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We Are Living A Lie!
Ahreeman X
Revised: February 21, 2007


When I wrote this for IPC, I told myself why bother posting this around the net, it is a waste of time, but then I told myself, let's do it for a few who still are awake and do have open ears! The few who are not still infected by this virus which causes my people to go into a Coma-like Dreams and puts us in a deep sleep........

Sinking Ship of Iran
Passengers are jumping the ship. No end to the storm in sight. No Captain in site, but the crew (Iranian Community) is putting a new coat of paint on the deck while whistling a nationalistic song!

It is time to speak of the truth. Only by speaking of the truth, we can find the final solution to save this sinking ship called Iran. It is time to boldly break the traditional silence due to the Typical Persian Flatteries (Ta'arof = To modestly put oneself down and make oneself small to put the listener high above in skies!) When the water is way above the head, then let's get drowned all the way.......

This one is the one that I will go all the way deep into the roots of the problem in it and will dig all the tumors out! This time I want to be honest about Iran and Iranians. In the past I have been banned, my articles been revised, censored, deleted over and over in many Persian Political Bulletin Boards, almost all of them, If I want to tell you about how many times I been black balled, I shall go on and on and on........ It is not one or two or three tribunes, the Shiite List of Censorship goes on with AOL Iranian Board on top of the list, to National Front, SMCCDI, Marze Por Gohar, Derafsh Kaviani, etc. Even the times that some did not cut and paste some of my posts it was because, the posts were already around the net and they were just too shy to delete, cause they had to keep up with their Great Prestige facade, big men with big prestige and double chins! Show me a Persian Political Board which does not Censor and I will show you an Anal Virgin in Qom! This was the reason that IPC got started.

Until us people learn not to behave like little miserable dictators, until us people learn not to shut one another up, until us people learn to respect the right of everyone to freedom of speech, we will be where we are, Iran will be where it is and bunch of illiterate Mullahs will rule Iran. Government of each nation is the representation of the people of that nation. People of each nation deserve the type of government that they have.

Us people claim that we want democracy but after 28 + years we do not even know the meaning of democracy! Democracy is something that sounds beautiful to us in Tehran, something that exists in USA, something that exists in Western Europe, something that is out of reach in Tehran! Something that we hear about it on Internet, radio, and from our friends who live outside, but for Allah's sake, God forbid, we can never have it in Iran! Especially now that they are even taking our satellites out and filtering the Internet! How can we have it in Iran? Us and Democracy? Allah O Akbar, traditional Muslim people like us who must have a Shepherd, a Valiye Faqih, or better put Valiye Vaqih! We must always have some type of a Dictator ruling over us, tell us what to do, guide us in thorough the dark tunnel to the light. We are like infants, like little children, we need a Shah, a Mullah, some kind of Marja'e Taqlid to follow him religiously, politically, socially, economically, even we must listen to him to tell us how to live our lives! Someone like Imam Khomeini who even wrote for us how to take a Shiite! Imam Khomeini wrote a whole book for us on how to have sex, how to go to bathroom, what foot to use to enter the bathroom, what position to sit so our tool will not direct towards Kabbah or maybe our Ass could be directed towards Kabbah, God forbid if Our Ourat is shown to Kabbah, the house of Allah and prayer grounds of Mohammed! Ayatollah Khomeini showed us how to urinate or take a Bowl Movement, us children cannot do number one and two by ourselves, see, we need a Velayate Faqih or Supreme Spiritual Leader to show us how to urinate and to dictate to us how to relieve ourselves!

Us people always need some type of a hero to worship, hopefully sometimes it will be a Nationalist like Reza Khan who progresses the nation, but sometimes he is someone like Fath Ali Shah who Screw the nation and we all feel it deep in our rectum! See, us people grown up this way, this is the way things work in that part of the world, in that region, we learn the facts of life from the early ages of infancy, facts like:

"Thou shalt not sacrifice thine self or thine property for pathetic elements like Nationalism and love of thine Soil!"

To screw our neighbors deep, and cheat them out of anything that we can.

To lie like a Dog, lies so big that no one would believe that they are lies!

