitic, Pro Hamas, Pro Hezbollah and Pro PLO Islamist Congresswomen in the US Congress.

Liberals Bend Over Backwards for Muslims!
Islamic Invasion of America

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are Islamists who primarily believe in Islam (which is fundamentally Anti Democracy and Anti US Constitution), before believing in America. In congress, they both took an oath to Quran, not to US Constitution!

Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution

Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitic Rants are now a part of your daily life! Her latest hate speech was spewed on Twitter (Pro Democrat Social Media) comparing Israel with American South during and before the 1960s. So, to Ilhan Omar, Israel is like Jim Crow and Klan Rule!

Obviously Ilhan Omar is blind and she cannot see that Arab Israelis have free rights to vote, education, assembly, free speech, government participation, elections and every other aspects of a Democratic System such as Israel. Ilhan Omar is also blind about the fact that Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East amongst the sea of Arab Dictatorships! Specifically, now that the non-Arab nations such as Iran and Turkey are under the Islamism and the Islamic Boots, then this makes Israel a beacon of democracy in the Middle East.

Ilhan Omar to Linda Sarsour: Hey Habibi, just between us Hejabis, don’t tell anyone else, but it looks like this time we really gonna FAQ the American Imperialism and destroy it from within! That’s what I call a great Intifada plan for the Great Satan!


“Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes
Ahreeman X Bits of Wisdom!

I have been warning America about what happened in Iran on 1979 can and will happen to America if you the American people do not take charge and control of your government, congress and country.

Islamists in USA Congress: Islamic Invasion USA!
America Say Goodbye to Your American Culture!

Welcome to America Open Borders Traffic Sign Ahreeman X Cartoon Graphic
Today’s Illegals, Tomorrows Democrats

US Government is importing Muslim Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Illegal Aliens by thousands. 80 % of the Entitlements, Welfare and Housing Recipients in State of Maine are now Muslims! California, Minnesota, Michigan, Oregon and many other states are now granting all types of Entitlements to Muslim Refugees and Illegal Aliens while our own American Homeless, Elderly and Poor cannot get them! American children are hungry in the Housings and Ghettos, running around without Diapers, while the US Government openly accepts immigrants of legal and illegal types from North Africa and Middle East! I am not even talking about Central America and Hispanic Nations because they are taking over the South West!

Ahreemanic Immigration Rule

“Until there exists even one homeless American and one hungry American child in the ghetto or in the trailer, then the US Government has no business importing even one legal or illegal immigrant to United States.”
(Ahreeman X)

First feed Americans, then become the mother to the World’s Hungry! America and Americans are first. I think we got our priorities screwed up!

California Sanctuary Banana Republic Cartoons – Part 2
Bankrupted by Liberals!

Let me tell you why we have our priorities screwed up:

Freezing cold states such as Minnesota, Michigan and Maine are now loaded with Muslims from North Africa and Middle East. How is it that African Tropical Weather Lovers are now preferring to live in Cold Climates?! The answer is money! Hand them free Education, Food Stamp, Welfare, Housing and other Benefits and they run to the North Pole!

A Persian Expression states:

“Daq Bashe, Mal-e Olaq Bashe!”
[They grab that warm body (Vagina or Penis) even if it belongs to the Donkey!]

Yes, money is an important factor which brings Muslims all the way from North Africa to Arctic Climate of Minnesota! That is how Ilhan Omar’s parents came here!

These Muslims are second and third generations of Muslim Americans but they still have not assimilated and have become Americans! They still wear hejab, think Islamist and swear to Quran!

“You can take a Muslim out of Islamist North Africa or Middle East and bring them to USA to civilize them, but you can never take the Islamist out of the Muslim!”

Welfare States of America: WSA

Swamp Establishment and Muslims

Why is the US Government and US Establishment Actively Importing Muslims?

* GOP Establishment needs cheap labor for their constituent benefactors which are big business, big industry and big farms undermining the American workers.

* Democrat Establishment needs new voters base because they are losing the Blacks and Hispanics to Trump, so they need new dependent voters on Entitlements and Welfare to vote for them, so they can cling to power. Trump has been given Blacks and Hispanics jobs, so where else can Democrats get new voters?!

* Deep State needs new slaves to run their lives as the Big Government and keep them as dependent Zombie Sheeple workforce.

Obama Shadow Government in Trump Administration

That is why the Swamp Establishment defies and fights Trump’s plan to end Chain Migration and Visa Lottery Program, set aside building a wall!

End US Diversity Visa Lottery Immigration Program

This is one big corrupt power clinging Washington DC Swamp protecting each other’s benefits. They are all in cahoots with one another.

If you notice, the American Media is corrupt to the core. Listen to them and you will hear the same Talking Point handed to all of them by the Democrat Party! The Democrat Talking Point comes out in day time and parroted by the Evening News of the American Media by the:

Washington Post
New York Times

And the rest of the Fake News Garbage!

