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Massoumeh Ebtekar

Massoumeh Ebtekar
by Mayaazaar

Bastom bastom bastom,
tanaab be gardaneh mollaa bastom.

Vaay vaay mollaaro dollaa mikonim,
baa qolhovallaa mikonim.

Massoumeh Ebtehar
Masumeh EbteKIR

This is about the Holy Mother of KIR (Khomeini's IR): massoumeh ebtekar

Her name is pure aaXimoraan!


Correct & holy way to pronounce this is: massumah
which comes from Mass Ummah, meaning somebody who follows the
Ummah of the masses.


ebtekar in Farsi is written like raktba , so take abtkar
which is AABTu-KAAR, which means aab zadan tu kaar, or shaashidan tu kaar
which means somebody who pissed in her work. But her work is government
of Allah, which is the religion of the masses. So she pisses on the religion/DIN.

ebtekar in Farsi is written like raktba , so take abtkar
but in her case, it should really be D (it was D, so she changed it)
abd kar , can pronounced as aabed-kaar

aabed is not really aabed as in mobed, but comes from AABE-Din, as in those
who aab zadan/daadan be DIN; in other words, those who shaashidan be DIN!
So aabed-kaar means somebody who works for assholes who shaashidan be DIN!
(pissed on their religion)

So either way (2a or 2b), she has pissed on religion, i.e. F*ed the religion of mass
cattle & supposedly her own too!

U can't follow the Ummah of the masses, yet piss on religion or work for assholes
who pissed on religion.

But she does claim to do 1, yet actually does 2!

Y do I say that KIR has F*ed religion in Miran?
Coz they have done nothing but duruq, dozdi, jenaayat, binaamusy, HATE &
K* Keshy for over 24 years.

But I think she should really be called Masumeh ebteKIR since her
warm hands helped to erect the KIR in the 1st place!

Ma'sumah, KIR is shomaa mamnunah!

She was the Monica Lewinski of the KK Khomeini & all the top Mullahs later!
(aakh, ma'sumah mitalabah!
goleh sangam, goleh sangam,
chi begam az K*seh tangam!)

She was even good looking in her younger days & as u all know no Mullah
could say no to SEX. So it stands to reason that she must've done all sort of
sujud with the top Mullahs to get to where she is today!

Now let's dig deeper:


C this:

But Ms. Ebtekar is a woman with a history, a history she
would rather not dwell on these days.

More than 18 years ago, as an 18-year-old freshman at
Polytechnic University in Tehran, Ms. Ebtekar
was the official interpreter and spokeswoman of the
militants who occupied the American Embassy in Tehran.

Speaking the near-perfect English she learned in the
United States as a child, hiding her hair under a
black hood, and using the nom de guerre "Mary," she
became an object of anger and curiosity with her
appearances on American television.

Night after night she listed the "crimes" of America
against Iran and denounced the hostages as "spies"
who should be on trial if the United States did not
turn over deposed Shah Mohammed Riza Pahlevi to Iran's
revolutionary leadership.


So she used to b bloody-Mary, now turned into holy-mother-Mary!
I bet the KK Mullahs found her irresistible:
haaji ba qorbaanat bara akh mari jaan,
ye busam bedeh ba'd boro!

Just look at her old & new pictures, what a change!
I bet she didn't wear hejaab when she lived in US.

Asked by an ABC News correspondent whether she could
see herself picking up a gun and killing the hostages,
she replied: "Yes. When I've seen an American gun being
lifted up and killing my brothers and sisters in the streets,
of course."


But not when a Miranian Mullah or KK Basij gun does it?

Not only she doesn't give a shit when thousands of her
'brothers & sisters' have been killed/rapes/butchered, she
has become a major part of this filthy criminal regime &
LIES for it with bullshit & MULLshit! Therefore she is
part of the crimes!

But when confronted by an American journalist who said
she recognized her from her role in the embassy occupation,
Ms. Ebtekar acknowledged that she was the face and voice
of the keepers of the hostages.

Her words came slowly, when asked directly whether she
was "Mary." "I was," she said. "But I don't bring those
things up."


Y not how-ni?
U got something 2 b ashamed of?

Asked about the wisdom or folly of that chapter in Iranian
history, she had no apology and made no excuses.

"I wouldn't think that it would be logical for any nation
to look back and to see any part of their revolution or
their movement as negative because at that time, when it
is considered in its own context, that was the best direction
that could have been taken," she said in English in an
interview in her office. "I feel that in that context,
that reality, it was a basic necessity in society, in that
period of the revolution to preserve the values."


So they F*ed a country, devaluated the currency by more than a
factor of 100 (USD going from 7.5 to 800), butcher/kill/raped
by the thousands, almost destroyed the whole country in a long
running stupid WAR, etc etc, but now she doesn't want to
talk about it?! She says we should 4get what happened &
let bygones be bygones?!

