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Liberal Race Card
for Today, for Future & for Ever!


Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!
Ahreeman X
June 9, 2020

Defund Democrats Take a Knee Choking the Black Community Branco Cartoon
Decades of the disastrous Democrat policies between 30 to 100 years (depending on the community) in Democrat run large cities of the Blue States has ran the black communities to the ground and literally knee choked the communities! So why don’t we defund the Democrats? The only way to defund the Democrats is to vote them out in 2020!

Democrat Party is the Root of the Black Community’s Problems

Black Community’s Terrible Choices Made” is “The Real Problem of the Black Community”, not the police department. You can defund the police departments all over the United States but that will not solve the Black Community’s problems. Black community needs to commit to a deep soul searching to free themselves from the liberal mindset which is the root of their problem and cause of their slavery in the Liberal Plantations, giving ride to the Democrat party now between 30 to 100 years (depending on the city)!

In old times, before the civil war, the liberal plantations enslaved the black man’s body but today they enslave the black man’s mind! Allow me to remind the historically illiterate folks that the Democrats were the original southern plantation owners, they created the Confederacy, they created the Ku Klux Klan and they created the Plant Parenthood and spread them around the black communities to kill the black babies via abortion!

Black Lives Matter Thug Holds George Soros Money Bag Calls Black Cop Racist Branco Cartoon
Thug Lives Matter is the True Name of the BLM! The Media hype created heroes of Social Justice out of them but in reality, they are lazy, ignorant bums on George Soros payroll causing riots and destruction across America. Remember Charlotte?

Black Community’s Problems

Black Community’s problems are not imaginary systematic racism and police brutality but the Black Community’s problems are:

* Broken Black Family where father is out of the picture
* Single Parent Family
* No Father Role Model
* Promotion of Gang Scene as the Popular Culture
* Promotion of Rappers as Role Models
* Promotion of Fake Heroes such as NBA and NFL liberal opportunist Multi-Millionaire players
* Promotion of Drugs, Booze and Nicotine
* Plant Parenthood Abortion of Black Babies all over the Hood
* Welfare, Food Stamp, other benefits instead of jobs
* Affirmative Action which destroys Black People’s Reputation and Merrit
* Laziness
* Glorification of Gangsters, Criminals, and Thugs
* Glorification of Terrorists such as ANTIFA and BLM
* Voting for Democrats
* Liberal Mindset in the Liberal Plantations of the large cities
* False Anti-American Education in Liberal Public Schools
* Growing Up Learning to Hate America
* Fake Liberal Uncle Tom and Auntie Jemima Heroes like Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters
* Liberal Plantations in Urban Areas promoting Neo Slavery of the Minds

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

Welfare States of America: WSA

Obama Liberal Kool-Aid Cartoon
Hussein Obama: Sucka, Drank the Kool-Aid, didn’t ya?!

Black People Best Recognize the Enemy!

Today’s Democrat party keeps the black man and woman slave in the mind. Democrats trap the black man with welfare, food stamp, housing and benefits to keep him dependent to the Big Government and use him as a voting machine. Blacks are vote count calculation for the Democrats. Blacks are similar to Jack Asses giving rides to the Democrats to stay in power!

Blacks best recognize that who is the real enemy and the cause for their enslavement!

What has Democrat party done for the Blacks during the past 60 years? Take a good look at the Liberal run large cities of America. They are crime infested, air polluted, poverty stricken, traffic jammed, project pact, homeless decorated Shiite Holes of America. Blacks were in the ghetto on welfare and food stamps, eating that government cheese and drinking that Big Gov. Kool-Aid, then and now! If anything, their pitiful situation deteriorated and got worse.

Suddenly Trump came along and told them to vote for me, what the hell do you have to lose? That was a changing point for the Black Community. Trump is the only person who has done anything for the Blacks. No one has ever done more for Blacks than Trump.

Need I to remind you that Dr. King was a Republican? Need I to remind you that Lincoln who freed the slaves was a Republican? Need I to remind you that no other president in history of America has done as much for the Blacks as Trump?

Liberal Plantation Slaves Blacks Then and Now Ben Garrison Cartoon
Liberal Plantations Then and Liberal Plantations Now, Not Much has Changed!

What Trump had done for the Black Community?