Real News is a rare quality in America! Americans have lost their faith to the Media.

Put aside FOX, Talk Radio, Few Internet Sites like Breitbart and IPC and then you are left with nothing but Fake News as the mouthpiece for the Democrats and Deep State.

Tech Giants’ Censorship and Lobby

Tech Giants are the latest benefactors and lobby to the Democrats! Tech Giants and Social Media are the Hi-Tech arm of the Democrat Party and Deep State. Tech Giants and Social Media are the latest residents of the Washington DC Swamp! As the technology progressed, the Tech Giants saw the need to join the Swamp as the new Swamp Creatures! Why you ask? Because they are Globalists.

Tech Giants and Social Media’s Globalist Agenda is in direct conflict with Trump’s National Populist Agenda!

Trump National Populist Revolution

Tech Giants want that cheap overseas labor to undermine the American worker because they don’t want to pay the Americans their fair wage!

Tech Giants’ Mind Control of the People

Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!

There is no free speech on Social Media because Tech Giants are all in cahoots with Liberal Democrats!

Why Democrats want Technology instead of Wall at the Border?

The answer is simple, because they want to throw the bone to the Tech Giant Dogs! They want to give the contracts to the Tech Giants. If Tech Giants get them big contracts to install drones, cameras and tracking devices, then every few months or yearly they need to update and upgrade them, so they will get the big money for primary installment and the yearly dough for upgrades!

Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon and the rest of the Rats are like Rabid Dogs chasing after Government contracts. Tech Giants are now the primary lobby and money behind the Democrats. They even pay more money to Democrats than Wall Street does!

Tech Giants pay Democrats so they can get cheap labor via immigration, big government contracts and the key and free pass to continue their Globalist Policies. Of Course, they will censor the conservatives, silence the right and sleep with the Democrats!

The Wall Works But …

The Wall works because it is a physical barrier. No matter how much technology you put there on the border, without a physical barrier to block the illegals, refugees, criminals and terrorists, it all means nothing!

But, there is a but …… all of this Building the Wall is not in the interest of the Tech Giants, GOP Establishment, Democrat Establishment and Deep State because they all want Open Borders!

Tech Giants are not in love with the minorities but they are in love with the money! They want to save money so they preach Multi Culturalism and Open Borders.

Naturally all of this open border policy, hurts the American Worker and Trump is pro American labor.

Hollywood Liberals

In my last article I explained how Hollywood Liberal Jew Bosses make out money like bandits by executing their liberal policies, so these Liberal Jew Bosses in Hollywood are pro Democrats and Anti Conservatives; however, ironically the New Democrat Party is now even more to the left than usual. Democrats’ leftist diversion is to the point that now they are Socialists. The Democrats have always been, yet now more than ever, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Zionist, Anti Jew and Anti-Israel!

Isn’t that ironic? Hollywood Liberal Jew Bosses are now Anti-Israel and Anti Jew! For decades these Hollywood Jew Bosses dragged along the American Liberal Jews with them like sheeple to vote Democrat! Now the Shiite is hitting the fan and the fruits of their policies has ripened. These fruits are now called Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib! Linda Sarsour is of course the ripened vegetable of the Hollywood Jew Bosses in the form an Eggplant! Her face looks like one!

American Jews Must Wake Up from their Liberal Dream!

At some point the American Jews must wakeup from their story book liberal dreams! Democrat party is clearly Anti Jew and Anti-Israel, then why is it that the American Jews by majority are liberals!? You cannot be sheeple forever and stick to your Stockholm Syndrome! Hey, Cyrus the Great freed the Jews from slavery, so get off of your Liberal Concentration Camps and as Dr. King stated: Free at Last, Free at Last!

Socialist Airhead Congresswomen!

The best example of the herd is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! This airhead is one of the most uniformed bimbos which I have ever seen! The only thing she’s missing from being a full-blown bimbo is the blonde hair! If one doesn’t see her, then they surely assume that a Dumb Blonde is speaking! How can a Black Puerto Rican be so airheaded?!

Free Medicare for All
Free College Education for All
Free Housing for All
Free Jobs for All
Free Vagina Waver Feminist Fans for All
Free Black Panther Bareback Condoms for All
Free Electric Turbo Jumbo Dildos for All
Free Abortions of 9 months old babies for All
Free Colombian Weed for All

Hey, AOC Dingbat Bimbo, who gonna pay for it all?! Your Grand paw in San Juan?!

Ignorance is a bliss!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: What?! What do you mean someone has to pay for all these Entitlements? Doesn’t Government grow money on trees, I mean it’s like doesn’t Government print money? Can’t we print as much as we need? You know, that’s Social Justice! Right?! Is my hair cool? Groovy!

Iran Lobby and Iranian Democrats

Now in the mist of all of this congressional gridlock and chaos caused by Nancy Old Pussy (Nancy Pelosi) and Democ-Rats blocking the Trump progress and Greatness, we have Iran Lobby and Iranian Democrats!

