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Iranian Joke of the Century
IRI Parliament Passes Anti-Terrorism Measures!


Iranian Joke of the Century: IRI Parliament Passes Anti-Terrorism Measures!
IRI Neo Islamist Tragicomedy Mask

Ahreeman X
October 9, 2018

Iranian Tragicomedy Mask of Khamenei and Rouhani by Ahreeman X
Khamenei Rouhani Islamist Show
Iranian Joke of the Century: IRI Parliament Passes Anti-Terrorism Measures!

Iranian Tragicomedy Mask of Khamenei and Rouhani
Khamenei Rouhani Bad Cop, Good Cop Islamist Show
Iranian Joke of the Century: IRI Parliament Passes Anti-Terrorism Measures!

IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Islamist Terrorist Regime has put on a new Tragicomedy Mask and displayed it to the globe as a Neo PR Tactic!

“Iran's Parliament Passes Measures Against Funding Terrorism”

“Then the IRI Parliament should sanction the complete IRI Government!”
(Ahreeman X)


First read this so-called news nonsense from Tehran and then read my commentary below it:

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Iran Nationwide Protests 2017 – 2018

Our Silence is Their Death Iran Protests Poster
Iran Politics Club Poster
Iran Nationwide Protests 2017 – 2018


Iran's Parliament Passes Measures Against Funding Terrorism


Officials hope measures will move Tehran closer to global norms and help remove it from investment blacklists as it faces renewed U.S. sanctions

Iran's parliament approved new measures against funding terrorism on Sunday, changes that officials hope will move Tehran closer to global norms and help remove it from investment blacklists as it faces renewed U.S. sanctions. 

Iran Nuclear File Cartoon
Uncle Sam lends a helping hand to Khamenei drowning in the quicksand of the Iranian economy for the nuclear file cartoon

The measures, which allow Iran to join a convention against the funding of terrorism (CFT), still have to be approved by a clerical body before they become law. 

Tehran says it has been trying to implement international standards against money laundering and the funding of terrorism set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), but it has struggled to get the measures passed. 

Hardliners in parliament have opposed legislation aimed at moving toward compliance with FATF standards, arguing it could hamper Iranian financial support for allies such as Lebanon's Hezbollah, which the United States has classified as a terrorist organisation. 

Trump dusting the Persian Carpet Daryl Cagle Cartoon
Trump Nowruz Persian New Year Cleaning! Look what came out of the Persian Carpet? Rouhani with Nukes! After 4 decades, it was time to clean the Persian Carpet!

FATF has said Tehran has until October to complete the reforms or face consequences that could further deter investors from the country. 

"The parliament faces a historic decision ... to act along the interests of the nation and take away any future excuses from the United States (to pressure Iran)," Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told parliament before the vote, which was broadcast on state radio. 

Foreign businesses say legislation that includes FATF guidelines is essential if they are to increase investment. 

Khamenei and Opposition Free Iran Cartoon
Khamenei fuels the Middle East Fire while Iranian Opposition burns the Mullah’s Robe!

In May, the United States pulled out of a 2015 nuclear deal between world powers and Tehran and reimposed sanctions. 

Washington has told countries they must halt imports of Iranian oil from November 4 or face U.S. financial measures. 


Mullah and Nukes Cartoon
Iran before and after the Nuclear Deal Cartoon


IRI’s New Islamist Sham Show

November deadline is near! More sanctions for IRI are coming baby!

Obviously IRI is under pressure and dying. The economy is collapsing, the system is falling apart, riots and protests around the country, popular anger up the roof and Mullahs are Shiite-less! So, to gain attractions from some Euro-Pee-On (European) companies to invest in Iran (after many left due to the US Sanctions), the Regime is pulling a quickie, only to fool himself because they cannot fool the globe!

It is elementary, if IRI wants to ban Terrorism and financial support for the terrorists, then he should start with himself! The complete IRI Regime is based on Terrorism! The core of the IRI Regime is Terrorism!

Hmmmmmm, let’s see,

IRI funds, trains and supports:

Hezbollah of Lebanon
Hamas of Palestine
PLO of Palestine
Al Jihad of Palestine
Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt
Shiite Militia of Iraq
Shiite Activists of Afghanistan
Houthis of Yemen
Syrian Regime
Islamic Militia of Bosnia
Shiites of Tajikistan
Shiite Activists of Bahrain

Should I keep on going?!

All the above are Terrorist Groups!
Everyone IRI supports is a Terrorist Group!

IRI sends arms, military attaches, money and solid support to major Terrorist Organizations all over the Near East and Middle East. The complete Regime of Mullahs is based on supporting Terrorism!

Obama, Clinton, Khamenei Iran Ransom Branco Cartoon
$ 400 Million primarily and $ 1.8 Billion in total paid ransom by Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton to the Mullahs of Iran for partial hostage releasing and Iran Nuclear Deal.

