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Mordab - Quicksand
Mordab (Mordaab - Quicksand)

Mordaabeh Miran

Can anything good ever come out of this Mordaab?

Just look at the mess:

They supposedly had a F*ing revolution to get democracy, BUT:

-The an-qollaab was qollaabi: was engineered
-It was said the old regime was bad, but the new regime is a Monster!
-Somehow the Kholy Mullahs took over & butchered by the thousands
-The whole country/pee-pole/economy was totally broken down
-Pain & suffering & torture & etc etc

But hold on, there is more:
after all the shit & pain, not only their Islam is NOT real Islam, but
it is NOT even Shiit Islam!

Anybody with any BRAIN would say that SHIIT is NOT Islam!
Just look at the articles in the Miran Folder.

Yet the KK Mullahs have even tried to force their own KOFR onto
the vast majority of Muslims. Not only they tortured & killed
many of their Sunni people, but KK Khomeini did GONDEH-GUZI
about what he would do when he "conquered" Makkah/Madinah!

Iranian Sunnis Group
List of Sunni people killed by the KIR

List of Sunni people killed by the KIRI Mullahs?!
U got to be kidding me!
1st they killed so many from the Arm forces, then so many from all
the opposition groups, then they went after REAL Muslims too?!

Not only they forced their stupid KOFR & filth on pee-pole,
but they even killed REAL Muslims!

Well Y not, if Mosaddeq thought he could kick the Masters/Owners of
this whole region out, then Y shouldn't the filthy Mullahs think that
they could force their filth onto the REAL Muslims of this whole region?

There is no end to Miranian GONDEH-GUZI!

Iranian Sunnis Group

It's talking about:

-Sunni being the 2nd biggest religious minority in Miran, but not have
the right to have their own Mosques.
-Killing & torture of Miranian Sunni leaders by KIRI government
-Esmaa'il Safavi forcing Shiit on Miranian pee-pole by sword/force
-Miran followed real Islam for 10 centuries, used to have poets like
Haafez, but after Shiit the filthy Mullahs took over & in the name
of religion/DIN sucked the blood/wealth of pee-pole. And today
all pee-pole, Shiit or Sunni, r suffering without any future in the
hands of the Mullahs.

Iranian Sunnis Group

It's talking about:

-Slogans in Qom saying:
eslaamo nejaat dahid (save Islam!)
hokomateh kofro sarnagun konid (bring down the Gov of KOFR)
-Big divisions among the top Shiit Mullahs
-Nobody accepts or agrees with nobody else!
-KIRI spies r everywhere, even among the Shiit Mullahs in Shiit schools.
-Shiit leaders r in deep shit (pee-pole have no respect 4 them & HATE them!)
Tanafforeh umumi!
- If the non-KIRI Mullahs don't separate themselves from KIR, they'll have a dark future.
-Shiit is finished in Miran

Today, many khaareji Miruni, who were raised by pro-KIR Shiit parents in the
west, go to Miran & say "this is NOT Islam"! So even though they believe
in Shiit, they reject the Shiit that exist in Miran today!

So what do v have today?
the whole country is F*ed,
the religion is F*ed,
the pee-pole r F*ed,
the economy is F*ed,
the culture is F*ed,
the future is F*ed.

But we also have:
-More KK mullahs, who r more filthy RICH than ever b4.
Every DOG in their filthy families is RICH
-More MULLshit than ever b4 in history!
-More corruption than b4
-More HATE than b4
-More division than b4
-More Miranians in Khaarej than b4
-More K* Keshy than b4
-More filth than b4
-More khaayehmaaly/duruq/paaribaazi than b4
-More doru'i & chaaplusi & duruq than b4
-More gaav/olaaq than b4
-More farangi Miruni going back to Miran for Poz/Efaadeh to pupu this & that
-Many KK KIRI paid supporters on the NET, living in Khaarej, saying KIRAN is OK
-Many selfish EGO maniac in-tell-egg-chew-alls shouting in Khaarej for something
millions of Gaav/Olaaq could never have: democracy!
-Many selfish EGO maniac in-tell-egg-chew-alls in Khaarej, who were responsible
for the nightmare, but still keep on bad mouthing the old regime, lest they get the
blamed & put on trial!

U can NOT build a nation with LIES & doru'i & Riyaa ;
well u can, but u end up with a Mordaab like Miran!

* * *

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