These Social Justice Warriors just love getting paid by other people’s money! They want free everything and they love that Free Government Cheese and Kool-Aid! They just love them free grants from government for their so-called NPOs and NGOs! Them Eye-Rainian American Democ-Rats just lovese lovese loves them Free Government Cheese handout! They be on Liberal Plantation forever!

They love getting that money from IRI, Mullahs and even US government while sabotaging the American System and blocking the Revolution in Iran! The Iranian Billionaires and Millionaires are on top of the list of these low lives making bundles of dough from wheeling and dealing with Iran! For God’s sake, until a little while back, they were even in the White House!

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh IRI Spy in Washington DC

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America – Part 1

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

Hezbollah in San Diego!

And now they have infected my backyard! We used to escape to sanctuary Persian Restaurants and Supermarkets for a moment of peace and relaxation to gather our thoughts, but now many of them sold out to IRI and Mullahs, selling Halaal Meat and Halaal Dicks! Stinking smelly Hejabed women and Beanie Hatter Muslim men in baggy shalwar pajamas and Islamic garbs are everywhere. In the streets, in the ever-growing mosques and even in the Persian Restaurants and Supermarkets you see these sores to the eye! I came here not to see these people!

Hey, if I wanted to view these scenes, smell these people and enjoy the heavy aroma of week-old socks at the mosque gate, everywhere around the city of San Diego, then why the hell am I living here? I would be living in Somalia, Iraq, maybe Qom, Iran and surely Paris and London infected and infested with Islam and Muslims!

For God’s sake get the Shiite out of San Diego and United States! Do not turn America to Europe and Euro-Pee-On Onion (EU)! I mean thanks to Nancy Old Pussy, we already have Homeless Shiite all over the streets of San Francisco (literally), so we surely do not need to upload more Shiite in streets of America! Go to Europe and witness firsthand on the European experiment with Multiculturalism and Muslim Refugees! I promise you that you will not recognize London, Paris or Berlin! You may assume that you have landed in Pakistan or Somalia!

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC – Part 1

Education is the Key

Why are we at this point in America? Lack of true education! School System loaded with Liberal Socialist Teachers, Instructors, Doctors and Professors preaching and glorifying the dysfunctional and dead ideology of Socialism, so America will become Islamically FAQed! Liberal Socialist Indoctrination of your kids in American Failed Liberal Educational System starts from Kintergarden and ends in the University.

American Failed Liberal Educational System

Why failed? Because we are 14th in the world while we spend the most money per capita! It is simple, we do not educate but we indoctrinate the kids!

Media, Entertainment (Hollywood) and Academia are three propaganda pillars to fill your children’s brains with the Globalism, Multi Culturalism, Socialism and Immoral Liberal Indoctrination. These three Swamp Pillars are here to brainwash your kids and turn them to brain dead Social Justice Warriors. The destruction of Americanism and Patriotism is the agenda and your kids are the victims.

This is another subject and eventually I will write an article about it. The American Failed Liberal Educational System is a lengthy subject of discussion and as a professor and educator, I will analyze this issue vastly, but that is a task of the future. For now, let us leave it alone.

What is the Solution?

The answer is simple! The solution is you, the American Patriots! I do not care what type of heritage or ethnicity you have or whatever the hell you believe in, but as long as you love and care for America and your heart beats for America, then try saving America!

Stand up for America, American Culture and American Values now, because tomorrow it will be too late! I do not care if you are a native, naturalized or a legal immigrant but all of us are here clearly for Democracy, Freedom and Opportunities which are not available elsewhere! If you do not stand for America now, then in a short while, even possibly in our lifetime, you will not recognize America because America will not be America anymore!

Flooding America with Illegal Aliens and Muslim Refugees is the Swamp’s Plan! 22 Million Illegals are not enough! Open Borders for All!

Warning Signs are Here!

Warning after warning, we have been telling you and screaming at you that we have firsthand experience with Islam and Muslims taking over our country (1979 Iran). We have already lost one country to Islam and Muslims. That is why we are here in USA! We have no desire to lose another one (America)! I am pleading with you to break your silence, stop being the silent majority, vote, be activists, state your minds, participate in debates, write, read, educate yourselves, write to your congressmen and congresswomen, write to media, stand up and speak up. Make a stand now as proud Americans. I am warning you:

“Do not turn America to Ameristan!”

What have Reagan said?

“If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth (USA).”
(Ronald Reagan)

Ahreeman X 20 Favorite Quotes from Reagan and Thatcher
20 Quotes from 2 of My Favorite Characters

Brothers and Sisters

America is the last beacon of light and hope for humanity! America is worth fighting for, that is why we are here! Do not lose America because by losing America, you will lose yourselves!

More Power to the People


Dr. X


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