No president has ever done what Trump had done for the Blacks:

* Opportunity Zones for Investments and Job Creations in Black Communities
* Permanent Funding of the Black Colleges
* Judicial and Prison Reforms
* Second and Third Chances for Prisoners to Clean up their Lives
* Vocational Schools, Education and Jobs for Freed Prisoners
* Highest Black Employment Rate in History (before Chinese Coronavirus Hit)
* Lowest Unemployment Rate in History (before Chinese Coronavirus Hit)
* School of Choice
* High Black Housing Ownerships
* Safety and Security
* Prosperity

Liberal Plantation Slaves Blacks Then (Pre-Civil War) Ben Garrison Cartoon
Liberal Plantations Then in Richmond Virginia, Confederate States of America
Chuck Schumer’s Great Grand Daddy Master: Listen Bubba Jones, pay attention Boy! You get free food, free housing and free medical care. We be giving you all that for free and you be picking cotton and work our plantation. Now that’s a Great Deal Boy, isn’t it?

Which Black Lives Matter?

Every time some cop or security guard injures or kills a black man who commits a crime and then resists arrest, the con artists and the charlatans of the Black Community such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, and the Congressional Black Caucus  whom all got rich and living in mansions off of the Black Community’s misery, gather around like vultures to protest, agitate, riot and destroy property. Next low lives who jump in to burn down the American cities are the infamous “Black Lives Matter” Terrorist Group on the payroll of the George Soros.

BLM shouts Black Lives Matter but which Black Lives Matter?

* How about all the black businesses looted, burned and destroyed? Do those black lives matter?

* How about black on black murders in Chicago of about 400 to 600 per year? Do those black lives matter?

* How about the murdered black cops and federal agents? Do those black lives matter?

* How about all the black children bystanders and adult business owners you injured and killed by stray bullets? Do their lives matter?

* How about all the black veterans’ tombs and monuments you defaced and vandalized, who fought for your freedom to protest but you trashed their legacy? Do those black lives matter?

BLM is a joke, a bunch of hypocrites, rioters, looters, arsonists, vandalizers and murderers. BLM are a bunch of lazy ass thugs, the armpit of the black community, the leeches of the black community who suck the blood off of the community, and are on the payroll of George Soros.

ANTIFA is Burning Down America

My suggestion to BLM members is to get a job, get a life and get a career because being a bum and a terrorist on Liberal Plantation Welfare and George Soros payroll is not a life!

How Conservatives and Liberals Celebrate 4th of July? Part 1

How Conservatives and Liberals Celebrate 4th of July? Part 2

Islamic Invasion of America
Step by Step Green Plan

Liberal Plantation Slaves Blacks Now (Post-Civil War) Ben Garrison Cartoon
Liberal Plantations Now in Capitol Hill, Washington DC, United States of America
Chuck Schumer the Liberal Jew Master: Listen Bubba Jones, pay attention Boy! You get free food stamps, free project housing and free Obamacare. We be giving you all that for free and you be Errand Boy for us and voting Democrat. Now that’s a Great Deal Boy, isn’t it?
But Suddenly, Bubba Jones opened his eye to the century and half of Democrat Slavery of his people and then Bubba woke up to the historical reality. Bubba saw the light of Trump!

Liberal Brainwash of the Kids

American Failed Liberal Educational System, Media and Hollywood begin the brainwash of your children in pre-school even before kindergarten! The indoctrination begins with Sesame Street, PBS, Nickelodeon’s Nick Junior, and then moves on to Nickelodeon, Disney and eventually to MTV which leads to 16-year-old and pregnant on booze and drugs! If the kids survive these liberal trainings, they move on from their liberal indoctrinations in kindergarten and elementary schools, learning about global warming fantasy, 6 to 60 genders, and how to become transgenders? Next comes liberal do-gooder teachers in Middle Schools and High Schools infecting their minds with liberal agenda, green new deal, social justice, virtue calling, racial woke, racial card and how America is a horrible place on earth with a history of racism and discrimination. Kids graduate high school not even learning how to read and write properly but what does it matter when they have learned the Marxist Rules of Class Warfare, Social Justice and Anarchy?!

Higher Education and Graduation of Terrorists!

Kids move on to colleges and universities where they get fully brain washed by Marxist Professors and evolve through the higher education on how to hate America, Military, Flag and their Parents! They come out of college a fully indoctrinated ANTIFA member and Anarchist ready to riot, loot, burn and destroy public and private property! They get paid on George Soros 101 organizations’ payroll to disrupt the Capitalist System with violence and destruction. They learn how to kneel, protest, raise fists, shout, scream profanity, confront police, throw bricks and rocks (pre stashed by their leaders), and how to crack heads, injure and maim anyone who does not believe in their crap! By the time they are out of the college, instead of getting a job, an apartment and a life, they remain in their parents’ garage or basement until in their 30s and hang around the local ANTIFA, BLM, Communists and Socialist Terrorist Groups at the corner liquor stores and parks to plan and plot the next stream of protests and riots!

