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Islamic Invasion of America

Liberals Bend Over Backwards for Muslims!
Islamic Invasion of America

Ahreeman X
December 30, 2018

Islamic American Flag of the “Islamic Republic of Ameristan”
Post Islamic Invasion of America Period
Islamic Invasion of America has Begun, Say Goodbye to Your American Culture!
Future Islamic Flag of America Design
50 Crescents and Moons Islamic Logos representing 50 Islamic States of America
4 Islamic Swords representing the 4 Infallible Caliphs of Rashidun
3 Islamic Stripes representing Allah, Muhammad and Quran which reads:
There is no other god but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet

On 1837, US House of Representatives passed a law to ban all headgears in congressional sessions. They have done this for two reasons:

I. Breaking away from the British Monarchy’s House of Commons at the time wearing hats.

II. Respect for the institution by taking the hats off.

Allah Virus Skull Logo of Islam
Islam is the Allahic Virus!

As of 2019, after 182 years, Democrats are going to repeal this law at least partially because now they elected a Muslim, Ilhan Omar, some Somali American representative from Minnesota who wears Hejab. They will begin allowing headgears for Religious purposes such as wearing Hejab for Muslims, but the goal of Ilhan Omar is to end ban on all headgear for Muslims.

Ilhan Omar Islamist American Democrat Congresswoman from Minnesota, USA
George Soros Funded

Ilhan Omar is openly an Islamist, Pro-Palestinian Terrorism, Anti-Israel, pro Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam Terrorist Group, Anti Conserve Freedom of Speech and she is funded by George Soros.

Linda Sarsour Islamist American Activist Leader of Women’s March
George Soros Funded

It does not end there but then there is Linda Sarsour, Palestinian American Radical Islamist leader of the Women’s March Group funded by George Soros, wearing hejab and propagating hejab in America.

Women like Linda Sarsour and Ilhan Omar do not wear Hejab because they are pious Muslims but they wear it as a political statement to rub it in the face of American Patriots.

Michelle Obama in Islamic Hijab

Obama at the Islamic Mosque Gallery

Ironically Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and other liberal women have worn hejab at the Middle East, in occasions when it was not even necessary to wear! This was due to lack of respect for the American Values and having too much respect for the Islamic Values! Observe:

Chador, Sexy and Fashionable!
Sexy Muslim Women in Fashionable Chador
Chapter 2: Funny Chador

Nancy Pelosi in Islamic Hijab

Women’s March is another George Soros funded Radical Socialist Group which its purpose is to create chaos in the American Capitalist and American Democratic System to destroy American Exceptionalism and to promote Globalism and Socialism; therefore, George Soros and Global Corporations get rich.

“Women’s March” does not support or protect Conservative Women and their causes. They only support Liberal Socialist Women, Muslim Women and Leftist Marxist Women and their causes.

Women’s March Leadership

Women’s March

Hillary Clinton in Islamic Hijab

Same goes for the phony “Me Too Movement”, which some of its leaders were sexual perverts having sex with minor boys! Me Too Movement is a Hollywood fabricated con in support of radicalism, socialism and Liberal women. They never support or stand by Conservative women. It is basically Anti Trump, Anti Conservatism and Anti America. It is funded by George Soros and Hollywood Elite.

Me Too Movement

These phony leftist groups supposedly are pro women, but the reality is that they are only pro Liberal women and Democrat Party policies.

Me Too Movement and Women’s March Group are basically a bunch of “Vagina Wavers” promoted by likes of “Madonna”, “Ashley Judd”, “Maxine Waters” and other Hollywood and DC whores and wenches who preach for the murder and impeachment of the president of United States. These people simply cannot accept the results of the 2016 elections. They cannot digest that the American People who never voted before, came out of the woodwork to vote for Trump. They come up with all types of conspiracy theories like the Russian Collusion and Corruption. They do everything to destroy Trump and the Will of the American People.

Read more about George Soros and what he had done to Amazon:

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!
Amazon Community’s Harassment of Customers
Amazon Community Must be Investigated and Cleansed

Islamization of America has Begun
Say Goodbye to American Culture!