To build up our bank accounts at the cost of screwing everyone else deep!

To preach about how good is to have democracy, but not to lift a finger towards achieving it.

To lead a dual life, a two faced life, a masked life, a holy mask to wear outside the house, and then the opium, vodka, orgy, banging the neighbors wife mask to wear only inside the house.

To modestly put ourselves down like dirt, and pretend that we are nobodies and poor so no one will ask us for a favor or possibly some dough.

To scream democracy but in fact act like little dictators all our lives!

To always look for a savior to save us, our nation and our status Quo.

To change color like a chameleon, and to belong to the party of Wind, one day a Democrat, next a Monarchist, next a Muslim, and if wind blows to the left then switch to a Communist!

To care about us and our own economical status, but to not give a bloody hell or a damn about our neighbor.

To bend over or lay down on the ground and to let any petty vulture or invader to walk and step all over us to cross our land, we just lovese lovse love them Masters, like Macedonians, Muslim Arabs, Mongols, Turks, etc. Just let them walk all over us!

To create Prophets, holy saints, God-like Holy people out of any petty savage barbarian who once invaded us and killed a whole bunch of us, or maybe banged us deep inside where it hurts!

To survive any which way we can, even if we have to twist things around and create legends out of murderers and pillagers of our nation like Mohammed, Ali, Hassan, Hussein, hell, we even see their pictures in the moon like we did see Mohammed's picture or Khomeini's picture in the moon, they must be Saints for sure, we are good at worshiping our oppressors!

To revolt and rebellion when we are well fed, wealthy, happy, and leading a good life and job like at 1979, but to not revolt when the knife is at our throat and we are striped out of our morality, dignity, rights, freedoms, or even human values, like today's Iran!

To take and accept all the insults from any illiterate bull dog, cause he is more savage than us, but when someone tries to improve our lifestyle, our literacy level, our education, our dignity, then we must gang up on him and yell Democracy and our human rights have been violated!

To steal, to cheat, to lie, to fraud, to plagiarize, to Kiss Ass, to be good servants, to be the house slaves, to sing our own songs rather than to sing a united song, and to enjoy the insect type of a life style.

To contradict ourselves, scream democracy and then take everyone else's rights away from them.

To preach to others what we do not do ourselves.

etc. etc. etc.

Us people are like peacocks, each feather has a different color, depending on the day of the month, the weather, Season of the year, and the political atmosphere of the time! Us people cannot gain Democracy, then it's better at least to stick to what we have now! At least we are still ALIVE, it is true that we have to work two or three jobs, sell some cars, real estate, or electronic equipment on the side or maybe sell our father's or mother's dignity, hell maybe our neighbor's morality or peddle our asses like a little bitch for any petty illiterate boss, master or dictator who rules over us, but then at least Imam or Pasdaran let us live, at least they are not taking us to Evin, Qasr or Vanak. It's OK if they take our neighbor to Vanak and it's OK even if they take our cousin to Evin, but as long as I can buy that fixer upper for a dime, and fix it up and rent it to three families at the cost of their Blood's money, it's cool! Let's make our own and let's screw everyone else, what are these idiots screaming about Freedom of speech, Rights, Assembly, Dress Code, Religion, Press, Life style, politics,,,,,, or any other Bull Shiite like that?!

Let's make a Deal! Just give me a Deal! Give me mine and I'll be fine...

As long as my wife can cook me my daily Qeyme Badenjun, and I go to Chelo Kabobi every Friday, as long as I make my own wheeling and dealing, buy some and sell some, as long as I can show up at the Mosque for Namaz Jama'at on Friday and then go home and bang neighbor's wife or maybe drop by my second wife's house or my mistress whom I bought her a new house at Za'feraniyeh and do a little "Qol O Vallah" or maybe "Yah Bah Youh Bah.....Haz Bekonam" with her on the side, it is cool man! Let me take care of my Belly and Under Belly (Shikam O Zire Shikam), then I'll be fine dude........... Fandango everyone else, Fandango Freedom, Fandango Iran too! Those son of bitch idiot Nationalists, those bastard opposition screaming freedom for Iran! They are idiots, they must be!

