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Miran and Arabs + Charity

Miran (Muslim Iran) and Arabs + Charity

Miran and Arabs

Red = Quotes from Ahreeman X

baa 2rud,

<It was an invasion of the Domestic Arabo_Muslim Half Breed
(Hezbollah), full breed (Mullahs) & Foreign Breed (Palestinian
Guerillas including PLO); therefore, it was a Arabo_Muslim Second
Invasion. We do not consider the above as Iranians!>

True, ARABs invaded Iran, but it was the Miranians who allowed it &
it many cases helped them by being TRAITORs!

But GOD is NOT a joke.
1 should follow logic & THINK &, if it makes sense, believe in the 'true' GOD.

But unlike undies, 1 should NOT change the true GOD every week, even
if 1 is forced to.

So, Y did the Iranians let go of their true GOD in the 1st place?

But OK, ass-um that they made a mistake, then saw the real true GOD;
but then Y go & INVENT a new & different Islam that does NOT make sense
at alllllll ?!!! Y kill anybody who questions it? (eg. Kasravi)

Y invent SHIT like : shit of the Imam was shafaa/medicine?!
Did the Arabs invent this or was it Miranians?

Y did many Miranian families wanted their smartest sons become Mullahs?

<True, Arabs are not the enemy & they never were in the past & they
will never be in the future. Islam is the enemy, Arabo_Muslim is the
enemy. Islamism is the enemy.>

Miranian stupidity is the ENEMY!

Even though I've gone OFFFFF Shiit Islam, coz it is anti-logic & coz
of the filthy Miranian Mullahs, I've known a few decent people who were
Muslims. They were decent coz they followed only decent ideas &
acted decently & honestly.

<it is a wild beast of Arab Imperialism & it can destroy Iran in whole!>

It was the filthy Miranian Mullahs who did the damage, NOT 'Islam'.

Islam means different things to different pee-pole.
I'm NOT pro-Islam.
I just think that the damage has been done by Miranians to Miran & Islam:
az maast keh bar maast!

ass-um the impossible that the Mullahs were x-teremly KIND & spiritual
people & made Iran SHINE! It turned Iranians into kind/honest/hard-working
people. I would not have minded it, even if I thought that Shiit didn't
make sense. I'd had thought: who cares, the end result is GOOD!

But this would've been un-Miranian!
They had to turn-out to be FILTHY & EVIL assholes!

Today, MOST ARABs laugh at MF Khomeini (except the very few among the minority Shiit Arabs).
Most Arabs can't stand the Shiit Muslims, so how can we say ARAB-invasion?

<There are bright individuals in Iranian Politics today,
but they are not heads of large political parties; however, they can
all be used as great tools in the future of Iran to build Iran.>

If Miranian leaders/feeders wake-UP & see the light & unite to
work together & F* their EGOs, it CAN be done.
But Y should they wake up now?
If the events of the last 24 years haven't woken them up, nothing would.

<These people can build the future of Iran & will participate in the
building, when the time comes!>

Iffff they have the blessing & permission from the BBs!

<No people infested with the syphilis of Shi'a Islam and the Iranian
Disease can approach within a hundred miles of a "Great Civilization"
let alone an inch.>

But I say F* the "Great Civilization", aim towards better lives for
most Miranians, aim towards creating better human beings who would
SHINE in the whole world.

<Iranians, The Iranian Disease,>

This is the true ROOT of the PROBLEM: Miranian CULTURE!

The cure: 3E's:


Q: What is the net effect of 78 mess/gohkhori:

A: to move the "exclusivity" from north of Tehran to Khaarej!

B4 78, Iranians fought each other to make enough money to move to Shemrun,
to be superior to others, without caring about millions of uneducated poor
amaleh/hammaal/nokar/kolfat fellow Iranians.