Islamic Invasion of America started with Muslim refugees and illegal aliens entering and populating America. Now its down to second generation. This happened in Iran and they almost destroyed the Persian Culture, now it is happening in America

Every American is scared to express their opinion on social media or media because they are both owned by liberals, and so are tech giants. They are extensions of Democrat party. Try to say anything against Muslims on the social media and they will first brand you as racist and then ban you. This is how Islamic invasion begins by Muslims using the American Democratic system against itself! Muslims have no intention to implement democracy, neither do they care about democracy but they are using the democratic system to destroy the democracy in America like they are already achieving to do in Europe. Islam is Anti Democracy.

Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution

Kick Islam Out of America
Save American Culture
Islam is Anti Democracy and Anti US Constitution

Tech Giants’ Conspiracy Against America

Tech Giants’ globalist agenda welcomes destruction of America and American Culture by welcoming Open Borders Policy, Multiculturalism and embrace of Islam.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Twitter and the rest are all and all in cahoots with the Deep State and Democrats to implement these policies to gain more Democrat voters to destroy Americanism. This is money in the bank for Tech Giants and Votes in the ballot box for Democrats.

While Establishment can’t afford $ 5 Billion for Trump border wall and America’s security, they have $ 10 billion aid for Central America ready to ship and $ 150 billion for IRI, $ 1.8 billion in cash already given to the Iranian Islamist Terrorist Regime.

Establishment Against the American People

American Establishment controls the American People with Brainwash, Propaganda, Entitlement, Funds and Power.

American Establishment
Deep State
Global International Corporations
Democrat Establishment
GOP Establishment
Washington DC Establishment
Social Media
Tech Giants
Wall Street

American Establishment has been in control and in power with ironclad grip for decades until a self-financed billionaire patriot who was not in the bag of any lobby group, stood up for the American people.

Hussein Obama the Frist Muslim American President with Louis Farrakhan Nation of Islam Leader wearing Obama Campaign Tie

Trump vs. Establishment

2016 Revolution of Trump and the People occurred and the people have elected Trump as the spokesperson, their leader and the president of USA. 2016 was not just another election but it was a statement by the American people against the Establishment. The Establishment which has been sucking the blood out of the average Joe and average Jane in USA for decades in and decades out was casted out!

The Establishment wants to destroy Trump, to set an example so that never again, a self-funded Billionaire would rise against them and their monopoly of power in America and the World.

Trump had fair and square won the election and the American people backed him up. 2016 had officially ended the 3 decades of power control by the Establishment. 2016 had brought the end of Bush and Clinton Dynasties. The Establishment simply cannot accept that! The Establishment uses Deep State in FBI, CIA, NSA and Government to Destroy Trump, so they can regain the lost power. Robert Mueller Probe and Investigation is a con fabricated by the Establishment to destroy Trump and with it the power of the American People.

Muslim Hijabed Women Protest
Islam Will Dominate the World
Muslims Rise Up and Establish Sharia Law
Today’s Europe and Tomorrow’s America

GOP Establishment is Worse than Democrat Establishment

GOP RINOs (Republican In Name Only) are the Establishment of GOP. The GOP before Trump was not a conservative party but it was an Establishment Republican Party. Now Trump is cleaning the GOP off of the Establishment figures.

Every time you see that the Media is praising a Republican, then believe that he is a part of the Establishment. Media never praises Reagan, Trump or true conservatives. Media always praises GOP Establishment figures such as John McCain, George Herbert Walker Bush, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Flake or other Establishment figures; furthermore, they make heroes out of them such as they done with McCain and Bush.

GOP Establishment is what has been keeping the conservatives hostage and blocking the conservatism in GOP. The GOP Establishment is there to block Trump and People’s Agenda. The GOP Establishment is in cahoots with Democrats and Deep State, together they want to preserve the power monopoly and Swamp’s Leadership in DC. GOP RINOs are far formidable enemy than Democrats. To clean the Swamp, we must clean the GOP first.

GOP Establishment

Look at the latest example of Bush senior’s death used by the media to bash Trump! Bush, Clinton, Obama and so on are all Establishment. This is why the complete Bush family voted for Hillary. They are all garbage.

Personally, I have no love lust for the GOP. The only reason that I am a registered Republican is that I do not want to put my vote in trash by voting Libertarian or Independent. GOP is not a conservative party, but it is a Globalist Republican party. Now, we are changing it to a Conservative Party.