If I live in exile, then let me make a bundle of money in business and take yearly vacations to Iran, just by myself and without the wife and kids. I'll take a bunch of guys with me and we will book an apartment and book some 16 year olds desperate part time high school students and part time call girls for a month of orgies in Tehran! Hey, these girls maybe economically desperate but let me bang some underage girls younger than my own daughter, take them to Caspian Sea shores for opium dens and vodka nights and let's all have some great orgies before we get back to state to our wives and kids! Why not? This is the Persian tradition, no?

Let me just continue my Cattle-like existence until I'm hundred years old with four wives of Aqdi (Permanent) and another four Siqeh (Temporary) like my prophet God bless his "Bone", he had 21 wives, even a child bride of 6 years old like Faheshe, Oops sorry (typo) I mean Hazrate Ayisha my holy saint! Maybe I can get me some child maybe 13 years old too! As long as I will do it Halaal way, Religiously correct, according to sharia' of Islam, and of course pay my Khoms O Zakat to my local Imam Jom'e then it is fine man! Let's all bang away in one big happy Islamic Ecology. Let's drink our Russian Vodka, eat our Persian Caviar, smoke our Senatory Opium, visit our neighbor's wife in the mornings when he leaves and pinch our neighbor's daughter's Ass on the side of Pastoo Dark corner, just a fatherly pinch, and let's all live happily together, let's all Co-Exist, all 70 millions of us inside and 6.5 millions of us outside in our beautiful moral environment. Let's all of us continue our thieveries, perjuries, immoralities, and of course Islamic Bangarooni together like an Umma'! But for sure drop by the Mosque on Friday to confess to Allah about our sins, cause if we don't, then we may not go to Heaven after we are dead and we may not get our 70 virgins and 2 pretty boys, or rivers of Milk and Honey, God Forbid then we might suffer or at least our Shoombools might suffer when we meet Allah and Mohammed in afterlife!

All of you know very well what am I talking about, but some of you are still fooling yourselves and lying to yourselves about our society! Some of you scream at me that why am I saying what am I speaking of right now? Why I am not preaching about our glorious 8000 Years of Persian Empire or our rich Culture? What's the deal?

You know what, this time I wanna tell it like it is, I want to talk about our society the way that many of you do not have the guts to speak of it this way! I want to talk about you and I! You and I who caused the situation where we are today, for once, let's take responsibility for our actions, can we?

Look around you, take a good look around yourself, the funny thing is that many of you, the majority of you, do not even see any problems with the way you live! You are failing to do a true analysis of you, your lives, your people around you, your society and your nation! You are living a lie! You been living a dual life, you are like an apple, a beautiful red and juicy apple outside, yet rotten with worms inside! I know, cause I am one of you! We are all the same Shiite! We are truly living a lie!

At least this time, I am not grabbing a Maleh, to Patch things up, put Shiite on Shingle and Goh mal bezanam! I wanna lay it on the line for all of you, straight to the point, the way it is.

Do you remember what happened a while ago, just a while back? Let me give you an example of many examples that you know of. To briefly reminisce about what has happened, a conflict rose, it all started by a humor post by me, obviously some of our stuck up comrades did not have the potential to digest a joke, well you know, first they have to take the traditional Cane out of their butt and loosen up a little to dig the humor, but I guess it is too much to ask this from a typical Prestigious politician of our nation! These guys are too stuck up, way too egotistic and well-educated, full of manners and Adab to loosen up!

My part was to write a humor article, three of our intellectuals ripped each others throats, and scooped to the lowest form of animal behavior yet on the cyber space. They all had one goal to free Iran and establish democracy yet:

One ended up banning me from his webring.

The second one ended up banning me from his website.

The third one, my own right hand, who got offended by all these banning, deleting, and censoring ones voice, started preaching Democracy, yet insisted on me to ban, delete, revise and censor the other two from IPC! Once this third comrade found out that I do not bend my principals for no one, then like a child this comrade threatened me that it will be either censoring the other two or I will end my political life with IPC and with you! So eventually this comrade abandoned me, IPC, Opposition, and Iran in one shot and in addition this comrade took half of the most active of our political activists from our movement, with her! The funny thing is that this comrade and I are friends and bosom buddies for 25 years!