After 78, Iranians fought each other much harder to make enough money to move
to Khaarej, to be superior to others, without caring about millions of uneducated poor
amaleh/hammaal/nokar/kolfat and millions of others who don't have much of future
& have to work very hard & live in bad conditions without much hope for a better
future knowing that their country is run by criminal Mullahs.

this is NOT PISSimizim, these r FACTs that Miranians should accept & understand to
see that they have a difficult Rd ahead, if they CARE. They must see that they must
F* their EGOs & unite to work together.


baa 3rud,

If u want 2c Y I say Islam means different things 2 different people, c:

If u want 2c Y I say Most Arabs hate MF Khomeini(PISSbuh), c:

And if u still think Miranians did re-Vulsion, c:

(I don't share some of the conclusions here, but ...)



baa 4rud,

Doc, I just saw ur post:

<Our friend Mayaazaar talks about how the people in that
region of the world do not have the intellectual capacity, & logical
potential to behave civilized! He talks about the ills of the people
in that region of the world who do not have the bases for the
democracy. I say, it is not "that region" of the world, it is not
the "Near East", but it is Islam & "Arabo_Muslim" Sub_Culture who
brought Barbarianism to the region. That region of the world is the
cradle of Civilization & was the cradle of civilization before Islam,
& Non Arabo_Muslim Civilizations who defeated by Islam, but not
Completely Destroyed by it, tried to give a civilized face to Islam &
Bloom the Islamic Empire during its glory.>

I'm not saying that I'm pro-Islam.
I'm saying that Miranians even Goh-zadand to Islam!
Also, I'm saying that 'Islam' has taken a life of its own & means
different things 2 different pee-pole & many, if not most, couldn't
live without it.

Our priority should be:
- U-nity & TEAMWORK
- WIN-WIN deal with BBs
- Separation of church & state
- Support of anybody, within 'reason', as long as non-Mullah, chosen by BBs
- EDUCATION of mass gaav/Olaaq
- Reduce social-injustice in Miran


LOP, PLS post the anti-Khomeini URLs to other sites.


baa 5rud

Green = Quotes from Islamic Web

What a mess!

C this:

<When x died there was mass confusion amongst the Shi'ah:
each of his sons y1/y2/y3/y4/etc was claimed by various
groups amongst the Shi'ah to be their Imam. In addition
o them there was a group who believed that Yn did not
really die, and that he would return one day.>

This happened over & over & over!

And how about this SHIT:

<Shi'i hadith which says that "the world cannot exist without
an Imam", and another which goes that "if the earth were to
be without an Imam for a single day it would sink.">

Khaak bar sareh millions of Miranian gaav/olaaq!
But it seems that they were NOT just Miranians.
Wasn't Shiit imported to Miran by the safavi?

<The Shi'ah who had been regarding Hasan al-Askari as their
Imam were thrown into mass disarray. Does this mean the end
of the Imamah? The end of the Imamah would mean the end of
Shi'ism. Were they prepared for that?

The confusion that reigned amongst the Shi'ah after the
death of Hasan al-Askari is reflected by the Shi'i writer
Hasan ibn Musa an-Nawbakhti, who counts the emergence of
altogether 14 sects amongst the followers of Hasan al-Askari,
each one with a different view on the future of the Imamah
and the identity of the next Imam. It must be noted that
an-Nawbakhti was alive at the time all of this was taking
place. Another Shi'i writer, Sa'd ibn Abdullah al-Qummi,
who also lived during the same time, counts 15 sects, and
a century later the historian al-Mas'udi enumerates altogether
20 separate sects.>

Wow! I'm just speechless, what GLORY & what heritage!

& to think that the F*ing opposition feeders of 78 ERECTED
an asshole like MF Khomeini, after so many years of
'education', some even in F*ing khaarej!
They Erected an asshole who got Kasravi killed!


I don't care if the BBs engineered the whole thing, which
they did, but where the F* was the LOGIC/SENSE/BRAIN of
the F*ing in-tell-egg-chew-alls, who supported the asshole like WHORES?!

<This trend was spearheaded by persons who had set themselves
up as the representatives of the Imam, and who were in
control of a network covering various parts of the Islamic
empire- a network for the purpose of collecting money in
the name of the Imams of the Ahl al-Bayt.
All followers of the Imams were obliged to pay one fifth
of their income to the representatives of the Imams.>

The key to the F*ing mullahs is MONEY & SEX, always was,
always will be!

<His manner of resolving the predicament was unique:
Hasan al-Askari was dead, he admitted, but he was not
childless. He had a 4-year old son, Muhammad, with whom
no one but he- Uthman ibn Sa'id- could have contact. And
from that point onwards he would act as the representative
(wakeel) of the Hidden Imam and collect money in his name.>

So the M-Jendegi & K-Keshy goes waaaaaay back!
But wait, it gets better:

<To the fact that Hasan al-Askari's own family were completely
ignorant of the existence of any child of his, and that his
estate had been divided between his brother Ja'far and his
mother, Uthman ibn Sa'id and his ilk responded by denouncing
Ja'far as al-Kadhdhab (the Liar). >

Yes, the ART of TOHMAT, Mullahs r X-perts!!!
Good thing it is supposed to be 'haraam' in Islam!!