IRI even has Iran Lobby Groups in Washington DC, promoting appeasement of the Iranian Regime, making Deals with IRI and supporting terrorism:

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh IRI Spy in Washington DC
Highest Ranking NIAC Alumni Still in the US Government

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby and Front Businesses in USA Thread

Now IRI wants to put a pacifist face mask for the European Union to keep on making business with him! What a charade! This only fools the IRI but no one else!

Iran has a history of lies:

Iran Nuclear Lies: Nuclear Iran? Yes, Nuclear IRI? No

End US Diversity Visa Lottery Immigration Program
Start Merit Based Immigration Program

Iran Death to America Ben Garrison Cartoon
Hussein Obama, John Kerry and the Liberals are the Best Friends to Khamenei and the Mullahs.

Another thing they done is complained and won the complain to the International Court of Justice verdict in Hauge!

International court of justice orders US to lift new Iran sanctions

U.S. rejects court challenge, insists Iran sanctions legal and needed

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations (UN). It settles legal disputes between member states and gives advisory opinions to authorized UN organs and specialized agencies.

Primarily UN and ICJ are shams! They are basically funded by US; however, they are Anti US! US does not recognize the verdict because it interferes with the US sovereignty. In other words, US does not give a flying fandango about what EU controlled ICJ dictates and releases!

Kerry Khamenei Iran Nuclear Deal Branco Cartoon
Even after he is out of the office, John Kerry sabotages the Trump Administration and commits Treason to America by wheeling and dealing with the Mullahs of Iran, assuming that Trump will be a one term president! Fool’s Dreams!

Euro-Pee-On Onion (EU), specifically France and Germany want to wheel and deal with IRI and they do not give a rat’s ass about the Iranian people nor their fight for freedom. ICJ and UN are puppets of EU.

US basically does not care. US sanctions will go on until IRI collapses or come to the table to negotiate nukes with the US, whichever comes first! Worst comes to worst, US will demand EU to choose between US and IRI to trade with! It is obvious which the EU will choose! Will the EU choose the Grand US Economy or the Dying and on life support IRI Economy?!

If EU gets out of line, then US will impose high tariffs on EU products the same as EU does on the US products. Right now, the EU wants to make a deal with US to break the tariffs and trade barriers, so the last thing that EU needs is to anger the US! EU will and must make a deal with US because as of now, the new USMCA Deal (US, Mexico and Canada) is done and it is the largest trade deal (financially) made official in the globe. US does not bend to the globe to make trade deals, but the world must bend to the US to make trade deals, especially when every single country in the world is presently taking advantage of the US.

The world will make fair trades with the US or else the US will put high tariffs on their exports, the same as they do to the US products. Screwing the America and the American Workers are over. The World Trade Free Ride on the US back and using US as the global piggy bank is over. Welcome to the Trump Era. Welcome to the Government of the People (not the Elite) in the USA!

Trump National Populist Revolution

So, basically IRI made some PR shenanigans in Hague, making some shenanigan in Majles (Parliament) but at the end of the day, Trump and US Government does not care. Trump does not care about German and French benefits in Iran. The only thing Trump cares about is for IRI to drop nukes, drop terror support, come to the table or die in a dark lonely place! EU is the only reason that IRI is still alive. EU is the worst enemy of the Iranian people.

Trump is the best thing that happened to the Iranian People and the Iranian Opposition. Trump is with the Iranian Opposition, all the way. This is why Mullahs and Hezbollah in Tehran are doing Dog and Pony shows like the ICJ and Parliament shows.

Iran Revolutionary Protests Photo Gallery 2017 – 2018
Iran Nationwide Protests

Khamenei the New Grim Ripper Iran Nuclear Cartoon
Khamenei Thug on the Gallows with the hanging noose, nuclear shades and the sickle!

IRI Terrorist Regime is complaining to the International Court that the Big Bad Trump is bullying him! The Poor Little Terrorist who cried wolf! The Poor Little Terrorist Boy assumes that by doing such, the EU will break the Trump Sanctions and opens the stream of goods to Iran; however, the Poor Boy forgets that there is a new sheriff in town and unlike the past useless Republican and Democrat Administrations, he stands up to the UN, EU and the Globalist Corporations. It is a good thing that the new sheriff Trump has trimmed the big fat tail of the UN. In Trump’s America, the Us does not fund every piss ant country (Pakistan) or wanna be country (Palestine) who bash America but love the American Dollars, and for sure the days of UN using the US as its piggy bank are over!

This is a riot! The greatest state sponsor of Terrorism in the world (IRI) is now passing measures to stop supporting Terrorism! The constitution of IRI is Terrorism, so how can IRI seize supporting Terrorism. If they do seize supporting terrorism, then surely the complete regime will collapse! But isn’t that what the Trump and the Iranian people want?!


Dr. X


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