I wrote a humor article, that was my crime, and all these three comrades got so pissed at me that they wont even speak to me! Or is it that due to their Undemocratic and Censoring nature, and me doing the opposite of what they done, all of them are ashamed to show their faces in IPC?!

All these three comrades are firm believers of Democracy, all these three comrades are fighting to free Iran, but one of them gave himself the right to use the filthiest language of them all towards her (the third one), and then censor me! The second one also done the ultimate trash talk and also censored me and banned me, yet he had the guts to show up at IPC and post all he wanted to say in his defense! The third one seen about these other two protectors of democracy censoring people, yet if she was in charge of IPC, I swear to you that she would delete, ban and censor the other two!

All three of these comrades are freedom fighters of Iran, all of them are fighting the same cause. all of them been practicing democracy for 28 + years in Exile, but none of them learned a single thing about democracy so far!

This is not about Islamic Republic of Iran, this is about our beloved opposition members turning into something that they have been fighting for 28 years! They have been turning to what they hate most. They have turned to their own worst nightmare, "A Little Miserable dictators with a pair of scissors to censor in one hand and a Chomaq baton in the other to bang on people's heads"!

This is about Iranians in general, this is about us, the Iranians, this is about double standards to censor what we do not want to hear and let what we want to hear, plays loudly from the speakers! This is about banning one for profanity, yet let the other drop feces from his mouth as much as he wants, only because he is one of our homeboys! This is about not knowing the first thing about freedom of speech, democracy, and starting a Political Revolution. These tactics are not just practiced in IRI, no my friends, these tactics are being practiced all over the Internet, all over the Persian Tribunes, all over the Persian Media, hard copy or electronic copy, they are being practiced by Persian Political parties. They are being practiced not just by little whores of opposition like Jebhe Meli, Tudeh Communist Party or Fadayian Majority, yet by even Monarchists, Republicans, Communists, Mojahedin and Muslim of Opposition. These tactics are being practiced by the most illiterate Persian from the Southside up to the most valuable intellectual Persian from the Northside!

This is the reason that some of our most devoted Freedom fighters in Opposition are very disappointed from Iran and Iranians in general.

This is the reason that I openly stated that before we commit ourselves to a "Political Revolution", first we need to do a "Educational Evolution", a "Democratic Evolution" and most of all a "Moral Revolution". Only after we achieve the level of desired Education, knowledge, ethics and Democracy in practice, then we will reach the desired level of Morality, and only when we reach this Moral Revolution, then we can commit to the Political Revolution. Our people are simply not ready to commit themselves to a full power, all around Uprising. Our people cannot change Iran for the better, simply because they do not have the proper tools of knowledge, commitment, ethics, education, decency and most of all morality to actually make the Political Revolution. The change starts from ourselves and next comes our neighbor.

Many of us devoted ourselves fully to make this dream to happen in reality, to create this universal Uprising by any means possible. We did our best to make the soccer riots continue on and on and on (remember?)......... But we forgot a basic factor!? That our people are not still beyond the little 2X2 feet circle of hot air bubble around their little heads! The personal gains, benefits, opportunism, pride, power, ego and selfishness is way too high to fully dedicate ourselves to the cause and in association with others for the cause. Egos are too large and they run wild!

Forget the distant past, just recently I had to end a relationship with a dear friend due to the fact that his ego avoided him to respect our old friendship and find time to respond to a few requests which were for his own good! This friend refused to see others even me as an equal to his level; therefore, I was not important enough for him to respond to my calls, the same calls which were for his own good! Can you comprehend the depth of egos, fat heads, lack of communication skills and lack of public relations amongst our people? Our people, the leaders and intellectuals of this sinking ship named Iran?

Everyone is waiting for a miracle to happen, everyone is waiting for democracy to get established, but as soon as one lifts a finger to actually do something for the cause he gets bashed by the right and the left both! why you ask? Because we simply do not know the meaning of Democracy, we only know the definition of the term in the dictionary!

