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Western Liberal Multicultural Utopia
Dr. Ali Sina
December 20, 2017

Liberal and Islamic Multicultural Utopia

Multiculturalism is a failed policy everywhere. While Multiculturalism is advertised as giving people more culinary choices, the reality is that it segregates people, and discourages them to integrate and to create a national identity. The glues that hold a nation together are their common language, religion, and values.
Cultural mosaic, imposed on Canada by Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, is a failed Utopian social experiment that created ghettos. Many Canadians do not even know whether there is such a thing as Canadian culture. They live in their Little Italy, their Chinatown, their Little India or their Little Arabia. Every ethnic group has its own enclave where they speak their own language, celebrate their own festivities, practice their own religion, and feel very little need to integrate and interact with others.

The Anti Islam Man - A New Superhero
By day time he is a mild-mannered writer and author in Socialist Canada, Ali Sina!
By night time he becomes the night dweller, the amazing Anti Islam Man!

The stronger become these segregated communities and the more they promote their cultures the weaker becomes the Canadian culture. Today, some people on the Left do not even know what is Canadian culture.

Culture is a term referred to a heritage of social norms, values, traditions, customs, belief and political systems. Canadian culture is western culture, characterized by a host of artistic, philosophic, literary and legal themes and traditions; the heritage of Greek, Roman, Jewish, Germanic, Celtic, Slavic and other ethnic and Middle Eastern Christianity and Roman Catholic Church are western culture. At its core, the western culture is Christian culture, based on the freedom and the rights of the individual inherent in the teachings of Christ.

Hellenic and Christianity are the cornerstones of the western thought and the western civilization. Rationalism, scholasticism, humanism, and empiricism that gave rise to the scientific method and the Enlightenment are fruits of the western civilization. Democracy, freedom of thought and human rights are exclusively western values. Non-European languages did not even have a term for democracy. As Amir Taheri says, if it was not in their tongue, it was not in their mind.

The university, hospital system, scientific, economics, natural law (which would later influence the creation of international law), and numerous other innovations across all intellectual fields are the creation of Middle Ages Christianity. Christianity ended human sacrifice, slavery, infanticide and polygamy that was practiced by pagans, many of which are still practiced by Muslims. These values spread throughout the world thanks to colonization. Separation of religion and state, political pluralism and social welfare are Christian values.

We are immersed in the western culture. Not knowing what is the western culture is like a fish not knowing what is water. The western culture is not equal to other cultures. To the western leftists who don’t know the western culture I suggest they live for an extended period of time in a country dominated by Islam, such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Pakistan. Even though it is impossible to do without western culture altogether, because the modern technology that is the fruit of this culture has become ubiquitous, the lack of equality between men and women, the disregard for the rights of people of other faiths, the tyranny of thought, and the lack of individualism and the intrusion in one’s privacy by others will make them appreciate the superiority of the western culture over all other cultures.

Some so called cultures, such as Islamic culture, cannot be even called culture. Islamic culture is an oxymoron. It is called culture only because it is a collection of social norms, values, traditions, customs, belief and political systems. The dictionary definition of culture is the quality that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in manners and in scholarly pursuits. Islamic culture is anything but.
No other people allow multiculturalism except Hindus and westerners. Look what happened in India. A great part of it split calling itself Pakistan and they are in constant war with each other. Diverse cultures can only coexist if they are kept separate, as different countries. If several cultures are allowed to grow side by side, in the same country, there will be clash and the country will collapse in civil war. “If a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” Mark 3:24.

Australian Andrew Robb, then Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, told a conference in November 2006 that some Australians worried the term “multicultural” had been transformed by interest groups into a philosophy that put “allegiances to original culture ahead of national loyalty, a philosophy which fosters separate development, a federation of ethnic cultures, not one community”. He added: “A community of separate cultures fosters a rights mentality, rather than a responsibilities mentality. It is divisive. It works against quick and effective integration.”