Not so fast Mary-jun, u got to PAY, u all have to pay BIG for
what u did! Not only u have to pay to Miranians, but u have
to pay to GOD for the crimes u committed in HIS name!

Asked how she was assigned such an important role as official
spokeswoman at such a young age, she smiled. "Everybody
just naturally found their roles," she said.


She must've been good in bull-shiting (among other things)!

During the interview, Ms. Ebtekar explained how she came to
speak English so well. She lived in Tehran until the age of 3,
then moved with her parents to a middle-class suburb of
Philadelphia. She lived there for six years, attending
Highland Park elementary school while her father was a
doctoral student in engineering at the University of



At the end of the interview, Ms. Ebtekar told her American
guest to turn off the tape recorder. Then she asked that
not very much be written about her role as Mary.


Yup, she must've done something un-holy then: GUILT!

I'm sure this stupid act/event cost Miran a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,
not to mention making the whole world see what savages they were!


C this:

The Education of Tehran Mary

In my discussions and debates with my Iranian captors,
I was frequently numbed by their lack of knowledge about
the world and about critical events which, they claimed,
"proved" how right they were. I have never forgotten a
conversation I overheard between Tehran Mary and Air Force
Col. Tom Schaefer, the Embassy's Defense Attaché. For
much of February and into March of 1980, Tom and I were
kept in small adjoining rooms in the basement of the
Embassy, for which there was a common air vent. By
remaining still, I could often hear what was being said
in Tom's little corner of paradise.

One day an unknown (to me) female voice--I had no idea who
Tehran Mary was, until I came home--started berating Tom
for the US decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, calling
it barbaric, inhumane, and racist. Tom replied, "The Japanese
started the war, and we ended it." That was obviously news to
Mary, who asked in disbelief, "What do you mean, the Japanese
started the war?" And Tom replied, "The Japanese bombed Pearl
Harbor, and so we bombed Hiroshima." "Pearl Harbor? Where's
Pearl Harbor?" asked Mary. "Hawaii," said Tom. A long pause
occurred, and then, in a small voice pregnant with incredulity,
Mary said, "The Japanese bombed Hawaii?" "Yep," stated Tom,
"they started it, and we ended it." Mary's sense of astonishment
was easily discernible, even through the wall. After another long
pause, I heard her rush out of Tom's room. ("Mary" is now one of
several vice-presidents in the government of President Mohammad


Just F*ing perfect!
Miran had so many knowledgeable & capable educated people &
diplomats, yet these GUZ had to force their way into power to run
the show & to represent Miran?! Not to mention killing many of the
TOP people who actually worked & did something for Miran for years.

This GOH-KHORI will cost Miran a lot, if not already done so,
which I bet it has!

But the fact is that idiots were used to replace Shah with KK Khomeini,
because Shah was not doing what he was told.

There was no F*ing revolution in 79, it was an engineered GOH-KHORI,
paid & planed by the Masters! This is Y none of the asshole supporters
of KIR on the net/chat-rooms has dared to use his/her real name for 24
years, coz they know KIR will have to fall, coz they know it was
not an enqelaabeh-mardomi, it was only an-qollaabeh qollaabi, which turned
into mass murder & rape & killing!


c this:

--Could you single out the one great achievement that you believe
remains from [the revolution in] 1979?

.. I think the greatest achievement is the independence of a nation.

The F*ing Jendeye laashi must be totally off her brain!
in-de-pendence my ass, what F*ing independence?!
They totally handed over the country to their Masters, who
put them there to begin with, then started killing all oppositions!

A nation which decided to stand on its own feet and to build
upon its own human resources and natural resources ... and to
bring about independence, freedom, and prosperity for the people.


Millions of cattle of gaav/olaaq (term used by F*ing Imam himself!)
do not have the brain to decide nothing. SHIIT Mullahs made sure
they were brain-dead for centuries!

Human-resources my ass! Most of the brains got butchered by the
asshole Mullahs & the rest escaped to Khaarej!

Freedom? What free-dome, where, when? free-dome to do what,
namaaze-jamaa'at, behind KK & najes Mullahs?

Prosperity? Yup the Mullahs must've F*ed her brain OUT!

The Islamic Revolution was, I think, an experience contrary
to the previous experiences maybe that human civilization
had with dealing with religion and politics and establishing
a religious democracy in a country. That's the greatest
achievement that today we can speak [of].


The west learned, after centuries of pain/killing/witch-hunt,
that POWER always Corrupts & that absolute power corrupts
absolutely, so they were forced to separate religion from government.