<In due time a fantastic story was brought into circulation
about the union between Hasan al-Askari and a Roman slave-girl,
who is variously named as Narjis, Sawsan or Mulaykah. She is
mentioned as having been the daughter of Yusha' (Joshua), the
Roman emperor, who is a direct descendant of the apostle Simon
Peter. But history shows that there never was a Roman emperor
of that name. The Roman emperor of the time was Basil I, and
neither he nor any other emperor is known to have descended
from Peter. The story goes on to tell of her capture by the
Muslim army, how she eventually came to be sold to Hasan
al-Askari, and of her supernatural pregnancy and the secret
birth of the son of whom no one- aside from Uthman ibn Sa'id
and his clique- knew anything. Everything about the child is
enveloped in a thick and impenetrable cloud of mystery.>

Yes indeed, who needs FACTS, when millions of Gaav/Olaaq
would believe any SHIT they r fed?!

When Uthman ibn Sa'id died, his son Abu Ja'far Muhammad
produced a written communication from the Hidden Imam in
which he himself is appointed the second representative,
a position which he held for about 50 years.

BRAVO! Like father, like son.

There is no way one can get away from the fact that the
existence of the Hidden Imam rests upon nothing other
than acceptance of the words of the representatives.

The activities of those representatives furthermore go a
long way to show that they were much, much more inspired
by the desire to possess than by pious sentiments of any

History bears witness to the existence of eleven persons
in that specific line of descent, but when we come to the
twelfth one, all we have is claims made by persons whose
activities in the name of their Hidden Imam give us all
the reason in the world to suspect their honesty and

History miss-tory, all Mullahs r DIVINE directly in-contact with GOD!

Y have 1, make them all Kholy, so that they all can be F*ing RICH!

No wonder KK Khomeini re-wrote the surud to:

Ey MIRAN, ey MOSTARAAyeh man!

Beshaash be mellati taa kasi baashi!


baa 6rud,


c this:

Hazrateh KIR said:

The Islamic and non-Islamic powers of the world will not
admit our power till such time that we establish our hold
over Makkah and Madinah because these are the centers and
citadels of Islam. Hence our domination over these places
Is an essential requirement ... when as a conqueror I will
enter Makkah and Madinah, the first thing to be done at
that time by me would be to dig out two idols (Abu Bakr
and Umar) lying by the side of the Prophet's grave."

(Ayatullah Khomeini of Iran, while addressing a message
for a youth rally).

He was the MOTHER of all Miranian Gondeh-Guzi !!!
If this is true, which I think MF Mullahs r quite into saying
such things, then I REST my CASE!

Take another religion, totally change it & with Goh-zadan,
then with arrogance & EGO try to INVADE & DOMINATE the
original people whose religion u took, after butchering thousands
of ur own pee-pole; while totally destroying the economy &
social fabric of a nation!

He was the sweet-heart of the JENDEYEH-MELLI, the greatest
AAZAADI-KHAAH & freedom-fighter Miran ever produced!

How can we blame the ARABs for OUR OWN SHIT?!

So to me the real question is Y the F* haven't the opposition
feeders of 78 NOT DIED out of SHAME after 24 F*ing years?!
Y the F* haven't they pushed their F*ing EGO's aside to work
together to clean-UP the F*ing mess?!
How could the assholes still bullshit about: cho Miran nabaashad,…?!
Miran LAVAASHAK my ass!
They destroyed a nation by their EGO & STUPIDITY & have NOT been
man enough to admit it!

They didn't have a F*ing clue about Miran & Miranians then & they
don't have a F*ing clue now. Just like Mosaddeq they don't CARE
about Miran, they r in this for their own F*ing EGO only!

az maast keh bar maast!


Yaa Hazrat:

Red = Quotes from Ahreeman X

BTW, Could it be that the IMAMs r so dirty that they
actually have RATs in their abaa's, to eat off the
food that drips off their big filthy mouths.
So the they were called HAS-RATs, meaning Imam HAS-RATs,
so the name hazrat got stock!

Hence the saying "r u happy 2 c me Imam, or is that the RAT in ur abaa"?!

4give me, I die-gress!