I dragged myself to the ballot box to vote for McCain.
I held my nose to vote for Romney.
I despise the GOP Establishment more than the Liberal Establishment.

I have no political ambition, so unlike Reza Pahlavi who used to give blow jobs to McCain, I never cared, courted or kissed ass of any Establishment character.

I love Trump. I am all about Trump. I respected Reagan but I love Trump because he is here to end the Establishment’s power in DC. The gig is over and the American people are openly battling the Establishment.

Naturally as an old Anti Establishment, I am with the Trump and the American People.

On the bright side, Trump is cleaning the GOP. This is Trump’s party now. All the old farts got to go. We have already cleaned up the GOP to a great point, but still we have a way to go.

Muslim Islamist Protest
Ban Democracy, Implement Islam
Islam is Anti Democracy and Anti US Constitution
Today’s Europe and Tomorrow’s America


These RINO (Republican IN Name Only) Old Rhinoceroses are either out or on their way out:

Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Lamar Alexander, Paul Ryan, John Cornyn, and so on …

Well, John McCain is dead (thank God) and now these guys got to go. You know what they say:

Time to go, Gotto Go, Gotto Go …

Face the fact:

This is Trump’s Party Now, like it or hate it, it is Trump’s party. The Establishment is on their way out of GOP.

Bush Senior kicked the bucket! I do not give a Flying Fandango.
Bush Junior dies! I do not give a FAQ!
That Dead Bastard McCain died! Praise the Lord!
The complete Establishment of GOP, Democrat and DC blows up and goes to Hell!
I call that a Great Day!

The only thing that I care about are Trump, National Populist Movement and the American People. FAQ the rest, specifically the Media!

Lying American Media Kick Dog

The American Lying Media is like a little kick dog. Do you know what is a kick dog?

The kick dog is a little toy dog, all puffed up and pretty who stands next to the door and loudly barks to disturb the peace. Every time you go in and out of the door, he barks and bites your ankle. After a while it gets old and frustrating, so every time you go in and out of the door, you give him a little kick, not hard enough to break his bones and not soft enough not to hurt him, but just right! That is a kick dog, just made for kicking right at the door.

American Media is the Kick Dog

Trump kicks the Shiite out of them, exposes them and makes them Shiite Faced due to corruption and lies, but they still bark. Just like the kick dog, they bark at the door! No one listens anymore but they still bark! Gotto kick that little doggie!

Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons – 3 Chapters

Muslim Islamist Protest
Democracy is Falling, Sharia Law is Returning
You Attack Islam, When You Attack the Sharia Law
Today’s Europe and Tomorrow’s America

Social Media Bias

People constantly ask me in the E-mails that why don’t you have a presence in the social media? Just imagine if I post the above in the Leftist Bias Corrupt Social Media such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and so on! They will pull their hair first, delete my post next and put the pressure on me. It will be a matter of time that I ban myself and close my account before they ban me!

Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons

Iran Politics Club Leaves Facebook

Amazon Censorship, the Final Verdict


I am too Hot for the Social Media. Let me check, I just wet my finger with saliva and touched my leg with my finger and it sizzled! Hell right, I still got it, I am one Hot Son of a Gun!

Too Hot for Bull Shiite Politically Correct Social Media!

Beginning of the End of Social Media

But to think of it, Social Media are committing suicide! It is because of great free-thinking writers that Social Media is still alive or else Facebook and Twitter are just a couple of websites, like a public forum. Once they ban everyone and get the discussion out, then it will be just them and their leftist ilk, boring like hell. That will be the end of the Social Media. Mark my word, Social Media in its present form will die in our lifetime.

Remember what happened to AOL Boards, Yahoo Groups, Myspace, and so on?
Same thing will happen to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and so on ….!

But I bet with you that same as the past 20 years, IPC will still be here. IPC is eternal.

It is funny that the American Media and Social Media screams about the Freedom of Speech and Press being broken, but they are the only ones who are actively breaking it! Actually, Press and Social Media have the most freedom under Trump Administration because he is the most transparent president in the US History.

Is Google a Cult?