As for Canada, many Canadians specially the Quebecois, feel that multiculturalism threatens to reduce them to just another ethnic group. The following passages from Wikipedia reflect the truth about multiculturalism in Canada.

“According to a study conducted by The University of Victoria, many new Canadians do not feel a strong sense of belonging in Canada, or cannot integrate themselves into society as a result of ethnic enclaves. Many immigrants to Canada choose to live in ethnic enclaves because it can be much easier than fitting in with mainstream Canadian culture."

“Foreign born Canadian, Neil Bissoondath in his book Selling Illusions: The Cult of Multiculturalism in Canada, argues that official multiculturalism limits the freedom of minority members, by confining them to cultural and geographic ethnic enclaves. He also argues that cultures are very complex, and must be transmitted through close family and kin relations. To him, the government view of cultures as being about festivals and cuisine is a crude oversimplification that leads to easy stereotyping."

“Canadian Daniel Stoffman’s book Who Gets In questions the policy of Canadian multiculturalism. Stoffman points out that many cultural practices, such as allowing dog meat to be served in restaurants and street cockfighting, are simply incompatible with Canadian and Western culture. He also raises concern about the number of recent immigrants who are not being linguistically integrated into Canada (i.e., not learning either English or French). He stresses that multiculturalism works better in theory than in practice and Canadians need to be far more assertive about valuing the “national identity of English-speaking Canada.”

If dog eating and cockfighting are incompatible with Canadian cultural values, the Islamic practices of polygamy, gender mutilation, wife beating, reducing the rights of women to half of men, inherent hatred of Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims, killing the apostates, stoning the adulterers and the practice of jihad are far less compatible. These are cultural practices of Muslims that are rooted in the Quran and Hadith and therefore cannot be separated from Islam. When you allow Muslims into your country, you allow all these “cultural” practices.

Oxford sociologist, Reza Hasmath, argues that the multicultural project in Canada has the potential to hinder substantive equality in the labor market for ethnic minorities.

Multiculturalism has failed worldwide. In Australia, the multicultural experiment resulted in rift within the society, whether between the continent’s Indigenous people and the European settlers or, in recent times, inter-ethnic tensions in the form of riots, street violence and ethnic gangs.

In Germany, the situation is so deplorable that even Angela Merkel, the woman who opened the gates of Germany to hordes of refugees and forced other European countries to do the same has confessed that attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany has “failed, utterly failed”. She added: “The concept that we are now living side by side and are happy about it does not work”. She continued to say that immigrants should integrate and adopt Germany’s culture and values. Of course, this integration will not happen. Muslims will not integrate nor will they assimilate. It is their religious duty to segregate themselves, to procreate at faster rates and to eventually take over their host countries and make Islam dominant. Merkel should have studied Islam before allowing millions of Muslims to flood Germany. It is too late.

Multiculturalism is a threat to the very foundation of the western culture, identity and shared values. It allows inferior cultures to exert their dominance over the western culture, which would result in the death of the latter and the reverse of humanity into barbarity. There are many incidents in history that show how mighty civilizations succumbed to barbarian invaders and were reduced into a shadow of what they were. Some, like Persian culture, never recovered. The country that wrote the first charter of human rights is now the number one violator of those rights.

Europe, Canada, Australia and America will be destroyed, unless very drastic measures are taken including the expulsion of Muslims and particularly their children, whether they are born in the west or not. First generation Muslim refugees are mere economic burden, who live like parasites off the labor of their host. It is their children that pose the greatest threat to the survival of western civilization. It takes only a few short years for that cute little Muslim child to grow into another Jihadi John and to start beheading those who paid for him and his parents to live like parasites in their country. Muslim children are not the future, they are the nightmare.  Don’t fear the loud-mouthed pajama wearing bearded Muslim men. Fear their toddler. Fear that fetus in the belly of that hijab wearing Muslim woman.  The enemy of the west are the little Muslim children.  You either expel them today or they will behead you and your children tomorrow.

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