Now they have graduated from colleges and trained by the Marxist professors to become fully grown useless bums in ANTIFA black gear and BLM black shirts, raising fists and becoming career protesters while residing in their parents’ garage, smoking bongs and praising the poster of Che on the wall! They remain jobless on mumsy’s allowance because no job pays high enough for these “in-tell-egg-chew-alls” of the left! Now they are 35 in their mother’s garage, smoking dope and surfing the net, hanging in ANTIFA Facebook and Twitter rooms and accounts! That is a great view of the American Higher Education. Liberal Parents along with Liberal Schools hand ANTIFA, Bums and Dope Heads to the society!

The complete American Educational System must be overhauled! That would be in Trump’s second term plan. Watch these informing videos:

The Cultural Revolution has come to America – Tucker Carlson

Media ignore victims to the riots – Tucker Carlson

Democrats are taking big steps to defund and dismantle the police – Sean Hannity

Defunding the police

Now they want to defund the police! Eventually no one would become a cop in the blue states’ large cities. Cops need to stop protecting the Hollywood stars who bail out the rioters. Cops need to stop protecting Democrat leaders and liberal politicians who participate in the protests. Cops need to stop protecting these celebrities’ concerts and mansions in Hollywood. Let them be FAQed and give them a taste of what their lives will be without the police department to provide them safety and security!

I am 100 % Pro Police

Every time I see a police officer, a sheriff, a soldier and any security personnel, I shake their hands and thank them for their services. They are the reasons that animals such as ANTIFA and BLM do not kill people. They are the reasons that you have free speech or else Democrats love to create a Socialist Regime in America to take away your 1st, 2nd, 4th amendments and other freedoms!

Democrats are perfectly aware that Police loves Trump, and Trump loves the police, so they must do their best to defund and destroy the police departments. Democrats love to create chaos in streets of America.

Now the Washington DC Mayor, that ignorant black bimbo Muriel Bowser names a street BLM and paints the street wide with words “Black Lives Matter” in yellow! Politicians like Muriel Bowser, Bill de Blasio, Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, and the rest of the blue state large cities and states’ mayors and governors are in a way inviting chaos, protests and riots to expand.

Democrats have no economical solutions, domestic policy or foreign policy; therefore, they resist and disrupt America and the Trump Administration.

As the results of Democrat policies, ANTIFA jumps on the opportunity for destruction. Democrat politicians kneel, join protests and shed crocodile tears for the black men who died in the police custodies. George Soros funds both of these terrorists and politicians! Then George Soros sits on the side and enjoys watching America burn in riots, stock market crash and society disrupts because this is how George Soros makes his billions!

In a meanwhile cattle and sheep such as BLM, ANTIFA,, Iran Lobby and other 101 George Soros funded organizations remain good obedient foot soldiers rioting the streets or at least promoting the riots on the social media.

George Soros Funded Organizations

Who protests, riots and burns America down to the ground?

Organizations on George Soros Payroll
Black Lives Matter
NIAC (National Iranian American Council)
PAAIA (Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans)
PCC (Persian Cultural Center of San Diego)
Other Iran Lobby Groups
Other Terrorist Organizations

Liberal Establishment

Liberal Establishment as a part of the Deep State, corrupts the minds of the youth. We are fighting an uphill battle with the Swamp who actively brainwashes the kids and the people. They are all liberals. They promote the riots, support the riots and some like NBC even question that if the rioters are even ANTIFA?!

Liberal Establishment
Social Media
Tech Giants
Silicon Valley
Entertainment Industry
International Globalist Corporations

It is all a show by the Deep State using its tentacles to brainwash, resist, disrupt and destroy Trump and along with it the American Economy and Democracy.

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People

Same Old Story

How many times we have seen this scenario before? A black man dies in custody after committing a crime and resisting arrest. Justified or unjustified, I am not here to judge nor am I here to take sides. These cases have been used as excuses for ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Communist Party and other thugs to burn down cities, destroy businesses, kill cops and murder citizens. Their goal is to destroy American Capitalism, Economy and System.

This is the Deep State Show. The show must go on to keep the Deep State in power. Liberals or RINOs makes no difference. Democrats and RINO Republicans are the same Shiite! Deep State must maintain control and power, may it be with Obamas, Clintons, Bushes or other Establishment characters and families.