Muslim Islamist Protest
Islam Will Dominate the World
Freedom Can Go to Hell
Today’s Europe and Tomorrow’s America

Trump Agenda

Do you recall what Trump stated at the beginning of his presidency?

“Give me 5 years and we will change GOP in a way that the only thing will be left of GOP is the name GOP! The GOP will become the ‘American Workers Party’. Labor and Middle-Class hard-working people will run GOP.”

Trumps agenda is to clean the Swamp. Primarily GOP Establishment, then DC Establishment and the rest.

America Went Off Path

Trump agenda is to truly return the power to the people. When this republic was created, George Washington stated that:

“The public servants must be professionals from private sector and business people. They must go in office for a limited term to serve the nation and then get out of the office and go back to their business and lives.”

Today, we can clearly see that career politicians’ power grab had changed the fabrics of this country completely towards the opposite direction which George Washington and the Founding Fathers had intended. They come to the office and they never leave unless they die in office or get kicked out of the office by the people.

These career politicians have formed the Swamp which is a great part of the Establishment. McCain was a perfect example of the Swamp.

The Unique Status of USA in the Globe

Liberal Socialists and Democrats hate the unique status of America in the globe. They hate the American Exceptionalism. The American System is the most unique Democratic Republic System in the world. The Founding Fathers were extremely bright people and they invented the US Constitution. Until this day, we can see that how futuristic and visionary the Founding Fathers were. Democrats despise this fact and they despise American Exceptionalism. Democrats love to change America and transform it to Europe. Their vision for America is European Socialism. It is ironic that Europe is destroyed because of Socialism, Liberalism, Multiculturalism, Open Borders and Political Correctness. Europe is moving away from Socialism and goes towards National Populism but American Democrats like fools are trying to move America towards a Failed Utopia of European Socialism.

History Lesson for Liberals

Colonial Formation: 1788
National Formation: 1901
British Commonwealth

Colonial Formation: 1763
National Formation: 1867
British Commonwealth

Colonial Formation: 1607
National Formation: 1776

More or less within under 200 years of difference, British landed, established villages and then the British Colonies in Australia, Canada and America were formed.

Until this day, Australia and Canada even though both are civilized western countries and advanced economies, yet they both have economic, social and national identity problems. They are both 2nd rate western countries. On the contrary America rules the world!

Why is that? The answer is simple:

Canada and Australia are still British Commonwealth.
The Head of State in both countries is the Queen.
They are under the rule of British Monarchy.
They have Governors as the representatives of Queen.
People are subjects of the Queen and the Monarch.
Economy the same as Britain is Semi Socialist tilting towards Socialism.

America is an Independent Nation.
Head of State is the President of United States of America
Nation is under the rule of American Constitution.
People are Independent Citizens not Subjects of Queen.
Economy is Capitalism.

While Canada and Australia are still both dangling under the skirt of Queen, America is an independent nation. Canada and Australia are moving towards becoming replicas of the European Socialist countries. America is a Capitalist nation but Democrats over here are also trying to push America towards Socialism and model Europe as their utopia!

Why Canada and Australia stagnated but America Rules the world?

Because America had Founding Fathers with brains who created the unique American Constitution but Canada and Australia had Monarchy, British Constitution, Commonwealth, and European Socialism as role models!

Founding Fathers were Visionaries

American Exceptionality in the world, Free American Spirit and Americanism comes from the unique Constitution of United States and the Constitution comes from the Founding Fathers. The Founding Fathers of America were visionary futurist intellectuals and free thinkers. The complete design and foundation of America is unique and found nowhere else in the world. Go read about them and see how amazing and advanced were their ideas in comparison to their time period:

George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
John Adams
Alexander Hamilton
John Jay
James Madison

And so on …
* They were self-educated, self-built, independent-minded, free thinkers.
*They were self-employed, businessmen, scientists, farmers, doctors, lawyers, judges, scholars, merchants and professionals.
* They were not career politicians but they were private sector professionals.
* They were non-denominational believers, secular, atheist, anti-organized religion and pro freedom of religion and thought.
* They were national populist, anti-establishment (colonial), highly patriotic and progress minded.