Now, in 2002, this jendeye laashi, who is a F*ing DOKTOR & a
minister (more like mini-Jester, a dalqak, a F*ing joke!), wants to add
religion; mind u not just any religion, but the SHIIT of MF KK Mullahs
who have proved to the whole world what qaatel binaamus KK they are?!

Khaak bar sare pee-pole who let this jendeh be their mini-Jester!

--You have there a built-in tension between the secular and the religious.
How do you assess the success? How has it sort of mediated itself in the
last 22 years?

Well, there have been a lot of challenges, a lot of, I think, lessons have
been learned.


She means lessons have been taught by CHOMAAQ, pee-pole have to
been forced by force to shut the F*-UP!

We have a very sophisticated system now in Iran, well-established and very
well-supported by the people.


Yes indeed: roshveh, K*-keshy, Jenaayat, hanging, stoning, torture, etc.
pee-pole have been taught who is in charge & they have been F*ed-UP
for 24 years.

>We've had elections practically every year for different reasons according
>to the constitution. ....

Jendeye laashi is trying my sabr here!
u call eRection of 1 KK Mullah after another, by brain-dead cattle, 'election'?!

>The issue of modernization cannot be overlooked. And Iran has decided to
>work with the world to establish a dialogue,

Well, didn't the father of KIR plan to have nothing to do with infidel 'others'
who were najes?! Didn't the asshole want to show the world that SHIIT would
make Miran a heaven?! Didn't he want to Xport the an-qollaab to the whole
world & rule the whole world under SHIIT, even all the Sunni Arab countries?!

I suppose she couldn't 'talk' to the Imam, while giving him blow jobs?!

>And freedom is the key to maintaining independence.

A F*ing parrot who talks!

> the need to return back to human values, spiritual values, moral values

U asshole bitch, what F*ing human values, u destroyed them allllllllllll!
The Mullahs ridand to keshvar, din, mardom, naamus, vojdaan, ensaaniyat!

>I think that there's a lot of room for reform in Iran,

If only the MF Imam was alive today!!!
KIR was chosen as word of Allah, it was meant to make Miran a heaven.
U don't reform the word of God!
They F* the whole country, kill & butcher, then talk about F*ing re-form,
re-form what, the KIR which was chosen by holy Imam F*ing Mahdi himself?!

What we are looking for in our legislation is to make sure that the spirit of Islam
-- which deals with human dignity, human freedom, the right for every human
being to decide about his or her future and destiny


Doesn't the bitch know the liars will burn in HELL.
May the devil F* her non-stop in HELL till the end of time!

1- SHIIT is NOT Islam!
2- he-u-man dignity?
what's that? Is it what the KK Mullahs did in their torture
chambers after gang-raping women? To let them sleep on the
cold floor, naked?
3- a free 'dome' ?
4- de-side few-chair & destiny?!
Is this what's happening with the protesters being beaten up
senseless in June 2003?!

I think the Mullahs must've used too much vaazelin on her a*!
She has totally lost it, or is the biggest bivojdaan duruq-gu of them all!

Hell she should've been the mini-jester of information!

I believe that basically the Iranian society is a religious society.
They adhere to all the basic principles of the religion.


The religion that u guys shaashidin behesht?!
un mama ru lulu bord zireh laahaafeh nanat!

Miranians have been turned into brain-dead cattle by the KK Mullahs
to follow SHIIT, which is nothing but LIES & KOFR!
But after taking over the POWER, Mullahs have even F*ed that 're-li-jon'!

>The Islamic Revolution has always been a supporter of the Palestinian cause.

Yes indeed, KIR was erected with a lot of help from Palestinian Killers &
Palestinian-trained Mullahs who started the shootings in 78-79 from under
their chaadors from the back of the crowd! May the devil F* them all too
in HELL, which is where they'd be going!

>God has given every human being a sense of dignity, and no one has
>the right to undermine that dignity

K*-keshe Maadar-Jendeh, did u say this to all the Killer & rapist
Mullahs/basij in Jails?!

Now that Iran has invited the world to enter dialogue amongst civilizations,
it's time to enter dialogue and make many of these basic and fundamental issues.


KIRAN only believes in DIE-a-LOG!
Kill the brain of pee-pole with MULLshit, treat them like shit, have them
killed like a LOG (or a DOG) if they object to anything.

Cattle can not THINK or talk, let alone get into a dialogue.

So shut the F*-up jendeh, u guys had u'r chance & u chose to sell-out, F*ed
the whole country, butcher/torture/rape by the thousands for 24 F*ing years.
U can NOT change what u have done, u can NOT re-write history, no matter what!

U can not wear a holy-mother Nun outfit & pretend nothing happened & say
we should not question the past & MULLshit about s-pee-re-chew-all-eat-tea!

KIR tu k*at ma'lumah!

DEVIL is waiting 4 u in HELL with a big grin on his face & a bucket of vaazelin!


* * *

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