Deep State uses its tools to agitate riots to maintain control. Take a look at some of the events which occurred during and after the riots:

Tech Giants

Tech Giants like Google and Twitter are now donating tens of millions of dollars to Anti-Racist orgs. Do you know who these orgs are? ANTIFA, BLM, Communists, Socialists and other Terrorist Groups.

Google, Twitter and Facebook are managed by globalist, socialist Anti-American, characters with no principles, honor, morality, decency and ethics. They sell to the highest bidder and they are here to silence the American people and destroy Trump. They are here to promote the left, the leftist terrorist groups and brainwash the people.

Social Media silenced the Anti-Lockdown Groups who organized on the Social Media to end lockdowns because they were everyday business people and patriots.

The same social media is now promoting ANTIA, BLM, Anarchists and Communists who riot and burn America down to the ground because they are blessed by Democrats, Leftists, George Soros and the Deep State!

Jeff Bezos, the first future Trillionaire in the world is now panders to BLM and teaches lessons to his customers who states “All Lives Matter”!

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!
Amazon Community’s Harassment of Customers

Is Google a Cult?

Google Promotes Hezbollah and NIAC on IPC’s Traffic!

Ahreeman X on Social Media

Why do you think that I am not on the social media? Imagine me writing this article on the social media controlled by the liberals, ANTIFA, BLM and Militant Trannies! How long do you think it takes before they flag it, censor it, ask me to revise it or delete it? There exists no freedom of speech on the social media.

Why Iran Politics Club or Ahreeman X aren’t on Social Media?

Some people sometimes bring evidence for me by telling me to go Google it! I tell them that Google is the most liberal biased, flawed and false source of information on the net. I have a Ph.D. and a brain, I never Google anything! Go find real sources of information to educate yourselves!

Democrat Politicians

All liberals do is send woke, virtue signals and propaganda to promote riots.

The same liberal mayors and governors who arrested business owners for opening their businesses to survive and arrested fathers for playing ball with their sons in their own front yard through the lockdowns, are now allowing rioters to burn cities down to the ground and burn all of the hard-working people’s businesses.

The same liberal mayors and governors who assigned police to arrest people breaking the lockdowns are now allowing thugs to burn down the cities!

Liberal Health Workers, Nancy Pelosi, Governor of Michigan and Democrat politicians are now kneeling, protesting and shed crocodile tears for the black community which themselves oppressed!

Democrats, what do they stand for?

RINO Solidarity for Rioters

RINOs (Republican in Names Only) are the Republican Establishment which are worse than Democrats. They are a part of the Establishment and a block on the way of the National Populist Revolution of America. They are enemy of the people, much worse than Democrats.

Look at the Bush Family and Mitt Romney in solidarity with the protestors. Bush family are even going to vote for Biden!

And what is Paul Ryan the RINO doing on the board of the FOX News? No wonder Diamond and Silk, Trump Black girls were fired! They questioned the accuracy of the abnormally high number of coronavirus infected and dead in New York and they got fired! Isn’t that racism? Of course not! When black conservatives are targeted by Democrats and RINOs, it is not called racism! The problem is that Diamond and Silk have dignity and unlike liberals, every minute they do not bark racism!

FOX News better get rid of Paul Ryan and other RINOs or they will drastically lose viewership. The complete media are liberals, we do not need another one added to the list!

Only Blacks can Help Blacks

Only 13 % of the US population are blacks. Before Trump, 80 % of the prisoners in America were black. Today only 40 % of the prisoners in America are black!

What happened to the rest of the blacks? Trump provided them second and third chances to shape up, get a life, get a job, get a career and be free men and women. That is what happened. Trump provided them education, training programs, vocational schools, companies to hire them and programs to keep them out of jail.

Ivanka Trump was in charge of the program which created millions of jobs for blacks (Ex Cons). This program provided education for blacks, rehabilitated them, put their hands in the hands of the corporate America and turned them to productive decent members of the society.

Democrats are Losing their Black Base Votes to Trump

In addition, GOP black voters before Trump were 5 % but now are 35 %. This is something very scary for the Democrats. If Democrats lose their Black voters, they can never get elected again! This is why:

A) You can see black thugs paid by George Soros rioting and protesting in the streets to divert from the root cause of the black community’s misery.

B) Mass flood of illegal aliens crossing open borders blessed by the Democrats to replace the possible black votes with the illegal votes.