The Founding Fathers designed America with their advanced brains and futuristic vision. Until this day, everything they designed from Checks and Balances, 1st and 2nd Amendments all the way to Electoral College makes sense. Every single element had a logical reason and purpose or else it would have not inputted in the US Constitution.

Democrats want to Destroy America

Democrats and their Republican Establishment counterparts are the Swamp and they intend to destroy America and rebuild America to the format of European Socialism! Even as Judges, they do not execute the Constitution but they legislate from the bench as activists. They rewrite laws which is not their job but it is the job of the legislators in congress. They are career politicians and they stay in office until they die.

They are not patriotic, in fact they hate American Patriotism, American Exceptionality, American Culture, American Philosophy and even American Flag. Every year, go to the Democrat Party’s convention and outside, you will find groups of Liberals, Socialists, Globalists, Anarchists ANTIFA and Marxists all Registered Democrats are burning American Flags, protesting Anti Patriotism and Americanism.

We, the conservatives and National Populists worship the American Flags but the Liberals burn the American Flags or they have not much care for it.

Democrat Party Agenda

As the Democrat Party (not Democratic Party, because they are not Democratic) is losing its Black, Hispanic and Blue Color bases to Trump, they fish for new bases from the Illegal Aliens from Shiite Hole countries and Muslim Refugees.

Their Open Border policy is to flood America with immigrants (legal and illegal) and refugees (legal and illegal) to change the cultural balance and fabrics of the American society.

Democrats want voters
Republicans want cheap labor
Deep State wants slaves

So, all of them consist the Swamp which do not hesitate to grant entitlements to illegal aliens, flood the country with them and use them as a voting block and cheap economic labor for the establishment.

California Sanctuary Banana Republic Cartoons
Bankrupted by Liberals!
Chapter 1: Land of Stoners and Environmentalist Wackos

California Sanctuary Banana Republic Cartoons
Bankrupted by Liberals!
Chapter 2: Land of Illegal Aliens

To succeed this plan, they propagate fake news and false narratives via their propaganda machine which are the Media, Social Media and Academia. These are the establishment Brain Wash tools. The indoctrination starts in kintergarden!

Tech Giants’ Mind Control of the People

The accomplishment of this task, guarantees the Establishment to control the power and America.

Islamic Agenda

The Islamic Agenda on the other hand is about to invade America the same as they have done to Europe. This invasion will be through illegal and legal migration and refugee movements. They want to destroy America from the within. Second or third generation will still be isolated and safe keep their own culture because Muslims do not melt to become parts of the melting pot but they destroy the pot! They don’t assimilate into the American Culture. They look different (hejab and Islamic Garb), they think different and they have no regards for American Culture and Patriotism. This makes them more isolated; therefore, more clung to their own beliefs.

Allow me to quote myself:

“Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes
Ahreeman X Bits of Wisdom!

Muslims know Liberals and their agenda, so they use the American System and the Liberal cooperation to combinedly destroy America.

What Happened in Iran in 1979 is Happening in America Now!

In the late 1970s, Muslims step by step brainwashed the people in the mosques, in the streets and via cassette tapes and bulletins.

Today, Muslims and Liberals are doing it via Media, Social Media, Tech Giants, Hollywood, Academia and mass propaganda.

On 1979 in Iran, step by step Muslims took control of every aspects of the country.

Today in America, it already started in Congress and every other fabric of the American Society.

After 1979 in Iran, Muslims took the guns away and started to control the unarmed people.

Today in USA, Liberals in association with Muslims want to take your guns away!

Islamization of America

It all starts with,

One Muslim official here and one there
One Islamic privilege here and one there
One prayer session before lunch here and one there
One mosque in suburb here and one there
One hejab here and one there
One Muslim special rights here and one there
One Media Fabricated Muslim hero here and one there
One Media Muslim cause here and one there
One Muslim TV Star here and one there
One main steaming of Muslims here and one there
One Muslim elected official here and one there
One Islamic law here and one there
One Sharia’ law here and one there
And then ….
Suddenly one day you wake with the lovely sound of loud Azan Muslim Prayer from the Minaret of the Mosque (Obama said its beautiful) and see Mosques are popped up everywhere, Muslims are everywhere, Hejabed Women and Beanie Hatter Bearded Men are everywhere, Quran and Islam taught in schools and colleges, your city and country started to look like third world and suddenly Bam, News Flash …

Your City Council like Europe become Muslims!
Your mayor like London becomes Muslim!
Your president like Hussein Obama become Muslim!
Your Street, City and Country becomes Filthy like Third World!
Your environment becomes dirty and trashed like Europe!
Your officials become hejabed and bearded like Middle East!
Suddenly you get it, but it is too late ….