<However if you listen carefully to the Whores of The Opposition
(Jebhe Meli) up close, they are actually saying:

Cho Iran nabashad, be tokhmam ke nist!
Ravam jaye digar, zamin qaht nist!>

They have all dokkun baaz kardand & have become KINGS!
They r too involved in their self-glorifying ORGIES to care
about Miranian pee-pole! They can NOT accept FACTs out of
their F*ing SHAME!

<all together they shiited all over Iran, bent over for
Khomeini, Fraged up Iran & then they all
left Iran to have a nice life in USA! >


Some, like J, show more sadness from NY skyline being
damaged, than Miran being destroyed!

<they all became Great Dead Legends of Jendeye Meli >

Yes, the daaqdideh va zajr keshideyeh SHAHID !
shahid my ASS!

<Forouhar, Sahabi, Sanjabi, Bazargan, Ardalan, Boroumand & other
Pricks who frenched Yasser Arafat & kissed Khomeini's hand!>

I've seen a disgusting picture of the fruKHar, which I can't
find now, where he is with a crowd, at the time of all the KILLING
& SHIT, with a BIG F*ing grin standing with his ERECTED mustache.

The picture told me volumes about him!
The whole country was being destroyed, but he had an ERECTION

<Bayad javuniyash kheyli kun dade bashe ke in qadr por ru hast!>

Most mullahs were the most k-kesheh M-jendeyeh bi-hayaa Miran
ever produced!

<Other wise how can they still lie, deny & betray Iran
actively & preach about Nationalism so boldly?!>

Amen! How indeed!
They can NOT accept FACTs out of their F*ing SHAME!

<To be a Jakesh is better than to be a member of Jebhe Meli!>

1 has to have some principles & accept FACTs.
Either JM is responsible for the SHIT & have been whores, or not.
If yes, then they should've been abandoned by Miranians.
But if Miranians had any Brain, they wouldn't be in the SHIT, would they?!

<However, JM Boys are giving Butts away to any one in power
including Mullahs, to peddle their Asses for a share of the
pie & to have a piece! >

Y r u so ANTI-Miranian Doc?!

I've heard some pee-pole 'demand' apology from the old regime,
but for WHAT? At least they did something positive for the damn
mordaab! Most of the hot shot in-tell-egg-chew-alls would've
been bacheh mullaayeh kuni, without the old regime!

What I find very strange is that y the F* doesn't anybody even
mention the name of so many ASSHOLE traitor SPIES who sold out
Miran openly for many years?! Like the 2 asshole brothers who
sold to UK and many many others! Where the F* r they now?!

When the old regime was there, not only nobody was man enough
to say anything against them, but they all kissed their asses
with bah-bah & chah-chah. When they saw that the BBs wanted the
regime out, they all turned into vulture mordeh-khor!

Miranian disease indeed!

* * *

Charity / Gedaa'i

a few years ago I heard about 15 Iranians gather in a city in Khaarej for
the 30'th anniversary of graduation from a very expensive 2ndary-school
they all went to in Tehran.

These guys were the 'cream' of the Iranian society. Their fathers
Were rich & intelligent enough to spend a lot of money sending
them to that school. But they talked rubbish all night at dinner &
then went to disco to dance the night away. They all lived in
Khaarej, in maybe 5 different countries.

At dinner, I'm told (I wasn't there), they said: "we are lucky to have
made it , we should do something for Iran". So they decided to collect
some money to do something 'charitable' in Iran, as a way of giving
something back.

I thought to myself, SHIT (!) the whole damn country is gone down
the drain for 20 F*ing years, 2 of these guys' fathers had directly
contributed to the ass*ole Khomeini by a lot of money, for which
the sons always apologized(!). But, now after 20 nightmare years,
all these guys think about is F*ing 'charity'?!

What MIRAN needs is NO F*ing 'charity' ! They already know too
much about gedaa'i & mordeh-khori thanks to the ass*ole mullahs!

MIRAN needs to be IRAN again!
She needs the damn Mullahs to be kicked out & be replaced by
a 'reasonable' system to allow massive proper-education &
re-building of the country by educated smart Iranians, many of whom
now live comfortably in Khaarej!

What is this charity for?
To get brownie points from Allah/God for the giver, or to help the
'nation' stand up on her feet?

MIRAN doesn't need gedaa'i!
Remove the suffocating chains so that she can breathe & learn to THINK again!

Vaay vaay daam kardim,
Mollaaro e'daam kardim!

* * *

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