Observe how the blacks are becoming wise, get enlightened and learn the historical cause of their community’s misery and observe how liberals treat the Black Conservatives:

Candace Owens



Candace Owens: "I do not support George Floyd!" and Here's Why!

Election Time: Media is Trying to Inspire a Race War


GoFundMe suspends Candace Owens' fundraiser over 'intolerance' policy

MAGA firebrand Candace Owens suspended from GoFundMe
After raising $ 205,000 for restaurant owner who called George Floyd a ‘Thug’

GoFundMe shut down Candace Owens' account for attacking George Floyd's character
Saying she spread 'falsehoods against the black community'


Candace Owens Site

Candace Owens Show – Prager University

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Ahreeman X Advice for the Blacks

Blacks need to comprehend that it is all very simple:

“Don’t do the crime and if you do, then don’t resist arrest and you will end up alive and not dead in the police custody!”

Almost every single one of these cases started with blacks committing a crime, then resisting arrest. Next thing you know, the hype starts a riot and the Democrats fish from the muddy waters!

BLM Propaganda

BLM does not represent the Black America. BLM is the enemy of the Black America.

Black Lives Matter Nonsense

Let’s go step by step over the crap which BLM is spreading and talking about:

White Privilege
Such thing does not exist anymore. Blacks have more privilege in America than the Whites, and also in anywhere else in the world. Decades of Affirmative Action cause it.

Systemic Racial Injustice
That’s nonsense when we already had a black president.

Economic Oppression
That’s nonsense when Trump created the highest black employment in history.

Police Brutality
I suggest don’t do the crime and if you do then don’t resist arrest, so you will not get brutalized.

Judicial and Prison Reform
That’s garbage, Trump already done social justice reform by judicial and prison reform which had never done before in the USA.

Virtue Signaling, Woke, Subliminal Messages and Propaganda Advertising
They are all garbage and different forms of liberal propaganda.

Yes, it is about the Flag

They try to say it is not about the flag but it is about the flag. They try to say it is about social justice and discrimination. The reality is that it is about the flag.

They have no respect for the flag, they burn the flag. They have the most opportunities in USA and they still scream racism. These imbeciles hate America, American Flag and Capitalism.

If NFL will kneel again, they will again lose viewership. NFL should stand up for the flag and Respect the flag.

It is comical to see the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is making 40 million dollars a year and he panders to a bunch of black multi-millionaires screaming social justice!

Then there are low lives in NBA who are silent when China murders protesters in Hong Kong, Xin jiang and Tibet but they are all over the social media bashing Trump and supporting BLM, ANTIFA and other thugs burning down America!

For those who kneel, would you take that knee and shove it up your kazoo where the sun won’t shine? Go FAQ yourselves!

Respect the Flag
Respect the Lincoln Memorial
Respect the DC Saint John Church
Respect the Historical Statues
Do not burn them or deface them


Kneeling during the national anthem, waving of the flag and protests is the lowest action which you can take against the anthem, flag, military, veterans, America and the American System of Government.

Kneeling Means
You are Anti-America
You are Anti-Military
You are Anti-Democracy
You are Anti-Constitution
You are Anti-American System
You are Anti-Flag
You are Anti-Patriotism

Kneeling is a defeatist policy and action which you can take to show that the American System has failed you, is racist, is corrupt and is evil. Kneeling is equal treason to America and the Americans. The lowest forms of insects take a knee and by doing so, they show their disgust for the American way of life.

As soon as the heat got high on the Democrat politicians joining the protests without social distancing (which they preached), the next thing you know was the Senate and Congressional Democrats lined up outdoors and took a knee 6 feet apart from each other wearing masks! Democrats are great showmen and showgirls with much theatrics! They do anything for votes!


Arm yourselves to the teeth to protect your home and business because liberal city mayors have tied the cops’ hands behind their backs. Democrats are dismantling and defunding the police departments. Democrats allow the Terrorists and rioters to burn your home and business down. Democrats will allow these thugs to murder you and take away your livelihood. Democrats are pro ANTIFA, BLM, Communists and other thugs. They are surely not behind you, your livelihood, your business, your home and your children.

Patriots, gun sales are up the roofs. If Deep State Government fails to protect the citizens; furthermore, plots to murder us and if the government blesses chaos, then we the people must take the law in our hands.

“If Law and Order becomes Tyranny, then Rebellion becomes the National Duty.”

This is exactly why the founding fathers prescribed the importance of the Militia, 2nd amendment, and to be armed to the teeth. We are armed to protect ourselves from the protestors, thugs and rioters in the streets but most importantly we are armed to the teeth to protect ourselves from the Big Government and the Deep State who allows the Protesters, Thugs and Rioters to continue murdering Americans and burning down the America.