Welcome to Islamic Republic of Ameristan!
Where have United States of America gone?

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology! – Part 1

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology! – Part 2

It all started by Liberals bending over backwards for Muslims due to their political agenda but Muslims were too smart for them and they took over the country! That is called:

Neo Islamic Invasion

In the old days, the Islamic Invasion was carried out via Jihad and Wars. Today it is carried out via mass immigration, illegal aliens and refugees.

Muslims are too smart for the West and Liberals are the worst enemy of the Western Culture!

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected – Part 1

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected – Part 2

Political Correctness Disease

Political Correctness is a Liberal Disease used by Muslims to destroy America. Look at Hollywood, Academia and Media tactics such as:

Every movie and TV series out of Hollywood promotes Multi Culturalism and Political Correctness by shoving at least one Muslim, one Gay or Transsexual, one biracial or one Black, one Hispanic, one Oriental, one Handicap and one Migrant in there. These are subliminal brainwash tactics by the Media and the Hollywood.

TV Commercials and International Corporations’ ads and commercials do the same.
Academia and Academic Courses do the same.

Affirmative Action, Multi Culturalism, Political Correctness, Integration, Interracial Marriage, Mass Immigration and migrant cause, and of course, Islamization and Islamic Studies are on top of the agenda for the Establishment, propagated by the Media, Hollywood and Academia.

Everyone and everything Trump takes a stand against, the Establishment promotes and makes heroes out of them! Take a look at:

Black NFL Players Kneeling during the National Anthem
John McCain and GOP RINOs
Clinton Corrupt Crime Cartel
Deep State FBI, CIA, Government Operatives
Leakers, Biased Government Employees, and Saboteurs
Fake News Media, Lying journalists and Liberal Anchors
Fired Government Officials

All and all, they have become heroes to the left and national heroes erected by the Media!

Muslim Islamist Protest
No Democracy
We Want Just Islam!
Today’s Europe and Tomorrow’s America

Save the American Culture

I have seen this scenario before in 1979 Iran. Now I am watching it in America. 40 years ago, I was kicked out of Iran because of Islam. I was force migrated to United States because Muslims took over Iran and changed the progressive civilized Imperial Iran to a Regressive Islamist Terrorist Regime of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI).

That was 1979, this is 2018 but the concept is the same. The same scenario is reoccurring again but the players’ names are different. Back then liberals brought Muslims to power and they were the first people who got murdered by the Muslims when Muslims took power! Same thing is happening now in America.

People such as myself came to America to escape Islam and Muslims
Now Islam and Muslims are taking over America!

I am seriously warning America and Americans. Save your American Culture, Democracy and Freedoms before it is too late.

Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution

How can you allow a Muslim Representative in to the congress when Islam contradicts US Constitution and Democracy? It is the same as allowing a Nazi to the congress but far worse!

One can either be a Muslim or American but not both!

Islamization of America has already started. Liberals are conducting this show and Muslims are taking advantage of the Foolish Liberals! You the American People will be the Sacrificial Lambs for Halaal Zebh Al Islami (Islamic Slaughter)!

Today, you have a one in a million chance and luck that one man made a determination and risked everything to save America. He put his complete life and lifestyle online for his country. He stood up to the Establishment. He made a change. Your only hope to survive and America’s only hope to survive is to stick with this man, support him and empower him. Do not fall for the Establishment, Hollywood and Media’s Fake News and False Narratives. Help him so he can help you, maybe together we will have a chance to save America and ourselves.

Ask yourselves: Why is the complete US Establishment against Trump?
Then he must be doing something right!

Trump National Populist Revolution

This is not about Democrat or Republican, this is about the battle for the survival and the soul of America and Americans as a nation and a culture.

Support the 2016 Revolution of Trump and the People because that is our last chance for survival. Let’s take our country back.

More Power to the People


Dr. X


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