Why am I so pessimistic? I am obviously not too pessimistic, because if I was, I would have abandoned IPC, Opposition, Iran and My people! Obviously I do not follow the path of some of my comrades! I am still here, you are still here, reading this, we are still fighting for the cause and I hope it will not end up being a lost cause. I hope that I wont end up a hypocrite sitting in my large office, behind my large desk on my large leather office rolling chair, playing "Arshimalalan with my shambool" or play "Desk-Ball" (picking my balls behind my desk) like our typical Opposition Leaders in Exile do 24 hours a day!

So we continue our cyber intellectual ejaculation outside and our flirtations with Reformist Mullahs on a double bed, inside.............and the life will go on in our beautiful Islamic Whorehouse of Iran (IWI), aren't we one big happy family? The proud Persians who do not even own a nation or a land, cause there is no such country by the name of Iran anymore........... there is only The Islamic Republic now. Cattle-like masses of Persians fly, ship, or run out of Iran on daily bases, they jump over each others' heads and shoulders for a lousy visa just to get the hell out of that Shiite Hole. Our intellectuals inside are too busy peddling their butts for Mullahs as usual and then having a shot of Opium with a Vodka chaser! Our intellectuals outside are too busy pulling each others' shorts off and show one another their intellectual Erections! Our masses inside are waiting more and more impatiently for the Savior, another Reza Shah-e Kabir, another Imam Mahdi, or maybe Gandhi! Our lower classes are almost dead due to deprivation in every aspect of life, and too occupied making ends meet than to look for the cause of their misery which is the Islamic Regime. Our Holy people are riding the masses either under different names of Fundamentalist, Moderate or Reformist and establishing fat and juicy bank accounts........... and then there are us! Us the chosen ones, sitting behind our monitors with our little fury tails between our legs to keep warm in the winter and banging away on the keyboard to satisfy our little egos, while the real winter, The Storming Winter has taken this sinking ship far away off her travel direction and destination. This ship is sinking quickly, she is barely functional to even travel by the sea, I wonder how come it has not sunk after 28 years!

I am only a writer, a preacher of our lost Persian conscience in our youth's heads, our youth whom are lost to their Great Persian Traditions, culture, and civilization. I am one lone ranger among other lone rangers screaming loudly in this storm and trying to make this tribe to recognize a word or two in between the deafening sound of storm. I try hard to patch up this sinking ship or at least throw the SOS life saver Tube down the ship to save some lives, I can see a few others in this thick fog and storm who are also trying to guide this half sunken tribe, I can see them with their glue guns, nails and hammers in one hand and the SOS Tube in the other, they are screaming too! But can anyone hear their voices?

Ship is almost sinking now, it is 2/3 below the water, the tribe is busy gathering their personal suitcases and briefcases away from the flooding water, they are trying to save their jewelry and toys! Others are lifting their glasses to toast and do cheers for each others' health at the back of the ship! Water flood is inside and all the way to the captain's quarter, but there is no Captain on the ship and there is no bloody lifeboat of wood or plastic in sight! Not even one! There is only storm, wind and flooding water rising above. No prospect of sea rescue either.

There is only You and Him and her and I........ and this sinking ship of Iran.

Our opposition leaders are playing Cyber Wars while Hojaj with Holy Robes are draining the Gold from the Persian Cat and transfer it to Cayman Island's Juicy Bank Accounts!

There are a few lifesavers in sight with one hand holding the tools to patch up this ship and with the other hand holding the tube to save the passengers. We are the lifesavers and we are screaming out-loud in the storm, but can anyone hear us?

Those few men are still in the fog screaming guidance, the ones with the tools in one hand and the SOS LifeSaver Tubes in the other............ Can anyone hear? Can you even comprehend the seriousness of the sinking situation that we are in? Can you possibly realize that our culture is about to become extinct? Can you feel the immediate danger of drowning? Soon we shall drown, thus, when the drowning hour appears, all of us will drown, Monarchist, Republican, Communist, Muslim and Nationalist. This Storming giant of The Sea knows no discrimination; it shall drown all equally with no mercy! Can you hear me?

"I am pointing at the moon, can you see beyond the tip of my finger?"

More power to all freedom fighters of Iran,

Dr. X

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