It is election time and Democrats along with Deep State are hurting. This is why you see riots in the streets. This is Democrats’ final option to stop Trump by destroying America and your livelihood along with it.

Patriots, stand up for your livelihood, your family, your community, your business, your country and your flag.

Never Kneel
Never Protest for Bull Shiite Social Justice Cause
Never Riot
Never Burn the Flag
Never Vote Democrat

Democrat Party’s Social Justice Charade

Patriots, stand up as proud Americans and see beyond the façade of these fabricated protests, riots and destruction in the name of social justice. We do not have a social justice problem. Black Community does not have a social justice problem. The only problem we have and the problem the black community has is called the Democrat Party and the Liberal Plantations!

Stop falling for the charade of the Liberal Plantations, Democrat Masters and the Deep State. In this charade, you have:

Liberal Plantation Masters
They Enslave you
Example: Democrats, Deep State, Media, Tech Giants, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Academia, RINOs, Big Government

Liberal Plantation Foremen
They run the liberal plantation
Example: Iranian American Tech Giants’ Management, Iranian American Democrat Millionaires and Billionaires, Iran Lobby

Liberal Plantation House Negroes
They are the Uppity Negroes serving the Masters
Example: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Congressional Black Caucus

Liberal Plantation Farm Negroes
They are liberal plantation slaves serving the Masters as the slave force. Before civil war, their bodies were enslaved but now their minds are enslaved by the liberal masters!
Example: Rioters, Protesters, Kneelers, Arsonists, Murderers and other Thugs in the streets

Free at Last!

As Dr. King said, isn’t it at last, time for freedom?

Free at Last, Free at Last!

My word is not only with blacks but with Hispanics, all people of color and even with the Persian liberal morons who tag along with the street thugs and terrorists.

Iranian American Democrats, who are they?

Stand on your own two feet, work with your own two arms and enjoy the dignity of work and making a buck.

Soon, all of these shenanigans will be over and all of these thugs will be out of the streets. None of these Democrat tactics will bring America down to its knees. Once again, Trump will rebuild America and the American Economy, just like he had already done it before (after Hussein Obama’s Bankruptcy of America). Back to work, we go and back to making mega bucks we go. So fellow patriots, do not give in to the liberal media propaganda and these ignorant foot soldiers in the streets. Thinking people and working people do not have time to protest and riot!

ANTIFA Takes a Knee Choking the Black Community with Looting Michael Ramirez Cartoon
ANTIFA choking the Black Community, Neighborhood and Businesses by looting, arson, destruction and riots.

Ahreeman X Suggestion for Rioters

Dear ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Communists, Socialists, Anarchists and other Thugs,

Take the butt plugs out of your rectums, pull up your shorts, pull up your pants, stand up straight, be a real man or a woman (no we do not have 6 to 60 genders), break your bong and booze bottle, get a job, get a life, get a career, get out of your mother’s garage, get a studio apartment, straighten up your act and your life. Learn to work for a living. Learn to earn your money. Learn the dignity of earning your dollar. Become a productive member of the American society because the Coronavirus Hoax, Extended Lockdown Hoax, Social Distancing Hoax, Social Justice Protests Hoax, and Other Democrat Fabricated Hoaxes are all over.

With or without you, we shall now rebuild our country. Back to rebuilding America we go. Be a part of it or go back to your mothers’ garage and on the Liberal Plantation! Ah, one more thing, stop raising your fists and shout like a little faggot: “Black Lives Matter”, because the Black Lives which do matter are now working hard to clean up your riot mess and debris caused by you trashing their businesses and neighborhoods! Those are hard working good old Black Folks who built America but you little faggots are not a part of it! So, take out the ANTIFA and BLM Butt Plugs out of your tushies, pull up your shorts and pants, stand up straight and try getting a job so you can join the Hard-Working Black Lives which do matter! And for God’s sake, stop your whining, moaning, bitching and screaming about Reparation, Social Justice, Inequality and other liberal Bull Shiite because 3 months ago before the Chinese Coronavirus Infection, we were not a Racist Country but all of a sudden according to you little scrawny faggots, we have become one!

While we the American Patriots will rebuild America, Liberals will continue shouting from the top of their lungs:

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

More power to the American Workers

Hallowed Art American Patriots
Hallowed Art American Workers
Hallowed Art National Populists


Dr. X


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